3rd August Written Update - Taru's past revealed

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Hey guys
Sorry for the delay, I am updating today as the normal updaters are busy please forgive my mistakes.
Brief points
  • DM asks about Santo, asks where she is.
  • DM goes to Hiten's room, where he finds out that Hiten is leaving to find Khemi and also that Hiten and Khemi did plan to run away.
  • DM tells Taru he is confused why Khemi ran away,even though her and Hiten were going to run away together.
  • DM at nanaji's house, he says he will help find Khemi.
  • Taru tells Santo not to tell DM about the divorce
  • Taru overhears DM and Pinakin's converstion about Kanji
  • Kanji and Taru's past shown in flashbacks, about how they fell in love
  • Taru wants revenge from Kanji Wagela
Detailed update.

Motiben gives the tea to DM. He realise that its not by the chokri, he says the tea is good but just then Ba walks in saying by drinking the tea you knew Santo isn't here. Ba says looks like you are getting to know Santo better. DM is like I am a diamond merchant, I also recognise people. DM is like she makes the vhaat for the divo everyday, but she has left many which means she has gone for a while. Taru says she has gone to her Maakya after a while it will take time for her to come back. DM why has she gone? Ba tells him Khemi has run away. DM asks for Hiten?


DM goes to Hitens room.(I think it's the first time, I have seen Hiten's room) DM asks him why is he packing. Hiten says he is going to find Khemi, he says you should know. DM says Khemi had no choice but to run and you are at fault to

Hiten: I know, that's why I am going to hold her hand

DM: Do you even know what you are saying, think like a Mayawhansi not a lover?

Hiten: Did you ever think like a father, you always think like a Malik?

DM: I have to, The girl ran away cause of you

Hiten: She didn't run because of me, since we had already decided to run away together, and she hasn't run away, she was made to run away, but I will find her DM

DM stares at him

Hiten: I will only marry her, I will make her the bahu of this house

DM: You will go against the family rules?

Hiten: For my love I will go against anyone

DM: Even your dad

Hiten: Shall I tell you what your problem is? When your kids need a father you become the malik and when they chose their own way you stop them as a father. Your timing is very wrong Mr DM, and I don't have time to waste on you as I need to find Khemi.

He leaves (Love Hiten and DM scenes, such awesome dialogues)

DM: Hiten listen to me! And follows him


In the hall DM is pacing and Taru notices. Dhan dhan dhan music

Taru: Has Hiten told where he is going to find Khemi and when will he be back.

DM: No he hasn't said anything to me but don't worry and I think I will go and visit Madavk Kaka

Taru: You will go there?

DM: Yes I will have to go, but tell me why do you think wo chorki ran away?

Taru: Disgrace, how long can she uphold the abuse? Plus Hiten and Khemi's wedding isn't going to happen

DM: No I think there is another reason, look at it Hiten wants to marry her plus they both decided to run away together. Khemi would have done what Hiten said so why did she run away? (Thank god you are back DM) All the way through Taru's face was losing colour

Taru: Even I am confused to why she ran? Chote logo ki soch (Back to that again) I will never understand it. Wait outside I am just coming

DM: Come fast

Taru: If Santo meets DM alone she may tell him the truth and I can't let DM know that yet. I have to stop them meeting.


The Village

DM arrives and Santo sees this.

Santo: Malik here with motiben, I have to keep my promise I can't go in front of Malik.

DM: Any news on Khemi?

Nanaji: Nahi Malik, I don't know where she has gone, I have looked every, I hope she is ok and nothing has happened

DM: Nahi, Nahi, nothing like that will have happened. Don't worry we will find her soon, she is your granddaughter and daughter of Dhramapur as well, it is our duty to find her. Tell all business people to find out about her from her till Baroda, and till Himetnagr as well


In the Kitchen

Santo: I know Benba, why you have come, I remember my promise I won't come in front of Malik

Taru: Good you brain is in place, listen I haven't told him about the divorce, he came her cause of your sister, I am not going to worry him more by telling him about the divorce, so don't tell him also, I will tell him later. Why are you looking at me? Take water for my brother and act like nothing has changed.


Santo goes out with water.

Santo: Malik water?

DM: No thank you, don't rush to come back home, your nanaji isn't well so stay with him.  

Santo: Ji Malik, How are you?

DM: I am fine, just look after here, jai shree Krishna.

Taru looks back gives Santo evils then walks on.

Santo looking on when Teri Dil Kaha starts playing and flashbacks start to play.


DM and Pinakin

DM: Any news on Khemi?

Pinakin: No news yet will inform you as soon as I get some.

DM: What about the land? Taru overhears

Pinakin: I have put through all the letters, only Kanji Wagela is left.

The servant also overhears. (sorry can't remember her name)

DM: Kanji Wagela what does he think of himself? Chote jhat but big ego

DM: If he doesn't listen normally, then I know how to deal with him,

Taru is panicking all the way through then says: Nahi, Kanji Wagela won't go down by force.

DM: And what?

Taru: He is a gangster, so be carefully on how you approach him,

DM: I am not going to into lose cause of a stranger, and Pinakin give him a last warning and if he doesn't agree let me know.

Pinakin: Ji, Mota Bhai.

Taru panicking


Kanji Wagela house he is doing the aarti.

At the same time a flashback occurs of a car with women and the lady brakes and they all scream as gangsters surround the car and open the car door.


Back to Aarti


This woman(I think its Taru but not sure) is struggling, in one man's hold when another gangster goes No, Sadar you can't do that, Kanji Wagela won't allow you to do that.

Sadar: You are teaching Sadar?

Other guy: I am not teaching you but reminding you (I didn't get this bit the video went funny so if anyone can let me know and I will add it.) We steal from the rich and give it to the poor, we don't touch a ma, or beti ki issat.

Sadar: So?

Other guy(I think its Kanji Wagela but not sure) : Leave that girl

Sadar: If I don't leave her what will you do?

Other guy: Leave the girl.

Sadar drags the girl along.

The other guy shots him.


Back to Aarti


Taru is thinking she completes the flashback so she is the girl.

Some says: The police have come Kanji (The other guy is Kanji), we must leave.

Kanji: Everyone leave from here. He grabs Taru.


Kanji takes Taru to Santo's parents place I think.

Kanji: I need your help, I am leaving this girl in your care

Women: Who is this girl?

Taru: I am Tarulata Mahiyavanshi, this guy has kidnapped me and brought me her.

Man: No he is no gangster, he helps the poor, who have had something go wrong in their life. Plus he has a good character and he respects women.

Taru looks at him with love?


Back to present, Taru looking out a window


Back to flashback (Sorry this scene some dialouges are missing the video wasn't working too well on my computer)

Taru: I can't believe this meeting has become an important part of my life

Kanji: Don't make it important, spending your life with me isn't possible, the police are after me.

Taru: Don't worry my father will save you. He is she says his name

Kanji: He is the one who has put out my arrest warrant

Taru: Don't worry, I will look after it all.



Taru: Kanji Wagela I will not spare you, you destroyed my life. I will come for my answers!

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Thank you Nikita for the update. They are running multiple scenarios together and interweaving  the past and the present. Hoping that the writers will stay on track for all the different tracks.

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Thanks for the update. Now we're getting somewhere with this storyline of digging into Tara past and how she was in-love. But we still don't why motiben feel that Kanji betrayed her and he think she betrayed him.

WOW so Kanji was the village own ROBIN HOOD. I think I'm in love Kanji Tongue, oh no but I still love my DM what is a girl to do? Oh well. LOL

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I LOVE Hiten. Not bcos he was so rudee but he is so determend and go for what is important to him and dosent let other people walk all over him. Kehmi is so lucky.  i think if Hiten relationship with his had been different then he wouldent have ben rude to him all the time but they have problem which isn't Kehmi. maybe Kehmi will help to sort it out.

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thanks so much for the many tracks running day I am gonna loose track :(

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It did not seem that Kanji was as much in love with Taru as she was in love with him. I think he would have developed feelings for another woman instead, married her and a child through her.  When Taru came to know of this she must have ensured that he gets trapped.

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Originally posted by Opti

It did not seem that Kanji was as much in love with Taru as she was in love with him. I think he would have developed feelings for another woman instead, married her and a child through her.  When Taru came to know of this she must have ensured that he gets trapped.
Hope this is the case and it will put an end to any cross family connection madness. But then why hasn't Nanji said anything? He is just causing both Santo & Khemi unnecessary heartache, as well as denying Kanji his daughter and Khemi her father. As for Hiten, prefer him rude, angry and taking charge of his life instead of of sitting in his room, playing his guitar and moping. And doesn't it seem like DM is almost resigned to the fact that Hiten is just going to do what the hell he wants with regards to Khemi and there is not much any of them can do.

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Originally posted by smilegirl

thanks so much for the many tracks running day I am gonna loose track :(
LOL i think i already have. and through it all we have the motiwitch taunting and tormenting santu. i've given up!! i'll watch when i get to see less of motiwitch and its a little easier on my brain.

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