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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2009 at 12:31am | IP Logged
This is the first time I'm writing a story here.I hope  u like it.



Dr. Riddhima gupta and Dr. Anjali Gupta-daughters of Dr. Shashank gupta -dean of Sanjeevani medical hospital-Mumbai.he was married 2 Smriti .Riddhima is a sweet simple girl who sticks to her principles always n Anjy is full of attitude but luvs her sis a lot.
Dr. rahul and Juhi Mehra-dean of Sanjeevani hospital Delhi
Armaan Mehra Malik-son of Rahul n juhi.he is a guy who is fun living n is quite flirteous but knows his limits very well but he has a golden heart.his life completely changes wen he meets Riddhima
Angad Khanna- son of topmost industrialist amit Khanna has lost his mother in childhood
Dr. Atul Joshi-son of dr. Omi a trustee of sanjeevani delhi who has died .
Armaan n Atul r sent 2 Mumbai Sanjeevani 2 do their internship n angad joins his dad's business by taking over the charge of the magazine company in Delhi
Kripa Mittal- a luvly bubbly girl who has jus completed her fashion designing course and is in search of job
Angad Armaan n Atu r childhood best freinds
Kripa Anjy n Ridz r also best freinds.

All the guys were playing basket ball wen they see a group of girls passing by.all girls were simply goin flat seeing such hot dudes exacept Ridz who just shaked her head n moved 4ward.Armaan being challenged throws the ball at her bak n she returns n instead of returning the ball she does the basket n then she beats Armaan in 1 on 1 match.
Angad: man she is simply gr8
AR: aaj uski kismat achi thi
RI: jab khud kuch nahin hosaka toh usey luck par mat dalo
she goes n Angad sighs seeing her.
Kripa falls in Armaan wid luv at her first sight while anjali was simply happy wid her attitude n didn't talk 2 the guys properly.
in Sanjeevani Armaan n Atul were surprised 2 find the girls.The days follwed by their cute fights n Armaan n Riddhima didn't know wen they fall in luv wid each other.
Kripa had got job in angad's company as the fashion designer of the models .on the other hand all had becum gud freinds so on weekends Kripa n angad wud also hang out wid them n angad kept impressing Riddhimawhile Kripa wud divert Armaan's attention 2 herself .Atul wud keep irritating Anjy wid his stupid banter.
Armaan helped ridz in each of her problems.he stud wid her wen she came 2 know abt her adoption truth n later he made her convince her father 2 marry Padma.ridz was quite grateful 2 him.Armaan was completely a changed man from wat he was n all was coz of Riddhima.
Kripa was living in a fantasy.she wud dream of her n Armaan being 2gether n she told abt her thoughts 2 Ridz.she told him how armaan wud make her smile by his simple works n she made Ridz understand that the duo r in luv wid each other.
on the other hand angad confessed his feelings infront of Armaan n seeing Ridz's frankness wid Angad he decided 2 sacrifice his luv for his best friend.
that night AR cudnot sleep.Angad decided 2 ask his parents for Ridz's hand n Armaan encouraged him.
Wen the topmost industrialist asked fr Ridz 2 bhis daughter in law Shashank's joy knew no bounds.he tried 2 convince her but she refused the proposal n seeing her cry bitterly he rejected the offer.
Angad was broken completely.Armaan scud not understand the reason for her denial.He tried 2 convince ridz in vain n she got more angry wid him.
Rahul n juhi visited the guys n they came 2 know abt all this.
Wen juhi met Ridz on sunday where all wud have a get 2gether she cud read the luv in her son's eyes for her n she cud feel the same in hers also but for angad's sake she asked her the reason for her denial n ridz said that just she doesn't fel that angad is the guy whom she wants 2 marry.she apologises angad n angad asks her 2 remain as his friend.
Armaan wud talk 2 Kripa 2 make ridz agree n ridz misinterpreted their meeting s as their luv dates.Kripa also added fuel 2 fire by talking wid her all those things which she wud dream 2 b wid Armaan.the only person who knew Ridz's luv was Anjy.
but one day sanjeevani went in crisis coz of the sudden death of a trustee n shashank had 2 do sumthing be4 Sanjeevani gets closed.He talked 2 Rahul n Juhi in delhi n it was then Juhi told 2 Rahul abt wat she felt for AR n they got a plan.they asked 2 help shashank only if he agrees 2 make Ridz their daughter in law .Armaan was unaware of this n understanding the whole situation Ridz agrees 2 marry n wen Armaan came 2 know abt this he was much angry wid his parents but juhi said that if he denies she will not eat or drink anything.Armaan eventually agrees.Angad understud Armaan's state but he was completely shattered.Kripa also was completely broken.they both shared a new bond of freindship consoling each other.
Kripa told ridz dat wat all she talked abt Armaan n her was simply her dream on re wedding day but once u store a thing in mind u can't let it off so easily.on their first night
Riddhima was luking like a fairy in her bridal attire very beautiful.she was sitting like a statue on his bed in their bedroom.Armaan entered n wen he sat near her he slowly opened her ghoonghat n his heart skipped.He forgot 2 blink his eyes.
riddhima broke his dream
RI: main janti hoon ki tumney yeh shaadi zabardati ki hai shayad tum kisin aur ko pasand kartey hogey isliye main tumsey kuch bhi expect nahin karoongi u can live ur own life.
Armaan thought dat she didn't want 2 marry
AR: agar tum is rishtey se khush nahin ho toh main tumhain yeh rishta kabhi bhi accept karney k liye nahin kahoonga thank u ki tumney meri mom ki baat maan li.yeh gift tumharey liye laya tha plz isey accept kar lena aur main chahta hoon ki is baarey main merey ya tumharey gharwalon ko kuch bhi pata na chaley
she nodded n tuk the gift
it was beautiful diamond set
He went 2 the couch n she went 2 the bath room
the whole night tears flew thru their eyes.
hey pretended 2 bn happily married .armaan sumhow skipped their honeymoon n after a few days they went 2 Mumbai
days passed n they had just a formal relationship.Sometimes Armaan wud think 2 close all the distance b/w them after all he was her husband he had full right over her but he wud stop thinking- pyaar ka doosra naam sacrifice bhi hai intezaar bhi hai shayad merey hissey main intezaar k alawa kuch nahin
Ridz wud also cry silently wen she wud feel 2 lose control over herself.she wanted 2 throw herself in his arms but she thought dat he luvd Kripa.
angad n Kripa had becum very gud freinds.they had tried 2 cum out of the biggest dispappointment of their life n angad wud try 2 make is freinship wid Armaan better but he always noticed the glum face of armaan.he tried 2 ask him but he wud just change the topic
one day anjy came 2 met ridz
Armaan just came n wen he was abt 2 enter his room he stopped by riddhima's words: toh kya hua di agar mainey Armaan ko sacchey dil se chaha shayad woh kisi aur se pyar karta hoga aur di pyaar zabardasti toh nahin karwaya ja sakta
AN: Ridzy toh kya tu apni saari zindagi aisey hi guzaar degi
RI: shayad merey pyar mein intezaar ki umar sabsey lambi hai
Armaan closed his eyes.
He went bak smiling n returned late at night
riddhima was in her gown wen he entered
RI: kahaan reh gaye they aaj toh koi surgery bhi nahin thi
AR: main aaj shaadi kar raha hoon
the news was a bolt 4m blue for her
RI: acha mubarak ho main dua karoongi ki aapki aaney wali zindagi khushgawar ho
she tried 2 leave the room wen he got held of her wrist n pulled her 2 himself such that she was jammed in his chest
AR: meri dulhan ko nahin sajaogi
RI: haan
AR: apna sjhaadi ka joda nikalo
RI: hmm
she brought her dress n jewellary
RI: chaliye
He again pulled her 2 himself such that they stud infront of the mirror Ridz standing infront of him n he held her from the waist
AR: pata hai meri dulhan is duniya ki sabsey khoobsurat ladki hai woh jissey mainey hamesha se pyaar kiya par kuch galatfehmiyon ki wajah se humitney din alag rahey lekin aaj main usey apna bana loonga
his proximity was killing her
his hot breath was touching her neck
RI: ab chalein
AR: haan meri dulhan ko toh dekh lo
RI: kahaan hai
he pointed to the mirror n kissed her on her neck
main 15 minutes k liye bahar ja raha hoon get ready aur haan mak up mat karna tum aisey hi bahut khoobsurat lagti ho
she was shoked but silently obeyed his orders n wen he entered he saw her sitting on the bed.many questions were their in her mind but wen he sat near her n tuk her hands in hers n whispered I luv u .sirf "teri aarzoo hai sanam" she got completely under his spell.Her lips quivered as she felt his breath on her face.
Taking out her nose ring he kissed her nose tip.He then slowly tuk out her maang tika n kissed her forehead.He then raised her face by her chin n as she lukd at him she found his eyes burning wid luv n passion.She closed her eyes once more n he moved closer placing his lips upon hers.Their lips lokd for sumtime n he kissed her as passionately as he can.he has so much waited for this moment.they kissed till they became breathless.they broke for a moment n then again their lips joined.
Then Armaan broke the kiss n  slowly removed her dupatta.she put her hands across her front out of shyness n he slowly removed them saying: mujhey haq hai
he moved closer n they stretched on the bed.He was on top of her.He slowly removed her necklace n earrings kissing each time.then he kissed her whole throat n slowly moved down opening the strings of her blose n next moment he covered them in the blanket making her completely his forever.
The night brought the union of two people n they became soulmates.later they knew wat misunderstandings kept them so far n they regretted for losing those days which cud have been spend in luv.Armaan takes her 2 honeymoon for 1 month in Europe.
Angad n Kripa also found that they were right for each other n decided 2 marry n Atul also proposed Anjy n she accepted him though he was not the guy of her dreams but she she knew dat she wil b able 2 spend her whole life wid him happily

Armaan aur riddhima ko ek doosrey ki aarzoo thi aur unki yeh tamanna ek lambey intezaar k baad poori ho gayi

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 22 July 2009 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
not at all fair guys 80 views n no replies.Was I really very bad??
plz do comment if u like it.Ur comments mean a lot for me.
angelina_2005 Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2009 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
hey i read it....its a very nice

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shonaveer IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2009 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2009 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
really cute

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Ladoo645 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2009 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Very cute story.

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aarora IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 July 2009 at 12:27am | IP Logged
hey very nice..loved it..

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
Posts: 13134

Posted: 23 July 2009 at 12:55am | IP Logged
loyal Kashian,Aarora,Javey,Angelina,Ladoo
sorry I don know ur names but thanx a lot guys
thanx for inspiring me.

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