regalla please read my final views on j.s.with lov

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 12:44am | IP Logged
 I am glad to know that u also do not wish to see gloomy aspects of life on television.After all we see and hear all such stories in and around everyday.Why watch it again.
But for jeevan saathi I had  an open mind watching it.,without thinking much about whether such things would really happen .
perhaps that is why I liked it.
With the serial ending on 04.09.09.I wish to post and share my final views of characters.It may be a  long one to read but I hope u do not mind it.
I am sorry if u do not like any of this.Kindly excuse me.
Reg.viraj shouting at Ishwar always,m I think Ishwar started all this.Why did he hide big truths from her  even when she was so honest with him.Why did he bring her backto her  home all of a sudden and put her under mental stress.?
At that time all he had in his mind was that he should take revenge.He did not care about the impact of his sudden change on viraj's mind,
She had complete faith in him before and yet she was deceived by him and so she could not believe in his words or actions completely .She had some doubts after that which was quite o.k.
As they say once bitten twice shy.
Had Ishwar prepared her mentally beforehand she would have understood his motives and actions in a betterway.After all she was a simple girl who loved ishwar.Yet he diid not do that.
 Also most women have a natural affinity to their  maaykas and it must be said that no loving daughter would wish to see her father insulted in front of her eyes by her own husband (whom she had thought of  to be a simple and innocent man)..Leave alone the fact whether the father was good or bad.,and the husband had a just reason for that etc.,
  Ishwar had concentrated only on revenge.He agreed to respect his wife's wishes only after she almost gave her life for him.Before that except trying to please her with gifts and trying to talk to her he did nothing much to understand how she must have felt when she knew she was deceived.
 Only when his mother-in-law pointed out that  a couple  cannot always be in the midest of crowd did he realise that viraj was under too much tension .He should have thought of it earlier.,afterall  the two were together  all alone and very happy.,before they moved in.
 Also reg.viraj shouting at Ishwar I think it is all a part of all marriages these days ,unlike earlier times when the wife just stood mute.I really feel once the couple vent out their feelings and sort it out it becomes normal.,otherwise there will be suprressed emotions.,and like a pressure cooker would burst someday.,on a large scale.
 Only thing is that  one has to exercise caution that nothing goes beyond the limits.,verbally and physically.
 personally I feel such fights are healthy as long as they do not separate the couple.,at no point of time should a husband or wife leave each otherbecause of such quarrels.They happen in almost all marriages atleast as far as I know. Once they fight is over they should  look into it and give it some time to settle.But Ishwar should not have left viraj abruptly.,again giving a rude shock.
 This she mentioned on was really sweet when she said he could have scolded her ,shouted at her to show his anger.,but he should not have left her.I felt the same too.
 On 03.09.09 it was really touching to see viraj asking for sorry and repenting repeatedly.Also Ishwar feeling sorry for being a bit too far in the name of revenge..
 Both viraj and Ishwar did not have any ego and felt sorry for their actions.An ego free husband and wife are the success of any marriage.
 Finally now that the serial is ending I wish to end the post on happy notes.
1.Male cast was  very good.with special mention to Ishwar,neil,father,jignesh.Everyone had a role to play while in many other serials men hardly get variety of characters.Even the servant was good.
2.vaani sharma did a neat and good  job as viraj.,i do not know if i am  correct  I guess this is the first time she plays a solo female lead. Also I think she must have a good knowledge in classical dancing since most of her eye expressions are apt.
 I shall surely miss viraj's cute face,.innocent smile,pretty cotton sarees(with no heavy jewels) ,her lust free pure loving and somewhat shy glances,her warm hugs and cold stares to Iswhar.
.I liked her character immensely in the show ,and because of that character I began to like all those who were good to her.
 well all good thigs have to end someday or other.Bye jeevan saathi.
  This just may well be final post on any topic because I intend to stop posting henceforth on any forum,atleast for a while.
 Bye.,and best wishes.,I think we both are more or less like minded.I do not know if I am right.
With lots of love.,

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hi krisshhna.

Thanks for such a beautiful post Smile and also for expressing your liking/love for me. he he

it was as though each and every word of your post had come from my heart. even I loved the character of Viraj immensely, her honesty and dedication towards every relationship, her love for justice for which she could confront anybody anytime openly be it her husband or father. Yes, she was a very pure soul, a noble person with a golden heart. And even i dont think she was in anyway, wrong, when she was having fights with her husband... i would have reacted the same way in that situation...she could not see through the cunningness of her father because she was an innocent could not even imagine such a play from him.

and yes, for every healthy marriage to survive rather flourish, it is important that the couples share their views, differences. it is much better than keeping them in your mind, otherwise really someday that "pressure cooker' situation arises, as aptly expressed by you.. it is vital to give every aspect of life be it love, liking, differences to be given equal share and mutual regard.

As for Ishwar, I sympathised with him also...except for one aspect that he all of a sudden started speaking and we were shown in the episodes that he had to seek revenge..and so had kept it a secret. That move was highly inconvincing as I had suggested in my earlier posts. How can a man keep such a big secret from her wife? But that was the slip of the let me keep that aside. His love, dedication for his wife was also 100 per cent rather 200 per cent. Though in the later episodes, the track had changed from love to revenge, but one cannot forget how he was always there for Viraj even when she had not earlier accepted him as her husband. Her following her to Neel's grave, fighting with goons, confronting viraj's father when she was being sent to asylum, then rescuing her, his stunt sequence for Rs.2 lakhs, his working as a waiter in that sardarji's dhaba, fighting with that sexual exploiter, everything highlighted his dedication towards his wife. He was, to me, the best on screen husband...

his revenge seeking mission, in the later episodes had made him a bit arrogant..but i think even that was natural (i still maintain the entire turn was inconvincing), but given that situation, he had seen Vikramaditya Rathore burn his entire family. He was not killing him but just humiliating him..making him realise that he was not god (as he thought himself to be) to control everybody's life

Yes, the sequence in which he leaves Viraj was an exaggeration but for that matter, Viraj trying to abort the child was also an equal crime. But this suggests that everybody errs in relationships and it is only the healthy foundation of a relation that helps the ship sail.

what else...yes...i am also going to miss the serial...and further, i am going to miss you also....we had formed some sort of bond here on this forum...i dont watch other serials...but do try to update my knowledge about Balika Vadhu and Na Aana is des meri laado..watching them regularly would be a big punishment..but i try to keep a track, watching them once or twice a week..or checking updates here..I have also posted 2-3 posts over there.. i hope to meet you over those forums again....

remember, i am going to miss you..i really love your posts..even i feel that we think and feel in the same manner about things.   hope to get a reply from you soon....

bye..all the best....shall miss jeevan saathi...nothing to do now at TV. But i think i would be watching Big Boss-3 too...for simple time mind or heart to be applied there also...he he Big smile

you are great..and must be a very nice soul. see you again soon somewhere on India Forums.

This is for you .... with love ... Clap   Smile

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 7:28am | IP Logged
 I wanted to hear from u and I was so touched with ur reply.Here I am replying to u.
 I 100% agree with ur views as Ishwar was the perfect onscreen husband before the turn of events.No arguments whatsoever. T
The only thing I I did not like about  him is his  hiding the big  truth from his wife. 
 But I guess the creatives were left with no other idea except to show him as taking revenge.Though it was a slip they managed it somehow.,by giving a valid flashback of him.I hesitatingly some how accepted it.
 I also agree that the abortion thing was a crime.
 Towards the end they showed Viraj-Ishwar couple with their child and made upfor it
 The end showing wife taking vikram's life after waiting patiently for so long was not bad either.I was satisfied. viraj's mother did a good job too.
 My only disappointment  In this forum is that rather than seeing the characters most of the viewers are too much attached to their favourite actors and when they do not see things(esp.romance) going their way  they  write things like boring etc.,They just forget that this is only reel life.
 I value thier emotions and do not hold anything against their likes./dislikes.Each one is different.
 Personally  I would like to see the characters being discussed rather than the actors.Ofcourse one should appreciate their acting. ,looks etc.,but we should also remember that this is all story. ,and done with a entertainment purpose(atleast to people like me).,and adding some twists.
 Being  a particular actors  fan doesnot mean that we should not appreciate the story if it doesnot go asper our expectation..(This is my personal view only)
 By writing this If I am hurting anyone I sincerely apologise.I lrespect all of ur views.
 I have written a few posts on nanhi pari forum too.,(Jeevan saathi was much much better )pari to me was a complete hell.Those were the only shows I watched .
 My best friend  geetha keeps me updated on Balika.,laado.,which I never watch.But she makes sure I get the updated information.Hence I too know what is happening in them.
  I do not know if I am noble but definitely simple,compassionate,honest,godfearing..
I like women being portrayed as simple,straightforward,innocent ,compassionate ,godfearing( onscreen too,)with all womanly qualities.,though I may sound a bit conservative here.
 I am sure u are a sweet person that is why somehow I had the feel to write to u.
 i do not  like torturing,scheming characters on screen.,ofcourse I enjoy their acting.They are after all actors doing their jobs I have read that many of them turn out to be good in their real life.
  I believe that is unconditional love that is the best aspect of human life.
 I shall surely miss u too.I enjoyed thorughly ur mails and our sharing of views.
 Let us see how  Big boss 3 turns out to be.Hope to see some romantic comedy shows too.
 With love and affection.remembering all those wonderful replies.,May god shower his choicest blessings on u and ur lovedones.

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Hi..thanks for posting such a lengthy reply to know why i am thanking you...because you spared so much time to say something to me...he he...thanks again...

and yes, i am again agreeing with you 100%. I too feel that the story plot, the characters should be given more importance in our discussions rather than the actors...and romance beyond an extent in the serials really appears funny to craved for by many people. it is cute..but still not everything for the story to move further in the serial. No doubt, it is the actors who give lives to their characters and so should be appreciated for their hard work and calibre.

I too had liked Viraj's mother all throughout..although her silence at her husband's cruelties anger me ... when her daughter was being married to a labour class person (Ishwar, till then nothing about him was known), when Viraj was being sent to asylum, when Sowmya and Khusbu were being tortured for getting married by Vikramaditya Rathore. yet, she made up for all that in the last episode. she was great...and the actress was also quite graceful and extremely sweet.

everybody, for that matter, perfectly justified their roles in the serial

what else, yes...the most important thing..your posts are like a mirror to my own views. I dont need to do all the labour have already given words to my opinions..he he .. thanks again

i will also miss you..we will definitely miss each other...we really formed a bond here..shall meet at Big Boss 3 forum definitely...done na???? that is my only hope now.

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hi. I am taking this liberty to ask you a few personal questions. It is upto you, whether you want to reply or not. I wont mind be rest assured about it, if you dont feel like answering.

1. From yours posts, I had felt that you are a South Indian. Am I right?

2. Are you there on Orkut?

This is it for the time being. Shall come online again....Bye. take care.
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