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**Manav Weds Archana** CONTEST RESULTS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 3:14pm | IP Logged

For Wedding Promos and on Location Reports see post # 2 and 3

And if you have siggies or Video mixes made specially for the wedding then you can post them here and we will add them to this post.


The Winning Team for

Manav Weds Archana
Larki Wale Vs. Larke Wale


The Larki Wale Side!!!

Total Points

Larki Wale - 264
Larke Wale - 256


The Larke Wale team did very well and only lost by 8 points.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Also special thanks to:

, rdfan, pyaredilwalino, ballball

punjabiq2ts, yas, noe23, Simz, bollywoodcrazed

For Participating So Well


Larke Wale

pyaredilwalino - 13
rdfan - 13
ballball - 6
Minakshii - 13

Total - 45

Overall 256

Larki Wale

punjabiq2ts - 13
simz - 7 Points
bollywoodcrazed - 11
noe23 - 10
yas - 6

Total - 47

Overall 264

Round 8 Answers

1. I have got a letter from someone from my country after so many days and in the letter came the soil of my land Chhithi ayye hai watan se

2.In this song the actress is dancing as Kathputli  Dil Laga Liya

3.These days there is less sleep and more dreams  Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai

4.Aaj raat ko jashan kahan hai? Where's the party tonight

5. A song in which the family members are telling the new bahu of their family about each family member  Medley from Hum Saath Saath Hai

6.In this song boys are drinking beer and are definitely not in their senses, and are dancing. There is a white girl in this song as well  Paatshahla Rang de Basanti

7.Oh Humsafar I Remember you day and evening Aye Humsafar

8. Nashe diye Band Botale. Amrish Puri is singing this part of the song  Jugni Jugni

9.I have found someone.  Koi Mil Gaya

10.I am there, where my Husband is.  Jahan Piya Wahan Mei (Pardes)

11.Har dil vich Khwaishan hundiyan aan, par koi samaj da nahi Tinka Tinka

12. A song from a Punjabi Movie. It's sung by Feroz Khan. The actress in the Movie is Kulraj Randhawa Panni diyan Challan, Umran di sanjh, tera mera ki rishta

13. The song was played in Kasamh Se a lot. Soona soona was my favorite, i game everyone a point for this

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 3:25pm | IP Logged

Official Wedding Promo

You are invited to attend the Wedding

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parminderkaurGHT_ArManMonu-SunNaa-Preeti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 3:26pm | IP Logged

Miliye Manav aur Archana ko

Manav or Archana ki Engagement

Archana ki Mummy on Invitation spree

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Sangam786GHT_ArMandevashree_h~Simz~Monu-SunNaa-Preeti- IF-Sizzlerz

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devashree_h IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 3:28pm | IP Logged

Larke Wale

rdfan -10 Points wow just amazing!!Clap
ballball - 6 Points
pyaredilwalino - 10 Points
Minakshii - 9 Points
sadvita - 6 Points

Total 46

Overall 211

Larki Wale

Yas - 5 Points
punjabiq2ts - 10 Points Well done!!Clap
bollywoodcrazed - 10 Points!! Clap
noe23 - 8 Points
diva22 - 5 Points
sanafsha - 4 Points

Total 42

Overall 217

Round 7 Answers

1.A song Pictureized on Priyanka, 2009 film.  You get Rocking and Reeling / Kaminey

2.This song is sung by Shaan and Pictureized on Kajol and the actor who was in the move Qayamat se Qayamat Tak Chand Sufarish

3.My mind has swayed seven seas Man saat samunder dol gaya

4.I am looking for a friend for friendship.  Duniya Haseeno ka Mela

5.Army Men, Army Men you have stole my heart  Soldier Soldier

6.My eyes are full of dreams. Sapno se Bhare Naina

7. Fly Away Girl (the girl is referred to as a pigeon)  Maar Udari O Kugiye Maar Udari

8. Oh My Beloved,  Mahima choudary and Preity Zinta are in this film O Sahiba (Dil Hai Tumhara)

9. Ooooooooo .........tera tera tera tera...........Tera Suroor

10. What's your.... What's your.... What's your.....  What's your moblie number...


Larke Wale

rdfan - 10 Points Well Done!!!!ClapClap
ballball - 5 Points
Minakshii - 8 Points
pyaredilwalino - 7 Points

Total 30

Overall 165

Larki Wale

noe23 - 8 Points
yas - 3 Points
bollywoodcrazed 5 Points
diva22 - 4 Points
simz - 4 Points

Total 24

Overall 175


1.      Hum Ek Kamre Band Hai

2.       Namak Ishq Ka

3.  Aaj Mei Uppar Aasman Niche

     East or West India is the Best

Kaanta Laga

     Chak de India

7. This is a still from that Song!!!

Beedi Jaliley

8. This is a still from that song.

Aa gayi Lohri Ve (Veer Zaara)

Ande ka Funda

Apparently this was very tough Only rdfan got it! Pardesiya yeh sach hai piya.... phoolon mein kaliyon mein, gaon ki galiyon me hum dono badnaam hone lage Nadia Kinare


Larke Wale

Minakshii - 7 Points
Preeti - 7 Points
rdfan  - 10 Points!! Well Done!ClapClap
GHT_Armaan - 7 Points
ballball - 7 Points

Total 38

Overall 135

Larki Wale

nikitagmc - 7 Points
yas - 8 Points
simz - 5 Points
diva22 - 6 Points
punjabiq2ts - 10 Points!! Well Done!ClapClap
noe23 - 9 Points

Total 45

Overall 151

ROUND FOUR! The hardest so far!

1.A song in which the lead are shown sleeping in their balcony in one of the scene. Bheegay Hont (Murder) and others

2.The entire song is shot in one place a haveli and has a Rajasthani feel to it. SRK is one of the actor.  Kagna Re (Paheli), dheere jalna

3. I will put Sugar into your mouth. There is also a small boy singing a part of this song in the movie.  Mu Vich Khand Pama (Gadar)

4.The actress plays a double role in this film and one of her character name is Naina Seghal. The song is sung by Udit and Lata.  Awaz do Humko

5. A  similar song in two films with one film released in the 90's and the other in the 2000's. The actress in both the films is same.  Name the 2000's song.  Mannatan from Heroes and Pehli Pehli Baar from Sagharsh

6.This song is shot somewhere in Europe and in the background there are houses painted all white. The film's name is one word written twice.   Tauba Tumhare ye Ishare (Chalte Chalte)

7. A song in which the actor is wearing black kurtaLOL  Bumro (Mission Kashmir), and Nagada, satrangi re

8.The actor and the actress participate in many wild sports in this song. The actor in the film only had one release in 2008.  Chali Aayee Chali Aayee (Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon)

9. The Towel drop! Saawariya

10. A song on soldiers missing their home. It's sung by Sonu Sandese aate hai


Sorry for the delay in posting the results for this round. I was very busy today.


devashree - 9 Points
pyaredilwalino - 10 Points Well done!!Clap
Minakshii -  9 POINTS
ballball - 5 Points
rdfan - 10 Points Well DONE!!Clap

Total 43

Overall 97


Yas - 4 Points
diva22 - 6 Ponts
nikitagmkc - 9 Points
punjabiq2ts - 10 Points Well DONE!!Clap
bollywoodcrazed - 10 Points Well DONE!!Clap
simz - 3 Points
noe23 - 6 points

Total 48

Overall 106


1.This song is shot entirely in a college auditorium, for the occasion of "Farewell to third year students". The name of the college is Rajput College!  Papa Kehte Hain

2.Convenience Stores are open 24 ghante and saat din 24X7 I think of you

3.The song in which the male lead wakes up and starts singing about the girl he has seen and how he feels. The male lead in the movie is someone whose daughter too acts in bollywood now, in fact she has a movie releasing in February.  Ek Ladki ko dekha

4.In this song, a small boy is in love with a older girl but she doesn't notice him so he goes and prays in a Buddhist Temple and he turns older, same age as the girl. But in the end he was just dreaming all of this. It's an album not film. Chalne Lagi Hai Hawaein

5. The Music directors for this song are SEL. A romantic Song. O ho ho, o ho, o ho ho ho. The actress in this film also acted in Lagaan.  Meri zindagi mein  (Armaan)

6. The title song of the film whose  male lead was over 60 and the female lead under 40. CHEENI KUM, BLACK, NISHABD

7.Title song of the film in which SRK has a special appearance. Salman and two other actresses are in the main lead.  Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

8.This was the actress first film and it was released in 1996. Raja ki aayegi Baarat

9. 56 Dil haara (Tashan)

10. In the singer's first album and this song is related to his own personal life and achievement. The singer was in JJWS.  Abhijeet's Mohabatein Lutanaoonga

ROUND 3 Results!
Received 7 PM's

Larke Wale

Devashree - 10 points All songs right!Clap
Minakshii - 9 Points
pyaredilwalino - 10 Points You got them all rightClap
resham12345 - 8 points

Total - 37

Overall - 54

Larki Wale

diva22 - 7 points
parminderkaur - 7 points
noe23 - 8 points

Total - 22

Overall 58


1.If you lie then a crow will bite you.  Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kate

2. I was in Europe once, touring from one country to another in a train. But I missed my train and I had to stay in a old stable with a guy btw(I am a girl). While in the stable i got drunk and started singing this song.  Zara sa Jhoom Lu Mein DDLJ

3.In this song SRK is shirtless and dancing with Preity.  Jiya Jale (Dil Se)

4.Nine bangles Mere Haanthon Mei Nau Nau Choodiyan Hai

5. This song starts by a guy telling his friend that I love you and the girl gets really happy but then he says how will I say this to the girl I love. She then sings this song. Tujhe Yaad Na Meri aaye KKHH

6. The girl says "In the fight of love I broke my bangles" The boy says "In the fight of love I woke up alone in my blanket" Sajan tumse pyar ki ladai mein tut gayi chudiyan kalayi mein

7. A song which contains the words "gaddi" and "dil"  Mai Nikla Gaddi Leke (Gadar)

8. Emotional "Torture"  Emotional Attayachar (Dev D)

9. Mumbai's Don has a Doctoral Degree. Munna Bhai MBBS

10. Ladies and Gentlemen... Ah Forget It. Say Shaava Shaava


Ok So for Round 2 I received 4 PM's
Since there was no question # 4 I will give 1 extra point to each person

Larke Wale

Minakshii - 10 points all songs right!Thumbs Up
Clodpolish - 7 points

Total 17
Overall 17

Larki Wale

Yas -   9 Points
diva22- 7 points

Total - 16
Overall - 36

Round 3 will be posted later on

Here are the correct Answers


1. A song which is based on a fruit of which we make Shikanji. Now if you don't know what shikanji is then u have to search that.Wink  Nimbooda

2. Title song of the film in which SRK and the female lead worked at a T.V Station  Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

3. The title song of the film which was released in 1998. The couple who was in the film married a year later in real life.  Pyar to Hona Hi Tha

5.Title song of the Movie which was based on a Play Written by William Shakespeare.  Omkara

6. This is the still from that movie, you have to name the title song of this Movie  Raja Hindustani

7. The world looks lonely when no one whom you know is around.  Jag Soona Soona Lage OSO

8.Title song of the Maudhuri, Karishma starrer. Dil to Pagal Hai

A song in which the real life father in law the bahu, and the son danced together.  Kajra Re

10. Title song of the film in which the actor has an affair with another women and in order to get him back his wife sends his entire family to the house where her husbad is living with his girlfriend to bother him and keep a track on him.  Biwi No 1

Ok so the first 10 songs are:
1. The title song of the film in which the leads play the role of thieves and even sell Taj Mahal.

2. I have seen London, Paris and Japan

3.The son is video graphed in this song in the new version of the film and in the old version it was his father who did the same song.

4.This bhangra song was played in the ending of this 2007 film.

5. This is the Still from that song.

6. A song in which Karishma Kapoor calls her co-actor a joker.

7. A song in which we saw a totally new modern avatar of Aishwaraya Rai.

8. Title Song from Govinda and Salman's most recent film.

9.The song is video graphed on Akshay, Salman and Preity

10. A song in which the girl and the guy are telling how good their country is, the movie has Rani as one of it's actress.  

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 3:39pm | IP Logged


me from manav's side for sure!!!!!! count me in !!!!!!!!!
 Nice idea !!!!!!

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noe23 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
First of all, cool idea Clap

I will be on Archana's side.
~Simz~ IF-Rockerz

Saath Phere Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Hey Gur, I want to be on the girl's side. count me in.

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