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KHAMOSHI-A mini AR ff(completed)

crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 12:41am | IP Logged

I JUST THOUGHT 2 WRITE A 1 SHOT AR STORY but it turned out to b a longer one.plz do comment guys.
I hope u guys like it.


all the characters similar 2 DMG
Abhi n Niki however join Sanjeevani a bit late as interns



The first day
Armaan n Ridz met in basketball court n had a match which obviously
was won by ridz.Armaan was surprised dat a girl had beaten him up n
he knew dat she was different 4m others.they became frnds on the spot
n finding her as his cointern in Sanjeevani was 2nd gud news 2 him

The interns interacted wid each other became frnds n wen they started
doin things 4 one another they didn't realise.
the interns luvd Sanjeevani n their work was also fine as a doctor.
They had a healthy competition for the IOTM award but at the same time
always felt happy for the winner.time passed n they started 2 develop new unknown feelings in their heart
Armaan n Riddhima became best frnds.Rahul n Muski stopped fighting,Atul
Anjy still didn't change.Atul kept irritating Anjy a lot.

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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part 2

Armaan n Riddhima's frnship was gr8.they talked abt everything n nothing .they cud keep their heart infront of each one.Rahul n muski realised that they the way they had stopped the fights is not a gud sign.they tried 2 reason it out .Atul n anjy never changed Atul waited for the day wen she'll say sumthing nice abt him.
In the amidst of all these developing relationships Sanjeevani was joined by 2 new interns- abhi n niki both were completely different 4m each other wid different family bakgrounds lifestyle everything.Abhi was an egoistic selfish person while niki was a luvly bubbly girl n best frnd of Armaan[colg days of MBBS]

Armaan knew it 4m the beginning dat it was luv at first sight for his feelings 2wards ridz but he realised his feelings wen they spend more n more time wid each other.He had the fear dat if Ridz doesn't feel the same their frnship will ruin n he didn't want this 2 happen.Abhi was a dashing guy very smart any girl wud luv 2 b his girlfreind.
Wen niki found Armaan there she was more dan happy n so was Armaan 2 see his old best frnd after so many days.Niki n Armi completed MBBS 2gether n they got calls 4m different universities so parted their ways.Riddhima for the first time felt as if her bet frnd was not hers completely.seeing Armaan n niki talking so freely she was gr8ly annoyed n left the caffetaria
she was thinking abt it n cursing Armaan n niki under her breath wen she lost her balance n 2 strong hands prevented her 4m falling
she uttered smiling Armaan but shoked 2 see abhi smiling checking her out totally amazed by her beauty.she hesitated n tried 2 get up wen he made her stand n their eyes met for the first time.Riddhima felt a bit awkward as he was gazing at her intensely.
RI: woh I'm sorry
AB: plz don b It was my pleasure 2 get a chance to prevent such a beautiful lady from touching the ground.
Ridz blushed a little n she felt weird abt this.
Armaan who came to luk for her as she silently left the canteen witnessed the whole scene n he was deeply wounded seeing Ridz in Abhi's arms.Yes he knew he luvd was luv at first sight but he realised it wen he felt extremely happy in her company n thru several introspections of his meetings wid Riddhima he realised it was LUV only.
HE wanted 2 kill abhi for touching his riddhima since abhi has gone to the extent which he himself had not gone.Though they were best frnds yet they always maintained a distance they never hugged each other they shaked hands or sumtimes ridz wud clutch 2 his arm in excitement but will soon get back . and now seeing Ridz smiling n blushing he felt very bad.

AB: u r very beautiful
RI: thanx lekin kahin aap merey saath flirt karney ki koshish toh nahin kar rahey
AB: koshish??? Abhimanyu modi doesn't tries he does wat he wants aur abhi main chance mar raha hoon
Ridz was impressed by his attitude.abhi n Ridz then went as ridz decided to show him whole Sanjeevani.
Armaan's anger was at the top
he went to the fioreescape n the incident flashed thru his mind again n again.He always remained silent n didn't reveal his feelings 2 Ridz as he was afraid dat if ridz didn't feel the same their frnship will ruin n he wud die in absence of this frnship.atleast he wud have her in his life why not as a lifepartner but as a friend wid whom he is free 2 talk abt everything.It has been an hour n Ridz didn't came up to him.Normally she wud cum to him or msg him every half an hour past in extrem,e cases other wise they will meet after 15 min till the time they in Sanjeevani
He felt sumthing bothered her coz he now realised dat she silently crept out of cafe.
he went out 2 luk 4 her n found her wid abhi in cnteen
till now abhi had met all the interns except Armaan n all were impressed by him.
ANJY: ARmaan see our new intern abhi he is a nice guy
Armaan managed to smile sumhow whereas abhi came to him n put 4ward his hand
AB: hey dude now I knw why veryone talks abt u u r so hansum but a little less dan me
Armaan smiled this time truly feeling his stupidity
AR: chalo acha hai kuch log galatfehmi k shikar hotey hain ek case hamein bhi mil gaya
He lukd at riddhima who was not lukin at them but 2 the other side n he was sure that she was upset abt sumthing
Later he talked to her n she discussed her insecurities regarding niki but he managed 2 soothe her as Niki was his previous best frnd but his lifelong best frnd will b his basket only.
Time passed n Niki realised dat his best frnd was more attached 2 Ridz.It hurted her first but aftersumtime wen she lukd at their bond sahe realised that they deserved 2 b together as they were much frank n understud each other so well dat words were also not important in their frnship.
"unki KHAMOSHI bhi ek doosrey se baatein kar leti thi"
Abhi liked Ridz n he left noway 2 impress her.In the whole Sanjeevani he was disliked by just 2 persons Armaan n niki .While Armaan had a reason Niki didn't like him coz of his pride n ego since he wud try 2 appear more efficient than anyother person eventhough Armaan was the best. Abhi wud try 2 prove a himself more capable dan all other interns as a doctor n Armaan wud silently watch him n smile in his heart seeing 2 his childishness.Once ridz asked Armaan the reason for not goin out wid his girlfrnds as she felt that Armaan had become more serious 2wards work n she didn't find him talking abt anything other than his patients or abt her life.
Armaan becam dumb.He was lukin 4 an answer wen she said: kahin tumhain kisi se pyaar toh nahin ho gaya?
AR: kya??? aisi faltoo batein apney dimag main lakar mujhey daraya mat karo plz pyaar aur mujhey?
RI: kyun nain ho sakta?
AR: kyun tumhain hua hai kya?
RI: mujhey nahin toh
AR: acha isliye us abhimanyu k saath coffee lunch sab kuch karti ho
RI: ARmaan maina akeley toh nahin karti tum sab bhi toh hotey ho wahan
AR: hmm lekin sara attention us abhi ji ko milta hai
RI: jalan ho rahi hai
AR: hnh jalein mere dushman mujhey toh bas tumhari fikr hai
RI: he is a nice guy Armaan n I
RI: I don know but I feel gud wen he praises me or gifts me sumthing I don knw if its infatuation but i'm sure its not luv
Armaan felt his heartbeat racing erratically but as soon as he found dat it was not luv he relaxed
RI: ab kuch bolo bhi chup kyun ho
AR:u knw Riddhima main kya sochta hoon
RI: kya
AR: yahi ki jab bhi hum confused hon aur hamein kuch samajh na aaraha ho tab hamesha apni dil ki sunni chahiye dimag ki nahin kyunki dimag hamein behka sakta hai par dil dil se nikli pehli awaaz hamesha sahi hoti hai kyunki woh hamrey conscience ki awaaz hoti hai agar aapney usey ignore kar diya toh dobara dil se poochney par gadbad ho sakti hai kyunki aapak brain action main aachuka hota hai
RI: wow Armaan kya baat kahi hai mujhey nahin pata tha ki mera best frnd ek philosopher bhi hai aur future main ek acha psychiatrist bhi ban sakta hai
AR: tumharey liye toh main kuch bhi ban jaunga frnd,philosopher,psychiatrist or myself a psycho
he laughed n she was thankful 2 god 2 give her her life's angel
RI: pata nahin main tumharey baghair kya karti awe Armaan u r chooooooooo chweeeeet
she koochikood his cheeks standing up from her seat n for the first time they were so close knowingly[basket ball match was unknown one].she was leaning upon him gazing at his face n he closed his eyes as her closeness was intoxicating him,her hands send shivers down his spine.He felt as if she touched his soul not his cheeks.
ridz lukd at his face he was lukin so hansum in black shirt n denim jeans his face was full of loyality 2 their frnship n she lost herself in him for a second .they came bak 2 reality as the waiter approached them wid the bill.ridz felt awkward n Armaan sqeezed her hand 2 relax her n she soon composed herself.

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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                            PART 3

1 yr was completeed by the interns n 1 more yr was yet 2 go to do specialisation or in other words doin their MD/MS
[I hope u guys know dat after completing 4.5 yrs of MBBS there is an internship of an yr then 1-2 yr course of PG where u do specialisation in the field u like]

all interns bacame gr8 frnds.abhi was a gud frnd of everyone .only 2 persons dislikedhim-Armaan n Niki while armaan had a reason Niki had sum negative ideas abt him.Abhi always tried 2 prove himself the best both in personal n professional life n this she hated as he used 2 show Armaan dat he was better dan him n all knew Armaan was the best as a frnd as well as a doctor but Armaan never needed 2 prove it .uski khamoshi main hi uska badappan tha .he wud simply smile at stupid acts of abhi n sumwhere he had developed positive feelings abt him but how can he 4get dat abhi liked his Riddhima.
Abhi n ridz have got more closer.they started dpending more time 2gether n ridz didn't realise dat she was getting less time for her bst fnd but Armaan silently watched this n kept his emotions 2 himself.niki knew sumthing bothered him but she was unable 2 figure it out.
One day Abhi asked Ridz for dinner n she agreed after talking 2 Armaan.Abhi booked the whole restaurant for her n in the midst of candle light, roses n soft music they enjoyed the dinner.
Ridz was touched noone had made her feel so special.she thanked abhi n he bend down to his knees proposing her wid a ring. Ridz was shoked for the 2nd time dat evening.she had no answer
RI: abhi I need time I'm sorry but plz
AB: u can take ur own time ridz afterall yeh hamari zindagi ka sawaal hai
he dropped her home after a few more talks n she went 2 her room n the next thing 2 do was 2 call Armaan
Armaan reached her room straight thru the balcony by climbing the pipe as it was 12 am n anjy had late night duty
he found ridz walking to n fro in the room in the same red saree he gifted her for tonight.
RI: Armaan thank god tum aagaye
AR: kya hua kahin us abhi ne kuch galt karney ki koshish toh nahin ki main usey
RI: Shut up Armaan aisa kuch bhi nahin hua
AR: better for him
RI: tum na itni jaldi hyper kyun ho jatey ho woh actually
AR hmmm
RI: woh woh
she turned round suh that her bak faced him.He tried 2 compose himself as she was lukin gorgeous in dat saree her black silky hairs left open were adding beauty 2 her figure.He didn't knw how to stop his heart from checking her out again n again but he soon realised the seriousness of the situation n talked 2 ridz.
AR: Abhimanyu proposed u
She turned bak completely astonished
RI: tumhain kaisey pata
AR: tum kuch kaho na kaho riddhima tumhari khamoshi bhi mujhsey baatein kar leti hai
RI: Armaan!!! isliye toh tum merey best frnd ho merey angel
AR:: angel??
RI: hmm ma kehti hain ki jab bhi hum pareshan hotey hain bhagwanji hamarey liye angel bhejtey hain insaan k roop main aur merey liye unhoney tumhain bheja hai I luuuuuv u my angel
Armaan was touched.She was so innocent so pure so divine he wished to pull her in his arms n feel her existence but he knew he can't.He realised dat she trusted him more than herself n he can't never ever break her trust for his own selfishness.He decided at the moment to remain silent[khamosh] abt his feeling towards her 2day n forever
RI: kaahn kho gaye I luv u ka galt matlab toh nahin mnikal liya na
AR: bilkul nahin tum jaisi se I luv sunney se acha main parlok na sidhar jaun
RI: kya ?
she became sad
RI: kya main itni buri hoon Armaan?
Arman realised his foolishness
RI: nahin riddhima tum bahut achi ho sabsey achi meri sabsey pyaari dost aur main ek stupid jerk
she smiled
AR: acha batao main tumhari kya madat karoon tumney abhimanyu koo kya jawaab diya
RI: I asked 4 time
AR: gud
RI: hmm aur wiasiisa bada decision itni jaldi thodi liya jata hai
AR: kya shaadi?????????
RI: haan tumhain kya laga
AR: mujhey laga ki usney sirf I luv u kaha hoga
RI: isliye tum stupid jerk ho sirf I luv kehney k liye main tumhain aadhi raat ko yahaan bulati kya?
AR: hmm right to kya socha hai
RI: main kyun socho sochna toh tumhain hai
AR: wat?
RI: aur kya tum decide karo ki tumhari best frnd ko haan kehni chahiye ya nahin
AR: main nahin yeh faisla tumaharey mom dad ka hona chahiye
RI: baat toh tum theek keh rahey ho
AR: hmm toh kal unsey baat karnna
RI: main nahin tum
AR: marwana hai mujhey plz mera Sanjeevani se nikaley janey ka intezaam mat karo
RI: Armaan
AR: riddhima Padma aunty tak toh theek hai par sir no way
RI: tum merey liye itna bhi nahin kar saktey
AR: tumharey liye toh main
he stopped
AR: ok ok ab main jaun Anjy ki car ka horn suna mainey
RI: bye gud night

Armaan talked 2 ridz's parenys abt it next day n abhi sent his mom dad the same eve n Shashank found his dad as one of his close college frnds n the marriage preparations began
Armaan felt everyday as if sumone scratched his heart wid a knife
Ridz tuk him for shopping everytime n he wud select all her dresses n jewellary n did all the payment inspite of her denial.
he tuk part in all rasms heavy heartedly lekin apni khamosi k peechey chupey dard ki ek lehar bhi apney chehrey par na aaney di

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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be4 the beginning of ceremony Armaan came 2 meet ridz n asked her to cum to terrace
AR: Riddhima main aaj US k liye nikal raha hoon wahan k bahut badey hospital ne mujhey offer kiya hai PG k liye
RI: aaj Armaan kal nahin ja saktey
AR: sorry Riddhima par woh log wait nahin karsaktey
RI: oh
she felt bad
AR: plz ab munh mat latkao aaj tumhari mehndi hai aur kal shaadi yeh kisi ki bhi zindagi k sabsey haseen pal hotey hain inhain sanjo kar rakhna apney paas aur mujhey soch kar toh bikul bhi mat kharab karna main toh jaraha hoon tumharey saath bitaya hua waqt hamesha mere dil main rahega Sanjeevani aur saarey doston ki bahut yaad aayegi par sabsey zyaada tumhari
they both were crying silently
AR: plz ro mat
he wiped off her tears
AR: ek baat yaad rakhna ki door sarhad paar ek aisa insaan hai jo hamesha tumhari khushiyon k liye dua karega aur waqt aaney par tumharey liye khud ko qurbaan bhi kar jayega .flight ka time hogaya hai chalta hoon chalo acha hai ab tumhain koi tang karney wala nahin hoga
she cried more bitterly this time
he turned round to go wen he felt her holding his hand
RI: janey se pehley ek baar mujhey hug nahin karogey
he removed her hand n walked away widout saying anything
sitting in his car his heart said: shayad yeh tumhain galey laganay ka haq mera kabhi tha hi nahin

Ridz came bak n Anjy n muski made her si to apply mehndi
all she cud think was abt Armaan tears made way put thru her eyes n others thought it was tears of leaving her home
Padma consoled her
late night she lukd at the moon thru her balcony n Armaan's words ran in her ears-jab bhi hum confused hon...................................
she closed her eyes n asked main aaj kuch parahi hooon ya apni sabsey azeez cheez kho rahi hoon
n she saw retreating steps of Armaan.She realised dat Armaan was more imp 2 her dan anything she knw it was luv but it was too late 2 recognise
She called at the airport n enquired abt the flight which tuk off 15 min b4.
She cried the whole night
The marriage tuk place n she tuk part in it half heartedly
Sitting in abhi's room in bridal dress she felt 2 run away as she didn't want anyone 2 touch her 2 talk 2 her
abhi came n sat next 2 her n gifted her a beautiful diamond set
he made his way to her lips wen she put her hand in b/w n asked for sumtime to which Abhi agreed half heartedly
3 months passed n they still maintained the distance but
one night Abhi came home n seemed a bit drunk.he tried 2 molest her n she sumhow managed 2 runaway n on the road Niki saw her n made her get in b4 Abhi cud catch her n the car zoomed away
She told abt her abt everything n Niki knew Armaan luvd her too but didn't tell her

2yrs passed
Ridz lived at Gupta house n she gave the reason dat she can't live wid him he is different 4m her n after a few months 2 dat incident abhi was caught supplying kidneys of his patients over to which he lost his career
Ridz became a child specialist
Miles away Armaan became a renowned surgeon who was successful at a young age n won many awards
he was send to India-Mumbai sanjeevani as it was the best hospital for a project n he paked his bags to return 2 India.

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Armaan had strange feelings inside him.He didn't know how his Riddhima wud luk wid vermillion n bangles etc. just like married women.He smiled at his thought n his wounds refreshed once more.
He didn't knw how he wud face her n all.He knew she wud b angry as he had made no contact wid any of them but he was helpless.
finishing his packing he tuk the car keys n went to the club.
He saw the manager very upset n asked the problem.Manager told that there was a stage function from the club inhonour of a celebrity guest but the performer excused himself the right moment n failing to this show they will have to pay huge costs along wid the loss of the club.
this club was Armaan's second home as he wud cum here play basketball sumtimes go to the disco n every moment ridz was wid him like his shadow.wenever he was not sure to do a surgery he wud remember her words- Armaan mujhpar bharosa rakho tum yeh kar sahtey ho aur main janti hoon tum mera bharosa kabhi nahin todogey.These words wud do magic 2 him n he always accomplished his surgeries in the most efficient manner n dat was the reason no operation failed 4m him n he gained fame all over US n in other nations so easily.
Armaan cudn't see that club losing its popularity n getting into financial crisis so he decided 2 help them
He told them dat he'll perform.the manager knew Armaan very well n he knew he wu do it as he cud read the congidence in our hero's eyes.
Armaan went to the venue n marched towards the stage
Dressed in sleevelss black jacket widout wearing anything else inside n black quartised jeans wid microphone in his ears he was lukin no less than a star.
the song began n he danced extremely well.

HE felt s if the song was made for him only.He always prayed for her well being n it was the affect of his prayers only dat she managed 2 get away 4m abhi dat night.Thank god that he was drunk otherwise she had no escape.

[abhimanyu modi wud go so low 2 the extent that he'll forget his oath which he tu k while getting the degree noone knew.After his marriage wid ridz he was desperate to get her but since she asked for time he drooled over other girls his ex girlfriends & slept wid them.He was a complete womaniser .Ridz knew nothing abt it but later after running away n her divorce she came 2 knw abt this thru Niki n she hated him even more.Nikita had been gr8 support to her n now she knew why she was Armaan's best frnd.she missed armaan cried for him every night silently
lekin undonon main se kisi ne bhi is khamoshi main bhi kisi ko yeh zahir nahin honey diya ki kitna dard chupa rakha hai apney dilon main.
Rahul n muski were married n muski was expecting her first baby.
Atul n anjy were also married a month be4 n all of them missed Armaan a lot.Infact whole sanjeevani was lifeless widout armaan.The charm the fun all was was gone.their were no parties no fights no masti n drama n it became a place of work only.

the new interns came in sanjeevani 2 months bak but had no interaction wid their seniors as our gang had wid shubhankar n Kirti.
the latter were also married n shofted 2 Lonavala orphanage.shashank was still the dean n the duty incharge of interns was ridz.]

Armaan sat in the flight n his mind drifted to the old days.He felt a bit ecited but at the same time deeply hurt.
he switched on the ipod n the song played was

kyun hawa aaj yun garahi hai 4m Veer Zaara
Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai...(2)

Kyon Fiza Rang Chhalka Rahi Hai

Mere Dil Bata Aaj Hona Hai Kya

Chaandni Din Mein Kyun Chha Rahi Hai

Zindagi Kis Taraf Ja Rahi Hai

Mere Dil Bata Kya Hai Ye Silsila

Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai,

Ga Rahi Hai, Ga Rahi Hai

( Jahan Tak Bhi Jayein Nigahein

Baraste Hain Jaise Ujale )...(2)

Saji Aaj Kyun Hain Ye Raahein

Khile Phool Kyun Hain Nirale

Khushbuein Kaisi Ye Bah Rahi Hain

Dhadkanein Jane Kya Kah Rahi Hai

Mere Dil Bata Ye Kahani Hai Kya

Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai,

Ga Rahi Hai, Ga Rahi Hai

( Yeh Kiska Hai Chehra Jise Main

Har Ek Phool Mein Dekhta Hoon )... (2)

Yeh Kiski Hai Aawaz Jisko

Na Sun Ke Bhi Main Sun Raha Hoon

Kaisi Ye Aahtein Aa Rahi Hain

Kaise Ye Khwab Dikhla Rahi Hain

Mere Dil Bata Kaun Hai Aa Raha

Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai

Ga Rahi Hai, Ga Rahi Hai

The flight tuk off at 12am n wud reach India at 12noon tomorrow.He felt the sog was made for him n ridz only.He cud feel every line of the song.
the night ridz was home but anjy again had night duty.
she felt the winds turning strange.The climate changed 4m moderate one to a bit more cooler as clouds were in the air
she went to the terrace n lukd at the sky
RI: jaisey in baadlon main chand gum hogaya hai
waisey hi mera Armaan bhi kho gaya hai
aur aisa khoya ki aaj tak nahin mila
falak par toh chand dobara nazar aajata hai
par pata nahin meri zindagi ka chand dobara kab nazar aayega

silent tears oozed out her eyes n it started raining all of a sudden .the song from baaabul played in the background as she imagined Armaan wid her n danced n played in the rain wid her.
Bawari piya ki'..
O'.Bawari piya ki'.
Kase kahe jaake peer jiyaki
Bawari piya ki'. Bawari piya ki'.

Piyu rang maan ki chunar rangai..
Piyu piyu ratha ke piyu main samai
Ban gai chhaya'.aa'.
Chhal baliya ki'.

Bawari piya ki'.

Itha utha dekhe panth nihare,
Har din palchhin naam pukare
Sud nahi bisare
Maan basiya ki

Bawari piya ki
Kase kahe jaake peer jiya ki
Bawari Piya ki

Padma came 2 her room n not finding her there n went 2 terrace.She saw her daughter behaving insanely by doin salsa ll alone
suddenly Armaan vanished from the sight of Ridz n she sat on the floor crying
Padma brought her in n den she told him how much she luvd Armaan.Padma consoled her daughter n wen she slept after a lot of crying she went to her room thinking abt past events how she was sad in her wedding n everything.She prayed 2 god to get bak her daughters happiness.

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As Armaan's first step landed on the grounds of mumbai airport he felt a sudden attachment to this place he remembered how he felt wen he was leaving.he felt as if SRK's movie[om shanti om] song- chan se jo tutey koi sapna was written only for him.He left Mumbai wid a heavy heart n cumin bak 2 it brought many memories bak sum new feelings the excitement to meet his all frnds ,go bak 2 Sanjeevani which was his work place n see his riddhima .Wait a min
He realised
AR: why am I so happy riddhimais not mine now she belongs to sumone else n I've no rights upon her so why am i so eager 2 meet her.No Armaan calm down she is not urs.
He let a deep sigh
He was made 2 cum out of his thoughts wen 2 people approached him from Sanjeevani n escorted him to the car

Here in sanjeevani
Dr. Shashank instructed the senoir doctors n the new interns to b very alert n no mistakes shud b done as this project was much imp. for the hospital.
Dr. riddhima had to do the presentation.all they knew was dat a young achiever in medical field who is a renowned surgeon is cumin 2 Mumbai.
Riddhima felt dat since morning the winds were not usual.she felt the air around her soothing.she felt it familiar. she didn't know why she felt the air n Sanjeevani the same as wen she was wid ammy.she was having a gud feeling inside after ages n this strange turmoil of feelings n emotions were disturbing her a lot while she was rehearsing for the presentation.

Just then shashank called everyone at the reception n asked the senior doctors to go in conference room & instructed the interns to do their duties perfectly
all waited in the conference room for Armaan
Armaan first moved to his old house which was clean n clear coz of his kaka who lukd after the house n now was extremely happy to see him bak.after refreshing himself he moved on his way 2 Sanjeevani wid the 2 men.
Armaan entered the conference hall n the excitement of the senior doctors turned into shock
Atul,anjy,Rahul,Muski ,Shashank all were stunned 2 see him.niki smiled 2 have her best frnd bak while riddhima was blank
she didn't know how to react
he went to dr. shashank n bend down to take his blessings
AR: sir pata nahin sab mujhey aisey kyun dekh rahey hain but never miond I shud tell u dat I'm the surgeon who will b lukin after this project
Shashank smiled 2 see his intern so successful n hugged him as if appreciating his hard work
SH: Dr. Riddhima u plz bgin
Armaan for the first time lukd at ridz after takin his seat
he found her weak pale face silent eyes which had lot of pain.the Riddhima whhom he luvd was nowhere seen.How can he 4get her smile,the glow on her face,the glint in her eyes, her delighted face wwen she was wid him,.How can he??
He was hurt seeing her like dat but didn't jad the copurage to luk in her eyes.
all were surprised by this sudden khamoshi[silence] in the room.
SH: DR. riddhima plz begin
Riddhima felt as if she tried to speak but the words were not cumin in her mouth she tried to put on the projector to begin but found her hands no having no strength to move
All were confused
AR: DR. riddhima can u plz start up wid the presentation
Hearing Riddhima 4m his mouth she felt so gud so happy so relaxed dat she closed her eyes to recollect his words again n again
AR: Riddhima plz begin evveryone is waiting
this time riddhima felt as if his words gave her all the strength she need all this time to speak up
RI: I'm sorry I shall begin now
she started the presentation
In the begin her heart tried 2 sweep her mind to Armaan but she kept concentrating n finally she gave an excellent presentation describing even the details of the project in the best way she can.
Armaan never doubted her mediacl capapbilities n he felt proud the way she described her points.
He thought dat riddhima has becum more smart in her work in the last 2 yrs
the first person to clap as she finished was Armaan who stud up his seat n clapped honestly followed by others
AR: Excellent job Doctor.I agree to do this project n it will b a gud chance to work wid such efficient doctors like u.
all smiled
he left the conference room after signing the papers offered by shashank n all went to ridz
they all decided to get Armaan's collar for his long absence n went towards the canteen as they expected him to b there

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 12:48am | IP Logged

All got Armaan in the canteen sitting at the table n tuk seats next to him
ANJY: so Mr. American Surgeon how cum to Sanjeevani
AR: Anjy do u welcum ur guests like this
RAHUL: guest my foot idiot v missed u so much u knw I n muski got married Atul aur Any ki bhi shaadi ho gayi humney tujhjey kitna miss kiya aur tuney tuney ek phone karna bhi zaroori nahin samjha
AR: I'm sorry Rahul lekin
AT: kya lekin Armaan tu apney bhai ko hi bhool gaya
NI: haan Armaan dat was totally unfair
AR: guys plz meri baat toh suno kabhi kabhi hamein na chahtay huey bhi kuch rishtonse door jana padta hai unki khusi k liye plz main tumhain reason nahin bata sakta haan mafi zaroor mang sata hoon tum logonko kya lagta hai waan main bahut mazey kar raha tha I also missed u all a lot
the gang sensed the seiousness in his voice n they tried 2 live the present moment instead o cursing him n everyone had a group hug except Ridz
She was standing quietly at the door she didn't hav the courage 2 go n si t wid him wat if he read the luv in her eyes for her aas he said always: Riddhima tum kuch kaho na kaho tumhari khamoshi bhi mujhsey baatein kar leti hain

HE then found her missing n saw her at the entrance of cafe
Seeing him luk at her she began 2 feel nervous
ANJY: Ridzy tu wahan kya kar rahi hai idha aao aur aaj presentation k waqt kya hua tha haan?
NIKI: guys I think the best frnds nee time 2 spend alone so v shud go
MU: haa aur Ridzy tu na isklki achey se khabar lena
She managed to get a fiant smile dat cudn't reach her eyes n Armaan undrstud dat it was a fake smile
after all left
AR: Riddhima!!!!!
Sh went n sat next to him
both together: how r u?
They smiled n this time both smiled truly
Both together: jee raha hoon/jee rahi hoon
they both lukd at each other wid hurt eyes
ek ajeeb si khamoshi thi unkey beech pehley wali khmoshi unhain achi agti thi jab woh bina kahey hi ek doosrey ki baat samajh jaya kartey they lekin yeh khamoshi yeh dard khamoshi dard de rahi thi .is khamoshi main woh ek doosrey ke dil ko nahin padh pa rahey they kuch samajh nahin aaraha tha kya kahein kahaan se baat shuru karein asia inkay saath pehli baar horaha tha warna k doosrey ko chup karaney k bahaney dhoondhney padtey they.

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Armaan thought to start in a better way.Her glum face was making him upset every now n then
AR: so MRs. Riddhima abhimnyu Modi how is ur life goin on?
The smile on her face vnished wid his last words.She felt disgusted 2 b related to that man whom she hated the most.
He saw the turmoil of emotions o her face n the sudden anger in her eyes.
AR: Ridhima sab theek toh hai na
Just then the announcement was made n Rid had 2 go
RI: DR. Armaan Malik u have cum to work here wid the projct its better to b remain professional n not induldge in personal lives of other people
Saying this she went away
he was surprised n shoked
She cudn't 4give him for not keeping any contact wid her she remembered how she had cried for days n nights for him but he didn't turn up n n now wen he asked abt Abhi that wa the limilyt n she outburted watever she felt right at that moment

Armaan thought that she was upset seeing him cumin bak in her life so he thought not to talk anymore wid her excpet work

next few days passed n AR talked wid each other only related to work
yeh khamohi unki jaan nikal rahi thi lekin shayad lfzon ne unka saath chod diya tha
ARmaan tried 2 enquire abt Abhi 4m other people but ridz has asked everyone not 2 open their mouth so everyone escaped this question
Padma tried 2 talk 2 Ridz abt Armaan but she refused
all she cud do was stare at the black night in whch lied the moon or her Armaan's face n just gaze at it widout saying anything

1 day niki confronted Ridz n tuk her to the terrace n asked her abt her insane behaviou
RI: tohkya karoon main uskey saamney jakey apneu pyaar ki bheekh mangoon?? usney toh itna bhi zaroori na samjha ki saat samundar paar kakar ek phone kar dey ya poochey Riddhima tum kaisi ho Abhi tumhainn khush toh rakhta hai na tum ab bhi waisey hi ladti ho kya jaisey mujhsey ladti thi????
main har rat uskay phone ka intezaar karti lekin usney mujhey yaad tk nahn kiya batao kya main galat hoon
Niki was confused
she didn't knw wat 2 say She decided2 talk 2 Armaan first
Rid's pager rang n she left
she decided to talk 2 Armaan before the function which was kept in his honour by Sanjeevani.


Niki tried 2 tak 2 Armaan before the function but she cudn't so she went bak 2 ridz's house 2 tell her the truth
Ridz was surprised seeing her
Niki asked Anjy that she wanted 2 talk alone wid ridzy so anjy left n asked Ridzy to cum to the venue wid niki
NI: tum kaisi dost ho riddhima jo aRmaan ka dil nahin padh payi?
RI: kya matlab?
NI: tumhain kya lagta hai ki tumhari shaadi se ek din pehley hi woh US kyun gaya
RI: kyunki it was imp for him 2 go he said the hospital owners can't wait
NI: usney aha aur tumney maan liya
RI: tum kehna kya chaah rahi ho?
NI: Damn riddhima kya tmhain uski aankhon main kuch nazar nahin aaya
RI: aaya tha hamarey alag honey ka dard hamarey dostonchod k janey ka dukh
NI: o really acha jaatey waqt usney kuch aisa kaha tha jo tumhain abhi tak yaad hai
RI: uska kaha hua har lafz yaad hai mujhey lekin uski woh bat ki sarhad paar ek aisa shakhs hai jo tumhari khushi liye hamesha dua karega mujhey sansey achi lagi thi
NI Sirf achi kya tumney uski awaaz main aney pyaar ko doorey ko saunpney ka dard nahin nehsoos hua
RI: kya pyaar? dard? mujhey kuch samjh nahin aaraha Niki plz saaf saaf kaho
NI: Woh tumsey bepanah muhabbat karta hai tum itna bhi nahin samajh payi
RI: wat? Armaa mujhsey pyaar karta hai
She felt as if she was dreaming
NI: haan Ridzy he luvs u woh tumhain kisi aur ka hota hua nahin dekh sakta tha isliye woh chala gaya usney socha ki door janey se tum abhimanyu k saath khush rahogi lekin usey kya pata tha ki Abhimanyu ko toh dost kehlaney ka hi haq nahin
RI: tum yehkasiey keh sakti ho
NI: Tumsey pehley shayad main uski nest frnd thi aur main ache e janti hooon ki woh apni dil ki baat tumsey nahin kahega aur na pehley kaha.pehley tumhari frnship khoney k dar se aur ab tumhain khush dekhney k intezaar main.tumhari udasi tumhara dard ussey chupa nahin hai woh hum sabsey poochta rehta hai ki riddhima o kya hua woh baat karna muskurana sab bhool gayi aur sirf tumhari wajah se hum khamosh hain aur shayad tumney ussey kuch kaha hai jiski wajah se woh tumsey sirf kaam ki baat karta hai
Ridz was dumb she sat on the bed tears cumin out constatly 4m her eyes.
NI: Ridz plz don cry go talk to him batao usey ki tumharey dil main kya hai yeh khamoshi na tumhain chain se rehney degi na usey mar jayegawoh ghut ghut kar
Ridz shivered by the word death
she wiped her tears
RI: toh kya Armaan ab bhi akel hai
NI: haan tab bhi tha aur ab bhi hai mainey padaha hai magazies main how girls n eve doctor ladies try 2 flirt wid him but he used 2 break their hearts by not responding even once.
She felt happy listening this
RI: Aaj main Armaan ko apney dil ki baat bata doongi ab yeh khamoshi hamein aur dukh nahin degi .
she went to washroom2 get ready n niki smiled 2 see the confident Ridz.

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