Written update - 11th August Maulik Taru's Son!!!

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Bandini 11th August ' Written Update


Hey guys,

A great episode today of Bandini, enjoy the update!


Brief Update

    Santo finds Khemi and finds out the truth about Kanji and Taru. Khemi promises to be home soon, and Kanji and Santo leave to come to Dharampur. DM thinking about the land, he needs from Kanji Nanaji tells Kanji that his son died on the bus with Santo's parents. Kanji and Taru confrontation Kanji gives DM the land and tells him about his son's death
  • Taru talking to the portrait reveals Maulik is her Son and Santo overhears!! Shocked


Detailed Update

Khemi is thinking about what Kanji has said to her about Taru and is looking at Taru's old picture saying in this photo she isn't even recognisable.
Santo turns up and says Khemi bena,

They hug.

Santo: Why did you do this did you not once think about me, Monghi, Nanaji?

Khemi: That is why I have taken this step.

Santo: Bas Bena, you have spoken a lot, come home

Khemi: If I go back the same thing will happen over again,

Santo: Nahi bena, nothing of the sort will happen, with god's wish, everything will be ok, Malik is ready for yours and Hiten bhai's wedding.

Khemi moves away: Santo that is not my worry whether my wedding will happen with Hiten or not but the question is have you changed your mind about the divorce?

Santo: I said everything will be fine, just come home.

Khemi: Nahi, Santo

Santo: Why don't you want to come home now everything is fine and your wedding with Hiten bhai is fixed so why don't you want to come? How long will you stay here alone? How long?

Khemi: I am not alone Kanji Kaka, is with me and this is his house. He was our parents friends as well.

Santo: Kanji Kaka?

Khemi: Ha,

Kanji just speaking: A friend who couldn't met his friends but met his daughters.

Santo: Kaka and takes his Ashiward

Kanji: I am very happy today as two Laxmi's have entered my house. Forget it, I heard what you were saying, who is Hiten?

Santo: I will tell you Kaka

Khemi tries to stop her but Santo says what's wrong it telling him?

Santo: Kaka, Hiten is Malik's oldest son,

Kanji: What?

Santo: DM's son

Kanji: Meaning Taru's Nephew?

Santo: You know Benba?

Khemi: Yes Santo, he knows her very well, because Benba is his wife!

Santo confused and shocked: What wife?!?

Khemi tells her the whole story about Kanji and Taru and the child and how now no one knows where the child is.

Santo: Now I understand why Benba becomes worried everytime she hears Kanji Wagela's name.

Kanji: I am the one in worry, I am sure that Mahadev Kaka knows about my son, but doesn't want to tell me.

Santo: Kaka, if Nanaji knew anything about this he would tell you for sure, come with me to Dharampur, you will have all your questions answered.

Kanji: I have to go to Dharampur, there is a lot there for me like my lost son's address.

Santo: Let's go Khemi bena.

Khemi: No Santo, I mean not yet, I need to finish my work on the farm, or all my work will go to waste and its my duty to look after it, especially since Kanji Kaka won't be here, but I will be home for Janmashtami

Santo:  Ok fine, I am not worried anymore, just be home soon. Let's go Kaka.

They leave

Khemi thinking: Its not about the crops, but its about my sisters destroying her life for me, I am your older sister Santo, I understand you, you are lying to get mine and Hiten's ristha to happen.


DM and Pinakin

DM: Gadera, what's this? If you can't pull a diamond then go and sell sev and gathiya. Its for export this won't work. Here go and search well.

His phone rings, its from Antrewp

DM: Hello, bolo bolo, Hold on speak to Pinakin.

Pinakin, speaks to them in English.

DM: What happened?

Pinakin: Mota Bhai they were talking about canceling the order.

DM: Why?

Pinakin: We haven't sent them a sample yet, they have given us a month's time and we also haven't started work on the land as well

DM:  What's happened about Kanji Wagela?

Taru overhears them

Pinakin: Mota Bhai, he is here in Dharampur

Taru: Kanji is in Dharampur,

DM: That's fine, let him come, everything will be set right

Taru worried: If Kanji comes here, I hope nothing goes wrong, with him here what if my past comes out in front of Naanka, then what?


Next day

Santo and Kanji arrive at Nanaji's place

Nanaji: Santo, you here with Kanji at this time?

Santo: I went to Kanji's village, Khemi bena is there.

They speak about Khemi and that she is well and will be back by Janmashtami, Nanaji still worried about Khemi being out there alone but Santo tells him she is fine at Kanji Kaka's house and how Kanji helped Khemi when she ran away.

Nanaji is grateful but Kanji says in friendship there are no favors, their parents meant a lot for me and now their kids mean a lot to me, I am sure they have done a lot for my child.

Santo tells Nanaji we should help those who helped us


Inside the house Nanaji and Kanji are talking

Nanaji: Forgive me Kanji but I have lied to you

Kanji: What truth Kaka? About my son?

Nanaji: Yes him.



Nanaji and Santo's parents, Nanaji is how will you look after it, I mean you have two kids of your own Khemi and Santo and he isn't even your own child.

Mother: But a child is a child.

Nanaji: Your blood is only yours, return the child immediately what are you thinking?

Father: The police is after Kanji, how can he look after the child and Shakti Mayavanshi is after him as well

Nanaji: Taru and DM's dad.

Mother: Yes bapu, she is about to say something but she stops.

Nanaji: What are you hiding form me?

Mother looks at the child then says: This child is his grandson.

Nanaji is shocked

Mother: Tarulata and Kanji's child

Nanaji shocked even more: Tarulata's child, what are you doing, if they find out you won't be spared.


Back to the present

Nanaji: They left immediately to return the child but the bus crashed and no one survived.

Santo is shocked as she was over hearing the conversation,

Kanji devastated,

Nanaji: I hid this from you so you won't be upset, but Kanji for looking after my granddaughter, I didn't want you going from corner to corner looking for your child.

Kanji walks out of there in anger


Kanji walking flashbacks shown of him and Taru and then of what Nanaji said


Taru comes and stops him.

Dhan dhan dhan dhan

Taru: Recognise me or have you forgotten?

Kanji: Tarulata Mayavanshi, I recognized you from the point you told me to stop, I knew it was that voice, my life has been still for the past 20 years, I can make the mistake of recognizing some one once but not over and over again. Kanji never repeats his mistake,

Taru: You are the one that has made a mistake Kanji Wagela by coming here and you will have to pay for that.

Kanji: Since when did you rich people start asking, I thought you believed in taking from others.

Taru: You are the one that took things away from me years ago and that's what I want to know about. Tell me where my child is?

Kanji: In your voice a mother's love is less and lying sisters fear is being shown more to me, you are scared that your family will find out that there is rishta between me and you, that's why you are stopping me from going?

Taru: For me you are a really bad dream Kanji Wagela, even for myself I don't want to know who you are forget about my family knowing.

Kanji: A person bad sins, return as bad dreams and I have returned Tarulata, but not to meet you but to meet your brother DM.

Kanji walks inside,

Taru: No you can't go in.

Kanji: After 20 years in jail you lost your rights to stop me.

Taru: This is Dharampur, not your town.

Kanji: Don't stop me cause I will do what I want to do.  Move?

He walks past her and goes in,

Taru scared and annoyed.


DM on the phone to Pinakin, Pinakin is telling DM that Kanji Waghela is on his way and DM tells him he has arrived.

Kanji: Dharamraj Mayavanshi

DM invites him in.

DM tells Santo to bring him some water or something.

Taru walks in worried

Kanji: Where are my land papers?

DM: You can't have it yet, I asked you for the land by love, but now I have filed a case, so after that you will get the papers.

Kanji: I have come here to sign my land papers.

DM: Good thing it was late but at least you have understood.

DM tells Taru to bring the papers, Taru comes with the papers.

DM: Here you go and gives him ink to do a thumb print

Kanji: Its ok, I know how to sign. So DM gives him a pen.

Kanji signs

DM: How much do you want for the land? Tell me I will give it to you.

Kanji: No one can value this land, that's why I am giving you the land for free. If possible split the land between all those who have sold you their land.

DM: I am confused, four days ago you weren't giving me any price and now today?

Kanji: Four days ago my world was different, but now it is something else, four days ago I wanted to give my son that land, that was my dream.

DM: In four days, how did your dream change?

Kanji: Today I found out, my son is dead, yesterday that land meant everything to me, but now that land means nothing to me. I have one request put a rose bush in any corner, looking at it I feel my Son is alive.

He leaves from there.


Taru in her room she looks at Sumdera's portrait, and is talking to it. She is saying that Kanji Waghela had come here, he is saying my son isn't in this world but what he doesn't know is that my son is alive, Maulik is mine and Kanji's son and I will make sure he does not get wind of this. The child Kanji took from here was yours and DM's son. Santo overhears everything and is shocked!


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WOW what an episode, the truth is finally revealed Maulik is Taru's son! I feel sorry for Kanji but can't wait to see what Santo does, and I hope Khemi returns soon, and where has Hiten gone I mean no sign of him since the episode he went looking for Khemi!

I will give it a 10/10 just for the fact we finally know the truth!

Also please do not copy these updates as they are only meant for IF.

Thank you






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aw thanks..knew it..said it along..maulik is tarus son, thank you soo much for the written update...

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maulik hates choti jaati now he himself  a son of choti he is choti jaati now.

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Thanks for the awesome update Niki..
What a shocker!! So DM's son died indirectly cuz of!!

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Every episode is giving a shocker !! LOL

Am loving this show !!..LOL

Thanks for the update !!

AWESOME SHOCKER ! Moti..aab tera band bajey ga !! LOL

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Thank you Nikita for this wonderful detailed update.

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Wow, what an episode, thank you so much for the update Smile

But then nothing has solved between Hiten and Khemi, the problem is still there where it was before, how are they gonna solve it ??? Confused

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thanks a lot

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