Happy Birthday *~ Roja akka~*

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The clock is ticking 12 soon...

well it has already for some while it hasnt for some depended on everyones destinationsWink


IF band is ready to sing and dance

But whose  birthday is it and that too on the Independece day...?Ermm

No need to break your heads...cause this person doesnt need any introductions...just simply by taking a look on the songs below you will figure out who that special someone is....Tongue

Kolangal..kolangal...Azhagana kolangal...
Kolangal..kolangal....Azhiyatha kolangal...

Penne Eluzhtu pudhu kolangal ezhuthu
Penne Eluzhtu pudhu kolangal ezhuthu(...)LOL

Boomikku arimugam pennala'
poovukku narumaanam pennale'anbana uravgal(...)LOL

ullam pesa thudipathu yellam...uthadhugal solvadhILlai
thadangalukku varunthugireansila vaarthaigal varavilLai
ninaithathaiyellam pesimudhithaal natpugal nilaipathilai(...)LOL


Photobucket hspace5 
I told you gusy will be piece of cake naWink....its none other than our very own Rose sisEmbarrassed who is our porumai thilagam who has the poruami to watch all those serial and update with her hilaroius commentsTongue
She is an absolutely crazy person with an even crazier personality and madness! LOLLOLLOL

You are a amazing CK writer, Its easy to make people cry, make them angry or upset but its difficult to make them laugh and not everyone can do that - but you are able to do that with your sense of humor - It may be a gift from GodTongue

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for always being there for me and all af us when ever we weeded you,
your a loving friend to have, caring sister and kool moderatorWink

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer....Happiness that stays
 throughout the year...Wishing your birthday brings all these and more!Hug

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Roja akka
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Roja akka
Happy birthday to you


Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born'
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person's need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you've done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

We wish you a happy birthday

We wish you a Happy Birthday
Whether we are near or far away miles
We are happy to come together
With all our great big smiles

We are bringing many wishes
Especially wrapped up for you
Wanting you to have very happy times
In the celebrations we do for you

For this party belongs to you
On this your own special day
May all your biggest wishes come true
For you in a very special way

Time for your giftEmbarrassed

Rosecake for our Rose sis since she is very caring and can bring a smile to anyones face like a roseEmbarrassed

Chocolate rosecakeEmbarrassed over to

My Dear Rojapoooo

I  just want to say, Happy Birthday
To you, my dear, dear friend
You have always been there for me
And our friendship will never end
We are miles apart but
True friends are always close to your heart
Whether you're turning five or fifty-three
You know that I'm a true friend because
I'm here, right now, on your special day
So lets give a cheer for you, hip, hip, hooray!
I look forward to enjoying our friendship for
many more of your birthdays.
You are really a lost and found friend for me!!
No matter what happens we will be friends for ever
Where are you now? I hear some damaaal!!!
Hey come on.....Am I that bad?
On this special day I may be miles apart from you
but my heart and my thoughts are always with you!
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For My Friend
On your birthday,
I wish for you the fulfillment
of all your fondest dreams.
I hope that for every candle
on your cake
you get a wonderful surprise.
I wish for you that
whatever you want most in life,
it comes to you,
just the way you imagined it,
or better.
I hope you get as much pleasure
from our friendship as I do.
I wish we were sisters,
so I could have known you
from the beginning.
I look forward to
enjoying our friendship
for many more of your birthdays.
I'm so glad you were born,
because you brighten my life
and fill it with joy.
Happy Birthday ROJA!
PartyPartyHappy Birthday Dear Roja akka PartyParty
Anbulla Roja Akka


Emathu Iniya Printhanaal nal vaazhthukkal Akka! 
May the day shine as bright as the sun...
as family and friends gather...
filling the day with fun-filled moments...
full of happiness, laughter, joy, love, and surprises!!!
May the same hold for the many years to come...
and bring prosper and ever lasting happiness Akka!!


Send this free Birthday eCard

Beautiful Happy Birthday
Martin Dejnicki

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I just want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions,
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You've always been there, when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
We wish you the best, without any delay.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a hug and kiss, we're ready to send.

Love, Aish

Dear Akka , Many more Happy returns of the Day !!

May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams ...

Wishing you all the best in the year to come ....

Many many happy returns of the day, Dear Roja akka
Vazhga valamudan

You make me smile even though we are miles apart.
My love for you comes straight from my heart.
Thottathil Roja pookkaL poothu kulunguvadhu pol
Un mugathil Siruppoo endrum poothu kulunga vendukiren/ vazthukiren.

HAPPY BIRTH DAY ROJA. GOD bless you & fulfill all your wishes

Long time Caryn haven't entered IF Lounge, but that doesn't mean, she doesn't know where things are.

Again, this year she sneaked into the Lounge, and stole Roja's baton.  Well, not stealing but more like borrowed without permission.  Smile  Caryn gathers all the IFians, and as Roja enters,

Quick girls................ ahh one ahh two ahh three

Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Rojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.................


P. S.  I have returned the baton back to the cupboard. 

I Wish our sweet and Strict akka a very Happy Birthday..

A few words about her..
Roja akka romba strict strcit strict..Wink
Roja akka updates panumbodhu thaniya comments panna thevaye illa.. She has the ability to make a serial a comedy track just by her updates..
She is very good entertainer, Affectionate, Caring and jovial person..
A great translator who translates all our tamil phrases to english..
In one of the FF, there was a character called Viji, a teacher, which I always related with Roja akka..

I wish Many more Happy Returns of this beautiful day to you.


May all the blessings of God be showered on you on the day and forever.

Wish u all prosperous years to come.

Not only me, I welcome our BCC team, Cave vaai and lage lage friends, Thollai, EK, Maddy, Krishnan, KB Sir and team, to join us in Wishing our commentator




A Wonderful Birthday
A Happy & Healthy Life
That's what you are
wished for today
and all years through!!

Star Happy Birthday to you Roja Akka  Star
And Many More Happy Returns.

Eclat went hunting for a beautiful rosecard..mean a birthday card for RP... and imagine bumping onto who.. but Thols.  Thols wanted to know why Eclat is searching for the best of humour cards, and once he got to know for whom the card was meant, piled on to wish RP.  He also wanted to give RP a birthday surprise.... while Eclat was driving, gnawing her teeth for this pileon... Thols oblivious to others' thollai kept making calls.


Eclat reached RP's favourite joint - the IF Lounge to find all the IFians in their best of moods... Eclat was happy to  wish RP but for this Thollai, who was waving his hand and hinting to a crowd that he was here... see.. who all are here... the tap under crowd, Vaathu, Gander and the whole battalion,  Moron & Company.. suddenly Eclat hears a hissing noise, jumping out of her wits she finds Hissy... with aathaa and veppillai and the whole crowd... oops!! what have we got here...

 Before the IFians could realise the happenings  Thollai waves the baton stolen from RP and the whole set starts singing...

Happy Birthday to you.. quack... quack...
Happy Birthday to you... hisss...hisss...
Happy Birthday dear Roja... damaal..dhadaam...
Happy Birthday to you... hehhhheeee

Wishing you many many more happy returns  Dear.... 


Pooveee Roja poovee...

IF-kkuLLe Nee(nga) vanthAi
Kalakkal updates Nee thanthAi
Poove, Roja poovee....
(Malarae kurinji malarae ...tune from the movie Dr.Siva) Wink

Comedy Queen Rojakkaa AvarkaLukku

En ithayam kanintha
PiranthaNaal NalvAzththukkaL!  Big smile  Hug

Enrum Anbudan

Supree  Smile

A Birthday Poem

Birthdays come and go each year,
Today is yours, so don't you fear.
Conversations fill the air,
We have joined you since we care.

Funny jokes and laughs out loud,
We will always be your crowd.
Many friends you haven't seen,
How long has it really been?

We shall dance all through the night,
Until our spirits are truly light.
Celebrate our dearest friend,
A birthday poem, we wish to send.

by Martin Dejnicki

Wishing you a great birthday, Roja, and may this year give you more and more ideas for crazy CK's.

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Rosa DesamKootam 1
The morning rays strike upon the moist grass.... light breeze makes a round around the Desam.  It is an empty sight at the streets of Loyala Kallori... yet so beautiful, flanked by tall flowering trees and a carpet of rose petals along the side walk on either side.  A lonely figure slowly walks along the side walk... the movements resemble that of a walking robot.  As the feet plant firmly against the soft petals, soft whimpering noises are heard....  that to be from the joints of the robot like man, who is invisible to the eyes!  
Sogathil Moozhgirupavan Yaar CryCryCry...?? 

Soon the sun dances its way up, and the rays shine into the eyes of the man.  As the screen zooms out, he is identified to be none other than the robot Dhilla of Alangolangal..


Dhilla chichunguching chichunguching... Dhilla..chichunguching chichunguching..

Kaalathal azhliyathathu Dhilla kaadhal!   
Evanathu vaazhkaiyo azhinthupona paadal!
 Kangalil nulainthaal oru devathai...
Evanukku Vaaithatho 7 1/2 sanniyane....
Pottuvittan saniyanai bhaniyanul ...
(writer's note: dear poets... maaf karo naa LOLLOL)
Yaar ivan kaadhal nayagi?
30 Varudangalukku munbaga... 30 years ago.....

Near Loyala kallori...

"Ka ka ka ka.. kalluri saalai.. ka ka kalluri saalai.." ...
many boys sing and dance as they sight adhuchufy gals.  Dancing among them is Dhilla, whose attention is stolen by a woman in a ksasangal selai, kattatha mudhi, kalainchirukkum pottu, and ennai vadiyara mugham.... he forgets to breath for a minute.... as the following song plays in his head....
Aval appadhi ondrum azhagillai...
Avalukku yaarum idai illai...
Aval appadhi ondrum colorillai..
Aanal athu oru kurai yillai...

Aval perithaai ondrum padikavillai...
Avalai padithean mudikavillai...
Aval uduthum udaigal pidikkavillai...
Irundhum gavanikka marakkavillai....

nananaanaa nanaana naananaana nanaanaa naananaaanaanaaaaaaa...
(writer's note: Na. Muthukumar sir... manichukonga Tongue!!!)
... and Dhilla goes into a dreamland. 
On the otherside of the street.... another man vettiya sits on the wall and notu vuttufies this woman as well.  He is none other than Poongavanam aka Poonga Maama of TMS.  He slowly makes his way upto the lady, as she prepares idhilis and vadais to sell.  In the pretext of buying a couple of rock like vadais, he asks for her good name.  Antha ponnu appadhiye looku vittu... "yeaaaann... illainna intha vadai ulle pogathoo?  hmm.. sari sari.. yen peru Bhagyam.. athan... TMS Bhagyam."  Poonga memorises her speech in his head and tries to play it as he walks backEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..... fortuntely forgetting to eat the hard rock like vadais. 
Paarvayil nuzhainthaal ival...
idhaya kadavai thiruanthu!
kaadhalil malarnthaan ivan....
 vaazhkai thunaiviyai kandu!
Kandathum mothala?
Vanthathu kaadhala?

Bhagyathin idayathai kollaikolabvan yaar...
Dhillava... Poongavaa?
Kaalam bhathil sollum...
(Writer's note: kavithai kavithai Ouch once again maaf karo LOLLOL)

On monday morning, Dhills gets ready stylishly in a flared bottom dress pants and a shirt... he combs his hair for the first time and rushes off to Loyala kallori vaasal.  He is in for a shock when he reaches there.... 
Dhilla sees a man go on his knees in front of Bhagyam.....
Yamma Bhagyom.. Naan theen Poongavanom.... Naan ithe solliye aaganum
hmm.. nee  rombha shokku pulle..
ithu eppadhi evlo azhaga oru.. chee...
hmm evlo azhagai paathirukka maataainga..
naanu onnai premikkuthu EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Munthinam paarthene... paarthathum thotrene..
Salladai kannaga.. nenjamum punnanathe...
ithanai naalaga... unnai naan paaramal
engu naan poonenoo...naatkalum veenaanathee...
(writer's note: Sorry VA song lovers EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)
Bhagyam is awed by the song... and eventually manathai parikoduthaal to none other than Poonga....  Intha ponnana nerathil, aazhangati (hail) mazhai pozhinthathu.... The love birds first flee the scene.... followed by the rest.  However a heartbroken Dhilla remains out in the rain.. trying to recollect what had just happened.  As the hails hit him, his joints feeze one by one... soon he becomes a robot man, what he is now!


Back to Present........
A lone tear rolls out of his eyes.... the usual mad gleam in the eyes are replaced with he thinks of his Bhagyam... uttering..

will he unite with his first love Bhagyam???

Rosa DesamKootam 2

Along the Marina Beach.... a man in azhukku shirt and unkempt looks, mogathilla vervai and ennai vadiya vaidya, scratches his head and skips across the sand.  Some of the tourists are amused by this person, and wonder who he is. 
yaar intha nabar?
A guide explains... "this manu iss ya very immsai... no no.. very thollai... seven years... viewers go kaandu kaandu... no relief.... then they givu aapu.. he become like this Wink." 
Nadanthathu yenna? 
2 years ago....
At the Marina beach... a man in black shirt with oily face and unkempt hair sits there.  Beside him is a beautiful homely lady... Both stare at the dancing waves... The man breaks the silence...
"Abhi.. Abhi.. intha azhaigalai paartheengala.... aalamana kadalila moozhgama... jollya midhanthu karaikku vandhu sernthudhuthu... manishanga mattum yean abhi soga kadalila moozhgiraanga!  hmm.. ithukkellam oru vazhi irukku... friends.  Intha ulagathila friends kedaikirathu rombha rombha kashtom... Aaana, naan rombha lucky!  Yenna ennaku oru aathma arthamana thozhi neenga kedachirukeenga... Ongalai naan kannum karuthuma paarthupean!  Idhu onga mela sathiyom sathiyom sathiyom!!!!!"  Ada...sollurathu yaaru theriyumillai..namma Tholze thaan Wink
Tholz continues... "abhi abhi... onga uyir thozhan pagathila irukeen.. neenga enna gumbinnu kedakureenga?" 
Aatha abhi breaks her silence... "Tholkaapiya.... neenga kadalaipoduratha niruthureengala??... ennaku rombha pasikkuthu.... ponga poyii.. sundhal vaangittu vaanga...!" 
"Ayoo Abhi ... naanaa?  Sundhala .. inge ?.. enge kidaikkum??" wonders Tholz.
Abhi replies "athu ennaku theriyaathu.... aana intha chinna othavi kooda unga aathma  arthamana thozhikku seyya maateengala?" 
Soul mate nnu keetathum.... Thols rushes off in search of sundhal.  A pair of eyes keenly observe his movments.... the mad gleam in the eyes deepen....
Minnal vegathil vanthanga.... Tholzin utchi mandaiyil potaanga....
Aahaa...yappa yaar intha punniyavaan??
"aathaaaaaa..." screetches Tholz and his eyes fall upon a newly married couple.   He slowly falls uttering the words "ennaku kalyaanammmm...." 
Back to Present........
The man in azhukku shirt and unkempt looks... is none other than Tholz.  He is enjoying his sundhal..... and as one notices closely they see a manjal kayuru hanging out of his pocket Shocked
On the other side of the beach, a lady in a peach sari walks along the soft sand... tears role down her eyes.... and her mind voice speaks... "vaazhaila ennaku kedatcha ore oru santhosam.... my aathma arathamana nanbhan Tholkapiyan thaan.... but en thorathishtam... he's become like this now...."  As she immerses in her thoughts, she forgets everything around her. 
A pair of eyes suddenly notice her.... the owner of the eyes, throws his pack of sundhal and takes out the manjal thaazhi and rushes towards her.. chanting.. "ennaku kalyanam... abhi abhi.. ennaku kalayanam...abhikooda ennaku kalyanam" 

Vazhai Meenukum Vilangu meenukum kalyanam
Antha thenakuni kootamellam oorvolam
Antha nadu kadalil nadakuthaiya thirumanam
Angu asara kodi aalukelam kummalam

Oh o oh ....oh o oh ........

Kalyanama Kalyanam kalyanama kalyanam
Kalyanama Kalyanam kalyanama kalyanam

Abhi sees Tholai charging at her... with a thaali in his hand.  Her eyes pop out.. no second thought.... and runs faster than B.T. Usha.

Abhiyin gathi yenna? 
Sorry for the delay EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... we'll def. update the remainder soon Smile

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Rosa DesamKootam 3
coming up next...... day of celebration.... August 15th, 2009.... a special guest arrives to entertain the mass...
who is this special guest? or shall i say special guests?  what happens to Abhi... and where is Bhagyam and Poonga Wink...
Will be up by tomorrow EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

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Uffffff Independance day is Rojapoooo's birthday?
How many candles are you lighting Roja? It's late night and time for Jagdu to start the celebration. Okay, where's the party?
If there is any single person on this planet who has command of all the tamil and English parimozhi's it is Roja. Maddie Roja,, with the gleam in her eyes. One always looks forward to the analysis and fun poking like nobody's business from Roja. One needs to open a dictionary to find all the names to all the characters. Has anyone compiled a list? Roja's brought a metamorphosis to IF tamil forums. The way she motivates all the updaters is sheer mystery to all, but one heck of a job.
Let's raise our glasses to this icon.
jasunap IF-Sizzlerz

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to roja, the true spirit of IF TAMIL SECTIONS




AND THIS ONCE LET ME DO THE HONOURS AND CONDUCT FOR YOU..........baton in hand...eyes closed...
Happy Birth Day to you
Happy Birth day to you
Happy Birth Day dear ROJ
Happy Birth Day to you.

May God bless you
May God bless you
May God bless you dear ROJ
Happy Birth Day to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
bjda Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2009 at 10:51am | IP Logged
happy bthday!!!
raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2009 at 10:59am | IP Logged
                                                                                                              fbf31a6c82c0d3e078d3f68414166f5439.gif Happy Birthday image by bards28
A Gift from ur best buddy thols.....Roja madam pls save my whole kolangal serial in this new golden computer.So whenever u want to watch this EPIC.. and also a watch from Ek,so that u can watch our shows at correct time.
                 Oh Cool cool Akka,neenga nalla serial partha dhanae naanga ungaloda CK enjoy panna mudiyumLOL...OK,Come..Have some cake,chocolates,icecream and gifts

Edited by shreenithi - 16 August 2009 at 4:28am
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My dearest Cyber family, thanks a lot to all of you - will
come back and post in detail - feels good to be wanted -
should be comparatively free from tomorrow evening - just
wanted to say a quick thank you - love u all

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