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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2009 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Hanuman was lost as he took the decision of going to gurukul with a heavy heart
ANJANA mata was also sad
she tried to make hanuman eat with her hands but hanuman stops her
anjana mata says to kesri ----why hanuman behaving with me like this ?
kesri says to anjana ----------dont b so emotional anajana as u wont come to the gurukul to make hanuman eat ,ur tears cud bound hanuman
next day with a heavy heart hanuman tooks leave of anjana mata for going to the ashram
hanuman says-----ma!!! will u come to meet me in the ashram
anjana says---------son dont forget me
hanuman---------how can i !!! every morning ,first i send  pranam to u & then i will do pooja of you !!
kesri,anjana ma & all the other ppl of vanar kingdom accompany hanuman to the KAPIL RISHI ASHRAM
along with Hanuman ,his 3 frnds,bhadrak,pushkar & 3 rd one (i dont remember the name) were admitted to the KAPIL MUNI GURUKUL !!!
anjana,kesri ,hanuman ,hanuman frnds & their parents all accompanied HANUMAN & his frnds to the KAPIL RISHI ASHRAM by walking to the ASHRAM as KAPIL RISHI ASHRAM was on the next side of a big mountain (of the vanar kingdom)
a bunch of scary ,bad spirits & monsters hearing the chants ,went & destroyed the whole yagya & deserted the whole ashram ,the evil spirits entered the bodies of the gurukul students & those students became evil & started killing the gurukul ppl
when the whole ashram was destroyed those evil spirits went away
RISHI KAPIL was sad but he pumps confidence in the minds of his students &  asked them no to b scared & they again start doing preparations for the yagya !!
HANUMAN & his 3 frnds were left in the ashram
kesri introduced RISHI KAPIL to hanuman
RISHI KAPIL (very old rishi) saw the glance of LOR SHIV in hanuman
RISHI KAPIL then says to kesri & anjana that they will get to meet hanuman only after completion of his shiksha in the gurukul
anjana mata was very very emotional & shares her pain with kesri !!! tht she wud get to see hanuman only after completion of his studies
in the ashram ,the bad spirits killed the son of a gurukul lady
that lady went mad out of pain
hanuman tried his best to console tht lady by asking her to consider him as her son
hanuman then made his mind to take revenge from the bad spirits
again those evil spirits were attacking the ashram & hanuman this time determined to finish all those evil spirits !!!
it was also shown tht few students makes fun that hanuman is a vanar & he will study with the humans
hanuman scares those students with his tail
the guru ma of the ashram is very affectionate lady & hanuman found her just like anjana mata & hugged her !!!
episode was nice Clap
the actor playing KAPIL RISHI is very very good  & very affectionate !!!!!Clap

sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 August 2009 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Hanuman out of naughtyness has asked all his frnds to worship him & offer him many fruits as prasaad ,hanuman doing all this so that he gets lot of fruits to eat Tongue,Hanuman is a big foody !!!
all frnds of hanuman consider him the ultimate powerful human being on earth
that old vanar is KAPISHWAR ,a SAINT vanar of the vanar kingdom Smile
KAPISHWAR has got the powers to look into the past ,future
KAPISHWAR told the same to HANUMAN ,that he is the avatar of LORD SHIVA ,so from tht day HANUMAN started considering him as GOD & asked all his frnds to do his pooja & offer him many fruits ,hanuman doing this out of mischief !!!!! LOL
kapil rishi & his wife when saw hanuman frnds doing pooja of hanuman ,they scolded hanuman  for that !!
that scene was very nice ,when guru ma (KAPIL RISHI WIFE) comes with a stick in her hands & scolded HANUMAN  & his frnds
Hanuman & his frnds were scared !!! & run !!!
sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2009 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
5th september
All the shishya at the Kapil rishi ashram were scared ,all due to the disaster caused by the evil spirits every now & then !!!
Kapil rishi ask all of them to be calm & not to b afraid & evil spirits are always power less infront of the DIVINE POWERS & THE POWERS OF YAGYA !!!
HANUMAN every night ,got to hear the RAM NAME CHANT ...
hanuman gets up & goes out for & looks at the moon while standing on a rock
hanuman says -----------prabhu ,when i will get your darshan ????
then THE RAMAYAN CHAUPIE --------MANGAL BHAVAN AMANGAL HAARI ....... plays & 2 foot prints of LORD RAM are formed in the sand which was spread on the rock
hanuman puts that RAM name foot print sand & puts on his forehead & say----------prabhu ,give me the aashirvaad to finish all the evils
HANUMAN then goes back to the ashram ,he was going back ,then only he was attacked by the evil spirits & the king of evil spirits
then a war in the sky ,in the clods was shown b/w Hanuman & the evil spirits
all the evil spirits got scared & hide in the dense jungles
Hanuman goes there also & broke the magical wall by his gada ,inside which the evil spitits hiding in the jungles
all evil spirits destroyed
at last the king of evil spirits comes & begs before HANUMAN to spare him
& says HANUMAN i promise where there will b you ,no evil power wud stay ,this is not only for me but for all the evil powers of future too,by hearing only your name HANUMAN ,all the evil powers wud vanish from that place !!!
anjana ma is very very sad at the palace & at the dining table she serves a plate for hanuman every day
kesri tried to cheer up anjana but anjana mata didnot ,as she had not eaten the food for 2 days & she became ill also !!!
kapishwar comes & asks anjana to eat the food as kapishwar went to meet hanuman in the kapil rishi ashram ,there he saw hanuman was also ill ,that was all due to the mother-son bond ,as anjana mata didnot eat for 2 days ,hanuman also didnot eat for 2 days !!!
anjana mata says -------------ok ..ok..i  will eat right now for my hanuman ...
kapishwar says-------understand maharani ,hanuman took birth on this earth to make this earth free from the paapi & the monsters !!!
a man eating monster tree is there at the forest ]
once hanuman went to tht forest (near by the ashram) to collect the fire wood
there the monster treee wanted to eat hanuman by tricking hanuman ,hanuman was abt to go near the tree but he listens the shankha sound at the ashram which meant RISHI KAPIL wanted all the shishya to b there at the assembly ,as he had to make an imp annonce ment
KAPIL RISHI says ---------------student welcome our new great teacher RISHI AGNIVESH !!!
HANUMAN & all his frnds smiled at agnivesh rishi
agnivesh rishi when saw hanuman ,remembered all the moments when hanuman destroyed his ashram ,his yagya & illtreated him by hanging him in the air n all ....
(hanuman did all that once to rishi agnivesh as hanuman wanted him to teach a good lesson as agnivesh rishi is an arrogant & short tempered rishi)
episode ends
EPISODE was nice only the fight scenes of hanuman with the evil spirits were stretchy & the masks of few monsters is very weird & their voices sometimes so tampered that we dont get to hear clearly that what they all r saying !!!

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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2009 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
i wish the makers of the show ,show AYODHYA also
it will be great to see RAJA DASHRATH & his family at AYODHYA !!!

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 September 2009 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sita11

i wish the makers of the show ,show AYODHYA also
it will be great to see RAJA DASHRATH & his family at AYODHYA !!!
Totally agree with you Sita! Seeing Ayodhya will be sooo nice, and seeing Bal Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughan will be too cute.Smile
Thanks for the update! The epi was nice.
sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2009 at 11:10am | IP Logged
12 september summary
agnivesh rishi was leaving the ashram as he was not ready to teach hanuman (as hanuman insulted him)
but kapil rishi stops him & makes him understand that now hanuman is a gurukul boy not a prince
hanuman also comes & asks for forgiveness from agnivesh rishi as hanuman didnot want that the other students shd suffer becaz of him
agnivesh rishi decided to stay at the ashram to avenger hanuman for his insult
there was a yagya to be held at the kapil rishi ashram
guruma asks the students to contribute for the yagya
few were appointed to bring the mango sticks ,few were asked to bring the flowers ,few to clean the place
hanuman was asked to bring the fruits
hanuman goes to the jungles for collecting the fruits
that monster tree (in the jungles in a cave) entangled hanuman in his roots
hanuman thrashed that tree monster with his gada & that tree monster turned into a soul of a man
actually that tree was cursed ,as he once cut down the peepal tree ,on that tree devtaas used to live ,so he was cursed by the devtaas to become a monster
that tree monster was freed from his curse
anjana mata was ill ,she was remembering hanuman
kesriji was so worried for falling health of anjana mata
hanuman tru telepathy got to know that anajana mata is ill & is remembering him
so hanuman quietly flew off from his ashram (only close frnds of hanuman knew this) to meet anajana mata by breaking the ashram rules!
anjana mata was so happy to see hanuman
she makes hanuman eat with her own hands
kesriji was his behind a window & was watching the emotional mother-son
at the alarm of shankha sound (the morning 4AM alaram of ashram) hanuman took a leave of anajana mata
hanuman was coming back to the ashram ,he saw two monsters were taking a farmer with them to patal lok
those 2 monsters were AHI-MAHI's men ,they were taking that farmer as a bali(offfering ) for the PATAL DEVI OF AHI & MAHI !!!
hanuman thrashed those ahi-mahi men & they ran back to patal lok
hanumans frnds asking him to teach them the art of flying
hanuman says -yes else his frnds wud hv told kapil rishi that hauman had gone to meet anjana mata by breaking the ashram rules
hanuman seeks help of pawan dev
pawan dev says yes
hanuman was happy that now his frnds cud fly !!!
episode ends !!!!
nice episode !!!
anjana mata-hanuman emotional scenes were fabulous
& kesriji is such a nice & caring father ,he was quietly enjoying the mother-son moments & got tears in his eyes !!!

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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 September 2009 at 4:28am | IP Logged
the show is really getting so dragging types
i wonder when they will show LORD RAM-SITAJI & AYODHYA
the show is really very very dragging types these days !!!

Edited by sita11 - 22 September 2009 at 4:30am
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Posted: 07 November 2009 at 12:15am | IP Logged
thanks dear for this episode and you all are dicussing the episodes till 12th september and after that there is so much revolutions taken episode by episode there is no sitch. just view episode videos posted by my self for episode 18 and you will find the ayodhya charecters like maharaj dashrath,yuvraj ram, kumar bharat,laxman,shatrughan. the big ram sitaji and other mithila people or kiskindha people where might be entering soon in episode 25(12th december) or before that as per my think now we have no things left now the last part for keshri's kindom wil begin and then ayodhya kand wil begin with big ram or keshri's kindom wil be got sided.

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