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PR- Written + Vid/Pix Update - August 10th

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Posted: 10 August 2009 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

Written Update For Monday, August 10th , 2009

Video + Pics Update (Magnificient):

By: Navii - Hope you guys enjoy! For Any Info On The Episode PM Me!

[ Manav and Archana are right beside eachother in the train. Archana keeps shying awayEmbarrassed  and not looking into Manav's eyes ] Manav says," I have to talk to you about something". [ Sulochana is looking into the guy's compartment where Archana is stuck. She is trying to see Archana but, a man is in the way ] Archana says," I have to get off right here this is the men's compartment". [ Archana goes into the ladies compartment ] Sulochana says," I was so scared". [ Manav is looking at Archana through a steal fence that is the border between the woman's and men's compartment ] [ At The Function / Sulochana and her family enter her friends house] Her friend says," Sulochana, you came!Big smile". Sulochana replies," You invited me with so much love. So, I had to come". [ A lady says," It is time for the Vaat Savitri ritual". ] Sulochana says," You held both functions together". Her friend replies," Yes, Well the preist said today was a good day for both. In a way it's good.  [ Archana Is Looking Down ] And all our neighbours come here every year to do the puja. My daughter  Purva has kept the fast too". The priest comes and says," If any lady has not done the ritual yet. They shall do it now. [ Sulochana Nods That They Have All Done It ] And, Daughter you?". [ Archana is confused and doesn't know what to do ] He continues," You are married. Do you have any problem?". Archana says," No..". The priest replies," Then do the ritual daughter or else you will not be able to eat. Come daughter". [ Sulochana's friends know what has happened and are upset ] Purva says," Let's go Archana". { Archana starts to walk. She is a little hesistant but, goes. She looks at Sulochana as she is leaving ][ She is handed the plate and thread to preform the ritual with ][ Manju starts to laugh LOL] [ Archana goes around the tree with the thread. She looks at Sulochana as she is going around / Sulochana looks down] [ Varsha and Vaishali seem to be upset too ] [ Archana is done the ritual. Sulochana comes to here. She is about to cry ] A Priest says," Time for the next ritual".
[ They All Go Inside ] Nirmila says," Sorry Sulochana. I didn't know they were holding 2 rituals here today". Sulochana says," It's ok. No one did it on purpose. Let Bygones Be Bygones. Tell me are the boy's side coming too today". Nirmila says," Yes, They are coming. Today , Purva and her husband will do the ritual together". One lady says," Such CUTE children. Who's are they?". The little girl is saying," I will sit in the ritual too!". [ EVERYONE IS SHOCKED! Shocked They are Purva's children ] Sulochana's friend says," The boy's side is here". [ It is a Old Man / Sulochana is Shocked ]


[ Purva's Husband sit's down ] [ Sulochana looks at Nirmila] Nirmila says," She had no other choice. This is her secound marriage. 4 years ago, she had her first marriage. But, it didn't work out. They were always fighting. In one year, it came down to divorce. They sepereated that year. But, it took 3-4 years for the divorce to be finalised". Sulochana says," Oh God! " Nirmila continues," She has been divorce and she is too old now. We couldn't find any good boy of her age". Sulochana says," She has 2 kids and he is so old. How will she adjust". Nirmila says," She will manage. She had no other choice too.
Her soon-to-be husband is really very nice. He will keep her happy. She has such a big life a head of here.  It is better than a life staying at you're parents home. You know if a daughter stays at her parents house. What doesn't she have to go threw and her parents too". [ Sulochana looks down thinking of her situation/ her mind is playing games with her and she pictures Archana in Purva's place ] [ That Night ] [ Archana and Sulochana both cannot sleep. Archana is thinking about preforming that ritual earlier in the day . Sulochana is thinking about Archana being in Purva's place. Archana grabs her Mangulsutra tight and Sulochana get's up ] [ Sulochana's Husband See's This ] [ The Morning ] [ Varsha is Brushing Her Teeth ] Vaishali says," Today, a new film released! Let's go and watch it". Varsha says," No, you know I have computer classes in the evening". Vaishali says," Please. If you skip classes one day what will happen. Mom, listens to you more. She won't say no if you ask. You know there is a lot of tension in this house the past few days. Everyone will feel better too. We will take Archana too. It will be a change for her. You know Archana kept a fast yesterday". [ Sulochana is listening ] Varsha says," WHAT!". Vaishali says," Yes, I don't think Archana did anything wrong. She is married too". Varsha says," Marriage, You call this a marriage. It was a lie and betrayal. His whole family is messed up". Vaishali says," His family! Not Manav. Manav is a good and peaceful person". [ Sulochana leaves / Her Husband was right behind her ] [ On The Other Side Of The House ] Manju says," Don't stay quiet, What have you thought about Archana". Vinod says,"We can say or do anything. But, the last say is Mom's. She is thinking about herself. Not about Archana. If she put herself in Archana's shoes once. Then everything can be fixed". [ Sulochana Is Hearing ALL Of This ]  Vinod continues," If we don't do anything Archana's life will be ruined. Archana is stuck in the middle. On one side Mom and the other Manav. I know when Archana wen't to the temple. Manav was with her. You know what that means right Manju. What ever Archana's decision will be that will be mine". [ Sulochana's Looks Down ]


Reshmi says," You came Varsha". Varsha says," You know the situation at home how could I have come?". Her boss comes says," Miss Varsha! So, You got the time to come to the office. This office's rules and regulations mean nothing to you?". Varsha says," No Sir! It's not like that". Her boss replies," It is like that. If itisn't why didn't you come to the office after my phone call. And, just to inform today you are 2 hours late too". [ The Whole Office is Watching Varsha Get Yelled At] Varsha says," I know..". Her boss replies," SHUT UP! This office doesn't need irresponsible people like you. Here is you're termination letter. YOU'RE FIRED!".  Varsha is Cry and says," Sir, the circumstances were just like that. My sister's wedding broke...". Her boss says," Come to my cabin". [ Varsha Goes To her Boss's Cabin ] Varsha says," I'm sorry. Believe me the shock of my sister's wedding breaking was very big". Her boss replies," I should be the one who should apoligize. Maybe If I had known earlier. I wouldn't have done that outside. You should have told me yesterday on the phone". Varsha says," I tried too. But, before I did you hung up on me". Her boss replies," I'm sorry for that. You can take a few more days off. You will still be payed. When you think everything is better at home you may come back". Varsha says," No, it's ok". Her boss replies," It's a order". Varsha says," Thank You!". Her boss says,"Miss Varsha. Leave that termination letter here".  [ Varsha and her boss Smile / Varsha leaves ] [ At Manav's House] [ Savita is singing songs. She see's a 100 rupee note in Manav's pocket sticking out ] She goes and says," I tell you not to stick out like that or else my greed comes in. Should I take it or not..... I'll take it!". [ Her Cooker Goes Off ] She says," It had to go off right now". [ Sachin see's Savita looking the other way and sneeks the 100 rupee note into his pocket. He runs away] Savita come back and says," WHERE DID IT GO! My stealer Sachin isn't here either! Where did it go! [ She starts to throw the shirt around so maybe the money will fall out ] Manav's uncle comes out and says," What are you doing?". Savita replies," Finding money in Manav's pocket". He replies," WHAT!". Savita replies," Ohh... uhmm.. I am putting it in the wash. So, I am making sure nothing is in there". [ Manav's uncle get's a phone call. It's Archana's Father. They discuss that they know what Archana wants. Archana's father tells him and Manav to come to there house in the afternoon ] Savita hears this and thinks," What are these two grandpa's discussing together. I have to find out!". [ At The Bazaar ] [ Savita is back to back with Sulochana ] Savita says," Give me some potatoes. Don't give me less. I am paying for what I get". The lady asks," What happened with you're son's marriage? [ Savita OPENS HER EYES ] You're neighbour told me. That you're son got married. But, you're Daughter-in-law didn't come". Savita says," I was thinking who is doing publicity in my son's marriage. I told her my self. KEEP YOU'RE DAUGHTER WITH YOU! I DON'T WANT HER!" [Sulochana hears this and is Shocked]

This Concludes The Episode!




Edited by *Resham* - 10 August 2009 at 11:49pm

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thanks for the update
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thanks much for the awesome update :)
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thnx a ton!!!!
I thought only sulochna had problems with this wedding savita as well..................its turning out to be the battle of the aai's..with archana acting  as their aid!!!!!
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Thanks for the great update! I can't say I blame Savita for feeling that way. Sulochana has treated Manav and his family badly, because of her selfishness Manav and Archana are suffering.

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Thanks - so far so good.....................
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thanks for the update. i hope sulochana lets archana go to manav's house soon
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i believe she will let archana go there but not yet

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