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~Tere pyar ke nashe me~<Rajeev ff>p-15 23/6 pg-54 (Page 7)

Sur_10 Goldie

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tina_1234

its tooooo gud..only one thing..can u updt t frequently widht givin so much of gap
hi tina,
thnx a bunch fr commenting
u know every tym i think is baar jaldi ud karungi par koi na koi prob a jati hai
i wil try my best k abhi 1-2 din me ud ho jaye

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sania_58

awsome fic
loved it
plz continue soon
hey Sania
thnx a lot fr commenting and liking my fic
i wil try 2 ud asap
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Sur stared at him shocked at this sudden proposal. He winked at her and said" cmon yaar itni achi tune hai plz mana mat karna ha, varna mera record toot jayega...ab tum puchogi konsa record to mai pehle hi bata deta hu ke ajtak kisi ladki ne mujhe dance ke liye mana nahi kia...wo baat alag hai mai sirf unhi ladkiyo se puchta hu jo mujhe pata hai mana nahi karengi...ab aise kya ghoor rahi ho mujhe, haath pakdo mera, mere ghutne dard kar jayenge"
Sur laughed and took his hand. He got up placed his hand on her waist while she placed hers on his shoulder a bit nervously. He noticed her akwardness and smiled. Slowly they started dancing, moving to and fro with the music. Sur at first avoided his gaze but then looked up and was almost paralyzed. His eyes seemed to be pulling her towards him and subconscoiusly she moved closer to him. She felt like she had been waiting for this moment for years. The twinkle in his eyes was mesmerisng. She had never felt this kind of attraction for anybody. Her feet moved by themselve to the music and complimented his casual moves. She felt that she somehow knew what he was about to do and was responding to his thoughts.
Raj also felt a strange current pass through this body as he danced with her. He knew a lot of girls but was never close to any of them except one or two whom he graded as his sisters or best friends. He already knew that Sur held some spl value for him he himself was unable to understand. Her intense gaze was trapping his eyes and he was feeling a bit weak emotionally. The attraction he felt for her was much more than just physical. No doubt she was pretty, but not the most beautiful girl he had set his eyes on... It was something else that drew him towards her otherwise why would he live in her house? He knew he would have refused anybody else. She was making him behave maturely and irrationally at the same time. Raj was getting confused as he felt that his thinking powers were being clouded by her.
He broke the gaze as he swirled her around and she turned. Now his arms were around hers as they continued to waltz. Then the music started getting faster and they both were enjoying themselves. He smiled and she smiled back. He pulled her close in a sudden movement and she was startled. They continued to dance till the end of the song and when it finally ended, both were breathless. Raj slowly moved his hand away from her waist and stepped back. When he removed his hand, Sur realised that she liked it and a voice in her head wanted to hug him. Removing her thoughts, she stepped back too and smiled
Raj:"That was good...Tum to kafi acha dance karti ho"
Sur:"Thanks...tum bhi,actually mene college me sikha tha"
Raj:"Tumne college kaha se kia?"
He sat down on the couch and signalled her to sit beside him. She sat down.
Sur:"Yahi London se, Oxford University..."
Raj:"Wow...iska matlab tum kafi padaku bhi hogi"
Sur:"Well, zada nahi kyuki mai aksar bahar rehti thi, kabhi dance, kabhi sports, par fir bhi marks mil jaate the...Tumne kaha se kia?"
Raj:"hey main tumhari tarah koi scholar type nhi hu...I did it from US. Padhai khtam karke India wapis aya to Dad ka business join kar lia...Tabse wahi laga hu"
Sur:"Nice...tumhe business pasand hai?
Raj:"Well, jab start kia tha to kafi boring lagta tha, I mean I was just out of college and tab kafi kuch interesting karna chahta tha par ab...I like it, apna kaam, apni zindagi, sab kafi acha lagta hai..."He trailed off looking thoughtful. Sur looked at him and smiled
Sur:"Jab college se nikle tab kya karna chahte the tum?"
Raj:"Dont ask...Tum hasogi"
Sur:"Kyu mai kyu kasne lagi bhala?"
Raj:"Mai ek music company kholna chahta tha...go ahead laugh"
Sur:"Isme kya hasne wali baat hai?"
Raj:"Mene jisse bhi discuss kia usne mazak hi banaya...Actually, I cant sing, par musical instruments ki achi knowledge hai mujhe...par sabko laga ke ek puri company akele sambhalna mere bas ka nahi hai. Tab mai bhi kafi immature tha aur isey tum mera bachpana hi samjho...Vakai mujhme ek naye project ko launch karne ki kabiliyat nahi thi... so I dropped the idea and Dad ka business join kar lia..."
Sur:"You know Raj mene kabhi nahi socha tha ke tum itni asaani se apne sapne ko chod doge...Tumhe ek baar koshish to karni chahiye thi. Kya pata aj tumhara sapna hakikat banke tumhare samne hota."
Raj looked at her amazed at her response. He paused for a while and said
"Tumhe sach me aisa lagta hai ya sirf mujhe khush kar rahi ho?"
sur:"No Im serious...Aur rahi kabiliyat ki baat to aj jo Raj mere samne baitha hai, wo Malhotra business empire ka MD hai, jo yaha top ke business personalities ke sath seminar attend karne aya hai."
Raj:"Tum pehli insaan ho jisne ye kaha hai."
Sur:"To fir kafi logo ne apne opinions tumhe nahi bataye...Meri mano Raj, tum apna music company kholne ka sapna zarur poora karna...Mai janti hu ke tum kamyab ho jaoge...Tumhe tumhari har khushi milegi ek din."
Sur looked deep into his eyes and he was blanked out. He kept looking at her for a while and she stared back. He reached out and touched her face and she smiled. He stretched out his other hand and cupped her face. She moved towards him willingly. They were close...a bit too close as he wanted to drown himself in those liquid eyes....He had never felt so complete in his whole life...It seemed as though he was uniting with a long lost part of his soul....
Sur clicked her fingers and Raj came back to his senses. Sur was still sitting on the sofa across them and there was a good distance between them. Raj was confused and disoreinted.
Sur:"Raj ye tum baat karte karte beech beech me kaha kho jaate ho?"
Raj looked at her feeling extremely stupid.
Raj:(to himself)ab mai kya batau mai kaha khoya hua tha...Raj beta is baar to phasa, chal ab dimag chala aur kuch bol varna isey lagega ke tu khisak gaya hai
"Ummm wo kuch nahi bas, soch raha hu ke apni company ka naam mai kya rakhnuga..."
Sur laughed and said "Good, acha ab kafi late ho gaya hai, to tum so jao, kafi thakey huye lag rahe ho...Kal subah conference me bhi jana hai."
Raj:"Yeah you are right ab mujhe so jana chahiye kyuki sapne to already shuru ho gaye hai."
Sur:"Kya? Kya kaha tumne?"
Raj:"Nahi kuch nahi, chalo tum bhi so jao"
Sur:"Oh nahi mujhe thoda kaam hai, kal ki presentation review kar leti hu"
Raj:"Arre yaar tum bhi bas kaam kaam...aksar aurte admiyo se kehti hai sirf kaam karte ho, yaha to ulta hi hai...jissey bhi tumhari shadi hogi us bechare ko sabse zyada tumhare laptop aur files se jalan hogi..."
At this, Sur looked up suddenly and with a closed up expression which Raj failed to notice.
"Goodnight Raj"
Raj smiled and said" goodnight Sur"
He got up and went to his room while Sur sat there thinking. After some moments she got up and went to Raj's room with a blanket and said " lo tumhare liye...agar kisi aur cheez ki zarurat ho to plz mujhse keh dena, ok?"
Raj smiled and took the blanket "Sure...goodnight again"
Sur waved at him and went away. Raj sat down on the bed with the blanket in his arms and thought about what exactly had happened to him. He knew so many girls that remembering their names was a chellenge for him. But Sur was so different...He would never dream of taking her out as a timepass and leave it at it...He could see that a new chapter of his life was about to start, or had already started. He wondered if this was what people call as "love"???
After some time he got up switched off the lights and got into the bed trying to shut down his brain but in vain. But finally the phyical exhaution took over emotional confusion and he drifetd off into a peaceful sleep.
In her room, Sur arranged her things for the next day as usual and took her sleeping pills. But as she prepared to put it in her mouth, Raj's fleeting voice came back to her and she lowered her hand. She went to his room and saw that he had already fallen asleep. She smiled and adjusted his blanket and closed the curtains of the window. Then she came back to her room and picked up the medicine, popped it into her mouth and within minutes fel asleep for she knew without them she would be counting stars all night. But even as the drug overpowered her, she could see his face smiling and she smiled back unknowingly.

Next morning Sur woke up at her usual time. She knew today was something different from her normal  life but immediately couldnt put a finger on it. Then the events of the previous night came back to her and she sprung out of the bed to check on Raj. But his bed was unoccupied and she heard the sound of something falling from the kitchen. She went there and saw Raj, dressed in a formal shirt, trousers complete witha tie working preparing breakfast. He had already made one parantha and in hurry had dropped a bowl. He bent to pick it up but somebody else did it for him. He looked up and saw Sur as she placed the bowl on the counter and said
"Ye subah subah kya bana rahe ho?"
Raj:"Subah subah to nashta hi banaya ja sakta hai na mam, luch ya dinner to nahi"
Sur:"Ye sab karne ki kya zarurat hai Raj, mujhe utha diya hota..."
Raj:"arre actually mai kafi nervous feel kar raha tha isliye jaldi uth gaya...ab ankh khulne ke baad dobara to neend aane se rahi isliye socha thoda kaam hi kar lu...abhi mene ye banaya hai, agar tumhe kuch aur khana ho to bata do mai bana dunga..."
Sur:"No mai yahi kha lungi...aur ab tum hato mai banati hu"
Raj:"Mai zarur apki kitchen apke hawale kar deta agar abhi ap late nahi hone wali hoti...aj hume jaldi jana hai na, tum taiyar ho jao, ye to mai kar lunga."
Sur looked at the watch and realised that he was right. Actually she never ate breakfast at home. she used to go to office and have some light snack. But today was different and she really didnt have time to prepare it herself. So she agreed and went to the bathroom. After she was gone, Raj held his heart and leaned against the counter. Only he knew how he had contrlled himself when his eyes had fallen on her. She had been looking amazingly beautiful with her hair all messed up and her sleepy eyes wide open. His heart had stopped beating for a while. And he had lied to her about being nervous. The fact was that he had had a dream about her that woke him up. And after that he couldnt sleep at all. His restless mind was playing tricks on her and thus he decided to get out of the bed and do something substantial. And so he prepared breakfast after thinking a lot about what to make. He turned around and went back to his work. After a few minutes, just as he was setting up the table, Sur came back dressed in a black formal suit. Her hair were tied back in a ponytail and she was carrying her laptop bag and files.
Sur:"Ho gaya?"
Raj:"Yup its ready, chalo kha lete hai isse pehle ke ye thanda ho jaye. Agar acha nahi lage to I am really sorry."
They took their seats and started. On the very first bite, Sur smiled and said
"Raj tum itna acha khana banate ho...its simply great. Mujhe to laga tha ab pata nahi acha indian breakfast kab khane ko milega"
Raj:"Tumhe sach me acha laga?"he asked like a small child.
Sur:"Ofcourse...and sorry...I mean ye sab mujhe karna chahiye tha na...Tum mere ghar pe mehman ho and tum hi ye sab..."
Raj:"To ab mai mehman ban gaya? I thought hum dost hai"
sur:"Mera wo matlab nahi tha Raj, please dont mind par ye mujhe hi karna chahiye na"
Raj:"Kisne kaha? Aur mujhe pata hai agar mai yaha nahi hota to ap bina breakfast kiye hi office jati"
Sur:"Tumhe kaise pata?"
Raj:"Itna to janta hi hu mai tumko...I am done...ab chale?"
Sur nodded and Raj put on his coat and they left for the office in her car, towards a common destination. What they were unaware of that this was only the starting...They would be sharing a lot more together than just a destination.

A big sorry guys I couldnt ud...actually na mai bich bich me bhool jati hu k mujhe ud karna thnku 2 all dose who read and remind meLOL
ab padh ke batana kaisa hai and plz leave comments
i know ye kafi chota hai but dont worry ab jaldi jaldi 2-3 parts post karti hu. abhi isey lamba karne baith jati to pata nahi kab ud hoti...

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Posted: 01 November 2009 at 7:38am | IP Logged
nice update
loved it
too good
great going
plz continue soon
Sidarth_lover1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 November 2009 at 7:53am | IP Logged
lovely update!
Sur n Raj beutiful! luv der jodi!
cont soon n thnx!
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 November 2009 at 11:31am | IP Logged
very lovely part...................raj is finally falling for sur n feeling very differently for sur......................n sur too is attracted to him n the dance was very lovely....................raj n his imaginaltions.....its really gonna make him look like a day dreamer if he goes at this rate...............sur has given a high opinion abt raj's dream raj might think abt it...............only raj can make breakfast dressed in office wear.................n his reaction after seeing sur was very nice..............i loved their convo very much...................cont soon dear.................
Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2009 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
Raj n Sur danced so beautifully....complimenting each other.....awesum!!! Their thoughts abt each other were all the more fascinating.....luved the whole scene.

I luved all the sweet sweet Sur adjusting Raj's blanket, both thinking abt each other, Raj feeling sumthing sumthing seeing her just after waking up.....all the things were toooooo gud. And the last line was awesum.....they r gonna hav many things in common other than just a!!!

Pls continue soon.
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Posted: 02 November 2009 at 1:08am | IP Logged
grt prt
pls cont soon

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