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I'm waiting for the updates...  Take ur time..

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The episode started with Ahi and Mahi Ravan checking the offering to their Demon God.  They warn the demon soldiers that they should go and come back with their eyes closed. Ahi (or Mahi) Ravan gives a bunch of herbs (looks like dry roots) to one of them (whohad asked if the Demon God would speak and fell when Hanuman tripped him with his tail) and said that he should leave it near Ram and Lakshman. They all go in and Ahi andMahi Ravan call after them saying that no one should see what is going on inside.  

The one who doubts keeps the plate with the herbs near Ram and Lakshman and looks around wondering "No one had said that  the Patala Deivam will speak . . . "

Hanuman realising that he has to act fast shrinks and hits his eyes with the mace.

The demon runs out screaming, "My eyes!!! - my eysight is gone!!!"

Ahi and mahi ask him if he opened his eyes when inside.

 "Aam Maharaja..."

Ahiravan and Mahiravan look outraged. One of the priests say that it was his fault and the (Demon) God himself had taken away his eyesight because he dared doubt him.

This demon however keeps telling that something is fishy and there is someone behind it. But his pleas fall into deaf ears. Ahi and Mahi Ravan go away and the others follow himleaving this fellow lamenting behind.

Ram and Lakshman lie still in the demonic altar waiting to be woken up.

In Lanka, Ravan is . . .  erm . . . with Madodari.

"Lankaadhipathiye . . . . . "  And old voice calls to him.

Ravan is  irritated at being disturebed like this and turns to see who had interrupted him.

"Lankeshwarare . . . . ."  This time an old man (he looks like an astrologer) comes into the chamber.

"You are one who keeps track of time.  Don't you ever use the right time to come to a certain place? " Ravan's voice was stern.

"Forgive me, O King!"

Noticing his face, Mandodari asks why he looks so terrified.

The time keeper replies that time moves in a dangerously vague fasion.

"Why? What has happened?" asked Ravan. "Did that Ram and Lakshman come back from Patala Loka? Or did Surya Dev stop his regular pace?"

"That is happenning, my King. I looks like the Sun has stopped."

"Are you sure that you didn't consume too much alcohol?"

"No, Lankeshwar."

" Then how do you say that the Sun had stopped."

"My King, if you take a look at the instrument that shows time, you would get the answers for all confusions."

Ravan goes to the room in which the instrument was kept along with Mandodari and the time keeper.  An instrument that resembles a sandclock with some objects shaped like planets hung to it was in a dark room.  Sand w3as dripping down at a constant rate from the huge pot hung from the ceiling (I think).

"Why are you showing me this instrument now?"
Ravan asked.

"According to the calculations from the amount of sand that has fallen,  night should have started by now, my Lord."

Ravan laughs. "Night should have started? But the Sun has not set yet."

"That is what I wanted to tell you, Lankeshwar.  The Sun burns brightly in the sky but why does our instrument show that it is night time already? "

Ravan looks thoughtful. Mandodari is confused.  Both of them rush to the window nearby and look up into the sky. The Sun is still high up in the sky.

Mandodari says that the Sun is still high up in the sky.

Ravan remembers telling mandodari that the Sun looks as if he has stopped.

Indrajeet comes into the room with Shurpanakha. "Do you understand brother? Surya Dev has cheated us."

The Sun is still and bright in the sky.


An outraged Ravan shouts towards the Sun.

To be continued . . . . .

Coming up -

Meanwhile Hanuman keeps the herbs under Ram's and Lakshman's noses.  Their bodies starts glowing and they begin to stir.  At last the two brothers open their eyes. Hanuman is very happy. Both the warriors look up at the huge statue of the Demon God.  They immediately get up removing the garlands around their necks. Hanuman kneels down with palms joined together.

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Thanks Vibishna.. So they found out that SUN has stopped... But only earth revolvees around the sun right? I am confused...
They hand some Sand clock set up.. wow!! great...
Waiting for more..
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Part II - Ram and Lakshman wake up from their trance

Hanuman walks to the altar and keeps his mace down.  He picks up the herbs and keeps it under Lord Ram's nose and then under Lakshman's. Their bodies start glowing with a strange light which passes through them in waves and waves.  Ram and Lakshman begin to stir.  The light vanishes with a spark on their foreheads and they open their eyes and see a huge demonic statue before them.  They get up quickly and take off the garlands on their necks. Relieved, Hanuman kneels before them with his palms joined together.

Ram and Lakshman sit up and notice Hanuman before them.  

"Hanuman . . . " Ram looks questioningly at Hanuman.

" Surya Dev has risen?" Lakshman asks.

"The sun is going to set."  Ram and lakshman are shocked to hear this. Hanuman continues, "But I haven't given him permission."

"One day has gone?"

"What happened to the war?"

Ram and Lakshman question Hanuman in turns.

Hanuman replies, "The war will be waged, Lakshman ji. But before we got to Lanka, another war awaits us. But his time, we have to fight against the kings of Patala Loka, Ahi and Mahi Ravan."

"Hanuman, what are you saying? "

"Tell us what has happened."

Hanuman explains to both Ram and Lakshman all that had happened so far. The warriors of Ayodhya  listen intently to Bajrangbali's tale.  In the end, Hanuman bows down to them as if saying 'this is what happened.'

Ram and Lakshman get up and Ram embraces Hanuman overcome by emotion and says, "Hanuman . . . Endhanai kaatha Anjanai selvane . . .  Eppadi nandri kooruven!!!"

"Vendaam Prabhu. Bhakthane Bhagavankku nandri kooruvan. Bhagavan alla. "

Hanuman and Lakshman hug each other.

(This scene was so cute)

Ram praises Hanuman that the place his foot touches, all obstacles and evil will disappear and good will spread.

Hanuman tells Rama nd Lakshman that they have to go back to the Earth (Prithvi Loka) very soon. "Surya Dev has not set because he is waiting for you to get back.  Maybe Devi Sita too is waiting for the news that you have reached the Earthly plane safely, my Lord. "

"Hanuman, Ravan had used treachery to kidnap me here. Only after destroying that Ahi and Mahi Ravan, should we go back to the Earth."

"Those are my thoughts too, Prabhu."

Ram and Lakshman look at each other. Ram reaches forward with his right hand and Lakshman imitates his brother. As if they had reached a decision with an unspoken thought, eyes closed and arms outstretched, they summon forth their mighty bows.  Raising the bow with strong hands and eyes ablaze with fury and rage, Ram pulls his bowstring to the fartherest limit and lets go. A second later, Lakshman too does the same.  A storm rages in Patala Loka as if in response to Lord Ram's rage and everyone are affected by it.

Ahi, Mahi, Jambavan, Angad, Nal and Neel (the last four are in a different location) wonder what could have happened.

"Brother,  I think this is definitely the twang of a bow." Ahiravan tells his brother.

"This is not just the twang of the bow. It is the call/challenge for war, Angad." Jambavan tells Angad.

"Which enemy has dared to fight the Kings of Patala Loka?" An angry Mahiravan bursts out.

"Someone has decided to finish off Ahi and Mahiravan and hence they have called them for war." Nal/Neel tells his friends.  

"Not just someone. It is the roots of Sathya, Sri Ram.  It is the twang of the one who has come for the welfare of the Human kind." Jambavan explains.

"Who dares come with an army?" Asks Mahiravan. Ahiravan replies, " Chandrasena. She dared to spoil our sacrifice.  Perhaps she has called the Naaga Loka army for aid? Thunder and lightning lash out in the sky. "If she had done that, I would kill her this moment itself. "

Angad says, "If Hanuman had saved Prabhu Sri Ram and his brother Lakshman, the warriors will be coming forth with a victorious stride."

True to his words, Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman walk forwad with a sure steps and stand in front of the demon guards who were left behind outside the altar. Hanuman lifts up his mace and rests it on his shoulder.

The guards are astonished to find the captives (and their prasad of human flesh) alive and well. They lift their weapons and run forward. With a mighty roar, Hanuman bounds runs forward with energy shouting "JAI SRI RAM!!!"

Hanuman stops in front of the hordes of demons and looks at them. They all seem to be afraid of Hanuman. Hanuman looks at them all with an angry face. In unision the demons of the front rank attack with their weapons. Hanuman stops all of them with his mace. Lord Ram pulls out an arrow from his quiver. Lakshman draws out an arrow from his own quiver too.  Hanuman seems to be enjoying himself. All the demons are no match for Hanuman. With a mighty heave, he pushes them all back and they fall to the ground.  

One of the demons sushes at Hanuman with a mace and gets whacked nicely. Two more rush forward with thir weapons. Hanuman dodges one and attacks the other.  Attacking furiously, Hanuman dismisses these two as well.

All the demons rush towards Hanuman.

Ram takes aim and releases his arrow, quick as a flash. Lakshman too shoots an arrow at one of the demons.

The arrows find their marks and two demons fall dead on the ground.

Hanuman attacks in a flurry of blows so quick that he easily outmatches all those who attack him.

The sound of his blows are punctuated with the quick rain of arrows sent by Ram and Lakshman.

Hanuman dodges his enemies and attacks with full force.

More arrows rain down on the demons.

More blows fall on the demons.

Together the trio deal with all the demons in the place.

After the last one falls to the ground hit by Hanuman's mace, all three of them lower the weapons and survey the scene. Satisfied, they proceed from that place.

One of the demons on the ground, opens his eyes.  Staggering with pain, he gets up.

Ahi and Mahi Ravan walk towards the palace with long and quick strides and carrying huge swords.

"Paatal Arasarhale . . ." The wounded demon staggers up to them.  "We have been cheated. Hanuman has saved Ram and Lakshman." Ahi and Mahi Ravan are shocked to hear this.  Groaning with pain, the demon folds his hands, salutes his kings for one last time and falls to the ground.

"Sevahane!" Ahiravan calls out in shock.

Ram and Lakshman position themselves in front of the Rocky palace of Patala Loka.  In unision, they raise their bows.

Raamanum orumitha manadhinan aanaan

The pull back their bowstrings to its full extent.

Mamuni Dronar pol dhida manam kondaan

As Hanuman looks on, their eyes and arrows lock on to the target. The Raghukul brothers release their deadly arrows.

Arathinil ezhundhidum urudhiyum thunivum
Muhathinil vilangida arakar mun nindraar

Hanuman marvels at their might as the arrows fly swift and fly true to hit the target. Hanuman looks on proudly.

Kabadamum soozhchiyum niraindhidum arakar
Kallamum ullamum azhindhida seidhida

A portion of the palace bursts into flames and is destroyed. Stunned speechless by the destruction, Ahi and Mahi look at each other dumbfounded.

Karuthiley konda veeranaam, veeranaam
Thatpamaai kondaan thirumahan Raamanum

(I've given the lyrics of the song played in the background in a different colour. I couldn't omit the song - it was just too good.)

Hanuman's voice echoes through the place. "JAI SRI RAM"

"Brother Ahi! Come. Let us sacrifice that Ram and Lakshman in this battle field itself. "

"Let us not delay for this good deed any longer. Come on!.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan proceed furiously. 

Will post the rest tomorrow. I'm extremely sorry for the delay. I had some technical difficulties due to the weather.

Coming up . . . . .

Cackling madly,  Mahiravan throws the weapon at Ram and Lakshman. Ram shoots an arrow at this one. Ahiravan releases his weapon too.  Lakshman targets his with an arrow of his own.

Both these weapons are stopped mid-air and destroyed. Ahi and Mahiravan are stunned and screams out in frustration.

As the war rages on, Ram bests the two demons and shoots the arrows that bury themselves into Ahi and Mahiravan. When everyone are celebrating the victory, the honey bee creatures revive Ahi and Mahiravan.

Laughing sarcastically, they get up ready for battle.

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Bravo!! very beautiful Vibs, thank you!
Thumbs UpClapHug
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Originally posted by ananyacool

Bravo!! very beautiful Vibs, thank you!
Thumbs UpClapHug

Thank you very much Ananya HugHugHug

So nice to see you here.

Please do visit here often, put in your comments and share your knowledge with us.

I'll post the translations for the songs in this episode once I am done with the update.

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Part III - Ram and Lakshman Vs Ahi and Mahiravan:

"Paatala Arasar Ahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

"Patala Arasar Mahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

"Paatala Arasar Ahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

"Patala Arasar Mahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

A demon army shout out praises for their kings as they follow them into battle.

Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman walk forward with eas grace and face the army confidently.

Ram shifts the bow he was holding in his right hand to his left as if to say he is ready for battle.

"Paatala Arasar Ahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

"Patala Arasar Mahi Ravanar!" ----- "Vaazhga!"

The demon soldiers keep chanting.

"Soldiers! Go forth! Andha moovaraiyum uro theriyaamal aakungal!"

"It is because of them our sacrifice has not been victorious.  Kill them!"

Shouting madly, the demon soldiers rush forward.

"Jai Sri Ram!" Hanuman shouts out his mantra.

"Jai Sri Ram!" a response comes back from Jambavan who leads Angad, Nal and Neel bearing their maces ready to fight.

Surprised, Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman turn towards that voice and find Jambavan, Angad, Nal and Neel coming towards them.

"Prabhu, if all seven of us fight together, our enemies will surely fall." Hanuman says to Lord Ram.

"Jai Sri Ram!"  Motioning to them to come along, Hanuman goes forward to meet the demon hordes.

The four of them echo the Taraka Mantra and follow Hanuman.  Jambavan lets lose a mighty roar.

The demon army rushes madly at them all waving their weapons menacingly.

Four vanaras and one reeksha meet the huge army as they advance.

The onslaught of the demons are stopped by the terrific 5 warriors who fight for  justice. While Hanuman, Angad, Nal and Neel fight with their maces, Jambavan fights with his bare hands.

"Raama!" Ram faces Ahi and Mahiravan.  "If you are smart enough, survive this!"

Mahiravan flips the weapon and catches it as it falls.

Ram and Lakshman draw out their arrows and stand ready for battle.

Mahiravan's broad sword rushes towards Ram.

Quick as lightning, Ram releases an arrow.  

The weapons meet in mid air and Mahiravan's demon sword is blown apart and vanishes  in a cloud of smoke.

Both Ahiravan and Mahiravan look up with disbelief.

The sounds of  Hanuman's gada as he entertains the demon hordes ring through the battle field.

Ahiravan throws his sword at the scions of the Solar Race. Lakshman shoots his arrow at this weapon and it meets the same fate as the previous one. Ahi and Mahi cannot believe that their weapons did not even reached their targets.

Nal/Neel fights with the demons.

Ahi and Mahiravan summon forth two demonic weapons with their magic.

Cackling madly,  Mahiravan throws the weapon at Ram and Lakshman. Ram shoots an arrow at this one. Ahiravan releases his weapon too.  Lakshman targets his with an arrow of his own.

Both these weapons are stopped mid-air and destroyed. Ahi and Mahiravan are stunned and screams out in frustration.

Jambavan attacks the demons with his bare (bear) hands.  He stops the demon's attacks and slashes at him with his claws. The demon flails around unable to withstand the assault.  "Ennidame modhuhiraaya?" Another slash falls on the demon.  The demon falls as Jambavan laughs victoriously.

Ahi and Mahi make two bows appear and laugh madly again. (Honestly! Why do they have to laugh for everything they do?!?!?) Again they raise their hands and astras appear in a glow of light.  They laugh again looking at what they have produced. (Again...)

"No one can escape from Patala without defeating me," announces Mahiravan.

Ram and Lakshman face the demon brothers without even a trace of fear.

"We are going to offer both of you to the Patal Devta," says Ahiravan.

Ram's muscular hand reaches for an arrow in his quiver.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan aim their arrows carefully and let go of the bowsrtings. As the arrows rush through the air, Ram releases a single arrow that splits into two and destroys the demon astras.

"No!" Ahiravan's scream is heard sharply as Mahiravn stares at the spectacle in shock.

Angada, Nal and Neel are fighting the demon soldiers and demons fall back as the blows of the mace subdues them. Slash after slash from Jambavan's claws also leave their marks on the demon soldiers.

"Our yaaga may have failed but we wont fail in this battlefield." saying so, Mahiravan summons
an astra.

"Epitomes of Injustice! Cowards!!"

Stung by Ram's words, Ahiravan shouts,  "Raamaa!"

Ram steps forward and says to the demon kings of Patala, "We who came bearing the bows will face our enemies and destroy them and not stab at the back like you two. No brave warrior will make the snatch the enemy unconcious like you did. There is no difference between Ravan and you! You both are a disgrace for bravery and chivalry. No matter what yaaga the both of you perform, it will never be victorious. Upon the Demon God of the Underworld, I tell you, this is the end of you both. "

Lakshman joins his brother, "But our yaaga will be victorious. In our yaaga of bravery, we will make you the sacrifices."

Mahiravan grunts in rage.

As one Ram and Lakshman reach for their arrows.

Mahiravan takes aim while Ahiravan summons more power into his astra.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan release their arrows.

Again the Raghukul brothers release their arrows simultaneously and destroy the advancing astras.

Shock is plainly evident on Ahi and Mahi's faces.

Hanuman dexterously fights more demons dodging and hitting them with his mace. Four demons pounce on Hanuman. The others are all fighting busily. A fifth demon comes with a dreadful sword towards Hanuman as the other four try to hold him in place. With a mighty heave, Hanuman breaks free fromt he four demons and stop the sword of the fifth at the last moment and dismisses him by hitting him with his tail and his mace.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan are ready with two new arrows. Lakshman lifts his bow and arrow before him. As the arrow points to the sky, he closes his eyes and chants. Ahiravan and Mahiravan aim their weapons at him. Eyes ablaze, Lakshman targets their weapons and shoots his arrow. It splits into two and deprives the two demons of their bows.  Ahiravan and Mahiravan are no match four our heroes.

Angad and Nal/Neel fights back the demons.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan summon more demonic weapons and throw them towards Ram and Lakshman which are also reduced to dust and smoke by two well placed arrows of Ram and Lakshman.

Hanuman beats up more demons.

Ahiravan and Mahiravan make two more weapons appear out of thin air.  Ram and Lakshman are too quick for them. Two swift arrows dislodge the crowns from Ahi and Mahiravan's head.  Undaunted, they throw the weapons they have summoned on Ram and Lakshman.  Ram-Lakshman's arrows meet them mid air and they vanish into smoke and dust.

With an air of finality, Ram lifts his bow and arrow up and positioningit in front of him with the arrow pointing towards the sky. He closes his eyes and chants a sacred mantra.

Needhiyum nermaiyum arindhidaa arakkar
Ahi Mahi Raavanan aanavam azhithida
Needhiyum Nermana Veera  Raghuraamanum
Sathiya polivudan avar mun nindraar
Dhrohamum Krodhamum konda avar munnaal
Yaahamum Vehamum kondivar nindraar
Veenara aathiram kondavar munnaal
Gnyaana vairaakiyam kondivar nindraar

Ram opens his eyes and takes aim and releases his arrows. It splits into two and rushes towards Ahi and Mahiravan who are in the process of summoning forth more weapons.  The arrows rush forwards with unimaginable speed and burry themselves shaft-deep into Ahi and Mahiravan. Staggering with pain, they both fall to the ground. A slight smile plays on Lord Ram's face and Lakshman looks satisfied.

Hanuman, Jambavan, Angad, Nal, Neel come to Ram and Lakshman praising them.  Lakshman says that we have destroyed both the evil ones.

Strange little creatures fly towards the demon kings. The victorious seven and those remaining of the demon army watch in surprise. The little creatures fly away swiftly. Mahiravan and Ahiravan open their eyes much to the surprise of Ram and Lakshman. They get up laughing sarcastically, saying, "We are immortal. We cannot be destroyed. "

Everyone are stunned by this spectacle.

Coming up:

Hanuman remembers the Patala Queen Chandrasena saying that she knew the secret of how to kill the demons. Hanuman goes to her and asks for help. She is ready to help but will not agree to it unless her conditions are fulfilled.

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Vibish, what i sthis u r doing? trnalating Ramayan. I thought u r just doing the updates of the week's update. But u r giving the Ramayan in a similar manner as it can be read in books..
Thanks Vibish for the wonderful updates along with the song lyrics.. they are too good.. I missed this week too... Coz of some other work...
Ur updates are wonderful...
U describe scene be scene.. With flow of word... The words depict the scene in my mind... And the dialect used in the serial... that too u have given,.
No one can do this.. Great...

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