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              Hi I am Lina
         This is my first FF,
     I am crossing my fingers
   and hoping that u will like it.
             M so excited,
          So here our story starts.
         but first let me introduce the caracters.
                                            !*Nupur Bhushan*!
She is very bubblaly. She loves her sister, takes care of her family. Keeps them from falling apart. She is very smart too. Also sensitive and lovable. She is gorgous, after all she is a fairy.
                                     !*Mayank Sharma*!
Smart, handsome, and rich. Appne app pe bohut naaz hai. Usski har baat poori hoti hai, by god, aapni ma ek lauta beta hai. Unn se bohat pyar karta hai, treat her like a queen. Har larkien usske picche, aur woh aage. Sachi he is the college dude. Bussniess man.
                                                      !*Gunjan Bhushan*!
Super bubblayly. Masti, mazze se apni life enjoy karti hai., Talks a lot. Di se bohat pyar karti hai. Ache kapre, pehana aur acha make-up karna. Bas. Sweet, adoriable. Gorgous and another fairy. College mein.
                                                !*Samrat Singhaniya*!
The basketball campion. The cool dude. Masti karli dosti se saath. Khush mohal rak liya. Papa se bohat pyar hai usskp, aur papa bhi bohat pyar karte hai ussko. Smart, dashing, and rich. Actually he own the Rai Singhaniya bussiness. Yeh sabse rich company hai. Bussiness man, nahi papa hai na. Sammy toh college jata hai.
She is a fairy. From fairyland. The queen actually. Married to Raj. And she is the actual mother of Nupur and Gunjan.
Married to Pari. Nupur and Gunjan father. The king of fairyland. Loves Pari and his two little daughters,
Sorry I had no idea who can be Nupur anf Gunjan's parents. I picked them because I really like them. And they don't really come that much.
But anyways
So here our story starts!!!!!.
    Part 1
Everyone in fairyland is happy, because the king and queen have twin babies. Everyone is invited to the big party in the castle. In the room Pari is staring at the twins. Then Raj comes.
  R: Pari, har kuch ready hai?
The party finally starts. Everyone seems happy. Then all gives something to the twins. When it is Pari's mother to give the twins her gift, she gives them
 PM: Yeh dono alag dikhe ge zaroor par yeh dono chupsurat bohat hogi. Aur mera gift inn dono ke liye hai, ke yeh dono jab 21 sal ki hogi teek 12 bajne ke baad inn dono ko ek khaas power a e ga, meri taraf se.
Pari and Raj both smiles. When the party is over, Pari sits in the twins room, looking in their cribe. Raj comes.
  R:Kya naam decide kiya appne?
  P: Nupur aur Gunjan. Appko pasand aya?
  R:Of corse.
One year pass, Nupur and Gunjan is playing outside. They both were playing while their nanny took care of them. Nupur waz sitting in one cloud, Gunjan comes crawling. Then all of the sudden, Nupur and Gunjan falls from the sky. But after all they were fairies, so Gunjan thought of a ballon and she and Nupur were safe in it. Pass by where they were falling, there was a farmer, he saw something in the sky, and he went closer to see what it was, He found Nupur and Gunjan. He and his wife never had any child so they decide to keep them. Both Nupur and Gunjan waz wearing a locket, which says their name in it.  And the farmer and his wife become their parents. Years passed. They all were in Morena. Then one day.
 Farmer: Nupur, Gunjan, idar aao.
They came
 Farmer's wife: Dekho hum chaha te hai ke tum dono Mumbai ja ke parahi karo.
 N: Par, hum yahan app ko akela.........
 Farmer: Beta please humari baat suno.
 Farmer's wife: Hum chaha te hai , Gunjan ko achi parahi miley.
 Farmer: Wahan tum dono inn paso se ek shotta sa apartment mein rehna. Aur wahan ja ke hum ko phone please karna mat bhoolna.
Nupur and Gunjan agree's.  They hug their parents.Then next day they packed their stuff, and got ready to go. And they are sitting in the train.
 N:Gunjan mein sift tere liye wahan ja rahi hoon.
 G: Di, app Mama papa ki fikar matt karo
 G: Akir woh humare parent haan, strong hai, hamari tarah. Waise bhi agar Baba chahate hai toh hum yeh toh kar sachte hai na?
Nupur smiles. Then the train goes. They finaaly arrive in Mumbai. Witht the money, Nupur starts looking for a small apartment they can stay in. And she buys it. The next moring is college.
N: Gunjan utt.
Gunjan wakes up.
G:Kya hai di?
N; Aaj college hai.
Gunjan wakes up and gets ready and eats breakfast.
 N: Jaldi kar mujhe job bhi dhondhni hai
 G" Theeke di, app apna kihal rakna
 N:Tu bhi.
Now to Samrat.
Sammy wakes up. Looking at the clock.
S: Oh no.
He runs putting his cloths on and brushing his hair.
S thinking: Jaldi kar Sammy warna late hojae ga.
He goes down and finds his dad in the table, reading the newspaper,
SD: Utt gaya, time kya hua hai.
Sammy sits down too
S: Sorry dad,
His dad smiles, when Sammy is done with breakfast, he hugs his dad and goes outside. Calling his frined Benji,
B: Hello?
S: Hello, kya tujhe paata hai na ke aaj college k first day hai.
B: Haan, dude.
S: College ke bahar milna mujhe.
B: OK,
Samrat in his bike his hair flying, he looking hot. Then he arrives to collage.
S: benji?
B" Haan mein.
S? Chal college jate hai.
B: Phele apni bike ko toh park karo, Guru Samrat. Other side pe.
So Sammy goes to the other side. and Gunjan is there walking. There waz mud ing the road . Sammy didn't see it, and then SPLASH. Gunjan is covered with mud. Sammy turns around, at this new girl he has never seen before. She is down in the ground. He tries not to laugh. , Gunjan looks at him.
G: Batamiz.
He goes near her,
S: App theek toh hai? I am sorry, mein app ki help karta hoon.
He gives her his hand. She holds it. Then Sammy starts laughing.
G: Appko bohat hassi arahi hai?
S: Dekhi yein sab hi hass rahe hai.
Gunjan looks around, everyone is laughing.
G: Please app mujhe washroom kaha hai batae ge?
Samrat waz about to tell then he stops.
S thinking: Kyun na nayi aa i hai to thora mazak ho jae.
S: Woh washroom toh, haan yahan se right jake, left room ke paas, left moorjana, wahan green room ke paas left door ke bahan, left right left, phir right room ke pass hai, nahi right room ke left mein.
G:Thank u.
S:*Trying not to laugh* Ur welcome.
Gunjan thought it waz hard, but she is Gunjan, and anyway the hallways are empty becasue everyone is in class, She finally finds it. But it wazn't the washroom, it waz the classroom Sammy waz in. The door open, Gunjan shocked, then everyone in class looks around and starts laughing. Gunjan embaressted and crying, while Sammy thought.
S thinking: Kitni smart hai, aur meine kitna bura kiya uss ke saath.
Gunjan runs closing the door. Sammy after her.
S: Suniye.
Gunjan stops. Sammy gets near her.
S: I am so sorry, dekhiyein mein itna bura nahi hoon, woh actually sirf mazak kar raha tha.Washroom wahan hai,
He points to the lest door, Gunjan goes there and comes out looking better, She goes back to the class.
No one laughs because Sammy tells them to Shut up,
Now to Mayank, the curtains opens and Mayu lying in his bed.
MM: Mayu, sunshine, sweet moring.
He said that covering his head with his pillow. Then he sits up looking so cute.
MM: Jaldi se utt, dekh din ke 1 bagh rahe hai,.
She goes away, and Mayu throw his blanket and takes a shower, Then get ready in a bussiness suit. He goes downstairs.
M: Ma, meri tie bhando please.
She comes to him
MM: Mayu, itna bara hochuka hai, tie abhi tak band na nahi aati hai,
M:Tum ho na.
MM: Haan haan mein hoon, jaldi se breakfast kar aur ja,
Mayu eats breakfast, and goes out. Then the doorbell rings. Mayu's mom gets it. It waz Mayu. He kisses her in her forhead.
M:Bye ma.
MM: bye
She waves at him.
To be continued,.......................................................
Next part Mayank will meet Nupur. Smile
 Do comment Smile
If u like it or not.
Part 2 same page
Part 3 page 2
Part 4 page 5
Part 5 page 7
Part 6 page 9
Part 7 page 12
part 8 page 14
part 9 page 16
part 10 page 17
PM List
If ur name is not here
and u want pm's
plez do tell me,
Love LinaWink

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no replies? Cry

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Part 2

Mayu is driving.
M:Khitni traffic hai. Lagta hai ke abb mein yahan se move hi nahi honga.
Mayu is looking at his car's mirror, he sees a girl there.  Then suddenly someone steals her bag.
G: Chor chor.
Mayank  sees that no one is helping her. Wondering if he should go or not.
 M: Yeh traffic, uff.
But that girl still screaming.Then he gets out of his car and goes to the girl.
M: Dekh hi yein woh chor bhag gaya. Koi ussko catch nahi kar sucktha abb, toh app please chikna bhand kare please.
He couldn't see the girls face, she was wearing a scarf. He could only see her eyes. She waz still there. Then he sit back at his car. He looked back. Still there.
M: Ahhh, Ma ne kaha hai ke dosro ki help karo.
So he got out of the car again and goes to that girl.
M: Dekhiyein agar app ko lift chahiyein toh app aa suckti hai meri garri mein.
He still couldn't see her face. Then she goes with him in the car. When she sits down the traffic starts moving, and the highway is clear.
M thinking: Wow jaise hi yeh meri garri mein behatti to traffic katam.
No on talks.
M: Appka woh chor bag le gaya ?
G: Haan appne dekha toh tha.
M thinking: Wa ek toh help karro, aur attitudes deti hai.
M:Appko gana shunna hai kya?
G:Kya yeh meri garri hai?
G:Toh jo bhi appka dil chahata hai kariyein.
Mayank decides not to put a song.
M: Kahan drop karoon appko?
Mayu still didn't see her face. And he stops the car. She get out.
G: thanks
He sees her sitting in the bench. Then he sees that a guy is there beside her, He is touching her hand.
Goonda: Chalti hai kya.
G: Please app mera haath shoriy.
The guy is still holding her hand, She is trying him to let go.By seeing this, Mayu gets mad.
He gets out of his car, and start a fight with that guy.
G:Stop it.
Mayu doesn't stop. He still fighting,
G: STOP!!!!!!!!!
Mayu stops. The guy runs away. The girl coming to Mayu.
G:Appne usski jaan almost leli thi.
Mayank looks at her, still unable to see her face. He gets mad at her too.
M:Dekhiyein ek toh app ki madat karri, aur uparse app mujhe chillarahi hai?
G;Kya meine kaha tha app ko meri madat karne ke liye?
Mayank staring at her. Then when she is about to go, she slips in Mayu's arm.And eyelock scene. Finally Mayu sees her face, it is Nupur.
N:Shoriye mujhe.
Mayank lets go of her and she fells in the ground. Then he goes back into his car, and drive away,
M thinking: Khitni ajeeb larki thi.
Nupur gets up. Then she gets an auto and goes to a company to get her job.
She had apply for that job and thats why she came to Mumbai. Hoping she will get that job.
Nupur finally gets there. She goes in. The girl sitting in the corner table tells her to wait. She kept waiting and waiting. It passes 6 hours. She askes again. She waz told to wait again. It waz night.
N thinking: Gunjan alreagy college se aa gayi hogi,
Then she fell asleep in the chair. Then the lady tolds her to go in. Nupur goes in, her new boss was in his chair facing the other way.
N:Excuse me, mein yahan, appni job lene ayi hoon, actually app job mein.................
He waz talking in his phone, still facing the other way, Then the door opens and a sweet si lady comes in.
MM: Mayu.
She sees Nupur standing there, Then Mayank turns around.
M: Ma, app yahan?
Something catches his eyes. That girl.
MM:Kya tum tum?
M:Ma ek minute. Tum yahan kya karahi ho?
N:Mein yahan? *Confused*
M; Oh toh tum Nupur Bhushan ho?
N:Haan. Mein Nupur. Ek minute tum mere boss hone wale ho?
M:*smile* Haan.
To be continue.
See if Nupur gets job.
Next part page 2Smile

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Congratularions for youe new ff
It was very niceClap......
plzz continue it soon and do pm me when you update next....

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-Aiza- Senior Member

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its very nice and thanks for the pm do continue soon

mjht_fan Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2009 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
hi dear absolutely great ff huni
wish u best of luck 4 the sucess of ur ff
mjht_fan Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2009 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
pm me when u update
gr8_mms IF-Sizzlerz

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lina its nice plz post the next part asap ok

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