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Boys Vs Girls Season 2 (Page 4)

Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 02 August 2009 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Boys Vs Girls Season 2 has good dancers...
The judges are Shyam and Sanghavi... They weren't so harsh and were alsonot much commendable comments... from them..
The firsat was dance was by Venkat, Boys team captain in the expressions round... He took teh concept of love between father and daughter and did it well..
The challenge was against, Misha.. She did like a road side danceer and than as joker who had to make fun even in her saddest moment... She really did it well... Greate..
Mish won.. and the chanllenge money was tranferred to girls team account... Rs.20k..
Then in Classical round, Michael danced against Sandra, girls team capaitan..
Michael is learnign Classical.. however, he gavea very nice performance...
Sandra inspite of being a so called classical dancer lost it to michael.. I din't like her dance... There was no perfection in her adavu... Sanda na maatum adavu katti adranga.. dance pannumbodhu enga pochu.. not proper muthirais even. Also, her stpes were half-complete.. She could have given more.. Thala ganam vendam...
Michael won it.. And the challenge money was added to boys account..
Next group dance was done by three members from each team...
Girls team did it really well.. In boys tem it was that small boy, nethran and other guy..
In girls team abhi with two other girls.. Girls really did folk dance well and won it...
The alst was non-competitive round concept round..
Both the teams took the concept fo criticizing the other team members... Two from boys team did it well with their expressions.. Their song wselection were good and hilarious..
Aasha and other girl (who performed in folk) really did it great from the girls team.. they really rocked in kalachufying the boys team.. The girls immitated the boys team very well.. Hats-off...
Girls grileld very well..
It was very good episode...
At the end, the over all amoutn in each team's ccount was
Boys 490000
Girls 510000
But i feel the team members still have to minimize their laba laba talks and fights...
They have to conc on dance... Innum ddecent behaviour is needed.. Decent talks...
Jusdges can give more comments... They are nto invited to watch the show... but to judge...
Aish, u continue with ur updates.. Mine was so brief..

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 10 August 2009 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Oh this week the boys performed very well..
But the judges din't.. I mean they were so mean.. towards whom va???
Girls dhan...
Solo challenge..
First Western Raam Vs Aishwarya...
Raam was too good..  I already kenw he is good in MM3 itself.. He rocked in western..
Aish who doesn't know western tried her best...
The judges gave it to Aish and Raam had to go to the penalty area..
I don't hitnk not knowing the dance should be a consideration.. I just hate this.. U can only the performances but not the background..
This was total injust..
Next was expressions challenge..
Hema Vs Raam again..
Both performed well... Hema was good in expressions but was lagging in dance..
Raam was good in both...
This time they split up the chalenge money saying that both were equally good..
I think the judges are not capable of judging.. They should be able to judge the best..
Next it was Group challenge..
The concept was Fily western..
From girls side it was Priya, Krithiga and Kavitha..
Krithiga was good for her age.. she did it very well..
Kavitha was not rocking.. she din't have teh josh... Otherwise she was ok..
Priya was dancing good.. But she was apart from the group.. She was the odd man out..
But guess what.. The judges praised her a lot.. I din't like her performance.. I don't think she deserved this much.. I accept she was good.. but there was no co-ordination...
From boys it was rinson, Siva and Mani..
All three were rocking in their own styles.. We all knew rinson is good.. Siva has improved a lot.. Mani has his style and made his mark in western..
But, unfortunately in the middle Siva was taken aback as he was not feeling well.. Then rinsin also left to take a look at him.. and then when rinson joined, mani left.. then they both danced.. after a while siva also joined.. Again Siva did a good job...
Again teh girls won.. The best performnca was left out due to the fact that the two guys left behind siva for a while.. The judges told that it was a negative that rinson and mani left in manidhabimanam.. they should have danced withotu a break..
Coz of this the girls team got the cash.. They girls team earned from others negatives.. not coz of their good performance...
They could have better given a reshoot...
The last was concept round.. both team has challenged 20,000 each..
Siva as Ajith and Rinso as vijay was too good.. it was hilarous too.. they did a good job.. it was entertaining.. the guys fought for a girl and changed thier styles..  that was funny...
from girls team it was again priya and kavitha.. Priya as Arundhadhi and kavitha as Kovilpatti veeralakshmi.. fighting for a guy..
Priya was good.. but not too good... 
Kavitha gave a very poor performance.. She doesn't seem to have the fighting spirit...
It was the boys team who won the last round..
So the final amount in each team's bank was
Girls 5,20,000
Boys 4,80,000
I don't know what for the judges are...  What purpose they serve...
I pity on those good dancers...
I don't like the judgement... they never tell the negatives.. though there are many..
Hope to see some good performances and comments atleast in the coming episodes..

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 16286

Posted: 10 August 2009 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
Meenu thnaks for the kallak update daa.. i actually missed friday's show, but watched saturdays.....
I totally agree with you daa.... The boys did a fantastic job on saturday.... felt bad when they had to lose the first round... All three, Sivakarthikeyan, Mani and Vinson did great... and there performance was coordinated full of energy... however with the girls, Kavitha didn't perform up to mark... Krithka was good, and Priya danced with a lot of enthu... which i liked, but wished Kavitha also did the same to keep up with the coordination....
but the boys came back strongly with the next one.. pokiri - billa......it was hilarious...........hahhahahaha... i was roflign seeing it.... both sivakarthi and rinson did great....... sivakarthi's mimickery is too good...esp that of Ajith .... the guys in this round weren't up to mark.... they could have gone for something funnier....
btw, hema and chandra were missing during this epi naa.. hmm..
looking forward to next week's...
thanks for the lovely update one again daa Meenu
Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 11 August 2009 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Aish, i too noticed that otta vaai Chandra was missing..  But i was not missing her..

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 16 August 2009 at 11:32pm | IP Logged

This week had Excellent performances.. Worth watching..

The judges were Shyama and Meena.. Meena was looking good and was dressed well.. She was so simple.. I liked her..

First it was challenge round..

Abhi Vs Balaji in cuts and waves..
Abhi was too good for her age.. Her expresions was good.. She had a style for her..
Balaji was also good.
Abhi won and the challenge monaey of Rs.25,000 was into girls account...
Yeah, Girls won this round.. The cute little girls really did well..

Next Challege Round was Mani Vs Priya in Contemporary Dance..

Mani took the concept of a poor man living by roadside losing his mother in an accident.. It was awesomw performance...
Everyoen was in tears.. Me too... He moved everyone by his perfoamnce.. his expression were great.. His dance form itself was so expressive.. He danced so well with such a touching concept... Hats-off to Mani... I admired his style... The dancers were so supportive.. There was abolute co-ordiantion.. The boys should really thanks the dancers..

Next, Priya danced for environmental awareness, If i am not wrong.. Sorry, that I couldn't find the concept.. I understood it only when Shyam told it..  riay started it off with full energy.. But I felt that one of the dancer girl was dancing beter than her who drag my attention for seconds.. Priya danced well.. Her style was good.. But, she showed tiredness in her face at some places.. Performers should never show the tiredness in their face.. But she was losing her energy and it was well seen in her face when ther was no movements.. I think the choreographer gave her a few breaks in the dance to rest...
But shyam I felt was jollu oothufying towards priya.. Coz, he told that she was never out of energy throughout..
Judges are just not to praise, they are here to appreciate and point out the mistakes..
If mistakes are pointed out, it will continue and will be seen at many p[laces in future performances.. which will be a hindrance for the growth of the team.. If priya could cover up her tiredness with a smile in her face, without taking fast breats, she will be excellent without mistakes..
There was lack of co-rodiantion at two or three palces.. Just a second or two was missing.. b/w the girls and priya...
Priya was great dancer.. she did it splendid. I don't disagree, but her energy dropped at places.. even if this was not pointed out, it shouldn't have been told the other way...

Anyway, Mani won.. He got back the amount they lost to abhi in the first round..
Balaji and Priya were in the penalty area...

Next it was Group round and the concept given was Independence..

From the boys team it was Nethran, Prabhu and Raam.. They did a decent job.. They gave a hint of how differnet people struggled to get the independence and how the youngsters of this generation should save it.. It wasn't a great performance.. It wasn't heart touching or colorful.. Concept was also not so great.. Anyway they danced well.. Raam was rocking.. Nethran was good. Prabhu has to imporve a lot in dancing..

From the girls team it was Raghavi, Misha and Sandra..They gave a justifiable performancve.. Though it was even not so great, it was better than the boys team.. Misha was very good in dancing.. Sandra was also good.. Raghavi has dropped from what she was in Jodi No.1. She has to pick up.. She was not upto the mark..
Misha covered up the entire thing with her performance.. But she has look straight while dancng.. She was mostly looking down..
Sandra was all smiling with her big mouth.. she danced to the mark...
with the costumes, flag and other things, and the good dance part they had, the girls team won..
The challenge amount was added to their account..

Next was concept round where the concept was seasons..

Guys as usual gave the concept of two friends runnig behind a girl and at last, the girl going with someone and the friends reuniting.. It was Raam and prabhu again.. They made the season in their songs and set.. They gave a feeling of rain in thier set... Nothing much impressive.. Raam was so good in dancing..

The girls had different season songs selcted and performed for these songs.. It was rgahvi and Misha again.. Nothing much was shown about the seasons in their dance.. Misha was good in dancing but has to be expressive.. Raghavi has to come upto her mark.. we have expectations for her.. Even girls didn't perform anyhting interesting...
Guys were better in dance atleast, when compared to the girls.. In cocnept both the teams were not great..
The guys won the amount..

And finally it was the same amount..
Girls 5,20,000
Boys  4,80,000

From this week a new thing introduced as best cheering team will get 5,000 rs added..
This time it was girls who got that amount..
I think if Aishwarya (anadham serial) was there, teh girls team will win this amount everytime...

I wonder why Michael is not dancing.. Hope to see Michael and Raam anna dancing together... That would be a treat for everyone..
Girls has imporved in co-ordiantion..

Next week's challenge..
Girls team threw Challenge over Mani for Imitation against Aasha..
Hope it is gonna be enjoyable one by both..
And Boyr team threw challenge over kavitha (not sure) against Rinson in folk..
Hope this is gonna be competitive and josh filled performances...

All the best to both the teams..
Wish Girls will win this Season too...

This is the first time I agreed with all the judgements though not the comments..

Edited by Arjun_Meena - 17 August 2009 at 12:14am

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 16286

Posted: 17 August 2009 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the udpate daa meenu ClapClapClap
this week sure was a delight to watch Tongue...
was surprised to see meena there.. but she was good too ..
Abhi really surprised me.. kutty ponnu really danced well... ClapClap.. not to forget Balaji too that particular move he was asked to repeat was good.. he made it look so easy.. it was actually funny how Meena couldn't stop laughing while giving commetns to Balaji naa LOLLOLLOL....
man Mani's performance really made all tearful ClapClapClap.. he was really good.... his expressions were pakka ClapClap.. Priya too did a good job, and i agree with you meena.. her energy level dropped... we've seen her dance with more enthu in the past.... but what was surprising was the standing ovation  by Shaam for her LOL...
Independance dance was good by both teams........ Raam did really well Clap... and for girls, their concept was really good... for a second i thought the boys would win since they said Sandra had forgot her steps in b/w nnu ... but when they hinted the girls woudl win, Sandra seemed very surprised naa LOLLOLLOL....
But i really enjoyed Raam - Prabhu danced... esp the folk one.. both of them literally 'freaked' out... ClapClap.. and it was funny too LOLLOLLOL.... Both of their expressions were good ... however the spring season performance by hema and misha wasn't too appealing...
hmm.. next week engalukku chandramuki and maybe dasavatharam paatty performances irrukumnu nabhureean...
thanks daa meenu for the kalakkal update ClapClap

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 18 August 2009 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Aish only u n me here..
No one is interested in this show?? It has some better performances than season 1..
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 16286

Posted: 19 August 2009 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Yes daa Meenu... I hope more join our discussions... Our other regular member Geetha is also missing naa ...

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