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Monday 27/7/09
  Episode No 101

Mayavathi visits the minister RKS. Dhilip is also present. Maya gives
a report on the assassination attempt - Maya tells us the same old thing
and RSK voices Roja's frustration - "Sir, the same group which attempted
on your life two years back is behind it. " Minister asks "can u tell me
some thing new??" Maya says that now they know that these terrorists
are the old students of RSK's college. RSK is upset (??!!) - "well why
should they go round about? They can straight away come and kill me !!!"
Dhilip looks as if he just might do that !!! Maya is on challenge mode -
"these people have some jujubi reason for killing you (that is right, Roja
endorses )
and in the process trouble the common public - they will
all be caught and will be brought to  justice , sir" Dhilip makes faces
which go unnoticed by darling wife. Ranjan and his croonies along with
Dhilip - nothing new - ranjan summarizes that now the police and the minister
have a face attached to the crime - " now they know about the old
students association, Sara has sung like a canary..Suja who is a look alike
of Meera is caught and that is a head ache..so folks, be extra careful, ok??

Father James comes to meet Suja - Says that God and himself know that she
is Suja and not Meera - Satyameve Jeyathe , God blesses you - Suja asks
about Ganesh -" he said that Meera is alive !!  " James  once again summarizes
what we all know !!! Dr.Rajasekhar and Suja's friend ( channer 6 colleague)
come to meet their lawyer - they have brought all the evidence - Suja's passport,
ID card, the copies of the flight tickets etc., etc., - Now advocate summarizes
the story ( Roja did u say that u forgot the story??? Look how every body obliges !!!)
but has one loophole -"why would Suja try to save Sezhiyan who is now the prime
witness....??? anyways, i will submit all this and try to get Suja out. But the police
may not buy this story ..might go for DNA test etc., etc.,, so, Suja  coming out
of police custody may take some time. " Dr.RS says that he is also seeking the
interference of Interpol ...

Another summary time as to how Ganesh was brought out - Ganesh and Father
James obliging Roja - "Suja came in to your house when u were away... I told u
to find out everything but u played along......blah blah..." The summary is
(Rojaaaaaaaaa et tu??? summary mania??) James says that Meera and Suja are two
different people - " Go and meet her, let the world talk any thing .. u play
Sherlock Holmes and find the  truth.. You were A.C.Durai after all !!!" ACD
shows his famous frown to Roja...



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Tuesday 28/7/09 Episode No 102

Sonogram - Gaya is preggie - Doctor says that her treatment worked -
"congrats , mommy and daddy.." When Elango thanks the doctor,
the doctor talks about medicine and its advancements - Elango
apologizes for his ignorance and expresses his gratitude. Doctor
asks the couple to cherish what they have got in life -"regular
medicines, check up.." Elango is happy and wants to take wifey
out to celebrate - Gaya wants to meet Suja "that will be my outing
and gift " Sees that Elango is not very enthusiastic and so says that if the
procedure is elaborate, he can just call Suja and tell her this great news.
Elango agrees.

Ratnavel's house - he assembles the family , Paarthi included . Wants to know
if Aanandhi has any program. She says that right now she is free -"evening
must go to the hospital and see dad.." Ratnavel says that being attached to
one's parents is a virtue... Paarthi is angry (??? athu sari??? innum guilty
aa feel pannilyaa??? 50 lakhs man,  50 lakhs !!)
Advocate comes and reads the
will -"every thing is given to Aanandhi" Paarthi gets angry and shouts - "what
atrocity??? I was keeping quiet all this time...(apdi podu??? offense is the best
form of defense???)
You are insulting me..." Ratnavel gets worked up and
shouts " I have lost all the trust in you!!! if i leave every thing to you, nee evalukkO
ellathiyum ezhuthi kuduthuduviye??"  Aanandhi says that this act might
jeopardize Paarthi's gauravam - Ratnavel quickly points out that Paarthi has
already buried that - to cut a long story short, Ratnavel says that his decision
is final and he has done quite some thinking. Paarthi gets out ( Aanandhi,  time
for another 50 lakhs !!! Just think twice before u part with that hard earned
money !!! You can buy 2 or 3 husbands for the same price!!!)
turn for summary - how he wanted  her to be the DIL of his house, how he planned
this action thinking that Paarthi might reform....apologizes for spoiling Aanandhi's
life .... infers that Paarthi  has gone back to Hema...MIL, FIL and DIL cry -
advocate witnesses -

Godddddddd another summary time - Elango telling Gaya all about Hema story -
I am skipping it - we all know what he knows - just that he is keeping Gaya in the loop.
Gaya wants to meet little sister. It starts with Elango telling her about talking to
Suja and informing Gaya's news. He says that Suja is worried about Aanandhi's life -
and that brings about Gaya asking for details and Elango spilling.. visions of Suja
talking to Gaya about getting Elango to accept for the medical test.... Elango asks
Gaya " down the memory lane?" ( oh yeah, for sure !!! we were taken for a
summary ride - for the past 2 days !!!)
Gaya  dons her detective coat and says that
Suja can not be a terrorist. " Find the truth and get her out. Also do all u can to help
Aanandhi" Elango agrees.

Hema and mommy - discuss about their panam kaichi maram - mommy says that
Paarthi should visit often - "illatta namakku epdi 50 , 50 lakhs aa varum?" Hema
says that she is biding for time -" let the dust settle down a bit.." Hema says that
she has her plan all in place. Mommy says that they just have 6 months left -
"Paarthi kitte irunthu karakka mudinja varai karanthuu ttu, sell this house
and scoot with our money, ok? " Hema is categorical " before Ratnavel wakes
up, I will achieve my goal, no sweat.." Mommy and daughter - gloating time -
Hema gets ready to throw the fishing line - Paarthi to bite...



Updates by smlaksh

Episode - 103     Wednesday - 29.07.09

Credits to isaitamil.net

Dr.Rajasekar , visits Arthi's mom [actress changed , even in last minConfused? Pons from SP , hope she doesn't start her badmouthing here too LOL] in hospital .. Enquires a nurse abt BP who checks on it .. Arthi's uncle too is there on her bedside .. Rajasekar asks if she remembers him .. And she replies that he looks familiar & wonders where .. [Oru velai ivangalukku buththi thelinchuducho Ermm , no more of that mad act .. romba santhama irukkanga Confused] ... Further she asks if he came to give her an injection LOL & Doctor replies there is no need for it anymore .. Doctor informs Arthi's Uncle that her health has improved & takes him out .. Dr.Rajasekar says he adopted Suja & he needs a clarification .. Uncle replies Suja has informed him earlier itself .. Rajasekar further says that Suja has been arrested & she was mistaken for Meera .. Also adds Arthi's family photo with Meera is a strong evidence & it has surpassed all his efforts to prove Suja is his adopted daughter .. And asks if Senthamarai (Arthi's mom) had twin babies .. Uncle denies & adds Suja is the first daughter & Arthi , Chezhiyan were born later with 2 years differnce .. And starts to grind the same batter Angry , Suja fell ill when she was 6 yrs old , treated by a doc[antha aalu thaan un kann munnadi nikkaraare , appuram enna summary , loosu loosu AngryAngryAngry] .. Rajasekar asks abt another possibility , if Swaminathan (Arthi's dad) had any affairs .. Uncle laughs & denies that too .. Further says he doesn't have any other useful info & either his sister is in a position to answer him .. Rajasekar firmly says Suja & Meera can look alike , only if they have the same origins .. And says to take care of Senthamarai & gives his card .. Uncle polambifies for Suja being in jail .. Rajasekar informs him that Chezhiyan might be released soon & asks him to meet lawyer reg that & leaves ...

Gaya visits Anandhi .. Thilaga expresses her happiness for Gaya being pregnant .. Anandhi comes there .. Gaya says she wants to talk to her .. MIL & DIL feel uneasy .. Thilaga says she'll get some drink for Gaya , holds Anandhi's hands & presses it ... Passes the msg not to reveal the truth Wink .. Anandhi manages to smile , takes her upstairs & asks if Gaya is happy .. Gaya replies she is & adds , "but you are not happy ".. [Naangalum thaan maa , moonu naala ore maavai araikkareengala , enga kannula , kathula ellam raththam thaan varuthu CryCry] .. anandhi pretends that she is happy & Gaya replies not to act .. And further asks what Thilaga told her indirectly WinkLOL .. Anandhi says nothing like that .. Gaya says she knows everything .. Anandhi gets upset , asks "yaar sonna" .. Gaya replies "Maama" .. Anandhi agrees that what Elango told is true .. Gaya feels bad , says "Parthiban aah ippadi" .. [oomai orra kedukkum nu summava sonnangaOuch , loda loda nu pesara Elango maathiri aala kooda nambalam , Parthi maathiri aala nambave koodathuAngry] .. Anandhi further says that Rathna punished Parthi for his acts & the latter is now behaving good .. Parthi ippo adangi irukkaaru .. And Rathna has vowed to chase Hema from the city .. Gaya consoles , says , Elango is already into that Chase Hema mission & asks not to worry abt it .. Anandhi feels bad for Suja , as now she could not help her .. And also informs abt how Suja bought Parthi for Rs.50 lakhs LOL .. Gaya consoles her , says , helping Suja is beyond their limits & adds her in laws being supportive is very consoling for her .. Also says to take care & leaves ...

Varatha arrives home .. Sivagami says to take rest .. Varatha refuses , says he did that in hospital & wants to relax .. Sivagami sends Sara to get milk packets .. Varatha asks Ganesh , if he met Suja after police released them .. Sivagami screams not to talk abt her .. Varatha tries to convince .. Sivagami says , Suja lied to them & she trusted Suja more than anyone else , but her trust is broken now , as her sons were arrested by police b'cos of her .. Also adds , not to talk abt her anymore & she can't take it one more time if Varatha gets hurt .. Varatha replies not to talk like an ordinary woman , says , even her sons lied to them .. Sivagami doesn't uses her brains , further repeats the same dialog , her sons were fooled by Suja & as a punishment they were arrested , Varatha fell sick Dead .. [ithaiye thirumba thirumba solreengale , vaai valikkaliyaa Angry .. dilaog writer , velaiyai ya sariya seiyyala Ouch] .. And adds the most foolish sentence Ouch , says , she has wipe clean the house .. [Nandri ketta jenmam Angry , unga marumagana Rs.50 lakhs kuduthu vaanginappo , itha solla vendiayathu thaanaAngryAngry] .. Grabs the milk packet from Sara's hand & leaves .. Varatha shouts there is no use in talking to her & adds the same mouth will say Suja is a good lady one day & he'll listen to it too .. Gaya comes there , stands near the door & listen to it .. Sivagami comes back & says not to talk abt Suja .. Gaya asks mom what matter .. And continues to say that Suja is a nice lady & asks how can they conclude Suja as a terrorist , as her husband himself is struggling to prove so .. Sivagami replies that Suja is the sole reason for their problems .. Ganesh shows an angry face .. Gaya asks in reply , whether all this would have happened , if Sara hasn't met Meera .. Sara feels guilty & looks down .. Gaya further says , her bro's have done something wrong & that's why Suja came to their home .. Ganesh panics .....

Gaya further says enquiry process is going on & the truth will be out soon .. And adds not to fight themselves .. Gaya consoles both parties & says she has come to inform them abt a good news .. Varatha asks if Elango got promotion , Sivagami asks if Elango got that land reistered on her name , Ganesh asks if Elango has quit drinking .. Gaya says her doctor thambi only will guess right .. Sara asks if she'll gift him a gold chain in 3 sovereigns , if he guesses right WinkLOL .. [hmm , kedaikkira lakshmi ya yen viduvaana Embarrassed] .. Gaya agrees to gift him 1 sovereign .. Sara checks her pulse & says "Akka conceive aagi irukka" .. Gaya nods her head in all shy .. Mom hugs & kisses Gaya Embarrassed ... Varatha blesses her .. Ganesh shares his happiness with Sara , for being promoted as thaai maaman's .. Varatha tells Sivagami to make paal payasam [appadiye
enga patience appreciate panni , viewers kkum konjam kudunga .. unga kodumaiyai pakkarom illa Embarrassed] .. Sivagami takes her children inside .. Varatha prays that Anandhi life to be happy like Gaya's .. 

Parthi at Hema's place .. [viththa porula marupadiyum eppadi Hema vaangitta Confused .. installment la anuppinaalo Embarrassed] .. Parthi rocks in a chair deeply thinking .. Hema comes to him .. Mommy too joins her & signs to initiate her conversation .. Hema asks what matter & Parthi replies ask me why i'm still alive .. Mommy says not to like that when they are there for him Angry .. Parthi informs them everything is over & Rathna has transferred all his properties on Anandhi's name .. Hema & her mother are shocked ....

Nigazhum ...

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Episode - 104       Thursday - 30.07.09

Credits to isaitamil.net

Continues with , Parthi informing Hema & her mom that Rathna has transferred all their properties on Anandhi's name .. Hema gives a thiru thiru muzhi & mom-daughter both fumes .. Hema screams Amma amma .. Hema's mom asks Parthi if it's a play by Rathna & him .. Hema tells her mom that they should not let go Rathna easily & she very well knows that he is cunning .. But never expected that he'll give away all his properties to Anandhi ... Hema's mom vows to take revenge on Rathna ... [yetho unga soththa pidungi vachukitta mathiri illa ammavum ponnum kedanthu kuthikkareenga AngryAngry .. ellam neram thaan Unhappy] .. Parthi is cool , with closed eyes , rocking in a chair , says he has no relation with Rathna & there is no point in talking to him .. [yenpa Parthiba , ippo kooda unakku puriyalaiyaa , avanga panaththukkaga thaan un kooda irukkanga nu Ouch] .. Further he says to leave him alone , as he himself is very much disturbed .. Hema calls him as a useless fellow Embarrassed & adds she'll let spoil Rathna's family honour , respect .. Hema's mom too fuels her .. Hema screams , she has got all rights & justice is on her side .. Hema calls someone , asks where the person is & adds that she wants to talk abt an important matter ... [sabba , enna kaththu kaththuthunga rendum Dead] ..

Dr.Rajasekar updates Shiva abt his hospital visit .. Also says abt Thangarasu (Arthi's uncle , finally got his name Embarrassed) denial abt Senthamarai having twin babies .. Further says he made it clear that Arthi & Chezhiyan were the two kids of his sister .. Shiva doubts that Thangarasu might not be aware of few things & cites abt Suja .. She not knowing that she is an adopted girl by doctor & having her own family elsewhere .. Dr.Rajasekar agrees with him .. Shiva then says Senthamarai (Arthi's mom) will definitely have answers for all his questions ... Dr.Rajasekar replies that he too feels so & adds even Thangarasu had the same opinion .. Also adds that there is lot of improvement in her health ..

Court ... Judge reads the judgement .. Jury says , "Chezhiyan , Not guilty" and he is released from this case ..  

Hema's first hubby , that old man (forgot his name folks Embarrassed) , visits Elango in station .. Old man is tensed , asks why he called him .. Elango reminds him abt the personal complaint he gave to him , abt Latha(aka Hema) .. Old man replies that after he warned him , he doesn't think of her anymore & is leading a happy life now .. Elango seeks a favour from him & old man replies he is all ready to help him .. Elango updates him that he inquired abt Latha (aka Hema) & got to know many more details .. And continues to say that it is Hema has cheated many big shots like him & earn for their living .. And then does a most smart thing , pottu vaangaraaru WinkLOLLOL .. Elango tells him that , all those who are affected by Latha aka Hema has lodged complaints on her .. And asks him too to write one .. Old man agrees & writes down a complaint .. [Sabash Elango Clap .. kutty paapa unnai evlo nallavana maththiduchu Tongue .. Parthi kadaisila vanthu , Hema romba nallava nu kodi pidikkama iruntha sari LOL] .. Elango gives an victory smile ..

Another meeting .. Same old attendees Ouch .. Shiva & Dr.Rajasekar .. [Camera shows from the bottom angle of a glass dining/coffee table .. vera idame kedaikkaliya Ouch] ... Rajasekar updates us with the same news , Chezhiyan has been released .. Shiva replies "Kaalththin kodumai" .. And does a recap , right from Suja's arrival to india .. [CryCryCry , sabba , ennala mudiyala Dead .. yaan petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam .. you all enjoy with me , here comes the recap WinkLOL] ..

"I picked Suja from airport , made her stay in my home .. Suja told only to me abt her family story.. [Enagala vittutiye raja , naangalum thaane kathai kettom Embarrassed] .. I was shocked .. I arranged a car for her trasport to Tanjore ... I took her to advocate Gopalakrishnan to bail Chezhiyan .. Suja struggled a lot to bring out Chezhiyan from jail .. She very badly wanted to see her brother .. And now that brother has come out & his lovey dovey sister is in jail " [Kathai surukkam inithe mudivadainthathu .. break time folks Tongue] ..

Shiva ends up the story & Rajasekar gives an wonderful reply "Kalaththin kodumai Shiva" ROFL
ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL .. And then he gets a call .. Few mins of muted dialog .. And then says , "i'll come".. Rajasekar asks if he'l laccompany him to hospital .. Shiva politely refuses , adds , to call him if any help needed ..

Advocate (remember folks , the one Hema consulted earlier & she adviced to make her marriage legal , to enjoy the benefits of Parthi's propeties) visits Hema .. Her mom updates advocate , says , Parthi along with his dad , betrayed her .. And continues to say that Parthi is rich & they can't stand against him .. Adds she lost herself to Parthi & now it looks like she'll lose all her properties too .. Advocate asks what matter .. Hema tells her that "Parthi convinced me & married Anandhi .. My mom fought with him .. he sweared on me & said i too have all rights .. And so i agreed to let him live with Anandhi .. But now , he betrayed me .. Parthi agreed to transfer all the properties on Anandhi's name & Rathna has fulfilled his son's wish".. Mom demands for justice to her daughter [yaaru ethai kekkarathunnu vevasthaiye illama pochu].. Hema gives her marriage album , marriage registration certificate & Anandhi-Parthiban wedding card to her lawyer .. Advocate assures that her marriage certificate is a strong evidence & adds she'll file a case soon & leaves ..

Thangarasu brings Chezhiyan to hospital .. Both decide to test Senthamarai , if she can identify him .. Senthamarai recollects Maya taking Chezhiyan & his dad in police jeep .. And exclaims "Chezhiyaaaa" couple of times & faints .. Dr.Rajasekar arrives & Thangarasu informs him the same .. Chief Doctor arrives , checks the patient , talks to Rajasekar in mute dialog & leaves .. Outside the room , Chezhiyan is informed that Suja is his own sister .. Chezhi replies he mistook Suja for Meera , as they have some resemblance .. Chief doctor comes there , says , not to inform Senthamarai abt Suja .. trio agrees & goes in .. Senthamarai asks , "how is my daughter Suja" [ShockedShocked , ivangalukku ella unmaiyum therinchuduchaConfused] .. Rajasekar promises to bring Suja & asks how many children she has .. Senthamarai clearly says , 2 daughter's & a son .. And he has adopted her first daughter , Suja .. Rajasekar says not tomistake him & asks abt Swaminathan .. Senthmarai replies that he had another wife (first) & a girl baby too .. And continues to say that Swaminathan & his first wife got seperated , but he provided education to his daugher (Meera) .. And then asks why he is asking abt it now .. Rajasekar replies that he saw a girl with similar looks to Suja .. Senthamarai says it could be Swaminathan's daughter from his first wife .. Screen splits with Rajasekar in the middle and Meera & Suja on either sides ...  

Nigazhum ...

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Updates by rojapoooo

Episode No 105 Friday 31/7/09

Suja's mommy's open mouth is what we get to see as a
start for Friday - Varalakshmi raa ve maa intikki padi ttu,
ithu romba mukkiam !!!
- Mommy talks about hubby's first
wife and his  daughter -  maama and Sezhi are stunned
- we did not know this all these days??!! mommy replies ;
ada pongada,  enakke ippo thaan theriyum, director suspense
le vittu ttar , yetho, I came to know about my hubby at least now !!-
Mommy wants to see Suja and Dr RS promises to take her.
Asks mamaa and Sezhi to keep a watch on mommy -" make
sure that she does not open her mouth and show us the
boologam a la Lord Krishna, ok?? "
- "tell her every thing and
keep her in the loop, ok???" -  he leaves.

Ranjan and his cronies - saying the same thing - want to know how
absurd the creative team is ?? here u go ;
Ranjan : Meera nnu Sujatha vai pidichi vaichurukku police , athu is
good for us.
Murali : Sujatha thaan Meera nnu police thinks. Namba ellar info vum
police kitte irukku
Ranjan : Police namba college le irunthu namba lai pathina info ellam
collect pannittanga.
Murali : college has given the info about all of us  - 1 name is not there.
Ranjan :1 name is not there - so he is the right one to finish RSK...
uh huh - thankfully Dilip just watches the tennis match - darting eyes from
one to another !!
They decide to finish off RSK asap - plan to meet Meera
and  plan to change their hide out as well . Decide to meet later -
"will be invited...we meet there" (Invitation??? so they have a boss???)
Ranjan sings Jai Ho and they disperse.

Advocate and Dr.RS - advocate says that the police is not ready to believe
all the evidence submitted about Suja - passport, ID - he lists every thing
in case any of u have forgotten the previous episode - ayyo marakkanum
nnu ninicha kooda vida maatengarangalee.....
- Advocate says that the
police is holding Suja back for some reason and he has no clue - "Singapore
ID card...."  (the list is again given to us by the advocate - what do these
people think of us?? one whole set of fools???!!! well, they could be right -
sane, intelligent people do not sit through such crap !!! )
police is making
enquiries about the authenticity of all these documents " Now RS spills
the beans about Suja's half sister Meera - RS says some thing that will
make Eljay and Bon cringe and end up taking English classes
- "Sujatha
ennoda ADOPT daughter nnu ungalukku theriyum" goes on to say that
Suja's biological mom is alive and was blissfully insane -"now , she has
come to "conscious" and can come to court to testify ( another mulberry
bush song - ungalukku theriyatha vishayam irukku, ungalukku theriyaa
tha vishayam yen sollalai nna... uh huh ) Advocate says that this piece
of news is a silver lining in their case -" I think it is going to be over" -
(oh yes, we hope so too !!!)

Maya and a subordinate - discussing Sezhi's release - Maya is told that
Sezhi visited his mom in the hospital. "Suja is the one who brought her
to Madras from Coonoor. Dr.RS  also visits...." Maya is thinking. She gets
a letter from the Commissioner - and he calls also. Tells Maya that the
terrorists are diverting the attention of the police - "they have fixed
the time for RSK - with in the next 24 to 36 hours, Increase the protection
for RSK. " Maya agrees.

Dr.RS meets mamaa in the hospital - maama tells RS that his akka knows
every thing except Suja's kambi counting. RS takes it up on himself
to educate her - we get the pleasure of watching mommy's wide mouth
once again - well, she is told that Suja is in abacus training and mommy has
to come to the court - she agrees
- "yeah sure....judge kkum boologam is
inside my mouth nnu kaattitta pochu !!! - ayyo paavam antha judge !!!

Mommy and Hema pappa are enjoying their success - Mommy wants to
know if the lawyer notice has been sent. Elango walks in - must have
come with a plan - innikki nalla pOttu vaangiduvOm - Hema welcomes
her "moothavar" (anna??? this is a new word for Roja!) and spells out
her plan - "Paarthi is my sothu , Ratna thinks that he smartly willed
every thing to Aanandhi.....court will know that I am the first wife...
so all the sothu will come to me" ( athu enna logic??? Ratna earned
the whole thing by himself , not from his dad..if he wants he can even
give it to Roja !!!! Poor Roja and her young IF crew which updates this
crap deserve that and more !!!!)
Elango applauds thangachi "police kaaran
enakku kooda ipdi oru brain wave varalai!!! U are too good.." Hema apes
A.R.Rehman " ella pugazhum amma amma vukke... nan naay pole
pinnal Oduven...." Mommy says that 'thambi" gets a share too (wait , wait
mommy kku thambi nna elango is "uncle" to Hema !!! enna da kozhappamaa
irukku - yaarukku yaar sontham enbathu? ithai nerukku neer kettal naan
enna solvathu??- BG by Roja)
Aha ha ha - bald macchan enters " Lathaaaa..."
Mommy and Hema look as if they touched a live wire.....


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smlaksh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2009 at 12:38am | IP Logged
Thanks Rojakka for the double , crisp updates .. Hema still planning to make money using Parthi Ouch ?????
nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 29 July 2009 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Thank you so much roja akka.. Hug

gaya preggie.. Thumbs Up

Too many detectives are getting worked upto solve meera Suja mystery..

parthi.. I thought u reformed.. Anandhi better leave him and concentrate on ratna granite business..

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bjda Senior Member

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thanks roja...
y r so many scenes wasted just in repeating stuff r showin flashbacks!!!!!
hmm...i have dis one doubt from the beg  what is vandana 's role and in case serial is gettin over by first week of aug den???
srima IF-Dazzler

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Thanks Roja.

What prompted James to suggest to ganesh to meet Suja who is in police custody. In police eyes she is meera & how can he meet & talk to her . Won't it create more problems to Ganesh ? Logic udaikkudu [to me.].

Ratnavel shouting at Parthi in presence of a third person [the advocate ] .......not in good taste.

Peeraasai Perunastamaga poradhu....Hamakkum ava mommy dearkum.In Roja's words Kambi countingthan .
Bonheur Goldie

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Thanks for the updates, Roja. I think Elango will now fix Hema, using her first husband.
Rajasegaran should get in touch with Sujatha's mama; surely, he may know something about Meera's background -- assuming she and Sujatha are twins. But it would be great if Ganesh does an ACD. I have lost faith in Mayavathi; all she knows is how to throw her weight around. It took her ages to even deploy a policeman to Conoor to dig up Meera/Ranjan's background, which Ganesh did in one trip. And ages to approach Sezhiyan to get a photo of Meera.
srima IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2009 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Well said Bon. I wish this bayandhagoLLi Ganesh become the brave ACD.

Have this hunch...could this Meera be Arthi's/ Suja's mama's daughter? resemblance between cousins ?
Bonheur Goldie

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Srima, you mean the Mama who is looking after Aarthi's mad Wouldn't it be a long shot? That cousins look so alike.
What about Suja's Mum having had a child by a previous marriage or liaison that no one knew of? Roja speculated earlier that it could have been Suja's father who could have had such a liaison. But I don't think one can rule out the possibility that it was her Mum who had a child by a previous marriage/liaison. I now have a reason for such a hunch, based on today's (Wednesday's) episode.

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