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Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao!
Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao!

SONY favouring Chetan n Aakash (Page 10)

realitybites IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kaushikbasu

@Ranganji @RBji
Mere khyal se app log do type ki reality programmes main confuse kar rahe ho. Ek type ka programme jo kistage show types hai jaise ki "Indian Idol" etc. Iss main retakes wagarah hoti rahti hain. Waise bhi ismain kai dafa cheezen boli jaati hain alag alag wajahon se. Main ek baar Sa Re Ga Ma ki shooting dekhne gaya tha, usme ek judge kuchh keh rahe the phir director ne kaha ki recording theek se nahin ho payi hai to phir us judge ko dubara wohi cheezen bolni padi. Aise programmes main aksar wo do ya teen episodes ek saath shhot kar lete hain, phir wo wait karte hain ek hafta ye dekhne ke liye ki kaun out hua phir ek saath do episode shoot kar lete hain.
Doosri tarf wo reality shows hain jaise ki Bigg Boss ya IJSMB ismain main focus hota hai ki poore din ke recordings se kya kaise edit karke pesh kiya jaye. Inn shows main kayi dafa ek din ki shooting ke hisse doosre din bhi dikha sakte hain.
Dono reality shows ka approach alag alag hota hai to isliye aap inn dono type ke reality shows ko ek catagory main nahin daal sakte.
KB-ji both the issues have already been covered in my post. For shows like II, SRGMP I have mentioned "Combining of shoots...."   In these shows too as per audience feedback the comments by judges can be designed. For BB, IJSMB the editing plays a major role. It builds a story where none exists and shots of difft times are woven together to make it seem like one.

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susan29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 5:46am | IP Logged
^^^Agree.....also sometimes facial expressions are edited such tht they show a negative expression for something said...when that neg expression was for something else could be even shrugging off a mosquito or something.....LOL

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Sidrom Senior Member

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 5:46am | IP Logged

The celebs in the US version of the show look much more sweaty, dirty and generally unkempt than they do in IJSMB. I just thought that's because they are more laid back and couldn't care less how they were looking on TV 'cos it's a reality show so it's ok. Our celebs look top-notch by comparison, guess there really is a make-up van nearby.

I think the first week of the show they were not given any special luxuries and they really have to keep up with the jungle environment....but when they all threatened to walk out of the show ........they were given the luxuries back...........they r getting haircuts and makeup is always fresh on even the male contestants and they claim that they only have that small mirror.............the reality is not really a reality .........if it rains in a forest there should be a lot of insects and mosquitoes but the US show was only three weeks long which was a sensible amount of time to live in a true jungle environment..

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chahat4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 5:50am | IP Logged

This show had a lot of potential, btu instead o focussing on the harsh living conditions of jungle life, the whole highlight was given to the contestants' relation wid each other, fights, etc, n only jungletasks. Like the channel cld have easily edited out the part where Mika pulls down Jai's pants, but tey kept that portion to create viewers' interest.

AS for well-kept camp, mayb the channel didn't showed the hard part, and the the camp must have been made at a safe and nice place too. I think Shweta had complained of skin problems due to conditions there.Confused

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Rangan4u Newbie

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Posted: 02 September 2009 at 2:55pm | IP Logged


The Article, you gave, is shocking and an eye-opener.  That is pure cheating.
Editors are big culprit. After watching any show, we start feeling it.  When they show the collected-memories of any contestants. They just pick anything out of context, whatever they like.  If A and B were fighting, and A went to B, telling her that,
'you told me 'I don't want to talk with you, you are ... " '.
Then in the later clips editor can delete 'you told me' part.

In Big-Boss, when I watched uncut version, then many times I felt that the edited version which they showed earlier, didn't convey the same meaning.

Yes , in singing program, they do for economic reasons, and because of availability of celebrities' dates.   But sometimes I felt that It should have been made clear to me that,  this contestant sang 4 songs in one day. And he had less time to practice. (And we were criticizing about them a lot. If someone forgets lyrics, I curse without realizing that, that poor fellow did two episodes back to back)
And in Indian-Idol,  'In initial recording, The First day'  the way they show the clipping of some contestants, (in which these contestants were getting ready, took the blessing of their mother, and came to the venue ),  makes me to doubt that, they recorded it again, and contestant played himself.
Same way in many programs/shows, the host and other members get surprised as they saw the 'guest celebrity' first time.
(as Rakhi did,  when she met Saroj khan,  as she didn't expect her. Whereas I am sure, she fixed amount for Saroj khan, and she chose the celebrities)
Only once I found, SRK saying to the host, 'yeah, after twenty minutes we met earlier', when host commented, that he was seeing him after so long time.

Somewhere I read, "Even if you zoom the camera, then true reality is over'.Because now you are showing us, what you want us to see and hear.

About Jungle:
The way, Mika etc were trapped in the net, was fake.  There were sudden changes in the shots.  They were carefully tucked in the net, and they knew all about it.

Yes, There are limitations. So TV-Reality can't match 'the-reality'. That is acceptable. But recently, editors don't have any ethics. They started manipulating.

Hmmm, your 'great middle class' theory sounds good.  And maybe this explains one more thing, that sometimes the person whom, Masters of the field predict to win, doesn't win.
And Audience is not an unbiased judge.  Contestant's family/friends might have been voting more than 100/1000 votes each.  Many people know their favorites, before the show starts.  If my brother is in the show, it doesn't matter who performs well, my vote will go to my brother :-p (in this case, 'my votes') Same thing , many people do when their favorites actor participates in a show.
In 'jungle' some celebrities appeared and requested that, 'if you are my fan, then vote for so and so'.
Haha, am I that stupid :-p  ( I am sure, these celebrities don't even watch the show)

Well, once upon a time , I was stupid. The first vote I ever voted,  I voted for a troublemaker, who I knew, didn't deserve to win. But I found fun in keeping him, and wanted to irritate the sincere viewers. I felt fun in annoying the judges :(

Hmm, why winner doesn't do well in the future?
First, reality shows never proves anyone's acting talent.  The Actors, I thought were good,  acted worse whenever they got a chance to act in certain task. Acting looks worse, in the absence of correct-camera-angle, proper script, good direction,  and right context.  (Even in movies, a very good actor does badly if director was not good)  In reality shows, when they get chance to act, they write their own script, their own direction, and they fail.
In short, no one takes them in any another show for acting talent.
If ABC was quoting price X for any show.  And if he wins a reality shows, he becomes rich.  And he increases the amount much more. And he won't work for less money, because he is rich now.
Producers don't want to give so much money.  So these people don't get work. And working for less money, is below their dignity (which they were doing earlier, happily). TV producers don't have very big budgets to afford such demands. If they could afford, they would have approached a big movie star at first place. 
 And appearing in another game show of the same genre is risky too. Because if they get out from there in early rounds, then this puts a 'question-mark' on their first win. In this industry, only latest ranking gets noticed.   If you or your latest show/movie got rejected,  you suffer. And then you have to decrease yours price, and will get much lesser amount, which a winner-ego doesn't accept.  And producer may not want you for that price too.
And if these winners hesitate for a longer time, Audience forgets them very soon. Or the effect fades, and producers don't want to pay more.
And as they have invested their jackpot in good buisness,  they are not so desperate to work for less money. So they get out of the circuit.

Whereas the runner up has nothing to lose.  He doesn't have 'The-position' to lose.  He is not rich so he mostly takes whatever he gets. And he increases his amount only a little, which gets compensated with his fame. He doesn't have any Ego problem or Dignity problem. He works, and based on that, he may get more work, if he is talented.

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realitybites IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 5:05am | IP Logged
Rangan4u, sorry for replying late.

I too was quite baffled at the revelations made in the Time article.  THis kind of manipulation was shocking to me. As u said its an eye opener and very few people know abt it. How editing can mar a person's charac for life and the public never comes to know the real truth. I think somewhere its unethical and abuse of technology but guess the celeb for desire of money, opens himself/herself for exploitation. Many a times we see that the sequences lack something and dont quite make sense, probably thats editing playing writer.

In BB, unedited part did had more portions but those more of adult content than anything to justify a the particular sequence or reaction. And at times I remember all they showed were insects and kitchenLOLLOLLOL ( ON BB2 forum we made whole lot of fun abt this!LOL)
The Mika, Jay, Chitra trap did look fake and had poor editing too. In serials we can notice it so often but its something not expected from reality shows.
Its understandable when due to celeb date clashes, epi deadlines, cost factor, they shoot the epi separately but what is imp is judges comments are not suited to viewer feedback/TRPs.  The judges marks/comments shd based on performance and not bowed to any pressure. The recording of contestants cannot take place in a day so it must be scheduled over 3-4 days. This is a professional limitation. I think the contestants will have to bear with this.
The celebs can never be trusted for their words. Saroj Khan in her NDTV's show Nach le ve and many  interviews had been outspoken in expressing her dislike for Rakhi Sawant to extent of saying it wld be below her dignity to choreograph for her!Shocked and in the same Rakhi's swayamvar she was her mayke vali!ShockedOuch
You have shared a very interesting line , "Even if you zoom the camera, then true reality is over'.Because now you are showing us, what you want us to see and hear. In most shows the keep on emphasizing the nos of cameras, 10-20-30,..... but how does it matter in the end they will show what they want to. Its a bluffing us into believing what we see is true. Its like we are watching thru their eyes.
Hey thanks for liking the middle class theory hope it holds true in this show tooLOL.
You added another imp point that with the influx of reality shows, the voting has reduced and now the family/friends play a greater role and they wld defi vote massively. If my family/relative/friend is there I too  wld vote more and ask my friends to vote too. Agree the vote appeals are so fake and even the movie stars on music shows saying its my fav show! LOLLOL  yeah we know ur movie is releasing so , ..........and in case someone asks them impromptu how many days the show airs? They wld be dumbstruck!

Really u voted for a non deserving candidateLOLLOL , did the candidate win? LOLLOL I cant believe u can do that since you come across as very thoughtful and seriuos types.Tongue
So true, the reality show winners are winners of combination; luck, talent and packaging. The who has the winning combination gets the title. The winner gets lost into oblivion, even Debojit SRGMP winner, came in BB kind of show!Shocked  Movies have great scripts and only then they work, the same thing in TV just wont have the same impact beside the persona of the star is tough to fend off.
The price thing u mentoned makes complete sense, the celeb winning wld increase the price ignoring the economics involved esp those in stage shows etc. Even in movies the stars have gone for profit sharing instead of a huge base price. Today the TV industry has grown exponentially. The age of lead charac has reduced considerably from yes'ter years. Today new and younger talent it flocking into the glamour world. Its tough to catch audience attn. Yeap the runner up has no qualms in getting a lesser amt paid.The ego too plays a role in further making the winner, fail in the end. The audience expectations too differ from a reality show to actual performance in movie/teleserial as here its person's performance only is evaluated. The acting must have merit in it. The runner up at times is more talented and deserving and despite not having the winning combination, catches the attn of potential producers 
/directors etc. and co-operates fully since he/she already did that in the reality showLOL.  
Nowadays many celebs use the realityshows to come back in the limelight so do a few epi, use, portray, flaunt what they have to and leave. They even ask to make up issues/problems so that it gives them publicity. Its like creating a buzz for themselves.
 So much for make believe/crafted reality!

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Rangan4u Newbie

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Posted: 16 September 2009 at 3:46am | IP Logged
It took me time to understand what you said.  I went and tried to understand some more discussions in other reality-shows.
You have a very good understanding about these reality shows.
I am still amazed about that 'Middle Class Theory".

I found that my judgment too, suffers because of that.
Yes, One other thing.
When Chetan said that he would deposit winning amount as fixed-deposit for his son, I was thinking, why anyone will like to spend money on vote so that your son can have a very-big-amount in future. It is better if they keep that 6Rs for their children, instead of giving to yours.
Actually it doesn't matter, what does a winner do with his winning amount.  But if someone says that he is going to spend on world tour, or will give to parents, or will spend for family, then it sounds 'ok' than, If he says, ' I will deposit it and will earn the interest'.
If we have two friends, one says, "there is a huge discount on world-tour-package,  give me some money now, i will return later". And other says, " you have lots of money now, please give me some, so that I can deposit in bank, and will keep the interest"

Haha, yes, I was stupid enough to vote for a wrong candidate, knowingly.  Yes, He won.  Later, I felt bad about it.
This is why,  now I think more about this reality-thing.  Because I feel that I am getting manipulated, And I don't want to get manipulated.
And in this process I can know about my weaknesses too.

I tried to post a reply earlier, but there was some error, because of the links. I thought," I will post enough somewhere else, to become 'non-newbie'. "  But I couldn't post anywhere else, and I got busy too, so I am late.

I hope, you will be active in BB3. I am looking forward to discuss, and to learn a lot from you.  BB3 brings out worst of me. I always keep liking wrong people (which I learn after the finale) . I hope this time, I can evaluate my own liking with all of you. So that I can justify my reasons, or can learn a lot about my wrong-thinking. :-p

Edited by Rangan4u - 16 September 2009 at 3:48am

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akash08 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2009 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
I vote not because | want some person to earn prize money, I vote because I want him to stay in the show and his presence makes the show entertaining and so in other words I pay for my own entertainment.
Where is manipulation here? I pay for my own entertainment.. start thinking like this and all manipulation theory is gone!!
End of the day it is a show to be enjoyed , nothing more than that and who entertains the audience max gets some prize money in return.. what he/she does with that, his/her choice..

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