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Pavitra Rishta

Written + Vid+ Pix Update 9th September

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Written Update


Short Update

1.the creepy guys escapes manavs grip and him n archu eat dinner in the kitchen

2.savita sends archu to buy veggies far far away as punishment for spending manav money

3.manju is busted by vershu about ruining archu's life but vinod doesn't believe her

4.Manjus worried that vinod will find out that she is behind ruining archu's life.


Long Update

Part 1

(continued from yesterday in the Street) Manav still got a hold of the creepy guy, ajit looks on worried and then the creepy guy pushes manav off of him and manav has hit his mouth, the guy escapes... manav looks angry and starts to run after the guy.... the guy gets a hold of a motorbike and but cant get ti started ... manav is closing in .... manav about to catch him but the guy gets away... manav is bleeding and ajit looks on from a far... manav runs off and ajit says in his mind " got saved ... if that manav would have seen you then manav wold definatley know that you were the one behind ruining archu"

(Manavs house) Archu is in the Kitchen wiping dishes ... manav walks in coughing with blood on his face ... archu turns to see but didn't notice and says "you are back home ...wash your hands and i'll put dinner on the table" archu turns around again to notice the blood on his face and says "this BLOOD?!" manav sees the blood and says " ...when i was coming out of the rickshaw then a bike came quickly in front of me, so when i turned around i might of hit the meter" Archu quickly says "you sit here" she runs off to get some medicine, it stings manav then archu said "it will sting a bit" manav looks upto her (song playing in the background) and sees archu is looking at him too (aawww another arman moment) shes wiped the blood and then got up ... manav is about to get up then  archu says "why don't we eat here tonight" manav sits back down and agrees... archu is getting food ready....manav sees archu put down two plates and says "aare ... haven't you eaten yet?...look, don't wait for me , i never know what time i will come home" archu cuts him off and says "for 30 years aai used to wait for baba..." she sits down and they are looking at each other ... archu looks down to get the food ready but manav is still looking at archu ... manav gets angry and remembers the creepy guy and blurts out "i can't bare it when someone speaks to you rudely" then archu replies "are you still mad at what aai(savita) said" manav not realising that he said it out aloud and tries to say " no actually i just want you to be happy"  ... archu smiles

NEXT DAY (manavs House) savita exites her room and prays to ganpati bapa.... she is chanting some words and stops as soon as she sees manavs shirt and says "the day is starting off good... manavs shirt meaning it's a bank ..." she pulls out some money and whispers " 200 rupees ...  DONE.... todays work is done! Then folds out another piece of paper and says shockingly "Picture ki ticket ... 200 Rupees? Aare bapre... one ticket is 200 meaning in one go he bought two tickets and 400 rupees have gone ... my bloody manav is dancing to his wife's tunes and is spending a lot of money ... kuch karna parega Savitaaa...!"

Part 2

(manavs house) savita aai and archu are in the kitchen... savita says "tu ek kam kar ... get up up up ...aare get up na ..ill do the work" archu looks to her and gets up...savita continues "tu ek kam kar...hold this bag and here is 100 rupees... go to the market and get a kilo of  carrots, aurbergine, bhindi, mirchi, onions, potatoes and masala... buy that in 50 rupees and bring back 50 rupees... archu looks shocked has to how she can get all of that in 50 rupees ... savita says "do you have a problem..." archu says " no aai but, in 50 rupees, how can i buy all of that..." Savita says " aare.. look 4 rupee of bengan 4 rupee for carrots 4 rupees for bhindi and 6 rupees for mirchi (or something like that) ..." archu says " but aai veggies are not that cheap" savita says " Of cousr you can buy it cheap ... but not in this market but one on the korkari corner ....look i'll tell you... if you walk for - hour straight ... then you will find it there. You find very cheap spinach there! Look ...i can't send you by rickshaw because then you will waste 50 rupees there ... so how will you get the veggies ... look ... i don't like it that i have to tell you to walk but last week there was a lot of money spent ... you manav go out everywhere ... then 50 rupees pav bhaji ... then two film tickets which was 400 rupees (archu looks shocked)... so because of all of this i have to work around the little money" archu tries to say something but savita aai Hysterically goes "NO NO NO ... i have no objection ... your huband feeds you ... you eat ... you am i to stop him, he is the one who earns, my manav has a very big heart, but his pocket isn't that big, before you came there were 6 people in the house then you came to make it 7, then the amount her earns and the amount of people who have to eat ... how will it happen dear... thats why i have to do all of this ... and look ...go quickly or the shops will shut and on the way back come quickly because we have to cook the food" archu agrees and then walks out looking worried... savita looks on and says "you have a very delicious pav bhaji ... walking all that way and you will remember each morsel of that pav bhaji"

(Sulochana aai house) Manjus room... manji has a phone call...its her aai... Manju says " AAI... how are you? When did you come back from USA and how was it ? Rasika aai says "GREAT!...amazing ... how is it going down there?" Manju replies " the same old same old ...i'm not as lucky as you ..g ofor a holiday whenever you wish" Rasika aai (RA) says " this was all your choice ... ye boring zindagi ... a husband who doesn't care for you have chosen all of this manju ... now there is no point in regretting it" Manju says "Aai, you have started again" RA says "ok forget it ... tell me one thing is archu ... how is her married life" Manju says excitedly "aai... do you know ... everything is happening the way we expected it ...everyday there is a new tamasha... she comes here crying and so does sulochana aai" RA is laughing down the phone and says " Waah... ka baat hai manju ..." manju says "what we thought it would be has turned out twice as worse (vershu is listening on in the background and is shocked) do you know a drunken father-in-law and greedy saasu, a mawali brother-in-law and a mechanic for a husband (vershu is shocked) our plan has worked a 100% (vershu looks mad and is entering manju's bedroom) (manju is giggling down the phone and then realises someone has entered the room and then turns around to see who it is... she is shocked to see vershu's angry face....manju puts the phone down and looks at versha... Versha says to manju "why have you gone quiet ... keep laughing at my thai's bad fortune.. you deliberately put her into that hell (manjiu looks worried) what did that poor girl do to you to make her pay soo much ... tell me manju ... i suspected you that day when aai asked to about it and you got afraid .... manju you can never think good about this house because you never thought of this house as your own"  Manju says " Vershu ...what are you saying .. what you are thinking" she gets cut off and vershu says "what i am thinking is the truth , you and your aai have gone against my aai and done a saazish" manju is shocked ! Manju sees vinod comig towards the room and then turns it around to make it look like vershu has been shouting at her for no reason by saying to vinod "she is shouting at me because i caught her lying the other day and came to the disco with aai (vershas shocked) i said all of that so that she doesn't go down the wrong path...but in return i didn't know i was gonna get shouted at" versha tries to defend her self by saying "dada ... just please listen to me once ... i knowi have done a lot of things wrong but today i am telling the truth, this matter is different ... please why don't you belive me" Vinod says " i would have believed if you hadn't made all of those lies (manju is smirking) but not now" vershu tries to defend herself again but vinod cuts her off saying "BUSS...we will not talk about this anymore ..understood!" vershu tries to call him but vinod has exited the room ...vershu's upset and manju has a big grin on her face and says "tut tut tut tut tut tut tut....vershu something bad just happened ... na?!" vershu wipes her tears... today dada doesn't believe me...doesn't matter...but tomorrow when i show him evidence then...? what will you do? (manju is shocked) i will seek revenge for what you did to archu ...manju do you remember when dad suspected ajit ... and do you know what his reaction was like? ....if he finds out about you ..then...(manju is very worried now)....he sent ajit to jail ...where will he send you? Vershu smirks and walks off... (wahoo...vershu had the last laugh!!! GO VERSHU!"!)

Part 3

(Rasika aai's house) RA is in the kitchen and hears Manjus voice calling her, she follows the sound and meets Manju...manju is crying and saying "aai ... something bad has happened" RA asks what has happened and manju says "My marriage is hanging in the balance, i have just got out of the gold necklace tamasha and now ... (ajit enters the scene) i am facing such a big problem" RA is trying to ask  "what is going on... i have no idea ...sit down and clam down first then tell me the problem (they sit down) ok now tell me what is going on!" Manju says "we have been caught" RA and ajit are both shocked ... RA says "what ? .. .and after so long ... how many times have i told you , when you call me, look around for people" Manju cries out " aai i made a mistake... i can't change what has happened ... but now we need to think of what we are going to do ... do you know ajit, vershu was threatening me by showing evidence to everyone at home... aai ... if she did that, then i will be gone... vinod wont spare me... you know what he did last time with ajit ... HE DIDNT HAVE ANY EVIDENCE AGAINST AJIT, still he sent ajit to jail, but if vershu tells everybody at home everything then what will happen to me ... my marriage will break ..." Ajit remembers manav asking the creepy guy who told him to send archu to the bungalow . Manju says " ajit do something that we will be free from this problem forever" ajit says "you are right thai ... the sin we have commited will have to fall on top of someone else... we have to find a person who we can shift all the blame onto. Manju says " but ajit who can this person be?" camera focuses on ajit and then finish!



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Thanks for the lovely update!!!!
MARS need to be sent to MARS..............its like the the creatives are not closing out an issue everything still hangs in mid air ...getting a bit monotonous.....wont say much here will give my thoughts out in the review...

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Thanks alot dear
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Thanks for the update!! Pavitra Rishta is getting kind of boring.
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thanks for the written update :))
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thanks for the update
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Thank you! ArMan, gosh they are so cute together! Savita, send her to Varsha. Varsha is the perfect one to deal with Manju and Savita, both are evil!!
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thanks alot.

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