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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF- A Silent Song (Pt 55; Pg56 on Sep 13) (Page 4)

blokes Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2009 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Part 5:
Dev. Where are you? What are you doing right now? wondered Ritu. After that fateful phone call, she had not gone to work for three full days.

She had stared aimlessly into the colorful walls of her apartment. She had hated the cheerful sunshine that exploded through the windows each day. When she had moved in, she had refused to cover the glass panes with curtains. Instead, she had crystals of all shapes and sizes hanging in threads crisscrossing across the window to refract the light into bursts of color. Now, she had to live with the forced cheerfulness in her studio apartment. The sight of those colors pained her eyes.

On the fourth day, she scolded herself, "Ritu, enough of this moping around. It is not helping anyone, certainly not the people who depend on you to make their lives just a wee bit happier. They have no one to cheer them up. They cannot even recall good memories unlike you."

She had shrugged off the shroud of misery and had dressed in her brightest top with mirror work on it. Whenever she moved, the mirrors caught the sun and reflected it as small shiny circles on every surface it fell on.

She gave herself a gentle shake, dragged the comb through tangled tresses and putting on some lip balm, walked out of the door to grab her bike and biked down 10 blocks to the non-profit where she helped as a psychologist for abused women and children.

On her senior year, she had started as an intern at the shelter for battered women. On her graduation, they had offered her a low paying, full time job. She was more than happy to take it as she loved each one who came battered in spirit and body to be showered by her sunshine. Her inheritance money from her parents' Trust Fund came handy to pay for her small studio apartment. Her salary paid for everything else.

Dev and she had become a couple that first week since their meeting. She had been a sophomore finally deciding to graduate in Psychology. Dev's presence in her life made the next 2 years go by too fast. He had worked hard to make his consulting company a success. Matt, Dev and she made a trio in many weekend "dates" as they worked over their lunches and picnics at Golden Gate park. She would catch the Bart to the City and meet up with Dev and go on short biking trips with him along the Presidio. They would spend some time at the Museum of Modern Art where he investigated intelligent design while she looked at aesthetics and the impact it had on the human psyche.

That first month, everything came back to normal. She smiled sadly when stray thoughts of Dev crossed her mind at the most unseemly times, every day. She could not but remember the wonderful times she and Dev had shared over the past 4 years. They were memories that would last her this lifetime. She was certainly blessed to have had a wonderful person like Dev in her life. Even if it had been short lived. But then, she, more than anyone would know how transient life was and how you learn to seize the day and enjoy each moment to its fullest as the next moment was not guaranteed.

Then, she had caught that bug. Kids at the shelter had this strange 24 hour stomach bug that made them throw up for a day and then break into a sweat and then have fever for a day before they went back to normal. She had caught the bug too from them.

She felt like throwing up all the time and the thought of food made her empty out her stomach. In her case the bug did not go even after 72 hours. She went to the doctors to get an anti flu shot. However, the results shook her to the core. She was pregnant, with Dev's child.

She had to take her vitamins. She hated those enormous white pills and the metallic aftertaste they left in her mouth. But she would do anything for her child, their child. This child created by love that last night, the night before Dev left for India: A precious gift, just for her.

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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wow blokes... manifique...

even superlatives arent enough...thanks so much...lovely story..

waiting for the next part...

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blokes Goldie

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can u please at least click the like button if u choose not to comment- that would give me an idea as to how long u would like me to write this. A full length novel will be about 50 parts. It can be shorted to 25 or lengthened to even 100 based on interest and plot.

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annie2212 Senior Member

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great story blokes ClapYou have a way with words....i can picture the scenes.... waiting for the next parts.

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blokes Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2009 at 12:21am | IP Logged
thank u rushtrip, annie for commenting and ammu, desihrt, qts, palak for "liking" it. This is a strange experience for me- I have "repeated' old stories- never written something new and I have no idea myself where Ritz, Dev and Vishaka r going!

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blokes Goldie

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Part 6:

She had started to show. As she rode her bike up the slope, she realized that she had to seriously consider getting a car. Her friend Marta, who was an environmental (more "mental") freak and insisted on having the lowest possible carbon footprint, biked everywhere, even with her 6 month old in tow. Ritu was not too sure if she wanted to continue biking even after the baby was born.

The people at the shelter were thrilled about her having a baby. One of the women had already knitted everything from tiny booties to caps and mittens in every possible hue and shape. Yet another had crocheted some baby blankets while a group had gotten together to make a memorable quilt for their beloved Ritz' baby.

Women gave her advice of putting her feet up during the day while she met with them. They insisted that she napped in the afternoons while they kept their children from making a noise. The entire shelter was awaiting Ritz' baby, a baby whose birth will be surrounded only by joy. No sorrow. No abuse.

Janet came into her room and asked Ritu how she was doing that day. Ritu said, "All is well. Whoa, the baby just moved!"

"Have you told the father yet? asked Janet.

"No. Not yet. I don't know how to tell him this amazing news. He is married to someone else, you see, and I do not want to bring any kind of rift in his new relationship. This baby is mine, my parting gift from him."

"Ritz, I know it may sound strange coming from me. I don't trust any man. But, I think you need to pick that phone up and call him today and tell him that he is going to be a dad. You do not have to do this all by yourself, honey."

Ritu looked softly into Janet's eyes and smiled. " I shall certainly consider what you say. Now shall we get on with our session?"

As she biked down the road, she was almost run over by a speeding car that had not stopped on a red. She seriously had to consider getting a car. She did not want her precious baby to be exposed to any of these dangers, if she had any say in it.

The days were getting longer. It was light when she got back to her studio. She had not bought anything for the baby. The women at the shelter were planning on outfitting her, with every possible baby stuff, they could lay their hands on. She had to refuse the offer knowing that her studio apartment was way too cramped for another person, let alone a baby and all its things.

She dreamed of Dev again that night. It was a beautiful one with them having a picnic under the Golden Gate Bridge, walking along the rocky shore and looking at the turns flying low, looking for fish. They built pillars of pebbles with the flat stones found on the coast. The bright orange bridge loomed over them like a heavenly arc, delicately poised over their heads to protect them.

The baby moved waking her up and she had to visit the bathroom again. She couldn't bear these frequent restroom breaks that had begun this past week. She chronicled in her journal about the changes in her this week and what the baby was doing in her tummy.

She marveled at the miracle that the baby was. Though Dev and she had been together for 4 years, they had never taken their relationship to that level of intimacy until that last night, the night he had come over to say bye to her before he took the midnight flight out of San Francisco.

They had had dinner and had sat down together talking about getting married when he returned. They had both loved the small house along the Pacific Coast near Half Moon Bay and were planning on putting a down payment on his return.

She had sat curled along him while he played with her hair, twirling it with his fingers and smoothing it. Then he had turned to brush it past her face to find her ear with his lips and had ended up kissing her. One thing let to the next and then they had just dissolved into one another resulting in this precious being.

She wished her mom were still alive to share this beautiful time with her. The night her parents had died in a car crash, she was staying with friends, having a sleep over. She had been 12. They were returning from a show and a drunk driver had crashed into them on the highway.

Dad had been a modestly successful musician who played with his band at nightclubs, fairs and farmers' markets. Mom had worked as a secretary in a big company and had benefits.

Emma's mother had been her support since then. Right through high school, she had treated Ritu like her second daughter and helped her through her first crush and first heartbreak. When Ritu had turned 18, they had to move to Maine and Ritu had decided to stay back in Berkeley. They had found her a tiny studio and with the inheritance money, she was able to afford it along with her part time job at a local boutique.

She had won a scholarship to UC Berkeley and then her life had changed for the better the day she had met Dev on the steps down from the Women's Faculty Club.

Emma had graduated from Harvard and gone on to Oxford, England for her Masters. She called Ritu every weekend and they caught up with each other. She was excited about the baby and had already decided that she will be the baby's godmother. She had never met Dev, nor seen a photograph of him. She had spoken with him several times over the phone.

Ritu realized that in the 4 years dev and she had been together, they had never bothered to take photographs with each other. They had taken each occasion and moment they were together as the most important time of their lives and had never bothered to record it. The camera would have been too invasive- almost like a voyeur. She wondered if she should check with Matt and ask him if he had a photo of Dev as she would like their child to know how his/her dad looked.

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sanafsha Senior Member

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wow.. such a twist.. i promise i didn't expect it.. i jus opened my mouth when i read ritz was pregnant with dev's child.. god... plz add me in ur pm list and send me link of ur updates... thanks alot.. do continue writing..=)

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blokes Goldie

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Part 7:

Keshav checked out of his room and got into the car with Vishaka and Maji. "Maji, let me assure you, you will wish me gone tomorrow morning when you hear me croak in the name of riyaz. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Haan, beta. It would be a delight to hear you sing. I understand from Vishaka that you are a great musician. We do not watch any film or television in our home. Maybe you can sing the morning Arti?"

"It will be my great saubhagya, Maji," replied Keshav. Turning around further, looking into the back seat from the front, he asked, "So, tell me Vishaka, how is married life?"

Vishaka did not know how to answer him. "Fine, I guess. I am still getting used to the fact that I am in a large establishment where everyone knows what is expected of them and I feel like I am on stage and have forgotten my lines."

"Tut, tut. Vish, you need to get involved in your new life. Accha, tell me, how is your riyaz going? Say what, I usually do my practice at 6 in the morning. Why don't we do it together as we used to with Masterji?"

Vishaka glanced at Maji uncomfortably but Maji immediately smiled and replied, "Haan beta. Certainly. We are yet to hear Vishaka sing. I am sure she sings very well. When we decided that she will be our Bahu, everyone in Vrindavan told us just how beautifully she sang."

Soon they arrived home and Maji asked a servant to bring in Keshav's luggage and put it in the guest room with the terrace overlooking the backyard. Keshav thanked her once more for her graciousness and was introduced to Dadi and Deepika.

"And this is Deepika, our laadli beti. She is spoilt being the youngest and the only girl in 3 generations," Maji continued.

One look into the bright sparkly eyes of Deepika, Keshav lost his heart. He could almost hear that film song "Ik Ladki ko dekha to aisa laga" play in the background. Deepika was thrilled to meet Keshav.

"You are THE Keshav, Keshav Chaube of Bhabhi bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame? I loved every track especially the one called "Bhabhi Bhabhi tum bhi na". I can't believe it! Vishaka bhabhi please pinch me- I am not dreaming, am I? Gosh, just wait till I tell my friends in college tomorrow just who we have for a house guest. They will be green with envy," Deepika rattled on.

Keshav could not but be bedazzled by her innocence and youthful exuberance. Who would have thought that he, Keshav Chaube, reigning star of the playback world would fall so hard for a young college girl? He had met many fans and women who wanted to be more than intimate with him these past few years, but he kept busy with his work and practice and never glanced at any woman.

He had no bad habits like drinking alcohol or even going for too many late night parties as it took a toll on his voice. He kept a strict regime as his Masterji had taught him and he knew it was that discipline that had brought him such name and fame in such a short time. He had to do his Masterji proud. He knew he would last only if he kept that strict discipline.

Vishaka turned to Deepika, " Dear, please do not bother Keshav. He needs his peace to practice. I am sure he will let you sit in during his riyaz. Wouldn't you like that?"

" Really, may I? Wow. Keshav ji, is this true? Can I actually watch you do your practice? Kanha, aap ne meri sapna saakar kiye! Thank you Takurji. I owe you an extra special pranam at tomorrow's Arti." She continued to shower Keshav with her dazzling smile little knowing what effect it had on him.

Keshav continued to stare back at Deepika and could barely hear himself nod and say, "Sure. You are welcome to hear me croak first thing in the morning." And he winked at her. And she winked right back at him.

Vishaka was amused by this instant friendship between Keshav and Deepika and was glad for the extra support. She hoped that he would forget all about asking her to practice with him tomorrow and began to walk towards the kitchen. Keshav stopped her by reminding her that he will wait for her too in the morning for riyaz.

She nodded and discussed dinner menu with the cook and ensured all was set for the evening meal and then, proceeded to her room. She changed out of her fancy sari and wore a comfortable cotton one. She returned to the living room to check on Dadi making sure she had no requirements and awaited Dev's arrival from work.

She reflected on this new turn of events. She had not seen Keshav in so many years. Not since the time he had left Vrindavan to seek his fortunes in the dicey world of Bollywood. Not only had he gotten a break, he had also achieved great fame and money in the process. What amazed her even more was that he seemed so unaffected by it all. In spite of being such a super star, he was so down to earth and willing to share his time and talent with others. For a moment a streak of envy shot through her only to be acknowledged and smiled at. All her dreams of wanting to be a playback singer, were shattered beyond repair. Maybe, the morning riyaz may help shake her out of the blues.

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