24th August Written Update

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Hey guys

Here is today's update! Please ignore all mistakes

Brief Update

       Maulik and Kanji showdown (must watch) Maulik gives Kanji ten days in which he needs to learn how to find diamonds.

       Birwa's friends come over and invite her to a party; Birwa gives the letter to a friend to pass on.

       Toral persuades Hiten to go shopping

       Taru doesn't let Birwa go to the party

       Santo asks Birwa for the truth then she can go with her, Birwa lies and says she went to rehearsals for a dance for the party.

       Kanji finds out that Mahadev Solanki is the best person to learn from.


Detailed Update


Bandini starts straight away with Maulik and Kanji! Maulik is angry

Maulik: So you are trying to scare Maulik Mayavanshi by showing me this gun, This isn't your Jhamkumbadiya where by showing your gun your work will be done, This is Dharampur and where you are standing this is Dharampur's Malik's office.

Kanji: Listen to one thing with your ears open Maulik Mayavanshi, (has Kanji's awesome background music) No one from outside Jhamkumbadiya will come and work here and if they do he points his gun at Maulik's head.

Maulik and Kanji have a stare off.

Maulik: If only pulling a trigger and finding a diamond was the same sort of work, then imagine how many diamond factories there would be for you gangsters ( I am trying to find a new word but don't know what open to suggestions) Maulik pulls the gun down, then goes and says wait I will show you and goes over to the safe, he takes out a bag of diamonds, go on find these, this are diamonds and the amount of days it takes to find these diamonds, you don't have those many days in your life. You are the leader of these workers, then go on go and find these diamonds. Go on we will start with you and throws the bag of diamonds to Kanji.

Kanji walks over picks up a vase, then walks over to another table kicks the files of it and places the vase in the middle there, Maulik is confused. Kanji throws his gun to Maulik.

Kanji: Go on aim, why what's wrong? It isn't necessary for me to be good at the job you are good at. I know we don't know how to find diamonds and in your eyes you this as difficult but us people with our efforts we can take gold out of soil. Finding a diamond isn't a hard job but I will learn how to find a diamond if that is necessary to work in this factory, and I will teach my colleagues as well.

Maulik: You have a lot of trust in yourself, I will give you ten days to learn how to find diamonds and if you do learn then no outside worker will come into Jhamkumbadiya that is Maulik Mayavanshi's promise and if you don't manage it then I don't want any of your men around my factory.

He gives Kanji his gun back.

Kanji: Fine and within ten days I will learn how to find diamonds and I promise you that no worker will come from outside Jhamkumbadiya.

He leaves.


Maulik and Pinakin

Maulik: Watch in ten days he will be looking for water to drown in and these workers who have so much respect for him, he will fall in their eyes as well.


Next scene with Santo and Ba

Ba: What are you doing Santo?

When Champakali walks in, with Birwa's friends

Champakali: Malikin, Birwa's friends are here to meet her.

Kids: Jai Shree Krishna Nani

Ba: Jai Shree Krishna, sit sit, go and bring some drinks and snacks Champakali.

Santo also leaves from there and Birwa enters.

Birwa: Hi!

Her friends: Hi!

Birwa: Nani, this is Parul and Ajay

Parul: Nani, tomorrow is my friends party that's why I am here to give Birwa an invitation, you will send her right

Ba: Yeah why not, of course

Parul: Thank you Nani.

Santo comes in with drinks.

Ba: Here you go have some.

Birwa: Oh yeah Parul you needed History notes right? (In a slow way)
Parul: History...

Birwa: Yes... you told me yesterday in school, try and remember

Parul still confused just goes with Birwa.

Santo is clicking on


Birwa's room

Birwa: Sit here,

Parul: When did I ask you for History notes? My notes are complete.

Birwa: Stay quite for two minutes, duffer. Now listen in this book there is something, you know what do with it right?

Parul: Oh right that's what you meant, ok I will make sure it reaches

Birwa: But no one should find out

Parul: But no one has found out till now, that they will find out now don't worry just give it to me.

Santo walks into the room

Santo: Here you go Birwa eat gol papri.

Birwa worried: Why did you come here? We were coming down anyway. I just needed to give her notes.

Santo: Ok, I will take these down come fast and eat them

She leaves


Santo walks out thinking  Birwa I am sure you are doing something that isn't right, but I am not understanding what it is.


Scene changes to Hiten in his room looking at Khemi's picture when his phone rings its Toral. She is outside his room (Chan Chan music starts) She is waiting for him to answer but he doesn't so she says: Hello Mr Majnu

Hiten looks up and is shocked.

Toral: What yaar your phone is ringing and you didn't answer. I knew you weren't going to answer, that's why I called from the door smart na?

Hiten: Toral you here? at this time? Any work?

Toral: Wow, three questions in one go, cool just like Pacey, he is just like you he does everything after thinking but I am also smart, I have one answer for your three questions I am looking at your room right now, hey tennis boxing cool very sporty, hey what's this its so beautiful (It's a dome) You know what Pacey has given me a gift just like this, for our first anniversary.

Hiten: For your Anniversary?

Toral: Yeah, since we met a year ago isn't that an anniversary? Did Khemi give you this?

Hiten: Kaddu got it for me,

Toral: Oh

Hiten: Forget all this why are you here?

Toral: One minute can you please tell me why are you sitting here like Devdas? Come on get up shave get ready we need to go out

Hiten: One second, we are going out? When was this decided?

Toral: Man you ask to many questions, before you ask me anything I will tell you I was going shopping for Pacey with my friend in Baroda but she couldn't make it so I thought I would shop at Dharampur's local market, I have heard you get good Gujarati articles, but then I thought shopping alone would be boring so I came here to meet you so now you will take me shopping and carry my bags.

Hiten: Very bad idea, because I won't do anything of the sort.

Toral: Many how many excuses,

Hiten: Look Toral, I don't feel like going, please don't annoy me.

Toral: Nahi, you will have to come.

Hiten annoyed: Look I have told you I don't want to go can't you understand that.   

Toral leaves annoyed

Hiten: I shouted at her for no reason, Toral is at the door still she comes back and says: Hello, I know you are feeling bad you want to say sorry, ok I forgive you. (The chan chan music is playing again) Now shall we go?

Hiten: Do you know what an item you are?

Toral: Yeah

Hiten: If you were there instead of the Taj Mahal, you would be born into the seven wonders of the world?

Toral: Thank you so much, now get ready and come. She leaves from there.


New scene Hiten is ready and Toral and Hiten are leaving when Toral spots Santo

Toral: Santo, Hi you know what yesterday I went to your house I had loads of fun there, what a beautiful place, you know what Hiten told me everything and you know what...

Hiten: We are getting late for shopping

Toral: Yes we are going, Santo I need to talk to you about a lot but not now I am going shopping with Hiten he has agreed after so much effort shall I bring something for you.

Hiten: Toral, I don't have long I am waiting for you outside in the car, if you don't come in two minutes then I will leave. He leaves

Toral: Hiten wait, Santo I am going now I will speak to you later. Bye She leaves


Birwa: Nani, what shall I wear?

Taru comes: What's this where are you planning to go?

Birwa: Its my friends birthday the invitation only come today.

Taru: But you won't go beta...

Birwa upset: But all my friends will be there,

Taru: But you meet your friends everyday at school so what is the need for you to go there?

Birwa: Fai even Nani said yes, Nani tell Fai something

Ba: Let her go.

Taru: Love and affection is one thing but Naanka, isn't here if he was here the matter is different, I don't want her to stay out late, no you won't go.

Birwa: But Fai, Fai

Taru: What Fai Fai? You know what we will do one thing tomorrow you can take a big gift for your friend alright?

Birwa: It doesn't work like that Fai.

Taru: Then how does it work Birwa? I said you can't go that means you can't go.

Birwa walks away upset


Birwa in her room, she is crying on the bed. Santo comes in

Santo: Don't cry Birwa, you want to go to your friends right? Birwa nods. But how once Benba says no, its so hard to change her mind.

Birwa: But what have I done that she has said no? Everyone goes to their friends birthday even you and papa went to Somal Uncle's b'day party then why can't I go?

Santo: Ok you can go.

Birwa: But how?

Santo: You can go if you tell me the truth about where you were the other day? Then I promise you I will speak to Benba and convince her to let you go. Tell me do you agree.

Birwa shocked and gets up of the bed.

Santo: Its been from night to day Birwa, and you still haven't given me my answer if you want to go to your friends party then you have tell me where you were. And what is it that you can't tell me if you answer the I will go to Benba with you and help you go but if you don't answer then I will not support you

Birwa: Yes I didn't go to a group study but I was scared if I tell you, you will tell Taru Fai then she will tell me off then Nana and Nani would as well.

Santo: Then where did you go Birwa?

Birwa: For rehearsals, its my friends birthday we have done a surprise dance for her, that's why I went and it takes 5 to 6 hours for that.

Santo: What's that?

Birwa: Rehearsals meaning what we are dancing to its preparation from before is called rehearsals, if I told the truth Taru Fai won't let me go.

Santo: Such a small thing why did you hide it from me? If Sonal didn't call then I wouldn't have know. Lying is a bad thing.

Birwa: I was scared you wouldn't let me go also then? Now that I have told you please Santo will you take me there is only two hours left.

Santo: Ok fine get ready quickly, I will speak to benba.

Birwa: Ok get ready properly, you have to look beautiful and gorgeous ok?

Santo: What's that? 

Birwa: Get ready then I will tell you.

Santo leaves

Birwa: Thank god Santo is coming with me if I went alone Taru Fai would never let me go, but I am sorry Santo I lied about the rehearsals but what else could I do I can't tell you the truth.



In Dharampur. Kanji is drinking tea, having flashbacks of his and Maulik's scenes before about finding the diamonds in ten days.

Kanji: It is no longer about the challenge Kanji but also about the good of the workers, that's why I need to complete this challenge. I will have to learn in 10 days to find the diamonds. But where will I learn, being a gangster I know how to handle a gun but diamonds where?

A worker: I can't go to the mill today, us workers have so much work since Malik has got the order, we are working day and night.

Kanji: Is there anyone in your factory that can teach how to find a diamond?

Other worker: Do you want to teach your son how to find diamonds?

Kanji: Something like that.

Worker: If it's like that then send him to Mahadev Kaka. Malik says he is the best.

Kanji: Mahadev Solanki


Episode ends


I am giving the episode a 7/10 Maulik and Kanji scenes where great and I am loving Toral at the moment she is a ball full of energy she keeps on making me smiles whenever she is on screen. Birwa scenes were just a waste in my opinion, the story is just stuck at that one point but I do want to know what she is hiding. Lastly where is Khemi and when is DM returning I am dying to see them again?


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thanks for the update nikita...
one correction... i think its Madhav Solanki.. not Mahadev...Confused

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Thanx 4 the update ...

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thanks for the post

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Thanks alot dear

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i can't wait for DM to return and hiten to get together with khemi :)

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Thanks Niki for the update.  Today was boring except for the Kanji scenes. 

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Thanks so much for the awesome update...
*yawn* sounds boring....
Will JUST watch the Kanji scenes...& if there are any Hiten scenes.
& yes time we get DM back!

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