Love Ne Mila Di Jodi


Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

PriDa FF Last Part Pg 22

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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

There is a beautiful bride being readied by lots of women around her for her very special day. Unlike every bride who have a big smile on their faces when they get teased or have sparkling eyes full of hope & anticipation, this bride had no smile on her face. Eyes that were suppose to be full of hope were empty. This bride was feeling nothing on her big day.

A girl comes running in yelling to the other ladies.
"Baraat aagi!!"
"Chalo, chalo."
Everyone leave with the girl leaving the bride alone. She gets up & walks over to the window to look at everyone celebrating her special day. She looks at the groom sitting on the horse.  She couldn't see his face because of the sehra. But she bet that it must have been full of happiness. Happiness that were suppose to be hers as well.
"Yeh mere saath hi kyun hua?"
A tear falls down on her cheek.
She quickly wipes away her tear before her best friend like sister, Soni could see it. Soni comes & stands beside her  & looks out the window at the baraat.
"Aaj tumari zindagi ki nayi shuruat hai. Jo hua usse bhool jao."
"Bhoolna itna aasan ni hai."
"Janti hoon. Par koshish toh kar sakti ho."
"Nahi. Koshish karne se koi fyada ni. Yeh mujh par uss daag ki taara lag chuka hai jo kabhi mit ni sakta."
"Damini. Dekho usse."

She points toward the groom.
"Woh tumara aaj hai. Woh tumari madat kare ga bhoolne ko. Par pehla kadam tumhe utha na hoga."
Damini looks at her. Just then Soni's mom enters.
"Ji Maa."
Damini continues looking outside the window.
"Tu yahi Damini ke saath rehe. Jab pandit ji bhulaye ge tab neeche lekar aa jaana."
"Ji Maa."

Saying that, she leaves. Soni looks at the window with Damini. She looks at everyone & smiles. Then her smile becomes confused.

"Aditya nahi nazar aa re. Mein phone kar ke dekh thi hoon."
She start dialing the number into her cell while Damini shifts from the window to her bed.
"Tu uske saath shaadi hi kyun ni kar lethi. Pyar karte ho tum dono ek doosre se. Mein toh kethi hoon tu mera baad hi shaadi kar le na."
"Ek la gaongi na phir sab samaj mein aiye gi."
"Woh aaj Maa se baat karne wala hai."
She nods shyly. Damini runs over to her & hugs her.

"Wow!! Kuch din aur ruk jaati. Phir saath hi shaadi kar lete."
They both laugh.
"Aditya. Kahan hai aap? Baraat aa chuki hai."
"Soni, traffic mein hoon. Bohot jald ponch jaonga. Promise."
"Teek hai. Par shaadi se pehle aana."
"Of course baba. Mein na 15 minute mein ponch jaonga."
"Okay bye."
"Arre, aise kaise bye. Ab phone kiya hai toh I love you bhi kehe do."
"Nahi, mein nayi kehni wali."
She moves away from Damini & goes to a corner while Damini looks at her.
"Baat samaj ne ki koshish karo. Damini hai yaha par." she whispers.
"Toh. Woh toh hum se pehle hi jaanti thi ke humhe pyaar hai. Yaad hai. Wohi humari setting karti thi. Mein kuch ni suna chata. Bol do."
"I love you. Ab tum kaho."
"I love..."
He was about to say I love you but he someone that he knew but never thought that he will see him again.
"Arjun." repeats Soni.
Damini looks at her shocked.
"Ab yeh Arjun kaha se aa gaya."
Realizing what she just said she becomes shocked.
"Tumne Arjun ko dekha."

Damini becomes even more shocked. She runs over to Soni & snatches the phone away from her.
"Hello. Aditya. Hello."
The phone had gotten disconnected. She starts shaking Soni who didn't say a word since the phone was snatched away from her.
"Soni... Arjun.... Aditya... Aditya kya ke ra tha Soni? Usne Arjun ka naam kyun liya? Bolo na. Soni!!"
"Woh.... Arjun... zinda hai."
Damini becomes even more shocked.
"Kya? Zinda...."

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Payal25 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Wow! Very Interesting and very well written! Big smile
Amazing Job! Can't wait to read more!
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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
wow!! it sounds really arjun is prithvi and soni&aditya are daminis friends rite?
four. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
LOL i tried to understand btwn the udru/hindi Embarrassed
seems interesting!
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@Payal25 Thnx! I'll try to continue as soon as I can. Smile
@Payal_15 Thnx! You're right about Soni & Aditya being Damini's friends but you're wrong about Arjun being Prithvi. Embarrassed
@Asma LOLLOL If you need any help in translating then do tell me. Big smile
asmaanixx IF-Stunnerz

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"Tum mazak kari hona. Arjun zinda nahi ho sakta. I mean, tumne hi toh kaha ta ki woh... aur... aur tumne mujhe uski body bhi... Soni.. kuch toh bolo.. kaho ki yeh sab jhoot hai."
"Damini jab tak Aditya aa ni jaate, tab tak mein kuch ni kahe sakti. I'm sorry."
Helpless, Damini sits down on the bed while Soni tries to console her, waiting for Aditya to come & break her the news.
15 minutes had passed & Aditya still never came. Soni tries calling him but just like before, it was not reachable. Downstairs in the main hall, the pandit ji is saying the mantras.
"Aap kaniya ko bhulaiye."
Soni's mom starts coming upstairs to come & get Damini while they're inside waiting impatiently for Aditya to come. The door opens & the two girls turn around thinking it's Aditya.
"Tum tyar ho na."
"Acha, ab chalo. Pandit ji tumhe neeche bula re hai."
Soni & Damini look at each other. Soni puts her arms around Damini & starts taking her downstairs. As Damini is coming downstairs, she remembers her old times with Arjun.
"Ab agar Aditya meri shaadi se pehle nahi aa jaata toh phir mein Arjun ko hamesha hamesha bhulne ko aur apni zindagi se bahar nikalne ke liye tyar hoon. Par agar woh aa jaata hai, toh phir mujhe aur Arjun ko ek hone se koi ni rok sakta." Damini thinks to herself.
Soni makes her sit down beside the groom & stands behind her. All the rituals are going smoothly without any interruptions.
"Ab aap dono phere ke liye kare ho jaye." the pandit ji says.
They both get up & start taking the pheres. Everytime a new phere starts, Damini looks out the door hoping that Aditya will come. But everytime as the phere ends she gets more & more disappointed. The pheres were complete & now only the mangalsutar & sindoor had been left to put on. Soni gives the plate to the groom from where he picks up the mangalsutar & puts it around Damini's neck. Soni then opens the sindoor ki dhabi & the groom takes a pinch of sindoor & fills in Damini's maang. As he was putting the sindoor on, Aditya comes at the door. As the groom was removing his hand, Damini looks at Aditya with teary eyes that ask him "Why couldn't you come a little bit earlier."

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Posted: 20 August 2009 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
awww so sad. please update soon!
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After the wedding, everyone was gathered around outside for the bidaai. Damini couldn't believe that she actually became someone else's. All those promises & dreams that she had made with Arjun were burnt in the fire being replaced with the ones that she has with someone whom she hardly knows. As they proceeded out of the house, the tears started coming on. The groom stood beside the door before going in, waiting for Damini to say her last farewells to her family. She hugged Soni's mom & dad considering them as her own parents since they died in a car crash when she was little. Next, she went to Soni & let all her tears out because she knows that Soni is the only one who really knows how she feels about this marriage. About getting married to someone else while she knows that her loved one is alive. Next, she went over to Aditya & hugged him in a brotherly hug, even though she partly blames him for all of this, she knows that he'll never do anything to hurt her & unknowingly he hurt her the most today, by not showing up in time. A few of his tears fell from his eyes. He held Damini's face in his hands & made her look at him.

"Dekho Damini. Tum ek nayi zindagi shuru karne jaa rahi ho. Please usse bhool jao. Please. Agar woh tumara saacha pyar hai, toh woh tumare paas ek din zaroor aiye ga. Par agar woh na aiya toh phir iska matlab yeh hai ki tumne jo bhi faisla liya woh bilkool sahi tha. Aage tumhe iss baat ki ko shikiyat ni hogi ki tumne apne poori zindagi uske insaan ke liye barbad kardi jo tumara pehle kabhi tha hi nayi. Tum.. samaj rahi hona ke mein kya kehna chata hoon."

She nods. Aditya kisses her on the forehead & wipes away her tears. He then takes her over to the groom who is waiting to take her to her new home. As the car drives, Damini looks back at everyone that she once knew & couldn't without, waving at them not wanting to let them go out of her life just yet. When they're out of sight she turns around & looks ahead. She wants to tell her new... husband... ugh... she can't even stand thinking that this person beside her... this man who knows nothing of her past & she nothing of his... is her husband, her life partner. She looks out the window hoping that maybe just like Aditya she'll catch a glimpse of her one true lover; Arjun. She closes her eyes & remembers all those good times that she had. Those days when they were carefree, didn't care about what happened tomorrow & just lived in the moments that they were together. She opened her eyes as she felt someone tapping at them. She noticed that they were no longer driving & she was at her new home. She got out of the car & was taken towards the doorstep of the house. As the door opened she saw an elderly woman holding an aarti tray. She started doing the aarti while Damini wondered if she was married to Arjun then how all this would have been different. Her feeling would have been different. Her view of seeing everything would have been different. She stepped into the tray of red color & started walking straight followed by that same elderly woman while the groom was taken away by some of his relatives so that they can tease him before he can be alone with her. Damini was then taken upstairs to her new room. As she entered she saw the whole room decorated with flowers & candles & some of her favorite things. The things that weren't of her choice she thought was probably his. They seated Damini on the bed & talked a few things with her, like how it must feel like being a new bride, how to take care of your husband, how to take care of the family, things like that. Damini couldn't pay proper attention to what was being said because she was too busy thinking of what she'll say to him. There's no way that she can keep him in the dark like this. If there's any chance of this becoming a successful relationship then they must start off with the truth. Besides no relationship can be successful without trust & honesty. She had decided that as soon as he comes in, she'll tell him everything about her & Arjun. She'll tell him how she can't keep him happy while she's not. She'll tell him how she can't keep fooling him like this when fate has made a fool out of her. She'll tell him that the promises & dreams that she vowed tonight can't be fulfilled because she once thought of keeping those same dreams & promises with someone else. She'll tell him how she can't live here with him while knowing that the person that she loves more than her life is living somewhere else probably not knowing that she's married. She'll tell him that she can't live with him in the future because her future is not him but it's Arjun. She'll tell him that.... As she was thinking what to tell him next, the door opens & he comes in.
"This is it Damini." she thinks to herself.

She watches him take off his sehra & set on the dresser.
"Tell him... everything."

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