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mayur sajan one shot- saanson ke sargam (Page 3)

iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 10:10am | IP Logged
w8... ill post it here....

iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 February 2009
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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 10:11am | IP Logged

One shot- Saanson ke sargam

The blazing sun slowly cowered into the sidelines as the evening breeze approached Mumbai, making it pleasant to sit down and relax.

And this few teenagers were off to make full advantage of the weather. They were walking into the forest with bags on their shoulders and a smile on their face as they felt the calm breeze shower them with life.

Samrat- wow yaar, subah se pehli baar ye hawa chali hai!

He said, the gratefulness shining in his face.

Nupur- seriously, meri to halat hi kharab ho gayee thi by god.

She said wiping the sweat off her brow.

Dia- babes, its good for health. And anyways jab hum pahunchenge to we can enjoy as much as we want. Right?

Gunjan- dia thik keh rahi hai guys.

She said in a vain effort to console them.

Benji- gunjan dia ki chamchagiri mat kar hun!

As soon as they heard this 3 angry faces turned towards him. Samrat, nupur and mayank gave him a blazing look, as though they wpuld any moment break his bones. But then they turned  and continued ahead.

Benji slightly lagged behind, having water as he sighed- aaj to baal baal bach gaya dude.

Uday who was taking a nice time chatting with the birds heard benji- baal baal nahi. Puri body body bach gaya dude tu!

At which benji gave him an exasperated agonizing look and went forward, leaving a confused uday scratching his head.


It was nearly 6 in the evening by the time dia, samrat, anne, chako, benjy, gunjan, nupur and uday reached their camp site.

They slowly put their bags down and started preparing the tents.

Nupur- mayank tumhe yaad hai pichle baar jab hum aise hi kisi jungle mein kho gaye the!

As she said this a smooth even smile pasted over mayanks lips, the memories flashed into his mind of the first hug, lucky mishra, chunky mishra and that rain dance.

Mayank- haan yaad hai, aur wo lucky mishra..??

Nupur- uski to baat mat karo by god. Kabhi mere haath aayega na to main uske haath pair thod dalungi by god!

She said clenching her fist.

On the other hand dia who had by mistake stepped on a small twig started shrieking loudly- HELLPPPPP HELLLPPPP... BLOOODODD!!!!!!

As soon as they heard this all the others rushed to her aid instantly except for dodo, who was busy day dreaming.

Mayank- dia dhekh ke chala karo yaar. Dhekho lag gayee na!

Nupur who saw mayanks concern for dia, was fuming with jealousy as she said- haan haan bahut fikar ho rahi hai tumhe. Jab mujhe lagi thi to tumne kya kaha tha, chinti jitni baat hai ye. Hai na? Jaao main tumse baat nahi kar rahi!

She shouted and left to sit with dodo while the others started hooting.


Nupur- uday bhaiya ye aap kya kar rahe hai?

She asked trying to cool herself down.

Uday- arre nupur, main? Main to apne pehle pyaar ke saath thoda waqt bita raha hoon!

He said and smiled sheepishly as he continues to munch on nachos.

Benjy who was also looking pissed came and sat beside both of them.

Nupur- ab tumhe kya hua by god?

Benjy- kuch nahi

He said in such a glum and expressionless tone, that nupur sensed the frustration.

Nupur- kya hua benjy? Sab kuch thik to hai na?

She asked trying to make out something out of his face.

Benjy forced a smile as he said through gritted teeth- kuch nahi yaar. Wo sar dard kar raha hai!

He said as his eyes moved to a strange lone spot near the trees. Nupur followed his gaze and found herself stifling a laugh. Anne and chako were sitting there laughing and talking. And nupur instantly guessed what was going on.

Nupur- tum anne ko pasand karte ho na?

She asked so innocently that benjy couldn't even lie to her. He quietly started staring in the opposite direction.

Nupur- benjy! Tum use pasand karte ho to bol dalo na!

Benjy- bol deta agar wo kameena chako pure din usse chipakke na rehta to.

He said as he felt his frustration take over him unaware of the mischevious  glint spreading in nupurs eyes.


Samrat- pata hai chashmish mujhe bahut achha laga ki tum aayi.

Gunjan- tumne itna pyaar se poochha samrat. Main mana kaise karti?

She asked so innocently that even samrat couldn't help but feel the butterflies he had been feeling recently in his stomach at the mention of 'HIS' chashmish.

Samrat quickly got up and held out a hand to her as he saw her giving him a quizzical look.

Samrat- hum dono ne saath mein time bitaaye hue bahut time ho gaya hai. Thodi der walk pe chalte hai.

And in a impulse, without thinking, gunjan gave in her hand.


Mayank who was sitting beside the newly lit fire felt his heart beat faster as he saw nupur smiling and jumping around in glee. The smile instantly appeared on his face whenever he saw her smile. It jus gave him a feeling so innocent and  solem that it was ununderstandable.

He shook his head and continued to stroke the fire when suddenly someone tapped him on his shoulder.

He turned to see nupur with the same playful aura hanging around her as she said- mayank chalo na paas mein na ek talaab hai. Wahaan chalet hai! Maine na suna hai woh bahut sundar hai by god!

As soon as he heard this mayank quickly got up and said- nupur im.. im really sorry. Mujhe dia ke taraf attention nahi pay karna chahiye tha! You were righ-

Nupur- ofo mayank. Ab tum mujhe guilty karwa rahe ho haan!

She said as she dragged him along.


Samrat and gunjan slowly strolled down the leaves trying to think of something to say.

Samrats hands were knotted with hers.


Benji slowly crept upto anne, who was finally alone in the whole camp. Nupurs plan had worked. Dia had dragged off chacko, nupur had taken mayank off, uday was sleeping and samrat and gunjan had anyways gone off. So bachhe benji, time for action.

He said slowly approaching her, as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

When he was just an inch away from anne, it thundered loudly.


Nupur- mayannk dhekho na kitna romantic mausam hai na!

She said smiling up at the moon ahead.

As he heard her say this, he felt the strange buzzing in his ears, which he always felt when he was close to her. Mayank slowly walked up behind her, and slid his hands across her waist as he felt her tremble at his touch.

Nupur- mayank main-

Mayank- shhhhh...

He said when suddenly a loud roar filled the sky, and before he knew what was happening nupur was hugging him tight, clutching at his shirt, he slowly put his arms around her allowing himself to lose himself to her.


Samrat slowly led gunjan to a calm lone spot  in the jungle before he decided to give her the suprise.

He made her close her eyes and then slowly moved behind her to  brush the hair off.

As soon as his hands came in contact with her skin, the sparks that flew out was unexplainable. Gunjans heart started beating fast, as samrats hands started shivering.

He slowly pulled out the beautiful pendant locket from his pocket and tied it around her neck.

And moved a little away from her, as he knew she was his only weakness.

Gunjan slowly opened her eyes as she felt the pendant.

She looked at it and she felt her eyes fill with tears of joy, as she turned to face him.

She slowly walked towards him as she felt her self go red.

Gunjan- samrat ye.. ye bahut khoobsurat hai!

She said as samrats slowly took her hand in his and inched closer to her, to kiss her forehead.

When he pulled away, he felt like he was seeing her for the first time.

Her blotchy cheeks, her coconut shaped eyes, the innocent eyes. And suddenly he felt his heart racing and in a impulse he started moving towards her, looking deep into her innocent eyes, as he felt her move back. When suddenly gunjan tripped over a stone and fell, samrat over her.

Gunjans eyes still blogged into samrats eyes, samrats arms on her waist and hers on his shoulder.

When suddenly a loud roar filled the sky. Samrat quickly looked up at the sky and then turned to look at his chashmish who had shut her eyes tight.

Out of an impulse, he hugged her tight.


Nupur shyly pulled away from mayanks hold as she felt herself go red. She slowly started moving ahead blindly, and realized where she was going only when she felt her foot slip at the edge of the lake.

Mayank suddenly heard nupur scream and saw her slip into the water. He quickly took of his shirt and dived into the water. He swam hard and fast towards nupur and huged her tight as he felt her crying. He slowly carried her out of the water and laid her on the ground and tried to wake her up, but she lay there motionless.

Unable to hold himself any more, he slowly inched closer to her, and gave her mouth-to-motuh breathing.

When suddenly she jerked out all the water out coughing.

And before he knew he was holding her in his arms, sighing out in relief.


Anne slowly got up and started walking when she heard a lightening and suddenly she saw benji hugging her tight. Unable to stifle her laugh she said- benjy relax. Kuch nahi hua hai. Its just a thunder.

As soon as he heard this he pulled away looking highly embarrassed.

Benjy- achha ummmm anne mujhe na tumse poochna tha ki willugoonadatewithme?

Anne- uh sorry?

She said looking highly amused.

Benjy ' uh main pooch raha tha ki anne kyat um mere saath date par chalogi?

He asked and as soon as he asked this he saw her expression harden and for a second he thought she would hit him hard, but suddenly he felt her hugging him tight and whispering in his ear- kitna time laga diya benji, in saying this you duffer!


Samrat and gunjan were covered in each others arms when suddenly samrat whispered in her ears- gunjan i love you.

As soon as she heard this she pulled out of his embrace and looked at him long and hard as a tear rolled down her cheek.

And finally she said- i love you too samrat!

And before they knew they were knotted into a tight embrace.


Nupur and mayank looked deep into each others eyes when they felt a huge powerful wind puring down on them.

And suddenly it was raining cats and dogs.


(song- saanson ko saanson mein, hum tum)

As he felt the first drops of rain touch them he started singing in an impulse-heyy heyy heee-eh-eh-ehheyy-heyy

And the music began.

He took her hand and placed it on his shoulder and started dancing with her as the piano began to play.


Mayank slowly slid his hands across her waist, and inched close enough to feel her breath on his lips as he sang-

saanson ko saanson mein Dhalne do zara...
dhiimii sii dharkan ko bharne do zara
lamhon kii guzaarish hai yeh
paas aa jaa'en
hum hum tum
tum hum tum

as he sang this he crept closer and closer to her carrasing her waist.



aankhon mein hamko utarne do zara
baahon mein hamko pighalne do zara
lamhon kii guzaarish hai yeh
paas aa jaa'e
hum hum tum
tum hum tum

she sang as her happiness knew no bounds. As she sang in her nightingales voice, samrat felt himself drown in her innocence.


(background trumpet playing)

Uday had woken up to disturb benji and anne romance.

As they kept trying to find a better and safer spot.


Samrat-silvaTen kahiin karvaTen kahiin
phail jaa'e kaajal bhii tera

Gunjan-nazaron meun ho guzarta hu'aa
khwaabon ka koii qaafila

They sang as gunjan snuggled into his arms.


Mayank-jismon ko ruuhon ko jalne do zara
sharmon kaayaa ko machalne do zara

He sang as he pushed off the strands of hair bellowing her face.

Nupur- lamhon kii guzaarish hai yeh
paas aa jaa'e
hum hum tum
tum hum tum

(Song ends)


And with a beautiful smile they went back to the camp site, to sleep, with fond dreams of the wonderful day they had had still humming through their ears.


Hope you guys liked it

Plzzz comment and press the like tab

This is my gift to all sajanians and mayurians for todays friendships day

Love sindhya

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ch0c0lates IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Lovely! so romantic!
iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 10:29am | IP Logged
@chocolates n maria- thnksss soooooo muchhh darlingss...
Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 11:00am | IP Logged
ohhhhhhh sindy...........thnxxxxxxxxx a million billion zillion ton for this beautiful awsome gift....truly speechless n happiest to d core.......'mjht' hugs 2u dear....HugHugHugHugHugHug
iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 11:17am | IP Logged
awwwww luvv u toooo nikkii,,,,
u wontt believe it m burnniinn widd fever
whenn u wrote this!

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Jiah.Angel IF-Dazzler

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angelz IF-Rockerz

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wow sweety whta a cute one shot im in luv with it, u shud deff write some more of  these dia

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