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Pavitra Rishta
Pavitra Rishta

July 27th Written + Vid/Pix * GRAND WEDDING * UPD

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Pavitra Rishta- July 27th - Written - Update -


By: Navii D. { Punjabi_Qt26 }



[ There father is crying alone at home ] He is thinking about he said," In such a short notice they found such a nice guy ] [ The whole family comes home ] Sulochana says," So, Much RUSH! What ? Why is it dark in a house where someone is going to get married turn the light on". Vaishali says," Dad, it was so, much fun today. What ever we put our hand on mom bought it for us!". Sulochana continues," So, much rush. I couldn't understand what to buy and not to buy! I will go get you some tea". Her husband replies," Sulochana, I have to talk to you about something". Sulochana says," Ok...". [ She goes into the kitchen ] [ Her Husband slowly followers her and slowly walks in ] He says," I had to talk to you about something..". Sulochana says," Yes..". He says," Well..". [ Archana's friends walk in and greet them ] Sulochana says to them," You guys have come at the right time. I did alot of shopping today for Archana I will show you". [ Sulochana is about to leave when she turns ] She says," You had to say something?". [ He nods his head ] [ Sulochana goes inside ] Archana's friend inside is saying," This Sari will look REALLY nice on you". Sulochana says," I will go and get Breakfast for you. Varsha and Vaishali come and help me". [ They Leave ] Varsha says," I will show the rest of the sari's when I get back". Archana's friend then says," You are so Lucky that you got a husband that not only loves you but respectes the good in you". [ Archana's Father is listening through the window that is open ] She continues," How hard it is to find a true life partner ask me. I have been betrayed [ Archana tries to console her ] Look I thought I knew Ajit so much. We were together 2 years. He earned good money and was from a good household. But, he still...Thank god you told me! Or else he would have got married and I would have been mourning over him. Archana there are many people who will make a rishta but, not many who will maintain that rishta. Which you have got". [ Archana's Father is still listening ] Archana says," Swati, forget what happenend in the past. You know what didn't happen in my life? But, Ganpati Bapa sent Manav for me. I am sure you will find someone who truly loves you too. Forget it look at this". [ Archana's Father is almost ]


[ They show a Temple ] [Archana's father is walking towards it] { Archana's father then thinks of all the things that have led up to that day. The first episode when the boy declined Archana, when Manav's Uncle explained to him why Manav is ilterate like Archana, when Sitish broke the rishta and when Manav's uncle said that Manav and Archana are perfect for each other because they live for there family. Also, When Swati was talking to Archana and telling her how lucky she is, when Manav's uncle told him that Manav had been punishing himself for the last 3days and When Manav saved him from drowning. Lastly, when Sulohona said," If you weren't there to save my husband my family would have been destroyed". } [ Archana's father looks towards Ganpati Bapa and is confused on what to do ]


[ They show Manav's home ] Manav is replaying what Archana's father said to him," What had my daughter done to you. Why did you do such a low-deed? Before, the whole coloney would make fun of us. Now, it will be the whole world. My daughter's life, her future and her happiness is all over". Manav thinks to himself," How did I make such a big mistake. That man considered me as his son and trusted me. I betrayed him. And, Archana who I love. Who I can't see shed a tear. What about her? She will be shedding tears her whole life. No, Now I will do what I should have done A LONG TIME AGO!".


[ Back at the temple ] A couple getting married at the temple come out and the boy says," Kaka...". [ Archana's father thinks to himself who this could be he remembers it was a proposal for Archana, which Sulochana had flat out said no to without even looking at the photo ] The boy says," Did you reconginize me?". Archana's father replies," Yes, I am sorry for what Sulochana had done". The boy replies," I had forgotten about that ages ago. There was no fault of yours either. Times were just like that". Archana's father replies," Do you still have you're old job?". He replies," No, I had left that a long time ago. Now, I have 4 auto's in this city. Thanks to you're blessings. Now, I can have a household too". [ They ask for blessings/ He Blesses them ] [ They Leave ] Archana father says," Ganpati Bapa, You havr shown me the way. Now, I can ask Archana and make the right choice".


[ Back At Archana's House ] [ Sulochana is doing Archana's hair ] Sulochana says," I know we never asked you this [ Archana's Father is listening ] but, do you like Manav? I know you would never decline a boy we picked but, do you ?". Archana says," I know that you and father could never do anything wrong for me. You know what's good for me more then myself. There isn't even the question of not liking who you picked. I have seen you since I was little. I have seen you go through good and bad days. But, those could never break you're relationship. You stuck together and faced every problem together. Sometimes father became you're strength and sometimes you his. I have seen a dream of a house. Where two people take care of a house together. If I should say something. I wanted to get married to a guy liek father. Who is always there for me. But, You always wanted me to get married to a rich boy with degrees and who is educated. But, if I tell the truth that never had any value in my eyes. I wanted to marry someone who cares about me, my emotions and how I feel too. Also, who will help me through every problem and love me without expecting anything back". Archana's father thinks to himself," So, my decision was right. Today, for the first time. Archana told what was truly in her heart. Even if he is not up to Sulochana's expectations he loves Archana and can keep her happy in life. Forgive me Sulochana. For the frist time I am going against you. But, being a father I have to keep this lie inside until this marriage happens". [ He walks in the room where Sulochana and Archana are sitting ] Sulochana says," Where have you been?". Her husband replies," I had gone to give out cards to my friends for the wedding. How did the purchasing go?". Sulochana says," Very Good! We bought Jewelery, Clothes, Things for the puja and OMG! I forgot to get something for Ganpati Bapa!". Her husband replies," Don't worry! The stores aren't closed yet. I will go and get it". Sulochana says," Archana dry you're hair while I go and get the clothes hung outside to dry". [ Archana starts to dry her hair while her father is ]


Varsha says," Why are you started to pack so early. You can't wait to leave". [ You see Sulochana and Her Husband in a hurry ] Sulochana says," I can't see how I forgot to get that for Ganpati Bapa come fast ok". [ He leaves ] { Manav is coming to tell the TRUTH } [ DRAMATIC MUSIC ] [ Archana's father passes right by Manav without seeing him ][ Sulochana is taking the clothes off outside and see's Manav ] Sulochana says," Manav, you here at this time?". Manav says," Is Baba here?". She replies," No, he just left right now ". He replies," I have to give you something [ He drops his engagement ring in Sulochana's hand ] She says," This is the engagement ring?". Manav says," Baba knows everything he will tell you why I returned it ". [ Sulochana is and Scared] { She thinks he may have broken the marriage } [ Sulochana get's dizzy and falls she cannot breath. She drops the ring and it falls in Archana feet. Archana picks it up she knows what has happened ] Vinod says," I will go and get a doctor". [ Varsha hands Sulochana her inhaler ] [ Archana remembers putting the ring on Manav's finger ] Sulochana see's this and says," Archana...". [ You then see the whole coloney outside there door ] One man says," I think the marriage broke again. I saw through my window that her son-in-law had come to meet her". [ Archana's father comes running to see what's wrong ] The doctor is saying," I have given her a injection and everything is going to be alright". Sulochana says," Again with our Archana. What is written in her fate. Manav came and gave the ring back!". Archana's father thinks to himself," We cannot afford to not let this marriage happen. Maybe Manav isn't educated but, he is still has a golden heart". Sulochana says," If this marriage doesn't happen I will DIE!". Archana's father says," Nothing, is like you think it is. You take stuff from one place to another. I told him to return this ring! It wasn't fitting properly so, I said I would get it fixed!". Sulochana says," REALLY?". He replies," Yes!". [ Archana Hugs Vinod in relief ]


[ The Next Day ] Archana's father is at Manav house he says," Ji, I have come here to return this ring. Meaning, this wedding will happen. For Sure! Manav what you and you're mother did was wrong. But, wanting to fix it is a big deal in it's self. You showed courage. This shows how much you love Archana. That love made me re-think everything". Manav says," I don't know how I can thank you!". He replies," There is no need to thank. Til today, Manav has shown many proof of his goodness. And, what you said was absoultely right. Manav and Archana are made for each-other".


[ Back At Archana's House ] Sulochana is talking to Archana and telling her that she will lose things and gain things and marriage is where a real woman's life starts and if she cries at a time like this. [ Her husband interupts her makes a joke the whole family laughs and hugs each other ] [ The next Morning at 5 am] Vinod is looking around and remembering Archana's daily routine. Archana then comes and says," Chai". Vinod says," Today too?". Archana says," This is my last day. At least let me work today". [ Vinod and Archana Hug ] [ The next morning the whole family is doing the puja and singing ] A lady says," Nirmila. Every big or small person is here in this wedding". Nirmila replies," Archana is this coloney's daughter who wouldn't come? Who hasn't Archana helped and Sulochana helps everyone in there tough times too". [ Prasad is giving to everyone ]


[ On The Other Side ] Savita is dancing and says," WOW! What a band! Where is the photo man?". She goes the photographer and says," Who is paying you and called you here? Who told you to take a photo's of the girls? Who will take a photo of me?". [ She takes the photographer to the corner picks up a cocunut smiles and get's her photo done". She then goes to the Band players and says," Who is paying you and called you here? Me! If you don't play good Meh Tumhari Band Baja Dungi". [ The Band Players start to play and everyone starts to dance ] { Manav comes out ! } Savita says," My Son is looking so handsome. [ Savita see's Sachin ] They have a talk and she tells him to come to the marriage but, not to come infront of Archana's family. Especially, Vaishali and Sulochana. She then says," If you come infront of them the wedding will be OVER!". Sachin asks," Is this Necessary". Savita says," Yes! Now dance!". [ They show the Baraat Dancing ! ] [ You see Manav's father he opens the cupboard and see's a bottle of alchohal ] He says," No, today is Manav's wedding". [ He closes it and OPENS it againLOL ] He says," I won't drink but, it's ok if I keep it in my pocket Wink". [ At Archana's House ] { Everyone is Happy after seeing the Baraat } [ Archana and Manav sit down on chairs. Manav is very Big smile seeing Archana ] [ There is a HUGE!!! Crowd and a bunch of people one by one come to congratulate Archana and Manav and give them flowers ] Sachin is eating and says," Today is Manav's wedding. I will EAT ! LOL".  [ He Turns and See's VAISHALI!] Varsha thinks to herself," This is that guy... How did he get here?". Sachin thinks to himself," RUN! LOL". [ There is a WHOLE Scene of Vaishali running after Sachin ] While Sachin is running he bumps into Sulochana and drops things. He covers his face and is picking it up. Savita see's this and is shockedShocked . She helps and pinches Sachin telling him to RUN! Sulochona is telling her to stop helping but, Savita says," Today I will help you tomorrow you will help me". [ Sulochana Smiles and leaves with the things ] [ Vaishali hears Savita saying she is going to pull Sachin's ears and follows her ] { Vaishali see's that Savita is yelling at Sachin and figures out that he is the son of Savita and brother of Manav } She runs to her mother and says," I have to tell you something". Sulochana says," Alright, but; Why are you breathing so hard?". She replies," I have to tell you something about that boy". 



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thank u soooo much..... cannot wait for Archu's baba to tell Manav now!!!
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This was such a good episode, Manav and Archana looked great! I'm glad her father can see how much Manav loves Archana and I am also happy that Archana says she just wants a guy who loves her. This is good!!

ETA: Manav's mom makes me laugh

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Thanks a lot..this seems one action-packed episode. Can't wait to go home and watch it.
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thank you verymuch for the lovely update.
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thnz! great update!

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Thanks a lot...
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wonderful updateTongue.........2day was a 1 hr 2mrrow also gona be an hr long episode...does anybody noe??Smilewell i hope soLOL..........omg so happy 2 finally c manav n archna's wedding happening.................PartyParty

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