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Drifted Aparat AR One Shot

arshluver_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Hey guys
i know u all will b thinking is she crazy or what that she had just 2 days ago hade one shot but guys i cant wait to updat this one
so plz read it and do coment or critizie it

Drifted Aparat

a lady in her early thirty was running behind a four year old boy. Who was half naked and was coverd with bath shop,, the reason was that he did not wanted to take a bath actuly he did not like taking bath.......

just then we see another boy about seven years old who was listening to musing and did not care that his poor mother was running behind his naughty lil brother and just left from there


he came and slaped his brother

Ad: here u go mom now he want bother u

the lil brother was crying realy badly holding his mother

mo: aditya why did u slap ur brother??? (she turn to her lil son who was crying) arav bacha plz stop crying its ok come lets take a bath ok hummm

she hold him is her arm and strated to make her was to his room

then came a realy loud voice


yes that was Mrs. Ridhima Armaan Malik. she and armaan had an arrange marrige when she was only tweenty . She had her first son aditya three years after their wedding and after another three years they had arav. aditya is kind of boy who dont care for anyone but him self just like his father. Armaan married to ridhima only thingking that she will take care of his family and wont bother him.. arav is like ridhima but has lods of naughtyness in him. If you see things from far you will feel that its a happyest family you can find but later as you come close you will see that ther is nothing happy in here.... ridhima's in laws aka armaan's parents are very rude to her they treat her like a trash from there her son aditya got to know how to trash his mother even though she does everything for him. armaan is never around to help her in this mass... when she ask for help then he says its not his problem she is the wife, bahu and the mother who supose to take care of all this things and not to bother him.

ridhima was brough out of her though with another loude voice or rather a yell of her mother in laws from downstares....

Mo: Ridhima when are you planning to make our brakfast???? Do you want me to tell armaan who you are behaving with us in his absontes???

Ri: sorry mummy ji i was just getting arav and aditya rady for their school.. i will be ther soon

she then quickly gave bath to arav and help both aditya and arav to get ready of their school

after that she went and prepared the brakfast for her in laws

this is the regualer day thing for her they never behave nicely with her and she can never complain to armaan coz he wont belive her or he wud ask her to get a divorce if seh that much frustrated with them but she cant do that couse off her two sones....

armaan was out on the trip as usual he was never around for her or for his two son it is also one of the reason why aditya is never happy and arav was always asking for armaan but poor ridhima wud lie to him and says that papa miss him to but is very bussy with the work so he can have money to buys lods of toys for him.....


it was almost midnight ridhima just finish her work in the kitchen and was hading toward her room.

she heard a door bell she got very happy on knowing that it must be armaan

she was right it was armaan seh let him in

without any word he stright went to their room to frshen up ridhima went behind him and pull out his night dress and put it on the bed for him and went down stare to get the foor ready for him

few minutes later he was down stare ridhima served him a dinner

Ri: how was your trip armaan???

Ar: okey (without looking at her)

Ri: arav and aditya both were missing you!! they wud be very happy to see you in the morning!!

Ar: can i pleas eat in peace i just got home if you did not notice i am very tierd....

ridhima's face fell and the smile on her face faded away...

they have been married for more then forteen years but there was no romance or any intimacy in there relasionship. it want like that had it befor they had kids..

after dinner armaan went to his study room over there he found ridhima's diary .... he opend it and started readding slowly he realized that she had a very bad childhood with no mother and father's haterat... then there was lots of thing about armaan like how she thinks that he is very hot and cut and adorable then it was about her first few days in the malik family which was like fairy tale but then slowly it all fade away and there was nothing but the cry left for her then two years later she was exited on finding out that seh is going to be a motehr but realized that it was just a thing for armaan he was not exited on finding that they are having a child for him it was just a plain simple S**. then she started writing every lil thing about their newborn child on how she felt when she feed him for the first time and how she felt when he had called him mama.... then she wrote about arav's birth.... then she wrote what had happen with her insted of what she had thought of ..........

then armaan realise how wron he was... all she wanted was his love and affection but what he had given her was hate and missery....he had tears in his eyes he also saw that she was not making it up when she said that his parents miss treat her...

then he read about his two kids how aditya has become very rud to arav n ridhima he never respects her and how much that hurts her see her own kid telling her that he hates her....

after reading the entire diary armaan was heart broken thinging what have i done its only because of me she had sufferd if only i was there to tell aditya that he shud respect his mother if only.............

just then the dore of th study flew open andd armaan looked up to see arav in his pajama holding a stuff puppy

Arav has a habit to wake up in the middle of the night so he always comes to study room knowing that his mother wud be there and she wud rubb his back and make him fall a sleep... but today he was surprised to see his father insted of his mother

Ara: dada!!!!

(called arva he was but surprise and bit confused)

hearing arav armaan had a lil smile on his lips then he got up from the chair and went to arav and picked him up

Ar: arav why r u still up???

Ara: yaaaaaaaaaaa dad came home

(said exited arav and huged armaan from neck)

armaan felt a different felling when arav huged him he also put his hand on arav's head

on hearing noice ridhima went to study and got a smile on seeing armaan and arav like this

Ri: arav bacha app fir se uthgay chalo muma apko shuladati hai

(she went forward to take him from armaan)

arav hold armaan realy tight and said

Ara: no muma dada will put me to sleep so he wont leav me agine....plz dada will u put me to sleep

Ar: sure i will defenatly do that for my bacha

and armaan went forward toward arav and aditya's room

Ri: armaan app rahnadijiya main usa sula dungi app thaka honga

Ar: its ok ridhima i have never done anything for my kids so i guess i can do this for him (he put his hand on her and cont) you must be very tierd after a long day go to room and take some rest.....

then he left the study with arav in his hand....

as soon as he enterd thier room he saw that aditya was still up

aditya got supper happy by seeing his father and got out of the bed andwent to him and higed him

Ad: papa app kab aya main ap ko bohut miss kiya papa

Armaan smiled at this and huged him back

then he put arav in to his bed and also put aditya in his bed and tuck both of them in the bed and keep on rubbing thier back and head till both of them went to sleep

then armaan went to his room to see ridhima was stting armaan's closet..

Ar: uhhhh ridhima uhhh i need to talk to you about something!!

Ri: ya armaan kya bat hai???

Ar: i read ur diary!!!

ridhima looked at him shoked and had tears in her eyes...

Ar:I am sorry ridhima i was never there for you or our kids...i never did anything for you but keep on being there for me and for my family even though they were realy mean to you and miss treates you......i am a fool to not see how amazing u are with everyone.......i am sorry for not beeing there for u when aditya miss treat you........ but ridhima i am not going to miss out on anything.... i promish to u that i will make everything right i will explain everything to aditya and try to make him good son and will also try and fix mom dad's though about you but plz dont ever hide anything from me if there is something hurting u then come to me and tell me i will try and solve everything for you and i cant see u cry ridhima so plz dont cry

by not ridhima was sobbing realy badly and armaan went forward and pull her in to a tight hug. he rubbed his hand on her head and her back to calm her down

Ar: ridhima plz stop crying

Ri: armaan muje app aur humara bacho ka alava aur kuch nahi chahiya main app se aur bacho se bahut pyar karti hum app plz kabhi muje se dur mata jana werna main ji nahi paungi

she hold armaan realy tight and put her hade on his stron hard core chest..........

this night had baught lods of happyness to armaan and ridhima they both went to sleep hugging eatch other

it had been over a month since armaan and ridhima had truly become husband and wife.... next day armaan had made an arrangment for his parents to leave india and go to londone so they wont harash ridhima ny more then he started to teach aditya on how to behave with his mother which was bit tuff but he did it and aditya had now become a gud son he also take care of arav and make him go to sleep in the nigh when ever he wakes up

armaan had changed a lot in this one month he wud spent more time with his family then at office he wud help ridhima with both the naughty kids and get them ready for their school .............another thing that changed was armaan had became very romantic with ridhima.... he wud not miss out on a single chance of teassing her and make her blush yes even after ten years of marrige she wud blush just like a new bride... they do have thier intemade time..... one day both armaan and ridhima were getting very cosy in thier bed on sunday morning but sudenly arav and aditya jumped on them just as armaan was getting ready to kiss ridhima

arav and aditya both had closed thier eyes and said: dad its ok i am not looking u can kiss mama now.... which maid ridhima even more red and she made a run to the bathroom

now it was totaly happy family all three arman aditya and arav wud keep ridhima running on her toe coz non of then wud stay with out her

it was a mid day and arav had just came from his pre school.. ridhima was preparing lunch for him and he was sitting on the table ready to eat but suddenly ridhima run to the bathroom and started throwing up and after few minutes she fainted on the bathroom flore the bathroom was open so arav went in there as soon as he saw his motehr on the flore he started hsaking ridhima andwas crying realy badly

he went to the leaving room and picked up a phone he rember how his father had taight him to call him when he need him so he diald armaan's number

Ar: Hello

Arav strated crying on the phone as soon as he headr armaan's voice

hearing arav's cry arman got worried and asked him what happen

Ara: dada muma fall on the flore she not getting up

hearing this armaan lost his pacence he told arav to stay with muma and not to go anywhere after outting the phone down he made a run to the elevater and go to his car he called his family doctore and ask him to go to his house as soon as posible

he drove the car as fast as he cud and came home

the doctore was already there he saw ridhima gaining the conseouce ness and arav crying badly besid her

he picked up arav and calm him down

the doctore did ridhima's chake up and came out of the room

armaan was still trying to make arav calm then see in the doctore come out he also lost his calmness and went to doctore....

Ar: doctore what happen is she ok?? i mean how is she???

Dr: dont worry Mr Malik she is fine and she wud like to tell u what happen to her so i will leav now and ya bring her to my clinic tomarro at 10 ok

then doctoer left and armaan maid his way ot his room he put arav down who ran to his mother and jumpud on th ebad crying

Ara: muma i am very sorry now i promish that i will never make u run after me and i will always to what ever you say plz muma you get better

Ridhima nd armaan both smile at their cute son

Ri: non bacha its not ur fault and now go to ur room and play i want to talk ot ur dada ok

arav kissed ridhim;a chick and ridhima also gave him a kiss and he left the room

Ar: ridhima you ok na?? i mean......

Ri: armaan i uh..... armaan i am going to be a mother.....................


armaan was still in the shoke but as soon as he recoverd from it he picked up ridhima in his armaan and huged her suppre tight it was his best day ever he was going ot be a father agine and have a chance to know how it wud be...........

Ar: thank you ridhima soooooooooo much for geving me the best news of my life and i know this time we will have a cute lil princess just like her muma...............

Ri: i am very happy too we are finaly a happy family

Ar: and its all because of u!!!

later that day armaan told everyone of his friends and family and his business associates about the good news he also told aditya and arav that they are going to have a lil sister and for that they all have to take gud cae of muma

finaly after 9 months of nagging and pamering armaan amd ridhima had a beautiful baby girl so armaan was right and on beeing right he asked ridhima if there is a chance for another lil princes but ridhima got soooooo much shy that all she cud do was to hug him

they named the girl Ria so now armaan and ridhima were proud parents of Aditya Arav and Ria. they call her princess coz she was pampared by everyone later armaan's parents also looked at ridhima as theri daughter and ask for frogiveness and ridhima beeingthe quin of kindness she gave forgave them armaan also had a talked with her father and made him realized what he had lost in all this years he also accepted ridhima full hartedly so now Maliks were a happy family

its takes a lil pacence to get back what u have lost but dont forget forgiveness is the best way to keep the relatrinship stright

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hey for the first time since i joined india forums that i m the first one to hey nruti we don think u r mad instead we r excited wen u write these little but interresting one shot ...................write more n pm me

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shonaveer IF-Sizzlerz

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 9:52am | IP Logged
wow nruti
one more one shot
you know what the story was just great wow loved it soo much
and yaa riddhima care love for her family was great she never asked for anythink in return all that was too good
well the story was really emotional at the start yaar . you know what it is the most sensitive topic ever because a women allwways give her 100% only to her family but noone reallly care for that ....she is allways the most neglected part ..
i loved that atleast armaan realised his mistakes
but one think ye armaan riddhima ki dairy kuch years pehle nahi padd sakta tha LOLi mean bechaaree ko kitna wait karna padda i mean 10 years wow long time
well loved the story a lot it was great
as usuall i will say it again would love to read more and more from you
till then take care and thanks for the pm
lots of love

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k_anjali12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 9:52am | IP Logged
RE(u know i haven't read this one yet ..but 'm sure this will be the best as ur earlier ones...u r simply the best NRUTI )
maanu Goldie

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 10:06am | IP Logged


u writing quiet a lot this days.......

thanks for the pm..

and wonderful story...

3 - 3 kids... they r gonna hav tough time handling....

arav was very cute...

really liked it


~sumedha~ Goldie

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 10:11am | IP Logged
hey really nice one shot......
its so true that eventhough two people might have drifted apart......
they can stll make up for it and be there for each other!
sameera_12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Hey Nruti,
It was as Good as ever.....
One thing i wana appreciate here is that every time u came up with a new idea and i love it......
Keep writing..
Thanks for the pm


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