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tanya.dsouza Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2009 at 12:44am | IP Logged
pls continue soon.. sweetie

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 November 2009 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Wow lina,
Lovely update.
loved it.
Hmmmmm Mayank ko to kuch kuch hota hain.
very intersting.
keep it up

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.PINK. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 November 2009 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Thankz guyz
Wil continue soon.
*~*riddhima*~* Groupbie

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Posted: 19 December 2009 at 4:10am | IP Logged
cont soon
Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 December 2009 at 4:41am | IP Logged
hey lina when u gonna to update it?
really miss this ff
So plz try to update soon
.PINK. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 January 2010 at 3:35pm | IP Logged

Hey guyzzzz, Lina here. Ok as you see, I haven't updated this FF for a longgggggg time, so I think you all forgot most of it. I really don't want you all to waste your time to read it all over again, so I have wrote a summary on the entire thing up to now. Please do read if you 4got most of it.




Ok Nupur and Gunjan are born in the fairyworld, (lol), and when they are 21 years old, there grandmother which is a fairy, tells them that they will both get different magical powers, it can be anything, and they each are going to get different powers. Everyone is very happy, Pari and Raj their parents, are the queen and king of fairyworld. They are mostly bz wih many duties, and hardly get to spend time with them both. When they are 1 years old, they actually fall down from the sky, (ROFL can't belief how stupid this story is.) and since they are both fairies they wish for a balloon which they sit on, and they landed one Earth.  A poor farmer finds them, and decides to raise them both, since he and his wife never had any childrens. They grew up, and one day the farmer and his wife decided they should go to Mumbai for Gunjan to study there. They went to Mumbai, Nupur looking for a job, and Gunjan going to collage.

Sajan's Story-

Gunjan is walking to collage, since Nupur was already late for work, and when she Is walking the mud from the sidewalk goes to her clothes, and the person on the motorbike which is Samrat goes up to her, and says sorry. But he realizes she is new in collage, and wants to do a prank on her. She askes to direction for the washroom, so she can clean her clothes, and he tells her the direction to the his classroom. A very hard direction, because he doesn't really want her to go in the classroom like that, and he thinks no one can ever get what he said, but since Gunjan is smart she ends up In the classroom, and all the class laughing at her, and she starts crying and walks away from there. Samrat can't belief that she actually got what he said, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings like that, and he goes after her, telling her sorry. After collage, Gunjan is walking home, but then Sammy sees her and follows her, she sees him still angry at him, and walks faster, and then her sandal gets off, and then Sammy gets it, and put it on her feet. They talk a little, Sammy is a nice guy also funny and Gunjan starts liking him as a friend, and they become friends. Many days passes and they always spend loadzz of time together. And it is Gunjan's b-day, and she invites him, and Benji and Dia, and Uday and others to her house. They enjoy, and have loadzz of fun. In the end of the party, everyone leaves only Samrat is left, He wants to help her. They talk, she realizes she likes him.


Mayur's Story-

Mayank is in his car going to work, and then a girl starts screaming "Chor Chor" and he out to tell her to stop and go away from there. But when he looks at his car window she is still there, so he decides to give her a lift, he can't see her face, only her eyes. She tells him to stop the car, and to drop her here, she can go by herself, he gets angry because he thinks that he is helping her, and she is giving additudes. So he drops her, and is about to drive away when a guy holds her hand, and then she starts screaming for help, and he gets out of his car, and fights with him. The girl screams at him for fighting with that guy and almost killing him, and he gets even more angrier, and is about to leave when she slips and lands in his arms, and he sees her face. It is none other than our Nupur. Nupur tell him to leave her, and he realizes he still is holding her, and lets go, and she drops to the floor, she gets mad at him, and they go in different ways. Nupur is sitting down waiting for the reception lady to let her meet with her new boss. She waits a long time, and then she decides to go in, she can't see his face, and then she says "Excuse me" and he turns around, and he is none other than our Mayu. They get shocked seeing each other, and then his mom comes, and she likes Nupur attitude with Mayank, no one has ever talked to him like that before, and Mayank says she didn't get the job, but his mom force him to give her the job.  His mom invites her to his b-day party and she comes, Mayank looks at her, she looks gorgous, they still hate each other. Then Mayank's mom tell him to go with Priya to the cruise, but he hates her, she is his ex. Girlfriend, and she is so annoying. So he tells his mom to go with Nupur instead, since his mother loves her so much. Nupur refuses to go with him anywhere. But then Gunjan tells her to go, since she is going to help him, and Nupur remember's the time when he helps her, and decides to go with him. Mayank picks her up, they drive and talk, they still pretend they hate each other. In the ship, they see Priya coming. Mayank is amazed on how different she is now. Before she used to be total behenji types and now she is sooooo different. Wearing a mini skirt and she looks awesome. Mayank tell Nupur that he should of never brought her, and that she can do whatever she wants to. He goes with Priya, and Npur is so angry why she even came there. Mayank and Priya are talking when he sees Nupur talking with Chironji, a guy she just met. Mayank gets jealous, and he goes up to her, and then she tell him to go away, and he says fine, that he doesn't even know what in the world he is dong with Nupur, if he can be with Priya. Nupur says toh jao na. They different ways. Mayank tell Nupur that she should be more like Priya, then he will probably like her. In the night is new year party and Mayank waits for Nupur to come in a dress he wants her to wear. He knows she will come in a short dress, but he is shocked to see her wearing a very cute sari, with thin scraps. She looks beautiful in white. He goes up to her, and askes her why didn't she wear a short dress like Priya, and she tells him, that she doesn't care about anything, she wll not change for anyone. He likes what she said, he sees her sitting with Chironji and he gets jealous. He is with Priya, but his eyes on them. Nupur is laughing, she looks so cute. Nupur and Chironji is dancing, and Mayank goes with Priya to dance too. Nupur sees them dancing they looked awesome together. She tells Chrironji she will come, that she Is going to get a drink, and she goes. By mistake she drinks the glass with the wine, and she gets drunken. She goes to the dance floor to Priya and then tells her stupid stuff, and then the lights goes off. The lights goes on, and Nupur is dancing, on It's the time to disco. She dances with Mayank. Mayank trying to stop her, the song finishes and then she faints. And Mayank holds her and takes her to her room. He puts her into her bed. They talk a little, and then she tell him she likes him, he likes her too. But decides not to think about that. She goes to sleep, and he leaves her room.

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.PINK. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 January 2010 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Part 10
Hey guyzzz, finally updated this part. And yeah, I am going to change Mayur's story a little. So when Nupzs drop from the boat thatzz out. lol
Samrat- I think I should go now.

Gunjan- Ok then, bye Samrat.

Samrat- Itni jaldi bye keh rahi ho chashmish?

Gunjan- Par tumne hi toh kaha ke mein chalta hoon.

Samrat- Par tumhe mujhe rokna chahiya tha chashmish.

Gunjan- Ohhhhh. Toh Samy plez matt jao

Samrat- Jaane toh mujh ko hai.

Gunjan- Agar jaana hai toh jao, aur agar nahi jaana toh nahi jao.

Samrat- Mujhe nahi jaana......

He goes closer to her. She walks back, and close to the wall. He looks at her face.

Samrat- Tumhare saath yahin reh na hai......

He goes closer.

Samrat- Aur kuch keh na hai.

He goes closer, she nervous.

He whispers in her ears.


He goes back, and starts laughing. And she gets confused.

Gunjan- Kyun?

Samrat- Kyun ke meien tumhari help ki.

Gunjan- Ok baba, thank you sooooo much.

Samrat- No problem, abb goodnight.

Gunjan- Goodnight.

They walk to the door. He smiles and goes,

She waits for him to look back.

He is almost out of sight, but he looks back at her,

They smile, and wave bye to each other.

He goes, and Gunjan goes inside, and goes to sleep.

The next morning is Sunday meaning no collage.

Gunjan's cell phone rings, and she picks it up.
Gunjan- Hello?
Samrat- Hey chashmish howzz ya?
Gunjan- Samrat kya hai? Itni subah? Aaj collage nahi hai
Samrat- I know, par aaj tum mere saath chal rahi ho.
Gunjan- Kahan?
Samrat- I don't know, anywhere.
Gunjan- *Smiles* ok baba, kab ready hoon?
Samrat- Abhi.
Gunjan- Abhi?

Nupur- Mera locket kahan gaya?

Mayank- Yeah locket dhodh rahi ho?

She turns back to find Mayank holding her locket. And she get angry, and goes up to him.

Nupur- Tum mere locket ke saath kya kar rahe ho?????? Mujhe do!

He puts the locket in his pocket,

Mayank- Wait a sec, wait a sec, phele tum mere liye kuch karo.

Nupur- No wayzzz.

Mayank- Fine then locket bhi nahi miley ga.

Nupur- Toh nahi do.

Mayank- Theeke,

He starts walking away.

Nupur- Rukko.

He stops.

Nupur- Kya kaam karna hai?

He smiles, his naughty smile. And turn around.

Mayank- Zyada kuch nahi, bad aaj Sunday hai.

Nupur- Toh?

Mayank- Toh aaj mere saath poora din betana pare ga tumhe.

Nupur- Tum pagal hogaye ho. Tum jao na  appni Priya ke saath,

Mayank- Haan hum usske saath hi jaa rahe hai.

Nupur- Toh mujhe kyun bulla rahe ho?

Mayank- Kyun ke Priya chahati hai, ke tum aao.

Nupur- Really? Toh yeh tum nahi chahate?

Mayank- Of corse not.

Nupur- Fine, but give me my locket.

Mayank- here here, waise bhi mein iss locket ka kya karoon ga? Mein bhala "Nupur" ke naam ka locket kyun phehenoon ga.

Nupur- Fine then give me.

Mayank- Catch.

He throws her, her locket.

And she turns to leave.

Mayank- Remember aaj shaam ready reh na.

She doesn't care to bother, and walks away.


Hey guyzzz, updated it. Do comment on it.

thanks, and I know this part is not that long, but deffi the next will be longer.

u all wanted me to update it
so I didEmbarrassed

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2010 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
wowowow tht was cool i really love it

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