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August 11th, 2009 - 3:53 am ICT by sampurn -

The most hit and famous on-screen jodi of Ram and Sita, Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonerjee are back on-screen together with Pati Patni Aur Woh. With this show they finally reveal their on-going relationship to the world.
What took you so long to reveal your relationship?
Gurmeet: I thought that this is the right time to talk about our four years of relationship to the world. Also, we wanted to shock the audience that we are together.
Debina: I want to correct Gurmeet, we are together since four and a half years, and are grateful to get the big break on TV as Ram and Sita.
Why did you choose to do this show?
Gurmeet: It is a unique concept and a new experience for us, where we have to take care of the babies as their parents. Alongside there is no bitching or eating worm in the show, as it is very clean. I hope people like us in this show as well.
Debina: Gurmeet is very nice person and has always supported me, and even in this show he will take all my tension by handling and taking proper care of the baby.
Gurmeet: I don't know who will be handling the baby and who will be taking care of the kitchen. All the BBC guys tease me, as I don't know how to cook.
Debina: I have been telling him to learn cooking, but he is just not listening. What if he will be given the task of cooking? Then it seems we will be having jala (burn) khana in the show (grins). Or else, I had to teach him the same on the show.
Have you any time dealt with infants or toddlers in your real life?
Gurmeet: I haven't dealt much, but yes my brother has a smart and cute little boy and I love him much. Also, my sister has a cute and pretty looking daughter whom I adore much, but haven't dealt with them on daily basis, as changing their nappies or cleaning their potty.
Debina: I haven't dealt with kids so much beside the one in my show, Luv and Kush, that also just for few hours.
Don't you think that the condition of these infants and toddlers can create controversies?
Gurmeet: I don't think so, as the production house will be taking their real parents too, but the fact only remains that they will be monitoring their child from the other room through CCTV. Also, there are precautions and doctors available.
We have gone through medical and psychological test to see to it that we don't hurt the little ones in any case, and that, we will be able to handle the stress in any situation. Their parents can intervene if they think that we are not able to handle their child well.
Debina: We have gone thorough lots of medical test. They have taken 3 bottles of my blood. I am most scared of the needles, but then had no other choice but to cry and do all the tests.
One thing you are looking and not looking forward to, in the show?
Debina: For the first time we won't be acting on-screen, this is what I am looking forward to. On the other hand, I don't want to look forward for the jala hua khana from Gurmeet's kitchen.
What do you expect, a girl or a boy child in the show?
Both: There are no choices for us, but we don't mind parenting either of them.
-Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn Media

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'There are still miles to go before I sleep' - Debina Bonnerjee
19 November 2008

Debina Bonnerjee, better known as Sita of Ramayan on NDTV Imagine has a huge fan following. But very few people know that the actress is a trained Kathak dancer. And even fewer know that she was smitten by the glamor world seeing Sushmita Sen win the Miss Universe crown.

When offered the role, the actress was very excited to take up the challenge of playing a pivotal role of Sita Devi. Speaking about her auditions Debina says, "I had done many regional movies. Gurmeet acted with me in a Tamil serial, Mayavi. The CD of the serial was given to Sagar Arts and seeing that they selected us for the roles. "The funny part is that I did not even know that I was auditioning for the role of Sita", says she.

When asked how it feels to play a character that was popularly played by someone else before, Debina says, "It was very challenging for me to play this role. But as far as convincing my audience goes, I am sure that my audience will accept me, and Ramayan is the first mytho in this era. It was different and hence I took up the role. Not only that, people already have a fair knowledge about the epic, so it's easier to essay the role. The main thing here is to give our 100% to the role."

The young lass has participated in several beauty pageants in Kolkata. And with the support of her parents, she moved to Mumbai post her graduation and earned a Diploma in Public Relations from Bhavan's College. Annotating on her role further, she quips, "I never wanted to play any role in television dailies. In fact like I said, I did not have any idea that I was auditioning for the role of Sita Devi. When selected, I realized how important this role was. This epic has always been close to my heart and to bag the role of Sita Devi is like 'icing on the cake for me'.

As the actress signs out she leaves us with some food for thought saying, "There are still miles to go before I sleep."

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Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee

Ram and Sita in a new show?
Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, who played Ram and Sita in Ramayan, will soon be seen in a new show in which they play a couple again.

"It is still being planned. We have been offered a show, but we haven't signed it as yet. When we do, we will let you know about it." The show is supposed to be about children and both the actors, who are in the lead roles, will be taking care of the kids.

For the moment, Debina and Gurmeet are just enjoying their spare time. "We have been attending classes together, action classes, dance classes, and we even go to the gym together. We are looking for really unique roles," says Debina. Debina says that the couple is not interested in doing another mythological show, but is definitely interested in movies. The new show will be finalised in a couple of weeks, until when Debina hopes to enjoy some time off.

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| ]


Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, who played Sita and Ram in Ramayan, will soon be seen together again in the new reality show Pati Patni Aur Woh.

They were not only the perfect onscreen couple, Gurmeet and Debina have been in an off-screen romantic relationship for over four years, which they kept under wraps during the shooting of Ramayan. "It was a great opportunity to play Ram and Sita, but we couldn't talk about it then. It's okay now because the show revolves around our relationship

. We will be in front of cameras all day with a child, and we have to manage for at least a month," says Gurmeet. "We will not be acting in the show, so that's one thing we are really looking forward to."

Debina has her apprehensions, but trusts Gurmeet's skills. "I do not know if I can manage kids or not but you (Gurmeet) will surely be able to do it," she says. "We don't know if we'll get a boy or a girl but we will have to take care of whoever comes." Gurmeet adds, "I hope things go smoothly and people will like us as parents. It is a good show, there is no bitching, or eating of insects; audiences too will come to know how difficult it is to take care of a kid, it will be useful for them too."

The couple has no experience of handling kids. "We've only interacted with Luv and Kush during the Ramayan shoot, and that too just for six hours," says Gurmeet. "Debina has been telling everyone that we will live happily with a kid but it will be difficult to handle it when the kid goes away. There is a god in each and every child." As the couple will have to manage on a limited budget, Debina is happy that Gurmeet will have to cook because he won't have a choice. She says, "He is not even ready to learn now. He thinks he will be able to learn it there. It's not that easy, though I'm ready to eat burnt food too."

Both actors went through a lot of tests to check their suitability as parents, before getting onto the show. "The production house and channel have taken a lot of effort. We went for medical check-ups and psychological tests. Neither by accident or deliberation will we hurt the kid," says Debina. "There will be 24-hour observation and people behind the cameras who can handle a crisis. Their parents are also going to be on the sets. If anyone is going to be under pressure, it's going to be us."

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Actor Shilpa Saklani says that it's home,

hubby and having babies that top her list.

Though actor Shilpa Saklani is playing the older Ganga in the 20-year-leap of 'Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', she's unperturbed. She says, "In fact, I am wearing Indo-western clothes and my hairstyle is that of an executive. I am doing things that the younger Ganga couldn't."

Though offers are coming her way, Shilpa as of now is taking it easy with actor husband Apoorva Agnihotri (Arman Sir in 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin'). The couple are deliberately going slow with their careers. "We are just chilling out. We've been sleeping and getting up at leisure. We also enjoy watching films and having coffee with friends," says a content Shilpa.

Quiz her on how different life has been after marriage and she says, "It's been two years and the best thing is that life hasn't changed at all. Apoorva is a liberal husband and so there has been no effort on my part to change."

But she adds, "Contrary to my sari-clad serious image, I am boisterous and expressive with my feelings. I guess that irritates him a bit!" Interestingly it's also her warmth that she says appeals to her husband.

Where Apoorva is concerned, Shilpa admires his patience. She is candid about his flipside too. "He is very moody and switches from one mood to another," states the wife.

Where sharing screen space with him is concerned, Shilpa, who appeared with him in 'Jassi' and 'Nach Baliye', wouldn't miss an opportunity. "I have been his fan. He's truly one of the finest looking men who's also brilliant at his job. I enjoy working with him the most."

Quiz Shilpa on whether she's ambitious about her career and she surpriseswith her answer. "Yes I am ambitious about having a good marriage and a happy family life. I'd love to have kids after a year or so. Career has always been secondary to me," says Shilpa unpretentiously. She adds, "I have been lucky that I am not pressured to get that extra buck home. But I work so that I can contribute to the household in my way. We believe in easing out things for each other." She adds,"Marriage is a great institution, provided you get the right man. And having kids is the most beautiful thing."

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Not my baby for Rakhi Sawant...
17 September 2009

Rakhi Sawant's antics actually made parents apprehensive about allowing their toddler kid to be raised by Rakhi in NDTV Imagine's show Pati Patni aur Woh.

Recently the much talked about couple Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parjunwala were roped in for NDTV Imagine's upcoming reality show Pati Patni Aur Woh which involves taking care of real life infants, toddlers etc.

Rakhi is loved by many for her antics and bindaas attitude but this image has also got her into a problem.  Most parents of infants refused to hand over their child to Rakhi as they were scared of her tantrums and safety of their child.

As per a source, the production house had a difficult time convincing the parents to let their child to Rakhi. Deepak & Prianca Aswal admitted and said "Yes, there was an apprehension and inhibition to give my child to Rakhi, as we had heard comments made by Rakhi when the show was announced, giving us jitters on how she will raise the kids. As parents we made sure that we expressed our concerns clearly to the production house and ensured that our child goes into safe hands."

But fortunately baby Jay's parents very confident that Rakhi will be the best mom as they knew that Rakhi loves children and without giving it a second thought, Jay's parents Shilpa and Kapil willingly handed over their jigar ka tukda to Rakhi and Elesh.

When asked, they said, "Yes we were very confident that our baby Jay could not get a better mother than Rakhi" .

Well we will really looking forward to see how Rakhi takes up this new role.
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Rakhi Sawant buys gift for 'her' children

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is trying her best to be a perfect mother on NDTV Imagine's new reality show "Pati Patni Aur Woh" - she went on a shopping spree in the US to buy toys and clothes for the children she will be parenting on the show.

At different stages of the show, Rakhi will be taking care of kids from different age group -- from infant to adolescent.

According to a unit source, Rakhi purchased clothes for both boys and girls in the age group of six months to 10 years so that she can pamper 'her' kids on the show.

When Rakhi packed her bags to go from Mumbai to Goa, where the show will be shot, her luggage weighed around 60 kg.

"To manage all the stuff, she took her assistant and managers so that the weight of the luggage could be divided," said the source.

But since contestants are only allowed a limited amount of luggage on the show, she decided to part way with her own clothes rather than the gifts she bought for the kids.

"Pati Patni Aur Woh" will have Rakhi and her Canada-based businessman fiance Elesh Parujanwala as well as four other celebrity couples, who will be relocated from their glamorous lives to become parents. They will have to take care of infants as well as adolescents in course of the show.
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Rakhi gives Elesh the boot

Rakhi Sawant has sent Elesh packing. She will not marry him and she doesn't want to have anything to do with him while they are not shooting

Cynics may say they saw this coming all the while but till Rakhi Sawant actually threw Elesh Parujanwala out of her life there was still some hope that the grand 23-episode Swayamvar reality show would actually end in marriage at some point.

Reportedly Rakhi incensed at Elesh's western ways, fluent English and insistence that their baby should be born in Canada has finally decided that she does not want to marry the man and has broken off the engagement. That he insists that she give up her career and move to Canada with him makes the prospect of marriage, scarier.

Elesh will leave for Canada today, a broken man. But he will keep his promise to the channel for which he is raising a false family with her and will return to shoot the next schedule.

Rakhi was all righteous indignation when asked about the split. 'I can't understand his fluent English, he can't understand Hindi at all,' she said petulantly. "Kaise chalega?"

Sources from the channel say that the whole of last week Rakhi has been finding fault with Elesh and highlighting his smallest mistakes to build a case for herself. "He has been as loving as ever but she has been a bitch," said the source. Rakhi though, refused to comment on the subject saying it was too personal.

With this, hopefully, the whole farce of love and marriage has come to an end.

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