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PR- FULL Written + Vid/Pix Update - August 12th

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Posted: 12 August 2009 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

Written Update For Wednesday, August 12th , 2009

Video + Pics Update (Magnificient):

By: Navii - Hope you guys enjoy! For Any Info On The Episode PM Me!


Manav's Uncle says," I respect you're decision daughter". [ Archana looks down/ Manav's Uncle looks at the Mangulsutra and slowly walks towards it ] [ Manav's Uncle is going to pick up the Mangalsutra / Archana is looking tense { Sulochana see's this and is shocked} Manav's Uncle Looks At Archana ] Sulochana says," Stop!". [ Everyone Looks At Sulochana  and Are Shocked ] [ Manav's Uncle stops and doesn't pick it up ] [ Sulochana walks towards Archana and looks her in the eyes / Sulochana's Eyes get watery she is about to Cry ]  Sulochana says," My Archana, came into my life 25 years ago. And, slowly, slowly, became my life. I always wanted to have a daughter , and that's why when after Vinod when she came I was very happy. Maybe, that's why she is so special for me. But, when [ She Grabs Archana's Hand ] she left her education for me. It became another special thing for me. What haven't you done for me? When I wasn't able to carry this house on my shoulders. Then, you came forward and took over all the responsibilities. You had dreams too become educated and too become something. But, infront for this house's needs you sacrificed you're dreams. And, that is a very special thing for me. There are alot of names for degrees but, they don't teach a person how to live for others. You without education passed that test. And, with you're goodness. My expectations kept growing. I always thought it doesn't matter if my daughter isn't educated, she doesn't make money but, there will be some boy in this world who understands you! Who won't care about you're degrees but, you're goodness. My Archana has all the things to make a good wife! I was wrong. You know Archana. I always had a dream. After marriage, Varsha, Vaishali and You would come here with her husband's. And, I never wanted you to feel like you didn't get a good husband because of you're mother. That's why when ever a good proposal would come. I would think Ganpati Bapa has listened to my prayers. When ever the proposal would break. I used to think Ganpati Bapa must have something else in mind for you that is even better. Then one day, I got tricked and got you married. After the marriage, I found out that the boy was not a Engineer but, a Mechanic! I lost hope! I wen't so far that I broke my relationship with god. I did that not because of me. It was because of Archana. I couldn't see her broken. I kept asking the same question over and over again. Why with my Archana? But, Today I got the answer!


Sulochana continues," Archana, took off her mangulsutra because she couldn't see me upset. But, I know Archana considers her self married. She considers Manav her husband. If it weren't like that she woudn't have kept a fast for Manav or get scared after loosing her Mangalsutra. I'm telling the truth right? [ She looks at Archana ] We can want, what we want. But, what god wants that is what happens. Maybe, god has made Archana and Manav's pair from above. I knew from the day they went to the temple together and did the puja together. When Ganpati Bapa has given them blessings. [ Ganpati Bapa's Photo is Shown ] And it is happening because he wants it then ...[ Sulochana has started to Cry ] then, who am I to break this marriage?? [ Archana has started to Cry harder then before too and so is the whole family] [ Manju is shocked Shocked  She OPENS HER MOUTH ] [ Sulochana Wipes Her Tears walks towards the Mangalsutra ] She says,"Wear this daughter. No one can make you take this off because it is a gift from god". [ Everyone is very Big smile ] [ Archana Wears it and asks for blessings from Manav's Uncle] Sulochana says,"That day the priest said the wedding is done. It is not! The wedding can only be finished once, the farewell happens". Manav says," You said it absouletly right. We will come tomorrow to get our godess". [ He Leaves ] [ Sulochana and Archana Look At Each Other / They Both Big smile and HUG!] [ The Whole Family Gathers ] [ On The Other Side ] Savita says,"Where is you're uncle". Sachin replies," I don't know! Why". Savita replies," I seeing when you're uncle is taking his stuff and leaving. I am tired of keeping up the good Daughter-In-Law act. We aren't allowed to live life the way we want too!". Sachin says," Meaning??". Savita says," If you're uncle wasn't here. I would have gone to that Sulochana's house and hit them with lightning". Sachin says," True!True!". Savita says," I would have gone to Sulochana and showed her, her value in her house. And, before she would break the marriage I would". Sachin says,"Right". Savita says," I saw her at the market! I wish, I didn't fall into the trap of that Manjusha and all of this wouldn't have happened. I didn't get a Daughter-In-Law nor any money / jewels....But, now! I will find the BEST girl for my Manav. Just WATCH!". Vandu comes running in and says," Sister-in-law  is coming to our house!". [ Manav is Shocked and Happy  Big smile ] Savita says,"Sister-in-law???". Vandu says," Yes, Uncle got her family and her mother to agree to send her here. I AM VERY HAPPY!!!! Big smile". Manav's Uncle comes and says,"Bapa listened to you!". Manav replies," HOW?". Manav's Uncle says," You're goodness won! That gave me the power to make them agree with me to send her here. This house's daughter is coming! WITH OUR HAPPINESS! Big smile". [ Manav and His Uncle Hug! ] [ The WHOLE FAMILY IS HAPPY EXPECT FOR SAVITA ] Savita says," I am happy she is coming but, you going to there house begging, pledding and bowing done to them doesn't seem right to me Angry". Manav's Uncle says," Daughter-In-Law, What ever I did is for my Manav! As far as Archana goes, she is this house's Daughter-In-Law! It isn't right if she stays in her maternal home when she has us here. Archana is coming into this house as a goddess. [ Savita is imaginig Archana adorned in GOLD! ] Savita says," I am very happy our goddess is coming!". [ Savita is about to leave ] Manav's Uncle says," Daughter-In-Law! Where are you going ? At least give us some sweets!". Savita says," I am going to tell everyone in the coloney Wink The house AFTER!".  Manav's Uncle says," She won't change". [ MANAV'S SMILE SOOOOO HUUGGGEEE Big smile ]


[ Archana is getting her hair done by her mother ] She says," That's it mom!". Sulochana says," I haven't even put enough oil yet". Archana says," I don't know why but, I will have to chnage my normal routine. For the past 16 years you always put oil on my hair. Who will there..." [ Sulochana starts to cry Cry ] Sulochana  says," Ohh, I almost forgot something" [ Sulochana takes out a Blue Sari ] Archana says," That... When I was little I used to ask to wear it and you never gave it to me!". Sulochana says," I had saved it for you're wedding day". [ She Puts It In Her Bag ] [ Archana see's all her childhood things in her bag ] Archana says," This stuff". Sulochana replies," This is everything from you're childhood that you loved [Archana Picks Up Her Doll ] Sulochana says," Do you remember the doll". Archana says," YESS!". [Sulochana opens her drawing book ] Sulochana says," You can say what ever but, you were very bad at drawing LOL I would tell you to make something and you would make something totally different". Archana says,"Then you would yell at me". [ Archana and Sulochana discuss how Archana used to get mad and Sulochana would go and apoligize] In all of this Sulochana goes to another sadder side and says," You forgot to get mad at me. Even, when it came to marriage. After so many trials this day has come". [ She Hugs Archana ] Sulochana says," They will all be new for you. Maybe they might have hatred in there hearts. But, you have to take that hatred and with you're goodness make it into love". [ Archana Nods ] Sulochana continues," It maybe anyway but, it will be you're home". Archana says," Mom, The values,  I have been taught will not lose". [ Sulochana Smiles and They Hug Again ] [ Back At Manav's House ] [Savita is screaming people in the coloney's name / They All Come Out ] Savita says," COME DOWNN! COME! COME! Listen with you're ears wide open! I am going to tell you all news. You used to peek into my house right! Now listen with you're ears wide OPEN! Tomorrow my Manav's wife Archana is COMING! That Sulochana was so stubborn. Am I any less? I told her off so much that she came straight to the line, the line! YEAH!". Her friend says," What did you do?". Savita says," DID! I told her straight to her face. You don't want to send you're daughter right. KEEP HER WITH YOU! WE DONT WANT HER! [ Everyone is Shocked ] I will get my Manav tons of girl's to choose from". One lady says," Then what happened?". Savita replies," She got scared! She had to keep her daughter in her house. She started to CRY ! Cry She started to grab my arm! PLEASE TAKE MY DAUGHTER WITH YOU! Please ACCEPT My Daughter! I didn't have the mood. Still, I felt pity. I said leave it. Poor daughter why should I ruin her life. Right! Then I said YES!". One lady says," REALLY Savita ? You did something amazing". Savita says," I am a AMAZING THING! LOL Look, Tomorrow in our house we have held a function. All of you come! No one is getting free sweets. When you come bring Big Gifts! Cash will work too LOL ". [ All the ladies are Shocked ] Savita continues," You understand right! Keep it in mind! NOW GO! I have no time. No free time! GO!  go! go! go! go! [ They are all leaving ] I have to go home and make preperations. Now leaveeee". [ Savita is really Big smile ] [ Savita starts thinking about when Sulochana was yelling at Manav and saying bad things about her family. Especially, Sachin and Her Husband / Infront of EVERYONE! ] [ Savita is getting very AngryAngryAngry Just thinking about it ] [ She also remembers,  Sulochana pointing  fingers at her ] [ She really, really get's mad thinking about Sulochana's stubborness ]  Savita says," Sulochana! Now, it is you're turn. I am awaiting you!What ever you did with me! I will take full REVENGE FOR! In the olden days they used to say, ' The King's life was in the bird'. Sulochana you're life is you're daughter. Now, what you get when you mess with me , SAVITA! What will happen! Keep it in mind, I will not let you go! I WILL NOT LET YOU GO! ".

 This Concludes The Episode!

Sorry, There Was No Update Yesterday and Today I Was Late Big Family Problem! Cry



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Thanks so much. I was waiting so anxiously.
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Thanks so much! Big smile
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thank u soooooo much for doing this in spite of your problems. It is very very much appreciated!!!!

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Thanks for the update! Well said Sulochana, well said!! I agree with her!

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thank u so much
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It's good to see Manav smiling again, he was so happy!! :)

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thanks for the udate.

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