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Remember, updaters put in a lot of effort and time to update us on the episodes. Not fair to copy updates elsewhere without permission. So copying of updates is strictly prohibhited

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Kolangal - The story of this serial revolves around the principal character Abhinaya, her two sisters and a brother.

Abhinaya, Anandhi, Aarthi and Manohar are the 4 children of Karpagam. Abhinaya is working in a private company, while Anandhi and Aarthi are still studying. Manohar is a school dropout, yearning to become mechanic. Despite odds, the children have been brought up by their mother as straight forward, courageous and bold. Little do they realize how much trauma and troubles they are going to face in life because of their straightforwardness? The eldest our heroine, Abhinaya is a capable, hard-working girl. She has great ambitions of going up the ladder in her career. Usha is her colleague at office who is very fond of her. Tholkappian is another colleague who is in love with her but who does not have the guts to proclaim his love to her. Karpagam wants to get Abhinaya married. Succumbing to her mother's pressure, she however lays down a condition that while she will continue to work after marriage, her income should go to her family even after her marriage till such time Anandhi finishes studies and start working. The money-minded Bhaskar comes as a prospective alliance. Though his family is not in favor of the outspoken Abhinaya, Bhaskar is interested and convinces his family. Their marriage takes place amides confusions and compromises. Now begins the problems for Abhinaya. Abhinaya has to balance between a self-centered husband, his self-righteous sisters and the burdens of the middle-class family. Her troubles start from the day one. Abhi does not run away from her troubles. She faces them firmly but boldly. At the same time she manages to win over all of them with her patience and affection. She realizes that she has to increase her income to make ends meet. So she starts working harder and succeeds. Now she is in a level much higher than her husband. This gives him an inferiority complex and gives way to heated arguments between husband and wife. Bhaskar's only aim now in life is to grow to a level better than his wife. This leads him to wrong paths and finally makes Abhi leave him. Meanwhile, her sisters have started facing their own problems in life. Anandhi has finished her studies and has started working relieving Abhi of the family burden. She falls in love with Shiva and her marriage with Shiva is finalized. Aarthi fallen in love with a waster. Unmindful of consequences, she runs away with him and gets married to him. She realizes her folly too late! Will she be able to come out of it? Will abhi get back to her husband?

All these questions are answered in the serial "Kolangal". For Devayani, who acts as the eldest daughter Abhinaya, it is her first stint on TV. -



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what about the 31st update? please post it
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April 3, 2006 - Monday updt


Chithraguptan attends to Yamadharman and the latter asks what is the matter in bhoolOgam...andha puLLi serialla, namakku vEttai undaanu kEtka, Chithraguptan answers that he may very well get a case.
Chittu recounts what happened that leads to them getting a potential victim..

Yaman asks if the engagement betw that azhumoonji and that nutcase went off smoothly and Chittu answers that it did not..He unfolds the scenes..

Mahesh and his mom come to Atha's residence towers and are welcomes eagerly by a waiting Mano. They are led inside and offered juice by KKK, delivered by our very own Anarali...Rajendran. He says it is lime juice and they comment on that and Mahesh says, it should have been Abhi who brought in the drinks..Athatha says that Abhi has just stepped out of the house due to pressing office matters and Mahi and his mom express concerns about abhi's return. Athatha says (uLLoora avaLukkum bayam...) yes, she definitely will since this was done only with her consent and abhi is also interested in this engagement. Anandhi also murmers that akka will come soon. Outside, a car delivers thondaila kich kich and K.saar and Chithappu alights from another car. K.saar comments abt Chithappu being late as he shd have welcomed others and is asked to shup up by both chithappu and kich square.
-one gently reprimands and the other shoots daggers.

Anandhi who is fielding questions on the phone about pressing press matters, disconnects the call after seeing the newcomers and hastens to welcome them. Inside KKK welcomes thambi eagerly and expresses happiness that he has deigned to make his presence known as he is the male head of the family and as such, he should always be blessing her family. neenga illaama enna nalladhu nadandhirukku? (poor lady still cannot figure that this precisely is the reason why any nalladhu did not happen to the family and should boot him out) Chithi shushes her and asks KKK to vazhinjufy so much. KKK calls out for juice and Suice is being brought by Rajendran. Chithappu refuses that and Ksaar and Kich takes it. Rajendran is so anxious to introduce chithappu to maapLai and alterntes betw mama and maapLai. He says that the guy sitting in front is the doc who is going to wed abhi and Chithappu gives a casual glance, an almost indifferent one. Then Rajendran says he is the same doc who cured Sumathy in Ooty and this makes Chithappu sit up and take notice and he thanks Doc for his service.

Rajendran says this is abhi's chithappu and once upon a time he was a big shot but lost all due to his greediness. KKK tries to quiten him down and so does Chithappu but it is of no use. Rajendran is on a roll here. He says, chithappu then did some golmaal business in Andhra and almost got caught and now you can almost see the laser red mark on his forehead from the imaginary gun in Chithappu's hand. KKK again shuts him up but Rajendran says they ought to get a clear picture of Chithappu and his affairs. chithappu asks him to shut up and go inside and cook. Rajendran breaks the ice by saying Mahesh doesn't hold a candle to his charms. in his younger days, all the girls used to flock around him in his village and if he had been any younger now, Mahesh would have faced a tough challenge in him. and also asks Mahesh to drink up the Suice in order to get the same minuminuppu as Rajendran does and they all laugh.

KKK is concerned and Anandhi answers a call from Thols saying that they are waiting for the cab which should be there in 10 min and then they would bring Abhi.


Usha gets down from an auto with a bag in hand (deadbeat's saree for abhi) and calls out Abhis name and asks Shanthi where Abhi is and goes to the back. Arthi shows mock anger at Usha for coming this late and Usha sees Abi on the thuNi thOykkara kal...sitting like asOka vanathu seethai..(but poor girl, her husband is no raman, oops ex-husband) she has tears in her eyes and refuses to get dressed and says, for her, at this stage marriage is not essential and all are chasing her. Usha says all are chasing her towards a good life and just as Abhi is interested in the wellbeing of all around her, it is natural for her well-wishers to be interested in her life too and they all feel that Mahesh is a good match and it is high time abhi had some good things in life.

Usha is in charge here and she asks if Abhi did not force her into marriage with Adhi; how is this any different than that. Abhi says it was Usha's first marriage but for her, she has already gone through that path and found it full of sorrows and disappointments. Usha says one failure shouldn't turn her off a good life with a guy like Mahesh whom she has checked out and found to be very good. She convinces Abhi who refuses to be convinced. Next, we see no sign of Abhi and Thols is asking Usha is she is ready. Usha then gives the saree to Shanthi (paavam veetula edupidi-aagavE aakittaanga - officela K saar and intla shanthi) and asks her to give it to Abhi to wear. Thols asks what is so special abt that saree and Usha says it is given by the pure-hearted (my foot) FIL of hers who considers Abhi to be like his own daughter. Thols is very surprised and says it is unusual for him to feel like that when Adhi considers Abi a prime enemy. Usha says she has already talked to Abhi about this gift and made sure that Abhi was going to wear this. (ivangaLukku konjam kooda vevasthayE illaiyaa? enna dhaan Mahesh joLLu vittaalum and eager to marry Abhi, ippadiyaa oru prospective groom and in-law kaakka vaippaa? these people take their own sweet time. and another thing...all girls will go for these things from their porandha veedu. it is surprising that abhi left her porandha veedu and is planning to go there from thols' house...ellaam thala keezha inga nadakkaradhu)

Thols insists it is getting late when an auto comes up and out gets the anti-hero....Busky....who just charges in. Usha bars him and he wants to know where Abhi is. Usha says, this was a very important day for Abhi and Busky should retreat but Busky is relentless. He just pushes past her and goes in. Thols tries to stop him but of no use. (now how did basker know that abhi was here? looks like he knows abhi inside out - maybe theirs is a match made in heaven or hell and is bound to happen)

Abhi's....now a frantic KKK and her gang are assembled in front, waiting for abi's car to come. Anandhi pacifies her mom saying that Thols called saying they are leaving and that they should be there any time. Now Mahesh and mom also come out and are skeptical. Anandhi calls Thols' mobile when a car comes and all are happy.. Their faces turn alarmed when all they see are Arthi, Shanthi and Thols.. They ask about Abi and Usha and Thols tells them that Usha must be now in her own house. And after KKK insists one more time, Thols tells her that Basker had come there and taken Abhi to the hospital to see his dad who is sick. KKK says, is this the time to visit him? idhu enna uyir pOra vishayamaa and then Thols says, indeed it is, since Narayanan suffers from brain tumor and is in a critical condition and that is why Abhi left with Basker. And Abhi knew of this before and hence her innumerable trip to Narayanan's house and she also supported him financially by taking care of his medical expenses. Anandhi retorts that Basker is a cheat and he lies to get his own way and now he has thought of this ruse to stop the engagement and wants to go the police to stop him. Now Mahesh confirms that UN is indeed afflicted by brain tumor and these are his last days and he has first hand information.

Mahesh calls up the hospital and says he has to leave for the hospital immediately. His mom asks but innikki engagement, and he says, innikki nichayamaa illai and KKK wants to go with him with Sharada..Chithappa is mad at Thols for allowing Abhi to be taken away and says he should have stopped her. after all, thols interferes in all things and why not this, when it was most essential? so saying, he summons Sumathy to come back home with him. (whatever happened to Chandra and her deadbeat hubby) KKK and Sharada leave with the good doc while Anandhi tries to call Abhi's cell and figures that she must have turned it off and Arthi expresses her inability to do something and they all converge around Anandhi...(poor mom of Mahesh is also standing there with nothing to do..)

Having finished the story, Chithraguptan waits anxiously for Yaman to take his love rope out in order to bring in Narayanan..and urges him to do it soon before UN takes Abhi's promise to re-unite with that loser (not loosu mahesh but loser basker)...we see Yama dharman contemplating who to finish off............

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Kolangal--highlights for Tuesday

Very interesting episode today and a selfish man on his death bed dashes Dr.Mahesh's hopes--real pity.

-- Abhi/bhaskar rush to hospital and find UN in death bed. He says he does not want to go for operation, which doctors say is one small hope. UN tells Abhi that she should be like a mother figure in future for his family and if she agrees, he will go for the operation.
Without realising what is coming next, Abhi agrees. Now comes the bombshell--UN just clasps Abhi/Bhaska's hands together in a firm grasp and does not speak further.

In the next scene, he is wheeled to Op.Theatre and then the news comes that he died.

Mahesh,Karpagam,TC etc all in hospital and lot of crying from Alamelu and her daughter faints.

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omg i new something like thiz would happen now stupid abi will remarry stupid baskar....... Angry Angry
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aiyoo.. how terrible.. hope thols doesn't do this to us.. i really liked the Mahesh chap...
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i just guessed right sbout narayanan.i knew he would blackmail abhi emotionally to just meet the financial problems of their family.thuls.....plzzzzzzzz change the story.its boring Dead Dead
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Update for Wed Apr 5-2006

If any one thought they did not have enough of "oppari" by seeing
Malargal, they can see enough and more in today's episode. Still the
"padai" is not fixed yet and so expect something more in the next few

Sorry for the rather brief update because nothing much except
"oppari" was happening today.

UN's body comes to his house.The body is brought in. Mano/Rajendran
tell Abhi that Mahesh,s mother,Anandhi are still at home and they
don't know what exactly happened. Abhi just says the people in this
house are in a shattered state and I have to take care.
Alamelu with daughter and she keeps on saying one dialogue "en
raasave,ennai vittutu poga eppadi manasu vandhadhu!". The same oppari
is repeated several times over. Attendees include
Karpagam,Chitthi,Shanti,Kala,Abhi's former boss,Krishnan saar.
Thiruvengadam comes in holding a garland and a vessel filled with
coffee. He scolds his wife saying that he is a millionaire and has to
do these sort of menial jobs like bringing coffee to a ezhavu veedu.
He asks how many times this bhaskar insulted me and what sort of
things this Alamaelu spoke to me when they had some money? And to
these people's house, I should come holding this coffee and this
"malai",he fumes. Chitthi however pleads with him that a good man has
died and please don't make fuss.When Thiruvengadam enters the hall,
Alamelu says how many times I have insulted u but u have come here
only because of this great man.
Abhi just stands in a corner silent in her own thoughts.

Bhaskar goes to the mattukottil area cum bathroom area and starts
weeping. Abhi comes and tries to console him. He says his father was a
great man but when he was alive, he did not treat him well. This is
the problem with me, he says,when somebody is there I don't know the
value of them, when they go only I know their value—he admits this was
the case with his father and with his wife also—Abhi looks at him when
he makes this admission.Bhaskar says all these people who are in the
hall are all here because of you and your family and not because of
me. I have been behaving as a wretched man, he further says. He says
he always told his father that you are a waste but now he realizes
that his father was not a waste but he himself was a waste.

Karpagam tries to give coffee to Alamelu but she refuses to take and
continues the polambal.
Now mano comes and tells Abhi that the "padai" man is waiting to put
the body and he wants money. Abhi hurries inside,looking very fat,face
bloated and showing no efforts to cover up! (obviously the scenes must
have been taken during her last stages of pregnancy)
Her "mother role" for Bhaskar's family has already begun!

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