Pavitra Rishta


Pavitra Rishta
Pavitra Rishta

Written + Vid + Pix Update 7th September

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Written Update


Short Update

1. Savita is yelling about the necklace to archu and Kakka shuts her up.

2.Manav n archu share a moment and make a promise to eachother

3.Vershas boss tells her to live her live her own way

4.Sulochana Aai gets money for the necklace by breaking into vershas savings

5.Savita aai gets her jewellery


Long Update

Part 1

(Manav's House) Manav's telling his Aai that Archu didn't tell him to make the Necklace, but he took the decision. (Aai's Shocked) and he also says that it was his decision to hide it from her as well. Manav says "Aai didn't want anyone in difficulty; if I found a solution without any difficulty then I did well then."  Aai says "Ok, then you is worried about them (his sasural) and today when your aai is in pain, and you're not bothered about it. Manav tries to clear the misunderstanding but gets cut off. Aai says "until today you have never lied to me, and you kept a big secret from me, won't I feel bad about it? But what do you care, it doesn't bother you if I feel bad or not, but you care about your sasural. You have an Aai which is good; if you didn't have an Aai then you would be way better off." Manav says "Aai what are you saying".  Aai says "the women of the neighbourhood were saying, "when your son gets married then he will change", but I said "no, my manav is not like that", but son you have broken my trust". Aai goes to get some money off the bench and tells manav to keep the money because he has broken her trust. It hasn't even been 10 days off Marriage and you are taking Archu's side. She tells him, "keep the money and give it to Archu, and tell her to run the house; now that she has come you don't need me.  This way tomorrow your wife doesn't say to me that manav earns money and you spend it all. I don't need your money, and live like a king and queen, we will sit in a corner hungry, if we get food then we will eat it, otherwise we will go to sleep hungry. Kakka enters and asks Savita Aai what is going on. Kakka says "is this a way to talk to anyone? What has happened?" Aai looks at manav and then walks to Kakka, she says "Dada, in so long nothing has happened like it has happened today, today manav lied to me, look what your bahu has done.  I asked for a gold necklace from Sulochana Tai and your bahu got it made from manav's money". Kakka says "One minute Savita, first tell me, why you asked for a Gold necklace". Savita aai is shocked and forgot Kakka knew nothing about it all. Savita says "when I asked for it, they (Manav's sasural) gave Archu jewellery and one of those was fake, it told this to sulochana Thai and she said to me she will give me a back a gold necklace, so I said ok, what else could I say. (Archu looks shocked at the false explanation her sasu is giving). Aai continues saying "but she got her beti and damad to tell me a lie to build a drift between me and my son." Archu's very upset, manav looks towards her and saw that she is upset, Archu walks away. Kakka says "whatever manav has done is right" (Savita is shocked ) "he didn't let his sasural have any burden upon them, thats why manav bought the necklace and fulfilled duty as a husband. Savita says  "everyone here is fulfilling their duty and everyone is right but I am Wrong. Telling archu off, I have become bad. Manav lied and that was right, but I said a few words and I became bad. Now I have nothing left in this house. I AM LEAVING THIS HOUSE, I don't want to live with you people." Savita Aai has sat down and everyone is shocked at what she says. Savita is fake crying and says "I am going to go". Manav goes to console her but she doesn't want to listen to anyone and storms off. Kakka goes to Manav and puts his hand on his shoulder. Manav says "I have made a very big mistake, Kakka, I have upset everyone" Kakka says "don't worry about her(savita Aai), I know savita very well, just let tonight pass, tomorrow she will be fine, but look, now you have to look after archu, go and make her understand, she is new to this house and on top of that this (hungama) happened, go and make archu understand.

Part 2

(Versha's Workplace) she knocks on her boss's door, he says to come in. Versha says "Sir, yeh file" he says to put it down. Versha about to leave but then stays, then her boss asks "whats the matter, do you want to say something?". Versha stammers " no Sir, actually, I am so sorry about what happened last night." Her boss asks her to sit. She sits down, he says " versha what happened last night wasn't good, but I have seen many times with girls your age,  who are they, what do they do , what can they do, their office colleagues know better than their parents. Their office colleagues know better about their capabilities. Your share everything with your colleagues and have more interaction with your colleagues than your parents. But the most important thing is that your colleagues accept you the way you are" he sits down. "do you know versha my parents always wanted me to be an engineer, an I.T. engineer, but I never had an interest in it. I always wanted to be a business manager and I did it, my parents were definitely upset with me but today when they see me so successful they are proud of me. Every parent have dreams for their children and they can't see beyond those dreams, maybe because the path their children want to follow they think might be wrong.  OK, I forgot about last night, i'm not upset with you or with your aai, because your aai has a way of seeing things and I respect that. But you and your aai's dreams could be different, because day by day your world is growing but your aai's is small. Today she might find it wrong but tomorrow she will be proud of you and I am very sure of that. Now go and concentrate on your work.

Part 3

(Manav's house) Archu is in her bedroom doing manav bed, manav enters. (Their song plays in the background) manav walks upto her from behing. Manv says "everything is happenening because of me, you were right. If we said the truth from day one then we wouldn't have had to see this day. Yopu must have felt really bad, I made the mistake and you have to live with the consequences. It hasn't been one month you being in this house and such a big upmann. Archanaji i'm telling to the truth..." Archana turns around and puts her hand on his mouth. (such a cute scene) ... archana pulls back her hand slowly and says " there is no man upman between loved ones. If Elders shout at us then we shouldn't take it to heart. Do you know at home aai (sulochana) used to shout at me at everything  just like aai (savita) did today, in front of me aai and manju used to fight over little things, and versha has never been able to gel with aai, harr ghar ki yahi kahani hai (It's every homes story) we just have to make sure that there is no argument from our side." Manav asks "would do you mean" Archu says "make me a promise, whatever aai says to me, you will have to keep calm, you won't justify any point" manav tries to say something but archu says " look, the matter will only get worse and it also gives you grieve, and if anything gives you grieve then ..."  Archu stops and they look into each other's eyes , archu looks down, manav says " aapko ... kya ?" archu looks up and says "it will give me grieve too" (Their song plays in the background again and keep looking into each other's eyes) Archu looks down and turns away to her side of the room to make her bed ... they both go to sleep... manav looks towards archu and archu does the same.... both looking at each other.  

Part 4

(Sulochana's house)  Vinod and manju's room. Vinod says to manju " yesterdays talk is not going out of my head, I don't know archu can live with a saas is like that. We had so many guest yesterday and she said all that infront of them. Its chewing my brains out, archu kept quiet and listening to it all, we have to give them that gold necklace asap" Manju looks up surprised.  Vinod continues saying " god knows what she might to tomorrow" manju says " vinod, how can we get so much money, I mean your salary hasn't come yet and you can't take a loan because you just took one for archus wedding, and my saving have all gone into Puni's name, so how are we going to get the money." Vinods angry "This has all happened because of you, your one mistake and archu has to suffer, now I will have to do something". Vinod walks off angry.

(Living Room) Vinod asks for tea from vaishu, she comes in with his and baba's tea. Aai enters, vaishu tells aai she has left her chai on the table. Aai says "vinod, take this money." Vinod is shocked to see that much money and asks how aai got all that money, versha is walking by on her way out. Aai says "I broke into versha's savings" Vershas stops in shock. Everyone is shocked apart from manju. Versha storms out and Vinod says "what was the need Aai, I would have made arrangements. I get my salary in 10 days" Aai says "it would be too late by then and savitaji wants not only a gold necklace but a gold pendant too. All these thing won't be possible in your salary and we have to return the bangles that archu gave back. I couldn't get the money from vaishu's savings so I had to go into versha's,  iknow versha's wedding will be close and we will need money, but don't my mother put a house in my name in the village, from there we won't get a lot of money but we will get a good amount. From that money we will make vershas savings again." Baba says " sulochana, but how..." Aai cuts him off saying " I don't want take any risks with archu, knowing savitaji's behaviour we don't want to make another mistake. God knows what archu will be going through.

 Part 5

(Manav's house)  Vandu is sweeping the floor and archu enters.  Arch says " Vandu leave all these and concentrate on your studies" Vandu looks back and says " Archu what you did yesterday wasn't good, meaning aai said all that to you and you didn't saying anything." Archu says " what should I have said" Vandu says " you should have given her a mast answer to what she would have had nothing to say back, aai wouldn't be able to sleep in peace. But you, you let aai win so easily, do you know all night Aai was snoring and my sleep was ruined. Archu, next time something happens like that then please try to make aai lose and you win so that aai wont be happy and atleast for one day I can have a peaceful sleep, without any snoring !!" they both laugh, Vandu says "today when you are laughing , you look very good. Keep laughing like this, yday your were sad and I didn't like it at all, don't get disheartened with what aai said, it is her habbit. But she has never argued with mamaji, because he can't hear her, how can they argue!!" they both laugh and vinod n manji knock at the door, archu looks up and says " Dada!!" archu goes to hug vinod. Vinod asks how she is and she says she is fine. Vandu calls out aai to tell her that archus dada has come. Archu asks manju about her n punni, Manju says we are both fine. Savita aai enters and asks " here so early in the morning?" Vinod pulls out a box and says " we have brought the gold neckalace " Savita's eyes light up! " brought it early in the morning,  thats good, you should start the morning off with a good deed. But you bought it very quick. Did you feel bad about what I said yday? Forgive me but what can I do, what I can't bare I say quickly, it is a bit bitter, but I tell you the truth, I am very pure, I have  sweetness in my tongue. Please come in and sit down." They sit down and savita says i'll look at it since you have brought it. "WOW.... its very beautiful, but I asked for a pendant also. Manju gets it out of her bag and vinod says we have brought it. Savita goes "you are not the kind of people to forget". Vinod says " I have also briught the bangles I gae to archu" Savita's eyes are popping and she is excited that they have brought everything. Savita says in her mind "JAI HO LAXMIMAYA, they say when god gives things he gives it in style. " Vinod has his hands together and says "Savitaji whatever has happened over the pass couple of days, please don't take it out on Archu." Savita says " We are family and archu is like my daughter, look we have small fights in the house all the time. (looking at Vandu) VANDU go and bring them chai nasto" vinod gets up suddently saying no no, another day, we are getting late for work. Vinod goes to archu and kisses her on her forehead. Savita tells archu to put the jewellery away. Savita says " manju come later on" and in her mind she says " and bring more gifts like these " Manju says in her mind " a 1000 bad people died only then was she born, DEVA DEVA" vinod and manju leave. Savita snatches the jewellery off archu and says "i'll will put them away" and walks into the room. Archu looks worried.  Savita is putting the chain on sachins neck and archu see's. Archu is upset and says in her mind " for my sake you are doing all of this, fulfilling all the house work and you get tired and on top of that, you have to deal with this, how did you get all this money together"



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Enjoy!...please if you have any feedback about the update please let me know ... whether or not the detailing was not enough etc

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Thanks for the update, Aarti - detail is spot on!Clap Vandu's bonding so well with Archu!

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i feel so bad for archu's fam,ily
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thank you soo much! *hug* that was awesome!
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Thanks so much for the update! Cute ArMan scene!! I don't blame Varsha for being upset, I would be too but I also understand why Sulochana did what she did, after the way Savita has behaved she has to worry about Archu and what she's going through. Savita is evil!

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Hey - nice update!!! Hope this dowry problem gets resolved once and for all. Anyways - Savita is going to sell all the Gold to pay off Sachin's goons!!!

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