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SONY favouring Chetan n Aakash (Page 9)

Rangan4u Newbie

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Posted: 30 August 2009 at 12:53am | IP Logged


Yes, you might have noticed that Eliminated-contestants complain in media about the show, just after coming out of it. But then they become totally silent. I am sure about the warning from legal department, not for criminal proceeding, but for penalty, money, defamation and breaking the contract.  They can't even talk about their experiences in detail. They talk about the other contestants, but never about shooting details, or their deals with producers.

When these people left the show, and came back (or were brought back in the show), Their body-language told a different story. The feeling that 'you have to pay a hefty amount of money, and a legal proceeding, which you can't win.'

Yeah, you are right, that strategy of keeping disliked-candidate may backfire.  I think, they don't decide it from starting. They choose some potential candidates, (palak,aman,fiza etc. )  and hope for some reactions.  And when they find, that some viewers are loving to hate someone, and some other people are loving him, coz some other people are hating him.  Then Channel keeps that person, because in this condition, people don't stop watching.
It is a question of 'good-but-Boring-show', OR 'bad-but-interesting-show'.
Yeah, there are 'good-and-interesting-shows' too.
But this can't be made good-and-authentic.   All people look so healthy, and well groomed.  It looks like as they are living in 'big-boss-house' with trees all around, and getting secret things.
And if you know the insects are cleaned and boiled ( as Marc told once) , you know snakes are not poisonous. You have experts, who tested everything. You know that there is a tested-harness. You know that bugs don't bite much, and experts assure you that it is not deadly, and you have doctors at your side. And someone else is going to pay for everything.  Then where is 'the thrill'? They have less risk and bigger-motive.

This show is more about the fights and conflicts. If contestants don't fight then channel interferes and asks them to oppose each other, gives them task to vote against each other.  Forcing them to choose a person, who will face the MJC with the lowest-vote-getter, was a strategy to initiate fights.

I watch the show for those conflicts, but I want them to handle in a better and intelligent way.
Some people don't know this, if we won't win a contest, we may not get anything. But if celebrities go to a show, whether they win or not, they always get 'appearance-money' and extra facilities.  We may think that certain celebrity doesn't care about the jackpot. But all celebrities are not equal. They get different packages. A person who stayed for one week may earn more than the person who stayed for two weeks.
Sometimes you can spot the persons, who are getting less money, and are desperate to stay there, even if there is no chance of winning the jackpot.

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realitybites IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 August 2009 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Rangan4u> ClapClapClap very well presented and introspective views. Your observation is right, strangely the contestants eliminated till date havent spoken to the media, something fishy. Fiza looked as if she wanted to speak but cldnt She has never been so restrained when she cld take on the haryana politician. Palak, Chitrashi, Mika, Marc are all out of bounds. Even the channel hasnt organised for a media briefing. It must be the mullah thats making them seal the lipsLOL. The channel must be releasing the amount after they come out. Contractual binding seem to be very strict.

I agree it makes sense not to have a bias since a celeb may fail to give the desired result for eg Kash she cld not create a stir as expected. Yeap potentials are identified and they are prob goaded to fume. You are right from the feedback the channel gets the idea who is a liked-disliked candidate ( for eg Akashh) and has potential to win so they twist rules to keep him/her. That way like and dislike both watch in suspended hope of stay/eliminate.

It is a question of 'good-but-Boring-show', OR 'bad-but-interesting-show'. ClapClapClap This sums up so aptly. Thats why the like-dislike stays otherwise it will be a bland show.
But this can't be made good-and-authentic.   All people look so healthy, and well groomed.  It looks like as they are living in 'big-boss-house' with trees all around, and getting secret things.
The camp area looks so artificial that it invites suspicion. May be they are living in less dense forest area, as the deep jungle wld distrub the natural habitat of animals. The hair and clothes are so spic and span as if they all get a make-up van and a laundary service!! I havent seen anyone of them with a mud patch or something.
The point on unsavory stuff for eating makes sense, it must be sterilised or something. Cockroaches spread so many diseases, so there is a risk and termites, ants etc can spark off an allergic reaction since most of them are used to AC envts. The physical tasks have been a let down. The celeb hardly has anything to lose, footage, publicity, food, clothes, and money to stay!! May be in the weekends they visit Malaysia LOLLOL.
Instead of a adventure and thrill based show, they turned it into poor form of Big boss ka jungle!Confused The show had so much potential but they ruined it by diluting the main theme with conflicts which were secondary to the show. Even the bending of rules to  let Chetan decide was done so rashly that it gives out the obvious hint of saving Akashh. In other reality shows even if such things are done, its done in a circuitous way.

I watch the show for those conflicts, but I want them to handle in a better and intelligent way.
So agree with this, I think all viewers expect this.
RIghtly pointed out there are celebs who are leads and those who are like extras just to fill in episodes. The extras simply stay as long as they can to earn as much money as they can.  A highly paid celeb may also leave for other commitments. There is one more thing the winner must have acceptance amongst the TV watching audience in terms of middle class dreams concept.  A winner wld never be the one who is rich and happy.

An interesting thing to notice is more than the winners of reality show the runner ups and others get more work and succeed in carving a career.



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Rangan4u Newbie

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Posted: 31 August 2009 at 3:36am | IP Logged


Thanks :-) I am just writing anything.

I have read many of your comments, you are expert, and even your choice of username suggests that :-)

I didn't notice this resemblance earlier; you said correctly that it is 'poor form of Big boss'.

Choosing another contestant among them for MJC, and bursting each other balloons, it is same like Big-Boss.

I too suspected that there is something fishy going on at weekends. Massages, grooming rest, food etc. haha :-D . 

TV-Reality is different than 'Reality-they-want-us-to-believe'.

Recently I was watching 'grand finale' of 'hans baliye'. And they showed some candid scenes of Judges. Generally we see, judge's comment just after the contestants' performance. But in those candid shots, Judge (Karishma) was commenting, and kept forgetting her words, and started laughing. Then they must had shot that judgment after few takes. But we saw only the finished version. (which gives us the impression, that judges are very good, they don't make a mistake,  and judge so efficiently.  When we think that both of the judges are giving marks without consulting each other, they do consult and discuss.)

And many times we notice that, they shoot two episodes of a reality show  on the same day ,and telecast it on Sat-n-Sunday,  But the contestants and host, will keep referring to 'yesterday'. The singer, who just sang one hour earlier, will say,

"yes, sir, kal mere gaane mein problem thee, maine practice nahi ki thee"

Yes, they do this for audience's convenience. But they change this reality to some 'relative-reality'

Or  They will shoot a lot in a day, but later they will separate scenes, and can make 'Day 1', 'Day 2' out of it.

And, Don't we know: Many times (mostly in dance-grand-finales),  we see judge's performances too,  about which they tried to make us believe that this was shot during the show.  But we can catch many times that this performance was shot earlier, (without any audience, with lots of retakes (giving time to change clothes too) , but it is being shown to us as it happened during contestants' performance. They even mix audience shots with it.

This is 'fake-reality', somewhere between the 'reality' and 'fake'. :-)


I read this interesting news yesterday in newspaper. Let me see, if online version is available.


We talk about, how 'Editing' changes the situation.  But if only viewers and contestants complain about this, people don't believe them. (you complain, because you lost)

But this is what , one person from the other side has accepted:

Here is a part of that article.

Sandip Sickand, freelance creative director, Balaji Telefilms, believes that creative heads have to keep pace with an audience that's still to grow up. He justifies the twists on the longest running soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi..., which bumped off characters and brought them back to life on 'popular demand' , "It worked and viewers tuned in. But, the show ended when it had run its course."


On Bigg Boss contestants claiming that only certain aspects of their personality were highlighted to net TRPs, he accepts that a lot of the spicing up happens on the editing table, with certain quotable quotes being retained and highlighted.


He adds though, "The public ultimately knows what's true... you can't fool them. And unless there's a connect, things don't work."


Wow, I didn't think about it earlier,

As you wrote, "There is one more thing the winner must have acceptance amongst the TV watching audience in terms of middle class dreams concept.  A winner wld never be the one who is rich and happy.


An interesting thing to notice is more than the winners of reality show the runner ups and others get more work and succeed in carving a career."


There must be some reasons. What can be the reasons for that second part ?

OK complete it.
Reality : Bites :: TV Reality : ???

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mcm226 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2009 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
well said Rangan jiThumbs UpClap
realitybites IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 10:39am | IP Logged

Thanks Ranjan4u, you have been very appreciating. Oh me! not an expert, LOL just analyze what is shown.  Together we have deciphered quite lot of hidden truths of reality television.



I started to notice the uncanny resemblance once they continued showing mediocre and repeated tasks and the tendency to create rift, appointing leader, sending Kash etc. Yeah it does seem that the contestants go for a weekend outing to mainland Malaysia! They are so well groomed in a jungle despite carrying a light luggage?


Bursting each others  EGO balloons LOLLOLLOL


Regarding combining shoots of different days can becoz of a professional roadblock.  To manage date of celebrity judges and contestants, shooting contestants performances, meeting the episode deadline, costume, make up etc, are quite a lot of things to assemble together. They may be shooting the performance earlier and Judges giving marks from video recording. Judges aren't really watching with keen alacrity to articulate near perfect comments, capturing every movement and flaw.  It's pretty much clear that the judges are there for money and publicity. The comments seem scripted and rehearsed as if the creative team/ writers wrote them down to be stated out by the celeb judge. In fact in some shows the selection of judge itself invites questioning. Some judges are into judging everything from singing, dancing, comedy, how multitalented of them!


Very nice article, thanks for sharing.


Editing is the MOST imp tool that the reality show produces have.  With this they either create something as per viewer's demand or show format or they enhance a particular incident or words to build a story.


 I found this very interesting article from TIME which gives lucid egs of how editing is done to enhance an effect or build a story.,9171,1154194-1,00.html


I have no idea abt the shows mentioned but the explanation is good.


Now when we relate to what was mentioned in the ET article link u gave, it makes us believe and understand how "spicing up" is done at the editing table.


If the trend is observed seen across all channels and shows the winner will always be someone with whom the great middle class can relate to. These shows to cater to the  fantasy world and dreams coming true. Its about real people and how they react which matches the viewer's feelings.


There is a surge amongst young people to participate in all kinds of reality shows emanating from a deep desire to become a celebrity notwithstanding the category or stooping to lower levels of ethics or unacceptable personality type.


 Just as movies are a medium to escape to realize their fantasies similarly the reality shows are a medium to experience the same albeit differently. The reality shows give a chance to react to somewhat normal or real life situations like relationships, competing, threatening, lying, flirting, bullying etc. Besides the participants are able to show their bad side too and the audience's need for voyeurism is met too.



The middle class drives the TRPs and is channels take care to craft content around their dreams, values and problems.  Their aspirations drive the shows. If they connect with a contestant then he must win, and that's why the contestants back ground matches those of viewers and the reason to win is always for parents, siblings, house, treatment etc  all which are common to every middle class household. Some where this make them vote for the contestant and help him/her realize the dream, this may act as catharsis too.  The votes make the competition tilted towards bias arising out of regionalism, caste, religion, social strata etc and hence the winner is not the most deserving one but one who has a vote gathering combination. Hence the most talented one doesn't win and it's the favorite or favored one who wins. Now with the requisite lack of talent the ones who are either runner ups or amongst top 10 achieve more success professionally.

Here is my take on it!.
Reality : Bites :: TV Reality: crafted truth/designed world


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kaushikbasu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 11:23am | IP Logged
@Ranganji @RBji
Mere khyal se app log do type ki reality programmes main confuse kar rahe ho. Ek type ka programme jo kistage show types hai jaise ki "Indian Idol" etc. Iss main retakes wagarah hoti rahti hain. Waise bhi ismain kai dafa cheezen boli jaati hain alag alag wajahon se. Main ek baar Sa Re Ga Ma ki shooting dekhne gaya tha, usme ek judge kuchh keh rahe the phir director ne kaha ki recording theek se nahin ho payi hai to phir us judge ko dubara wohi cheezen bolni padi. Aise programmes main aksar wo do ya teen episodes ek saath shhot kar lete hain, phir wo wait karte hain ek hafta ye dekhne ke liye ki kaun out hua phir ek saath do episode shoot kar lete hain.
Doosri tarf wo reality shows hain jaise ki Bigg Boss ya IJSMB ismain main focus hota hai ki poore din ke recordings se kya kaise edit karke pesh kiya jaye. Inn shows main kayi dafa ek din ki shooting ke hisse doosre din bhi dikha sakte hain.
Dono reality shows ka approach alag alag hota hai to isliye aap inn dono type ke reality shows ko ek catagory main nahin daal sakte.

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RainbowWarrior IF-Dazzler

IJSMB Banner Contest Winner.
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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Thanks for the great insight Ranjan4u.

Nice article from the Times RB-ji. I don't think our reality shows are quite there yet, but we won't be behind for long I expect.

The celebs in the US version of the show look much more sweaty, dirty and generally unkempt than they do in IJSMB. I just thought that's because they are more laid back and couldn't care less how they were looking on TV 'cos it's a reality show so it's ok. Our celebs look top-notch by comparison, guess there really is a make-up van nearby.

The editors are definitely the kings here and will continue to be 'cos it works so well. Here we are day-in day-out discussing the show. As Ranjan4u said, for me this has been a 'bad-but-interesting-show' mostly and yet I keep coming back to it. May be one of these days we will get a reality show that's a 'good-and-interesting-show' but that's not too easy to achieve is it with 500 channels of cable to surf Big smile Still if they do manage it, nothing will beat that, I won't forget watching Mr. India as a kid and being transported in to Mogambo's lair, THAT was a brilliant experience and it sticks. So, while we wait for a reality to show of that calibre to come along on Indian TV... shall we play Mohit's game? Smile

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MithiBani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 September 2009 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Some very well written posts here. Thumbs Up Clap
For me too it's a  'bad-but-interesting-show' and I watch it coz there's nothing better. I dislike watching soaps. They drag on and on. The gaana-bajana and comedy-wale reality shows irritate me no end. So this is the only option for me. Kind of a 'marta kya na karta' situation.

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