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Tortuous life (Mayur ff)part-4 page-13

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Guys i am starting a new fiction. It will be focused on mayur'Sajan will be there but less.


This fic will be differnet....story is related to of finding flaw of human beings from his or her handwriting.


There will be romance...political problem...action....and lots of thing......


i am putting first part now.

hope u will enjoy reading..........


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Sharma Villa (Mumbai)
It was a cloudy day. A young man was sitting by the window. A sweet cold breeze was flowing which ruffled his hair. The clouds were floating in the sky almost touching the high-rise buildings. There was moister in the air. But it was not raining. Don't know why but this type of cloudy afternoon used to make him sad….laziness catched him…
The sound of lightening brought him back to the real world form his world of imagination.

" Now I have to look into the Naveen's case. He can come any moment. If he finds that I haven't done his work till now, he will be hurt. I have to solve the case in half an hour."

Mayank stood up from the couch and took out two letters from the drawer and headed for his drawing room. As he passed by the window, a little boy who was trying to steal mangoes in d garden drew his attention.

Mayank quickly called Ramu kaka and told him to bring that boy to his room.

Ramu kaka was just like his gudgeon. Ramu kaka was in his kolkata's house from a long time back. Later he was with Mayank to look after him. He lived with his wife in a room beside the garden. Ramu kaka does all the household works and kitchen is his wife's department. Mayank couldn't imagine without these two people.

After two three minutes Ramu kaka brought the boy to Mayank.

" Dekho Mayank beta, kitna batyameej ladka hai. Meri shirt far di isne." Ramu kaka told in a tone of complains.

Mayank noticed the boy .In spite of being afraid the boy showed his anger as he was brought there. It was evident from his dress that he belongs to an aristocrat family.

Mayank asked" Where do u live?"

"I won't tell u."

"What is your name?"

"I don't know." The boy replied with a stern look.

"Mango kiu chuda rahe the?"


"Mera marji."

"Ok. I am calling police. They will arrest you." Mayank said to make him afraid.
But the boy was not afraid at all.

"I will shoot you."the boy said. Mayank couldn't control any more, he let into a giggle.

"Oh! So you have gun?" asked Mayank.

" No, I don't have. But my uncle has."

"What does your father do?"

The boy remained silent.

Mayank was surprised. He thought "why is he silent? Is he no more or they don't share a healthy relationship? How did he develop the bad habit? I have to know." So Mayank goes on asking questions.

"So what is the name of your school?"

"I am studying in St. Teresa School."

" Do you know Riya mam?"

The boy was shocked hearing the name. He replied, " I know her. She is our English teacher. But how do know her?"

"She is my friend. Now give answers of my questions, otherwise I will complain against you and then she will punish you."

"Now tell me first where do u live?"

"Near Shrubberry Park."

" Aur apna naam nehi batayoge"


"And your father's name?"

"I know. But I won't tell you."


"Maa told me not to tell anyone."

"Doesn't your father live with you?"

"No. Will you give me punishment?"

" Ya, I will give, but you sit first." Mayank told him indicating the chair.
Sunny sat on the chair. Mayank saw Sunny's left hand was bleeding.

" You fold the sleeves of ur shirt first. I will give you first aid."

In the mean time Ramu kaka's wife brought sandwich for Mayank.

Mayank brought the first aid box and clear the wound with datol and then put a banded on it.

"Are u feeling hungry? If I am not wrong then u didn't eat anything after returning from school."

"How do u know?"

" I know."

Mayank told Ramu kaka's wife to bring another plate for Sunny.

"Give me punishment quickly. I have to go home."

Mayank gave him a writing pad and a pen and told him" Write 10 sentences in English. It is your punishment."


" Anything?" Sunny was happy to hear about the punishment.


"Ya, anything. You write, till then I will finish my work too."

Mayank got involved in the case in no time.

Naveen is friend of Mayank. He has showroom of electronics goods. Yesterday when Naveen returned to his home for having lunch, he forgot his mobile in the showroom. At that time two of the employees were present there, Ravi and Anand. When he returned to showroom, they told that none of them had seen the mobile. But Naveen is feeling that one of them is telling the lie.
So he requested Mayank to solve case with his method that means with the help of graphology. Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. First time he came to know about this subject form his friend Samrat, who is an IPS officer. Mayank found the subject interesting and he is researching on that since last four years .

But nobody believes that it is possible to find out flaws of human character from handwriting. His neighbors say Mayank has lots of wealth, so there is no need to earn money. That's why he is wasting his time in a useless subject. But Mayank never minds. He always takes these taunts lightly. He loves his work more than himself.

Mayank takes out a magnifying glass from drawer and started examine the handwriting minutely.

The first one is of Ravi. His writing style is saying that he is very frank, simple and admits everything under pressure. So he can't be suspected.

The next one is of Anand. Mayank noticed that Anand has crossed the word stolen at least three times and the handwriting is little bit shaky. Mayank was sure that he was the culprit.

"I have finished writing." Sunny kept his copy in front of Mayank but
Mayank kept the copy aside.

"U didn't eat anything? "Mayank said noticing that the plate is untouched.

"No, I have to go home, otherwise mom will scold me."

"Ok go."


A smile appeared in Sunny's face. He kept the pen in his pocket and then ran away from there.


Mayank noticed that Sunny had stolen the pen. But he remained silent. Mayank smiled and said to himself" Disease is clear to me. "

Mayank was just going to take a bite of the sandwich.
At that moment Naveen entered the room.

Pulling a chair Naveen sat down next to Mayank and said,"where were you through the whole day? I called you at least 10-12 times. "

Mayank offered him a sandwich and he took it.They continued their convo while eating.

"ya, I went to hospital. Ranvijay's dad is….."

Naveen didn't let her complete the sentence.

"What? Ranvijay came here also. U tell me first , did he borrow money from u?"

" But how do u know that?"

" He came to my house today morning."

" How much you gave him?"

"10 thousand."

" He will never return it. Take my words. "

Mayank became little bit upset hearing this.

"By the way,  what about my case? Did you solve it?"

Mayank quickly concentrate in his favorite subject. The two letters given by Naveen were kept on the table. Looking at those letters Mayank said "Ravi didn't take your mobile. Anand has stolen it."

"My God. How do u know that?"

"Give threat. He will admit"

"Anand has already admitted."

" Ohh , good. Then you have got back your mobile already."

"No, not yet. But I will get back it tomorrow, and then I will fired Anand from my shop."


Mayank understood Naveen is very much angry. Mayank said " Don't do that."


Naveen was surprised hearing what Mayank was saying.
He watched Mayank with a blank face and then asked " Why?"

"Who suggest you to employ Anand?"

" One of my friend suggest me."

"Anand is not that type of person, Naveen."

" How do u know that?"

"It is clear from his handwriting. I think he is in any critical situation and he has done this desparately. I am 100% sure. U ask your friend."

"What are you saying? Is it possible to know from handwriting only?"

"Ofcourse , it is possible." Mayank replied confidently.

" Ok ." Naveen dialed his friend's no quickly.

" You finish the talk . I will be back in 5 mins." Mayank left with the plate.

Seeing Mayank entering the room Naveen said," you are right Anand has done the work desparately. He has done this to save his sister's marriage and now he is feeling guilty.
So , what is your advice? Should I give him another chance?"

" As you wish." Mayank smiled.


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Next day-At Wadala Station Road
Mayank parked his bike on the footpath in front of Sahani Builders and went inside. He found gafar is not there but he will return within one hour. So Mayank decided to wait for Gafar. Mayank was waiting for Gafar. Suddenly he saw Naveen coming out from a auto.

Mayank called him loudly.

Hearing this Naveen crossed the road and came to the shop.

"You? Come , come to my showroom."

"No Naveen, you go, I have to meet some one. I will come after meeting him."

"But from where are u coming?"

"ohh, don't say. Anand tried to suicide yesteray. But now he is out of danger. Doctor has said there is nothing to worry."

"Gud. But u might be in danger otherwise."

"Ya, you are right. Today some of Anand's friend came to threaten me. They told that I would be responsible if anything wrong happens to him. I was so tensed in the morning, uff , I can't think more."

"By the way did you get back your mobile?"

"Ya, I got it. But tell me one thing. You are doing thesis on Graphology. Why don't you take it as a profession?"

"As a profession?"

"Ya, Open a consultancy firm. "

"Dhut, I never thought of that. But I will think ."

" OK, I am leaving now. Come to my showroom finishing your work."

Mayank thought about what Naveen said just now. If he take it as a profession he can help many people. "Not a bad idea."

Suddenly the twin blasts rip the area.

Mayank came outside to see what had happened. He saw three four guys with rods in their hands. They were threatening the shopkeepers to pull down the shutters. A mov color maruti was turning back seeing the violence in the air. One of those guys hit the wind screen with the rod. The broken glass pieces blew away inside the car. An old man was driving the car. He fell flat on the stiaring with bloddy face.

"Sir plz come inside. I have to pull down the shutter , otherwise they will attack."said the shopkeeper.


"Who are those guys?"


"They are the part of Golu bhai's gang. Yesterday police arrested Golu Bhai, and this is the after effect."

" Who is Golu Bhai?"

" U don't know? He is right hand of AMR party ."

Mayank came inside and let the boy to pull down the shutter.


And then"THUD"

That's all for now... Nupur's entry will be in next part.
Let me know should i continue...
waiting for your comments...

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sweetgalFats IF-Dazzler

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Hey dear! i m Fats! ur ff is  interestng! nd very unique nd different! Plz do continue! Nd if can do pm me!
preethis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2009 at 6:18am | IP Logged
hey dear very nice update.. please when you update send me a PM.....

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adi_gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 August 2009 at 7:08am | IP Logged
very nice and different and also with new concept
with alot of action and mystry
so im waiting for heroine entry
 soon update
and do pm me when ever updateSmile

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Originally posted by sweetgalFats

Hey dear! i m Fats! ur ff is  interestng! nd very unique nd different! Plz do continue! Nd if can do pm me!
Thanks a lot..
Ia m glad that u liked d concept.
TaNia2008 Groupbie

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Originally posted by preethis

hey dear very nice update.. please when you update send me a PM.....
thanks for ur comment.
i'll surely pm u next time.

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