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Contract Marriage5[AR]*Part33 pg18 5thmarch*

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Hey Guys, I  don't know what to say now. It had been a great journey with this Fanfic and you all guys. I Hope that this will be last thread that i will make for this fiction, [~~i will make sure that it is this time!!LOLWink]
Thanks you all for loving it.

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Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Part 31

Morning rays entered into their room and stroked her face making her stir in her sleep, her head buried deep in her pillow deep; she groans being disturbed in her sleep then slightly opening her eyes she let herself oblivious with her surroundings. A smile came on her lips as she saw his figure next to her. He was getting handsome day by day and it was becoming so difficult for her to control herself around with him now, every time he is around her, her body deceives her.  Their had been many ups and down in their relationship in these past five months but they had thrived it along quite well. She let out a 'sigh' as she sees him turn towards her, and his head buried in her neck curve, his hot breath caress her cold skin. It wasn't anything strange for her now, This was the every day story now of getting cuddled to each other, often they found themselves so close that they were used to it and were oblivious of this fact.  She closes her eyes as that similar sensation grips her again. She was so helpless around him and she just cant do anything about it. She knew she was dealing with fire here but little she can do about it??   Absolutely nothing!!

These past five months had been the best time of her life when she had realized her love for him, when her love had strengthened for him crossing all the bounds but everything was not as easy, 'life is always filled with hardships' she knew it and it had been there for her too but she had thrived it quite well. Her eyes reached for him again. She was scared now, scared to loose him, scared to be left alone, that was the main reason why she was finding it hard to tell him that she loves him, there was a fear deep down in her heart, a fear that "what if he doesn't love her??" . She knew that this fire of love inside her will burn her, it would hurt her but she was ready to get Hurt. She was ready if she would get Hurt in 'Love.....'

She could hardly do anything as her heart just follows him, as her heart just desires for him. she raises her hands and make its way up to his face and caresses her cheeks ever so lightly. She abruptly pulls her hands back seeing him stir, a smile appears across his lips feeling his hands caresses him. Riddhima looks away from him not wanting him to get obvious of her condition.     'Love has no bound.....' She knows that she loves him and while loving him she doesn't cares if he doesn't feel same about her. She had resisted him many a times but what could she do when her heart has deceived her at every moment and it had accepted him with all its belief.

"Armaan get up!!" She called him. She got up from the bed removing the covers from her fragile body.  "Armaan get up fast! i am going to fresh up. We would be late for the meeting with Mr Shergill."

"Hmmmm",  Armaan moans and goes back to sleep pulling the comforter over his face. 'Koi bhi mujhe sone nahi deta!!' He groans.

"Let me sleep Tweety!" He groans, she smiles seeing him cuddle near her, being there with him felt so good to her.

"Hey don't call me tweety! You Turtle!!" She stomps on bed hearing him call her names, her hand on her waist, nostrils flared. She groans and pounces on him hitting her fist on his chest.

Armaan feels her hitting him, he grips her in his strong arm and pins her down on bed. He looks into her eyes which were closed with fear, her heart beating fast. Armaan smiles through corner of his lips raising his hands he caresses her cheeks which instantly turns red with the contact. It was so oblivious to them to be like this, yes it was true that they had not confessed their love for each other but there heart knew it.

Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at him who stares back not bothered, "Armaan leave me??" She whispers to him, her heart thudding hard from the proximity that they were sharing.

Armaan pins her hair back to her ear seeing them falling on her face and smiles teasingly at her, "Why??" He smiles teasingly. "I want to get fresh" She tells him but frowns seeing him not react but smile.

She wonders whats wrong with him? "So??" Armaan asks her in teasing tone again holding her tight.

 "and We will be late." she tells him hauntingly again moving away from him seeing him inching close to her face, she frowns "What is he doing? is he going to kiss me?" she moves her head back more away from him stretching it.

Armaan laughs seeing her move, She groans. why does he always teases me like this? she wonders irritatingly. "You Turtle!" she stomps her fist on his chest and kicks him hard getting out of his hold. Armaan laughs seeing her storm into bathroom flaring in anger.

Riddhima emerges from the bathroom and groans seeing armaan still on the bed. "Armaan! Get up from the bed or i will kick you Down!"  she musters irritated.

Armaan opens his eyes and was blessed with the most pragmatic image in front of his eyes. He looks at riddhima completely smitten by her, who has  just emerged  out of the bathroom with her hairs wet draped around her slender neck. He felt heat rose up through his veins, blood rush fast, only he knew how he had controlled himself from doing anything stupid with her at that time. This is how his morning always started, Her beautiful face was the first thing that he used to see every morning and he wanted to live just like this. He was in love with that face, with her image, with her profile, with her innocence more over with her Riddhima!!. The way she used to carry herself with has always irked him. How much he had yearned to hold her in his strong arms, How much he had carved to tell her that  he loves her but there was always a fear in his mind because of which he had always stopped himself before he would do something. He didn't wanted this thing to move further, He was scared. He was scared to face her rejection. He had made himself believe that she was not his but a part inside him always deceived her.

He bored his eyes into her for a brief moment before he was startled by her voice, "Armaan?? You are still here! You know what? If we are late again then i will not leave you.....Don't you know Abhi would be waiting there for us?" She asked him irritated by his laziness.

Armaan groaned irritated, "Why does she needs to bring out his name here? Argggh i just hate that Man"He muttered and got up from the bed moving the comforter off his body and looked at riddhima, she was wearing red colored sari with halter neck blouse. He could see water droplets still on her face, he went near riddhima. He saw water dripping from her hairs trailing down her neck making a line, he had a deep urge to suck them up but he controlled himself before he can do something stupid. He just stood behind her looking at her. She was princess, there was enormous love in his eyes for her but with that love there was a feeling of being scared, scared to get deceived, to get rejected. He just gave in to the feeling 'can't she be his!!  can't she??'

Riddhima looked up at him standing behind her startled by the proximity, she stared in to his eyes, 'There it is again!! What is that??'  she asked herself confused. 'It always leaves her lost!......what is it in there in those heavenly eyes?....... Why do i feel like he wants to say something?........ What is there in his eyes?......... and where does it gets vanish? ......Where??'   From the past few month the love that she had for him had developed more, she was now head over heels in love with him but was he in love with him too?? She knew the answer somewhere and she was scared to accept it. She was scared.

Armaan came behind her taking the aroma of fresh fragrance of her perfume which was enlightening his senses, he closes his eyes in despair and tells himself,"OOH i Love her so much!"

Riddhima gasped as she felt him behind her, his body brushing against  hers sensuously, she tried to calm her enlightened senses, her heart thudding vibrantly. she looked into his eyes again. That same emotion was visible again. 'What are you doing armaan??'

Armaan jerked coming back to earth, he smiled mischievously ' Nothing Mrs Mallik! Just looking at my gorgeous wife.' He whispered into her ear sensuously. 

'Arggg, maine bola hai naa? mujhe mrs mallik mat bulao!' she groans, ' Dont call me mrs mallik. it appears so old fashioned. Do i look like a lady of 50 or 60's to you?'  she muttered unpleased by his teasing.

Riddhima felt a chill run down her spine as soon as his hot breath kissed her insides, she closes her eyes for a moment then opening it again and bored it into his hazel ones getting drowned in that emotion in his eyes which she couldn't recognize, she bends resting her head on his chest in the flow of the moment, They were so much into each other. It was not for the first time they were behaving like this, it had happened numerous time when they have just gotten molded into one another, "Armaan" A Hoarse whisper escapes her quivering lips.  "Armaan tum peeche hatoge??" she asked getting a grip over her.

" Kyun?? " He asked her in mischievous tone moving his hands through her hairs caressing them.

"Kyun ki! hmmm..." she wondered, why was she telling him to get back? Didn't she wanted him there?........ooh no she didnt! If he will stay behind her for even a moment she would fall down as her knees were going week .

      "Hmmm Kyunki i am getting late , mujhe office jana hai" She turned and pushed him back making him fall on bed. They behaved as if they were in so much love.

"Kya yaar? Aab kya mein Romance bhi nahi kar sakta apni patni see" He muttered falling on bed.

"Ooh!! You want to romance with your wife huh??" she asked him tauntingly, "Then go and find someone else!! This wife isn't ready for it. Now come-on and get ready fast, i don't want to keep him wait for us." she said to him finishing her make-up.

Armaan groaned irritated, That Damn man! Why cant he leave away from us then he grimaced , 'But i need you riddhima! How can i look for someone else?' He went to washroom.


Armaan and riddhima both left for office after having breakfast in the same car. Yes they left together as Mallik's and gupta industries was collaborated now, merged into MG Group of companies which was managed in  co-ordinance with Armaan and riddhima. Rahul and muskaan had also joined MG Groups. Their relationship was going on quite well. They were very much in love with each other.

"Hi gorgeous" Riddhima looked at man in front of her and she broke into smile."Hi abhi" riddhima answered cheerfully. Armaan's brow twisted in fury, How dare he call her that? Huh? He was burning in anger, he didn't liked this man one bit. He had a reason for it as he always uses to flirt with riddhima and she enjoyed it too and one thing that irked him more then this was riddhima talking about him constantly. "Hey Armaan!"

Abhimanyu shergil was the owner of shergill enterprise with whom GM group was doing their project. In these past three month he had became good friend of them all. "Hey Handsome!" Answered riddhima.

Armaan mocked him shaking his hand too, 'Handsome??'  Armaan gave her a look which she returned, she didn't knew what was wrong with him but she had a feeling that he didn't like Abhi or maybe he was some what jealous with abhi. she smiled from the corner of her eyes, 'jealous'

Abhi looked at riddhima, "Ooh riddhima! Did anyone tell you that you are looking gorgeous today in this sari." He asked her walking with them. Armaan fumed hearing them. He didn't like one bit when ever abhi acts like this.

Riddhima looked at armaan from corner of her eye and smiled as she saw him reddening in anger, she was enjoying this from the past few days, "Thanks Abhi! Thats so nice of you. NAhi toh kuch logo ko toh yaha tarif karna bhi nahi aata!' " She said looking sideways at armaan who looked at her in shock. Abhi smiled, 'Kuch log??" He looked at armaan and beamed and bent a little on him whispering, "Armaan that is not good!?! Don't you know you should always praise a lady that she is looking hotter then katrina kaif, sweeter then priyanka and sexier then britney Huh?? ! "

"Argghh" Armaan grunted to himself, His nerve to act like that! What does he think of himself. He is telling me to praise my wife.? He groaned then looked at riddhima who was smiling teasingly. He wanted to break his neck right away but he controlled.

"Abhi?  let it be yaar." Riddhima shushed him and went to abhi looking from the corner of her eyes at armaan who was fuming at two, she was enjoying these game. It was so much fun to see him getting jealous. 

"Hey armaan??" Armaan turned and looked at nikki coming to him, he smiled instantly. "Hey nikkie" He took her into hug pressing her tight against him and then looked at riddhima who flared in anger. He smiled.

"So all set??" He asked her, It was her presentation for the report of the project they were dealing with, Yes she was also working with them.

"Yes Baby!!" She smiled feeling extremely happy to get his attention. Riddhima flared and guided her hands into abhi's arm instantly.

"Ooh....YOu are looking too Hot nikkie!" He said to her pulling her to him. Riddhima flared looking at him holding nikkie and praising her. "Nutter!" she muttered to herself huffing 'Kya samajhta hai apne aap ko?'   'You are looking hot nikkie!" She mocked him making faces to herself burning in anger. "Hot my foot!" she stomps her foot which falls on abhi' s feet making him groan in pain

Armaan laughs hearing his moaning voice, he had seen her getting red when he had praised nikkie and it gave him some mental pleasure. He knew Jealousy is the prime tool and he was loving the game now when she in receiving end .

"What happened riddhima?" Nikkie looked at her mockingly, 'is everything alright?'she laughs holding Armaan still with her right hand.

"Hmmmp" She groans in anger.

They entered into conference room together. "Hey bhai!" Rahul greeted armaan and smiled seeing him. She looked at armaan and riddhima both coming with nikkie and abhi. He smiled to himself looking at muskaan who chuckled back.

"Aaj phir se?? What is wrong with them both??" Rahul asks muskaan looking at them, anyone could see what they were trying to do. This was the scene most of the times.

"God help them!" Muskaan sighed chuckling with rahul.

They all settled down into conference room, Armaan was still looking at riddhima who was not even looking at him but was busy with abhi, "So if your crap is finished? can we discuss the report? Huh?" Armaan asked irritated. Riddhima flared at him.

Nikkie was Presenting the budget estimate and here riddhima was engrossed in herself,  when her phone buzzed making her jerk. she looked at it, her brows furrowed after reading. "Aaj tum red mein bahut hi sundar lag rahit hoo Riddhima!" she smiled instantly after reading it.

 'Pagal!' she muttered to herself, 'Ekdam pagal hai, pehle jhagda karta hai phir....... !' she smiled to herself then looked at armaan who was not looking at her. 'Dekho aab kaise bhav kha raha hai!' she made some faces to herself.

She frowned as something caught her eyes and she looked at the sending number which displayed 'Private number'. This thrilled her. '''Private number??" She wondered looking at it, How could it be private number? Is he using some other phone to scare me?. she looked at armaan again who looked at her this time  weirdly and riddhima eyes him in scrutiny.  Armaan looks susceptible then removes his eyes off her and looks at Nikkie which flares up riddhima again.

Riddhima was looking at Nikkiee, her eyes bored at her, what was there in her? that he was staring at her so much? She could find none, she was burning from inside after that incident outside. she rosed from her seat in anger"Nikkie?? Do you think this cost is feasible?"

Nikkie looked at her weirdly, "Yes riddhima!!" She answeres back, Armaan looks at riddhima, 'whats wrong with her?'

"Are you mad?" She flared at her, "How can you think that we would be able to complete this project in such a less cost." She said to her flaring, burning from inside.

"Riddhima?? What are you talking about? It is alright.  I Have checked it personally." He answered to riddhima. Riddhima looked at armaan in anger then to everyone who was looking back at her, then she realized what she had done, she huffed and sat back on her seat embarrassed .

Riddhima looks at armaan burning, She was burning from inside as he was supporting that nikkie. They all talked regarding the project on which they were working, finally after finishing their work they left the conference room.



Armaan looked at his watch, it showed 6 pm. He was sitting in his cabin reading the file again and again wondering what should be done. His mind was drifting back to riddhima again and again thinking about her constantly, 'What was wrong with her today!' He thought to himself, she was behaving so weirdly. Weirdly?? Huh? He laughed. How could it be? This is what happens all the time. How could she do this to me?   she was flirting with that Abhi!! He groaned hard to himself slamming his fist against the table. How long are we going to do this?

 "Why do i act like this to her?? Why?? He wondered, What is wrong with me? He took receiver and dialed a number and talked for some time andafter keeping the phone down he buzzed Riddhima.


"Aah that smile Riddhima!!" She looked at him laughing finding it really hard to control herself now,  "Please!! Have some Sympathy on me! How could i control when some one would give me that million dollar smile to me!"  He said to her.

"Yeah i know that, many men have said that to me!", She answered him back.

Abhi took her pallu in his hand rolling it in his finger, Riddhima looks at her pallu in his hand and groans, 'Abhi!! Will you stop that? Huh?' She said to him laughing, He was gem of a man. They had gotten quite well with each other from the moment they were handling that Project. She liked Abhi, He was sweet. Yes he was flirty but she didn't mind, even she believed it is fun in flirting.

"Stop what riddhima??" He asked her innocently. Riddhima started at her and glared, "Stop flirting with me!" She shouted at him.

"Ooh So i am flirting with you?" He asked her in a teasing tone.  "Yes you are!" She answered back then she saw her getting buzzed. she looked at the name and saw its Armaan. she groans.

"So? what do you say huh?? Cofeee!!" He asked her holding his hands out for her. Riddhima looked at his hands outstretched.

"You carry on, i will join you there!" She said to him and went towards Armaans cabin.


Riddhima entered his cabin and looked at armaan who was engrossed in the file. she looked at him strangely.

"Armaan?? Did you call me?" Armaan looks up at him, It was not like he didn't saw her enter, he didn't wanted even to see her enter he could feel it but he didn't looked up as he was so much engrossed in file.

"Ooh Yes sit down!" He said to her then keeping the file aside he looks at her. She looked pale. He could see it from her face. 'Why was it?'

"Riddhima?? What was that in the conference? Why did you shout at nikkie?" He asked her.

Riddhima shot a look at him, "Nikkie??" she told herself , He wanted to defend her and  shout at me?? Did he??

"I Felt like shouting! so i did!" she answered and looked at him and saw him waiting for her to continue...

'i felt it was not feasible." She said to him. she didn't wanted to tell him the reason for her outbreak. "How could it be possible Riddhima? We had discussed this report last night when we had approved that cost will be 1500 crs which was close to her figure then?" He asked her and saw her not answer. He sighed "What is up with her!"

"Let it be! Will you have a coffee?" He asked her.

Riddhima looked at him strangely, coffee?? She wanted to go desperately, why wont she? Who would loose a chance to have some quality time with the person they love? but then how could she go too?? She groans, i will not go with him.
Not after what he had done to me today, His nerve to ask me that!  "I have some work. You carry on and now if you are finished with this then can i leave?" She said to him.

Armaan looked at her open mouthed, she turned him down! He was depressed. "Work??" He whispered.

Riddhima heard it, "Yes i have some!" 

"Okkk i will wait for some time, let us have some coffee and then we could leave together., He wanted to spend some time with her, He knew today's day was not so good. 

"Mujhe time lagega, you carry on, i will come by myself. !" she came out of the room, then closing the door she wondered......' why she turned his offer down' , she thought to herself, was i fool?? Thik hai i know he acted little insane today but that was not at all good, the way i acted with him was not cool.  How would he feel? she wondered but then she saw Nikkie enter his cabin all her confusion dried down and anger took over.

Armaan left the cabin, his mind wondering about riddhima, What was wrong with him today? He decided to talk to her patiently tonight. He was walking along cafeteria leaving for home when something caught his eyes, He groaned in anger, "How could she do this to me??"

"He couldn't believe it!" That hurt him! He went front there after hearing loud laugh. There was riddhima and Abhi sitting in cafeteria having coffee.

"Bye abhi, i have come work you carry on!" She said to him and walked toward her cabin.


Riddhima was sitting in her cabin, she was busy reading a file her hands on her forehead pressing her temple, she was having headache, How wont she? She had fought with him and it was bound to happen now. She massages her forehead, feeling nauseating suddenly she removes some pins from her hairs and lets them fall down on her shoulder and starts working again, when her phone rings, she picks it up. "Hello??"

".............................." Riddhima furrows, "Who is it? Hello!!" She speaks again then a voice appears out of it.

No voice came! she frowns then looks at the number but it showed Private number. she wondered who could it be? then drifting her mind off that she started to work again.

"Thud" She heard a loud noise  which made her look up, her eyes caught something that was kept in the desk just close to the door which was open, a smile comes to her lips as she saw it, There was a Flower bouquet containing red and white flowers of Rose and Lilly and orchids.

Riddhima gets up from her seat and reaches out for the bouquet, taking the bouquet in her hand she takes its aroma in which makes her smile. It smelt so good. Flowers!! They were her week point. She just loved them. IT was appearing so beautiful, her eyes caught something kept in the bouquet.

".........................Red aappar bahut suit karta hai! Aap red hi kapde pehna kariye! Aur haan Aap khule baloon mein jyada aache dekhte hai! Dont prison them into that irritating bun. Let them free. Like Yourselves!
Hugs and kisses..................."

She read it, Her eyes wide with shock, admiration, confusion What was that? She wondered, her heart beating fast. Who could it be? Only one name came to her mind which spreads a smile across her lips, 'How sweet!'

"Yeh bhi naa??" She just loved it. "Armaan" she whispered to herself. 'Thanks'  . She opened her drover and took out his photo and started at it then caressing his face, she whispered, "I am sorry for today!" Mujhe pata hai mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha! But what can i do? I just cant take it when i see you with that bitch." she groans to herself then curses herself too for her act, "How could i have done it."

"Ohhh God i am so bad!" She looked at the flowers in awe, I will make it up to him at home.  she closed the file, it was hard for her to be there now, Her heart was thudding fast. How insane i was to not accept his offer?. OOh i acted so rude with him and look at him?!?

She left form the cabin and what she saw left her thrilled, in front of her eyes was a huge Teddy bear, She chided in awe looking at it. "Ohhhhh So cuttttteeeee" She said to herself then moving toward it shewelcomed it  with open arms ….. she smiles a little at the look of it, she was so fond of Teddy and it really meant a world to her that he was doing all this for her. She smiled a tear escaping her eyes. She walks towards it…picking up the note lying next to it….

"A Bear for the sweet Lady of my life!"  She smiles now…. "Yeh Armaan bhi na….."
She takes the teddy bear into her arms and cuddles it moving out  and the person standing on the other side of the corridor sees this with his devious smile back on his face, feeling a chill down his spine and a thrill in his heart as though, she had hugged not the Teddy Bear but him…. He grins a silly grin…

A Buzz of her mobile rocked her up as she jerked, "Riddhima??" A voice came from the other end. It was a hoarse voice. she was in parking lot.

"Yes who is it?" She asked packing up.

"..............."Bouquet kaisa tha?? You liked it naa? Mujhe pata tha tumhe aacha lagega! aur Mujhe bahut aacha laga jab tum khush hui......Do you like teddy bear? Kaash mein bhi........... "

The line went dead, Riddhima stood there numb. Bouquet?? She whispered, her eyes wide in horror. who was it? She asked herself panicky.   she looked at the number which scared her more. "Unknown number"   Worked up she looked here and there, there was no one there but something said her that it was not right. This was not armaan who was doing it. Who could it be?? Who?? She wondered.

This is certainly not Armaan!

She walked fast. she was sweating and panting badly, scared after what had happened, It was not armaan who was doing this then who??' she wondered. Who???

All made sense, those private nos.....Then she stops as she hears some noise, She turns back her heart thudding wild, everything came back to her right from morning, Those blank calls, those flowers, teddies they were not given by armaan and this scared her. she tries to get her breathing normal, she hears a faint noise was some foot steps....she instantly jerks her head and leaps to her feet to see what was the noise about..she scans the area... nothing...nothing but the quietness of an night..suddenly her sixth sense jolts her.. something is not right..she gets the oddest feeling that she is being watched... it creeps her like a dark ugly matter how hard she tries she cant shake the feeling...her breathing becomes fast...Yes someone was keeping track on her. This horrified her. Someone was there so close to her in office who was seeing her every move, This scared her more. How could this be possible?? How?? She felt so vulnerable, her heart was beating at double pace. She moved toward her car when she hears some more noises.

"Who is it?? Kaun hai waha? Samne kyun nahi aate?" She looked for anyone there but no one was there, Was she dreaming? was she! She had strange feeling that someone was there definitely.

 She was really scared now, What was happening with her? One thing she desperately needed at this moment was Armaan. Where was he? where?   "Armaan " she whispered to herself restless, "I should have gone with armaan, Why did i wait!" she cursed herself for her foolishness. Her forehead was full of sweat, she was sweating profusely.

She looked around the lot, gifts still in her hands as her eyes reached it she instantly throws them on ground, Detesting it now, She couldn't believe anyone could do all this. She hugs herself scared, finally she convinces herself that she was hallucinating something. It was just the incident of the day that was making her think all this strange things. No one was there. She moved again when she stopped abruptly as she was just about to reach the parking lot....when she felt someone call her name,  'Riddhima'   It was a hoarse whisper which made her shiver. She looked frantic What was that? she turned back again and found his body colliding with a Broad frame. Her eyes wide in horror.

She looked in front, her eyes wide in shock, there was someone standing so close to her but she couldn't see the face as there was pitch darkness surrounding in the room.
she gasped as she felt a hand brush her waist. She flinched absolutely frenzied. she froze.  'who is it!' she felt a body behind her making her shiver. 'Armaan' she cried out as someone caught her from her waist hard..she struggled, but all her struggle was in vain as she was pounced against the wall.....she closed her eyes in fear, in shock of sudden turnout of the events....slowly she opened them froze.



Here is the big part, i hope it is proper as i have not even looked at it how it is appearing. No timer atall. I am yawning but wanted to update this one today. Its 2 Am so pms will be done soon.

Do read it and reply guys, Do you feel story is lacking anything. There are hardly any replies and many have not been reading the story. It really discourages me too much. Yeah i know it is long time i am updating but i miss lot of them here.

Do read the part and tell me how do you like the change.

Hope to see better response this time or i would be really sad, Cry Last few parts have lacked responses. if it remains same then i would see to conclude story in few parts now, picking up the pace. i think it is becoming too long which is why readers are drifting away.
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Promo for a while
She had woked him up and asked "Armaan why do you smile whenever you are in sleep haan??" 

Armaan looked at her confused at her sudden question then smiled again.

"Bolo naa armaan? Tum haste kyun ho!!"  She asked in his slumber.

"Because i always have a dream while i sleep." He answered being short noting not to reveal much.

"I Knew you were like this. DISGUSTING Only you could be dreaming of something like that.....!!!!" She made a disgusted face and got off him

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reserved for updates~~~

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