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Part IV - Ahiravan and Mahiravan are killed! Finally!

"Paatala Arasar Ahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

"Patala Arasar Mahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

Those who remain cheer their kings who have been revived by their honey bee creatures.

" No one can kill us!" A confident Ahiravan announces. "But we will finish the others who come against us and give them death," Mahiravan says.

Hanuman looks thoughtful.

Eyes narrowing slightly, Ram pulls out another arrow.

"We present that same death to you as well. You're dead!" Ahiravan shouts to Ram.

They repeat their feats of dark magic again and summon two more weapons which are destroyed by Ram and Lakshman.

Hanuman is still thinking for a way to end this once and for all. A demon soldier rushes towards Jambavan. Jambavan catches his throat and throws him away. Hanuman comes to Jambavan. "Son of Anjana, I cannot believe my eyes. How did those two come back alive after they were killed?" A demon rushes towards Hanuman. Without turning away from Jambavan, Hanuman flicks his mace casually and the demon falls to the ground. "We should learn the secret behind this." Jambavan's words remind Hanuman of Chandrasena. When he was searching for Ram and Lakshman, he had looked into her chambers and heard her speak to her maid. She had said that she knew the secret of how to kill the two demons. Hanuman asks Jambavan permission to go and find out the secret behind the mystery. Jambavan asks him to hurry.

Back to Ram and Lakshman vs Ahi and Mahiravan. More summoning of dark weapons, more shouting, laughing, more hurling them at Ram and Lakshman and then as usual all their dark weapons meet the same fate as their predecessors. Again, more stunned expressions from the two demons.

The demon soldiers guarding Chandrasena's chambers fall one by one beneath Hanuman's mace as he proceeds to meet her.

Ram and Lakshman still engage Ahi and Mahi in a stalemate battle.

Chandrasena sits on her bed. Hanuman comes before her and says, "Maharani Chandrasenaikku, Prabhu Sri Ramarin bhaktan Hanumanin vanakkam." Chandrasena is happy to find a devotee of Sri Ram in front of her. Hanuman bows down to her as she steps down towards him. Chandraena tells Hanuman that it shouldn't be too late to save Lord Ram.

"I too wish the same, Maharani. Even after being killed by Lord Ram's arrows, they have come back alive. I need to know the secret behind this."

"Prabhu Sri Ram's arrows? That means, their sacrifice . . ."

"I have stopped it."

Chandrasena is overjoyed on hearing this. Hanuman continues, "Both Lord Ram and his younger brother Lakshman are safe. But I need to know the secret of how to destroy the two demons."

"Of course, I'll tell you right now. But on one condition. It has been my ardent desire to become Lord Ram's wife. If he accepts me as his wife, then I will reveal the secret. "

Hanuman looks confused. Chandrasena looks confident that he has to agree to the demands.

Hanuman comes to a conclusion and says, "It will happen. After the death of Ahi and Mahiravan I'll bring Lord Ram and his brother Lakshman to this bhavan. But . . . "

"But . . . what?"

"If there be any incident that disrespects my Lord, then this marriage will not take place."

Chandrasena smiles confidently again. "I agree. I have no objection at all. Prabhu Sri Ram is my soul/life. Will anyone disrespect their own soul/life? "

Hanuman looks cunning. It seems that he has some plan of his own.

"Now, I will reveal the secret. Once upon a time, some kids were harrassing some honey bee creatures with thorns. Ahi and Mahiravan happen to pass that way and they saved these creatures from the children.  Since then, these creatures have been very grateful to them. They have a pot of amrit where they save their nectar. Whenever Ahi/Mahiravan fall in battle, they take this amrit to them and make them drink it. This brings the two demons back to life and heals all their wounds. " Hanuman decides to pay the honey bees a visit and asks, "Where are the honey bee creatures now?" Chandrasena says that they are in Ahi and Mahiravan's bedrooms.

Hanuman walks between the honey bees.  "So, this is all your work. When Ahi and Mahiravan dies, you are the ones who give them life? Let us see who gives you life when you are killed." Saying so he hits the creatures with his mace. They cannot withstand Hanuman's blows and scream out in pain.

"Forgive us! Forgive us, Hanuman. Do not torture us. Please forgive us!"

Hanuman stops and faces the bees.

"We never did any wrong. "

"You are helping those who are unjust. What do you call this as? You all revive Ahi and Mahi even after they are killed. Don't you call this injustice?"

"We are being grateful to those who have saved our lives. To do one's duty is not a fault!"

"If that is your say, you do your duty. All evil will break away at my touch. I have come to fulfill my duty."

"Do you have a duty to accomplish too?"

"Yes. I too have to fulfill my duty. My Lord has come to destroy all evil in the Universe. To assist him and to clear all the obstacles and end evil is my goal too.  Also, you are friends of my Lord's enemies. That makes you all my enemies too. The roots of a poisonous tree will also be poisonous. Hence, to uproot you all is my duty."

"One of the honey bee creatures, folds his hands and pleads to Hanuman, "We are your friends, Hanuman. We are not Lord Ram's enemies. Please forgive and grace us.  We will never revive Ahi and Mahi ever again. "

"Will you give your word?"

"Yes, we give our word. "

"I will forgive you all on one condition."

"We will do all that you say. "

"You all should help me. You should gnaw and destroy the insides of the bed of Patala Queen, Chandrasena's chambers. It should crumble if anyone sits on it."

"What is the connection between this and Ahi/Mahiravan?"

Hanuman shakes his head and takes up his mace menacingly.

Frightened, the honey bee creatures echo, "We'll do it! We'll do it! We'll destroy all the furniture of Maharani Chandrasena's chambers from the inside."

Satisfied, Hanuman lowers his gada "Jai Sri Ram" and moves away from there.

In the battlefield, Ram raises his bow for one last time. Eyes closed, he chants the sacred mantra to summon his astra. The arrow appears in a sharp glow of light illuminating the bow itself. Ram faces the two demons and arms moving gracefully in an arc, Ram aims for the two evil demons. The shaft of the arrow blazes alive
spitting fire and rushes through the sky as Ram lets it go.  

Maayamai meendezhum Ahi Mahi Raavanar
Maaindhidum azhivena Raghuvarar arivadhum
Thooyavar dhidathudan dhushtarai azhithida
Paainndhidum sinathudan kanai dhanai eduthaar
Arakkarin urudhiyum azhindhida ozhindhida
Aranaiyum ninaithe kanai dhanai thoduthaan
Thittamaai vettriyai kuriyena kondaan
Thidumena arakarin sirasinai aruthaan

The arrow flies past across the battlefield and cuts of Mahiravan's head. The headless body falls a moment after the head falls to the ground. Seeing his brother dead on the ground, Ahiravan is outraged, "Adei Raamaa! I am not going to leave you alive." Ahiravan summons his demon weapon again. Ram aims for Ahiravan this time. The arrow splits into two and both pierce Ahiravan though the heart. Ahiravan staggers and falls dead. Praising the two victorious brothers, Hanuman, Jambavan, Nal, Neel, Angad come to them. Hanuman says that Ahiravan and Mahiravan will not get up again and that Ram has killed them both for good.  Hanuman explains that they will not get the amrit which they had obtained before. A small smile graces Lord Ram's face as they all survey the battle field.

"Maharani! ... Maharani! Happy News!"

Chandrasena's maid (the one who was sentenced to death) comes running into her chambers.

"Vanakkam Maharani.  Maharaja Ahi-mahiravan are dead. Sri Ram has killed them. "

Chandrasena could not contain her joy. She removed a gold-pearl chain from her neck and gave it to her maid.

"Keep this. My life long desire is going to be fulfilled. Prabhu will come to my room. He will accept me as his wife."

She dances around with joy and her maid is also happy for her.

In the court of the palace, Maharadhwaja is crowned king of Patala. Everyone showers flowers on him and Sri Ram himself keeps the tilak on his forehead. Hanuman proudly showers flowers on the new king. Maharadhwaja bows down and touches Lord Ram's feet. Ram raises him up and gestures towards Hanuman. Maharadhwaja goes to Hanuman and falls at his feet as well. Hanuman raises his son up and embraces him warmly. When Hanuman lets go, Maharadhwaja turns to Lord Ram with palms joined.

(A song was played in the background when Maharadhwaja was crowned. It did not make much sense to me hence I am not posting it here.)

"Patala Arase, Maharadjwaja" Lord Ram steps forward a bit. "Follow the ways of justice and righteousness. Bring all good to this Patala World as well. All the places you look upon will be free of evil."

"Thangal vaake vedhavaaku Prabhu."

Maharadjwaja bows down again.

Maharaja Maharadhwajar! ----- Vaazhga!

Maharaja Maharadhwajar! ----- Vaazhga!

Maharaja Maharadhwajar! ----- Vaazhga!

Praises echo throughout the palace.

"Hanuman," Ram addresses Anjeneya. "We have to speed to the Earth as fast as the wind. When we were not there, everyone would have been doubtful (of our welfare). And our enemies would also be insulting us."

"Prabhu,  a request. Without your permission, I have promised on your behalf to someone. "

Ram smiles. "Hanuman, naam iruvarum veru veru alla. Nee karam neeti kodutha vaakai siram koduthenum kaapom. Idhu emadhu vaakaahum. Sollin selvanukku indha villin selvan kadamai pattullom."

Hanuman is happy to hear Lord Ram's graceful words.  "Now tell. What should I do to keep up your promise."

"Prabhu, you have to go to Patala's Queen Chandrasena's chambers to meet her."

"Hanuman, I understand that you have a reason for sending me there. "

Hanuman nods.

In her chambers, Chandrasena looks at herself in the decorated oval shaped mirror. A broad smile decorating her face, she adjusts her other ornaments and clothes. A different maid comes  running into her room.

"Greetings Maharani. Sri Ram is coming here."  

The moment Chandrasena has been waiting for has arrived. She adjusts her ornaments and sees if her long tresses are in place and rushes away from the mirror.

A single shadow darkens the steps leading down to Maharani Chandrasena's chambers. A moment later the lotus feet of Lord Ram appears on the first of the steps. With easy grace, Lord Ram's feet move down the steps of the Queen's chambers. Lord Ram walks down the steps calmly.  Chandrasena prepares the Arti plate. With soft strides, Lord Ram comes into the half lit yet pleasingly bright chambers of Maharani Chandrasena with a calm face and a trace of a pleasant smile across his lips.

The end of a fabulous episode.

These were the songs I was waiting for and I was not disappointed at all. All three were excellent. In the original Hindi version, there was only one song that was repeated for all the three scenes. Also the background music for the last scene was so beautiful.

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Originally posted by Arjun_Meena

Vibish, what i sthis u r doing? trnalating Ramayan. I thought u r just doing the updates of the week's update. But u r giving the Ramayan in a similar manner as it can be read in books..
Thanks Vibish for the wonderful updates along with the song lyrics.. they are too good.. I missed this week too... Coz of some other work...
Ur updates are wonderful...
U describe scene be scene.. With flow of word... The words depict the scene in my mind... And the dialect used in the serial... that too u have given,.
No one can do this.. Great...

Embarrassed Thank you Embarrassed

The episode was too good and I couldn't resist showing off a bit. Embarrassed

I can provide the normal updates if that is what is required. I don't mind giving the detailed ones too.

I'll try to finish the updates of this week's earlier. This time it may not be so detailed for some scenes.

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Vibhishna, Thanks for the updates with the song.. Ur detailed updates are so good.. That is was I meant by the previous post.. I alike those updates...
If u could, u can always give detailed updates... But onny if u can.. If not poss, u can give normal updates... We are happy to have the updates here... Anyway, Thanks a lot...
Waiting for this week updates...
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Episode 76 - 6th September 2009 - Written Update:

The same scene from Ram telling Hanuman that they should reach the Earth as soon as possible to Ram entering Chandrasena's chambers was shown.

Ram calmly walks into Chandrasena's chambers with a faint smile gracing his face as Chandrasena prepares the Arti plate. Her bed was on a raised platform with three steps leading down. A lush blue and red carpet intricately decorated was spread out on the platform and down the steps. Chandrasena welcomed Ram as a bride would welcome her husband. As he walked up those steps she showered flowers on his feet.  She knelt down and touched his feet and folded her hands paying obeisance to her Lord.  She took Arti for Ram and asked him to sit down. Ram's face showed only a good natured straight expression.  Chandrasena asked him to sit down.

As Ram sat down the side of the bed he sat down sank down with a loud noise. Lord Ram looked up at Chandrasena.  Shocked beyond words, Chandrasena dropped her Arti plate and its contents spilled over.  Chandrasena is at a loss as to what to do and looks as if she is about to break down like her bed.

"Ram Anna..." Lakshman comes running into the room followed closely by Hanuman.  "Prabhu..."

"What happened Ram Anna?"

"Did you insult my Lord?" Hanuman asks Chandasena.

"Please forgive me Prabhu. I submit myself at your feet. You must accept me as your wife." Chandrasena falls at Lord Ram's feet.

Smiling, he reached down and placing one hand on her raised her up.

"Maharani Chandrasenai, I have taken a vow of having only one wife (Eha Pathni Viradhan). All women except my wife Sita are equivalent to my mother. I see you too in the same fashion."

Tears streaming down her face, Chandrasena says, "I have understood my mistake. I have compared this stained body with you and have lived so long. in that hope." Lakshman lowers his eyes slightly. "Please forgive and tolerate my mistake. I will take up penance and austerities. I will purify my soul as well. In my next birth let me become your wife."

A serene smile spreads across Lord Ram's face.

In Lanka, Indrajeet and Shurpanakha comes running into the room where they have their time keeping instruments. Ravan is staring at the sky standing near the window with Mandodari at his side.

"Did you see, brother? Everyone has cheated us!"

"Ram and Lakshman are coming back, Father!"

Ravan swells in his anger and shouts to the rapidly disappearing Sun "SURYA DEVAAAAA!!!!"

The Sun disappears into the horizon.

"Mata Trijata!" Trijata comes to Sita who is standing under the tree in Asoka Vatika. "Mata Trijata! The Sun has set." She continues speaking to Trijata and tells her that her Lord and his brother are safe and the Sunset proves this. (A long dialogue follows when Sita says that the Sun God himself promised her that he won't set until her husband and his brother come back safe and about how Ravan will pay for his deeds and will be destroyed.) Two other guards near her tell that she has lost her mind and is blabbering nonsense. Sita is slightly put down by the comment.

In the Vanara camp, Sugreev and Vibhishan welcome their heroes with palms joined together and great happiness in their hearts and smiles. Echoes of Lord Ram's praise ring throughout the camp. Vibhishan says that his happiness knows no bounds as he has seen them both alive again. The Vanaras blow their conch and the blast of the war conches echoes in the middle of the night across the whole Lanka.  Hearing this sound, Ravan stops in the mid-motion of throwing flowers on the Shivalinga, Sita gets up in her place with complete joy evident in her face, Mandodari stops midway as she strings flowers together with terror evident in her features.  Ravan looks up and turns towards the sound doubtful and slightly unnerved, Sita too turns twards the sound with a broad smile, Mandodari brings down her hands and keeps the flowers and strings down. The Vanaras' conch keep sounding still proclaiming Lord Ram's victory to anyone and everyone. Everyone is happy in the camp.

Sita asks if Trijata heard the sound. She replies that she did and her husband and his brother must have been saved and they both must be alive and well and so the Vanaras must be celebrating. Vibhishan expresses his happiness to Lord Ram. There folows a lengthy dialogue in which, Ram praises Hanuman, Angad, Jambavan, Nal and Neel (specially Hanuman). And they reply that it was all Sri Ram's Grace and they did nothing and all is His doing. 

"What is our next plan, brother?" asks Lakshman.

"YUDHAM" In response to his final word, the heavens themselves clash against each other in deafening sounds of thunder and blinding flashes of lightning.

"The war which has been decided to end Ravan's life"


Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman come out of their tents.

"Ram Anna, sister - in - law will be in grief. Please let her know that you are safe."

Again Lord Ram's soft yet sturdy hands lift up the bow as he draw the bowstring towards his ear. Casually aiming the bow towards the heavens with sharp eyes looking up, Lord Ram released the string. Hearing the mighty twang, Sita instantly gets up as her husband had called her and she like a dutiful wife hastens to obey. Happiness and relief are evident on her features. Trijata smiles as she looks at Sita's happy face. Ram looks up at the sky where the rolling thunder and lightninng mix with the vibrating twangs of his bowstring. Lakshman and Hanuman look up into the sky as well. Even though they had seen this spectacle many times, whenever Ram twangs his bow everyone including these two marvel at his might.

"Mata Trijata, did you hear? This is the twang of  Raghunath's bow, the Kodanda. He is giving me a message." Turning towards the rakshashi soldiers, she says that the sound of the conch and the sounds of the bow proves that I am not deranged and inspires confidence in me. He will tear out Ravan's evil heart!

"Please change your mind, Swami!"

"Don't make me get angry!"

Mandodari pleads to deaf-eared Ravan.

"The war will definitely be fought."

"The sounds of war is music to this Ravan."

As Mandodari pleads to Ravan to be sensible, he ignores all that as weaknesses and brags about how he is invivnible and no one can do anything to him.

"We have to wage a war on Lanka, Maharaj Sugreev."

"We have been waiting for your orders, Sri Raghunanda."

Ram says that they had expected to begin the war today itself. But Ravan had me kidnapped by treachery using Ahiravan and Mahiravan. Jambavan says that Ravan's death has been delayed by one day.

Ram continues to discuss the battle strategies. "Maharaj Vibhishan has told us about the four entrances of Lanka. I, along with our army.  will get into battle along with Hanuman, Nal, Neel, Angad and Lakshman.  We will break through the four gates and tear apart the central portion of Lanka. Let other praise that no one is equal to these warriors."

"Prabhu . . ." Vibhishan asks Lord Ram, "Let me also come to battle with you."

"No, my friend. You, Jambavan and Maharakj Sugreev must stay in the center of the army (the center of the army is the most preotected region)"

Ram also says that all vanaras should go into war intheir original forms so that no one is fooled into attacking the wrong person and that only he (Ram), Lakshman, Maharaj Vibhishan and his four ministers must remain in human forms.

"Raamachandramurthy!" ----- "Vaazhga!" Shouts and praises echo in the air around the camp.


Part 2 (last) coming up :

Ravan is to confident that he will be victorious in war. He says that he does not even ride to war. There is one thing that will save them even if Lord Vishnu himself attacks Lanka. Surprised, Mandorari asks him to explain.

Ravan reveals his secret, a single word - "PANCHAVAKTRAM"

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Vibhishna, Great updaes...
U r spending ur time to explain what u saw.. that is great.. Thanks a ton...
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Originally posted by Arjun_Meena

Vibhishna, Great updaes...
U r spending ur time to explain what u saw.. that is great.. Thanks a ton...

Thank you. I sometimes use the online video updates to help me present it better to you all.

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I missed the show for fourth week... Due to some reasons.. Really miss the show a lot...
By God's grace shpuld be able to see this week atleast... hope so...
Waiting for updates....
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I'm so sorry for the delay. I had some technical troubles and it took quite a lot of time to get solved. I'll try to catch up with the updates as soon as possible.

Episode 76 - Part II

In Lanka, Mandodari speaks to Indrajeet and Ravan. Prahast is also there in the same room. She says that both did not take the war seriously and a war cannot be won by being so adamant and overconfident as they were. Ravan is furious but Mandodari says that it is her duty to tell what is good for the family (for them). She goes on about how they should not forget the truth and reality. She speaks about all what had happened so far - from the burning of Lanka till the death of Ahi and Mahiravan. (A lengthy dialoge but I have cut it short.) In the end she says that when the Sun rises, the dew drops will vanish without a trace. But Ram is a power greater that the Sun himself . . .

"Maharani! . . ." Ravan's stern voice cuts her short.

Sita tells Tritaja that Ravan will never prevail.

In the royal court of Lanka, Ravan plans out his stratgies. The prominent members of the court speak out their opinions. Ravan finally decides that Panchavaktram will be sufficient to protect them all.

The scene shifts to Ravan's chambers where he speaks to Mandodari and tells her that Panchavaktram will save them all. He also says that those animals will never know what protects Lanka and how to get through the defenses. He finally says that he has to perform a puja to empower the Panchavaktram.

Preparations are in full form for the worship and Ravan comes into the altar and prays to Lord Shiva.

"Lankadhipathi Ravaneswarar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"
"Lankadhipathi Ravaneswarar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"
"Lankadhipathi Ravaneswarar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"
"Lankadhipathi Ravaneswarar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"
"Lankadhipathi Ravaneswarar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"
"Lankadhipathi Ravaneswarar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

The demon soldiers praise Ravan as he, his ministers, some demon rishis sit around a sacrificial fire and chant the mantras in an open place.  A golden instrument - the Panchavaktram - the centre of attraction - is mounted on a small and low platform and its base is decorated with flowers. It looks like a flower with five thick heart shaped petals with a round opening in the middle. In that opening the Trishul is seen. The harsh tones of the chanting reverbrate throughout the clearing as Ravan chants with increasing fervour and Indrajeet, Prahast, Akampan, Narantak, Devantak, Trisiras and others look at the proceedings. One particular rakshasa seems to be uneasy and lingers around as if sneaking up on them.  Ravan's chanting continues to become more and more fierce.

In the Asoka Vatika, Sit hears the sounds of worship in the middle of the night and inquires Tritaja about it. Tritaja says that Ravan is performing a puja for the Panchavaktram and it  is because of this instrument (yantra) that he and Lanka has never been defeated. Sita starts laughing on hearing this and mocks Ravan saying that he hides behind an instrument without trusting his own bravery.

Back to the Panchavaktram worship . . . As Ravan keeps chanting a two interwinded columns of fire with a bright ball of light in the middle extend out of the sacrificial fire. Ravan stops his chanting and looks at it as the ball of light separates itself from the homa fire and merges itself with the Panchavaktram. The Panchavaktram blazes with full splendour and everyone shielded their eyes unable to look at it directly. Only Ravan and Indrajeet did not shield their eyes completely. The whole Lanka was illuminated by the light from the Panchavaktram.

Mandodari and Shurpanakha watch the proceedings from a balcony in the palace. Shurpanakha tells Mandodari that no one can even get close to Lanka.

Back to Sita in Asoka Vatika who goes on about Ravan's death is confirmed and so on. Panchavaktram still blazes in its place.

Tritaja asks Sita if she is not sleepy. Sita tells her that sleep has never been sympathetic to her but has only given her the sight of her Lord which gives more peace than sleep. She is happy that she will see her Lord soon. She says that it has been so many days . . .  so many days since she has seen him and she is will see him after this long tortured wait. Tears stream down the lady's face.

Tritaja says, "Be happy. You will see your Lord who is really the God of heaven come down as man. But are you going to welcome him with these tears?"

"No mother, these are the floods of happiness.  This is the festival of joy. I have experienced the same feelings when I saw my Lord for the first time . . ."

(Flashback . . . )

Graceful hands pluck out a flower and sensing someone watching him, his eyes look up at the maiden standing in front of him.  Her beauty was so captivating that even his strong hands refused to move fast to deposit the flower in the basket.

The young princess had found the prince of her heart and stood as if in a trance, the cute eyelids did not even droop down for a second.

The young prince looked so dashingly handsome decked in gold oraments and a rising sun drawn on his forehead, the strong hands poised in the act of dropping the flower in the basket and his earrings swaying in the gentle breeze. His handsome features - the magnificient eyebrows, the sharp nose and the bow shaped lips - were so pleasant that one could not bear to look away from the sight.

She looked like beauty personified. He jewelled dresses, her long tresses, her golded ornaments that usually sing pleasant melodies as she walked silent as she stood still looking at him so divinely pretty with her soft eyelashes with neatly painted eyebrows and lips and fish like eyes unblinking drinking in the divine form before her.

She looked at him and he looked at her. They seemed to have been destined fro each other - something that was decided ages and ages ago and they looked at each other as if they belong to each other.

Nandhavanam naduvile Raamanum thondrinaan
Chandiranum mehathidaiye thondruvadhu polave
Seethaiyume nokida Raamanum nokinan
Kaadhaludan iruvarin thendralum kalandhana
Nayanangal mozhihalai nayamudan pesida
Nangai nambi idhayangal adhai arindhanave
Lakshminarayananum Raamanahe vandhida
Pirindhavar parivudan paarthu mahizhndhanare

(This is the song played when Ram and Sita saw each other the first time in the gardens of Mithila. Sorry for prolonging this part so much - I couldn't resist presenting it to the best of my ability - it was such a beautiful scene.)

The images of one firmly imprinted in the black shiny eyes of the other they continued gazing oblivious of everything else except the person in front of them.

As usual, the girl shy to have stared at a man so long closed her eyes inhaling deeply. The man in front of her made her squirm with pleasure.

Ram still looked at her. With the trace of a faint smile decorating his face, he looked at the woman who would be his own.

Sita opened her eyes again and Ram's face brightened even more with a small smile. It was a wonder that such a small smile could add so much more beauty to his already divine features.

"It is the merit of the good deeds I had done in my many births that I had obtained the scion of Raghu race as my husband. He will come to save me and my honour. " The longing of this Sita in the Asoka Vatika was much different from the longing of that Sita we had just witnessed in the gardens of Mithila. Sita grieves over the separation the demon had put her through.

The blast of a war conch sounds from the Vanara camp. It sounded across the entire vicinity of the Vanara occupied Lanka. Monkeys cautiously ran across the land towards a single hill. Soon the army of bears and monkeys had assembled in front of the hill and stood facing it where the Sun was about to rise.

In Lanka, behind the huge doors, the demon army marched towards the gates and stood ready. Ravan rode his chariot towards the front. The sounds of "Vaazhga Lankeshwarar" echoed  from the army of demons as the largest, meanest and the strongest of them rode to the front as the first half light of dawn began to appear.  Ravan addressed the gathering saying that they were a mighty race and were never afraid of war and the bare handed monkeys and men don't stand a chance against the mighty demons with a variety of weapons and soccery.

The episode ends here.

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_Manpreet_ 0 765 01 May 2010 at 12:02pm by _Manpreet_
immsai 23 PK- New thread link posted on page 37!!

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Author: _Manpreet_   Replies: 292   Views: 47011

_Manpreet_ 292 47011 03 December 2009 at 7:01pm by _Manpreet_
Quizzie Quizzie - New Set Posted on Page 6

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Author: rojapoooo   Replies: 44   Views: 6488

rojapoooo 44 6488 05 November 2009 at 6:13pm by _Manpreet_
is nobody interested in Ramayanam here ??

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Author: jai sri ram   Replies: 41   Views: 4700

jai sri ram 41 4700 11 August 2009 at 10:17am by Vibhishna
Koffee with Anu - videos updates!!!

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Author: Aahaana   Replies: 24   Views: 34548

Aahaana 24 34548 25 July 2007 at 6:40am by Hosanna

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