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Our Eternal Love-(AR) Part 10 Pg 54 2/17 pmz later (Page 7)

reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by nidha1983

woah dearsmileys vspace5 its really an awesome oneStar mind blowingDay Dreamingsuperbsmileys vspace5 so cuteEmoticons vspace5so Armaan is coming backDancing plz continue it soonTongue & thanks for the pmWink

"You remind me of a balloon,
Happy and bouncy,
Someone people can have fun with,
Enjoyed by all.
You remind me of a lot of things,
But nothing can compare to the real person,
A friend I can look up to,
Cherished by me."


"You remind me of chocolate,
Luscious and sweet,
Someone people can turn to in crisis,
Loved by all."
You remind me of a teddy,
Cute and hugable,
Someone people feel comfortable with,
Special to all." vspace5 vspace5
Emoticons vspace5Emoticons vspace5
thanx a lotBig smile

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reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Part 2
It's a beautiful morning. The sun is shining bright. Riddhima is still sleeping. Muskaan comes in to her room to wake her up, coz Riddhima was already late for jogging and Muskaan didn't wanted her to get late for Sanjivani. "Good Morning Ridzi…" Muskaan came and started opening the curtains, and the sunlight hit Riddhima's face and she covered it with her blanket. "mmm…sone dona" Riddhima said in a sleepy tone. "You are getting late for Sanjivani" Muskaan sat beside her. "Aaj meine chutti li hai" Riddhima said getting up and yawning. "Lekin kyun? Aaj Rahul ne bhi chutti li hai aur tu ne bhi?" Muskaan asked not knowing the reason of the holiday. "Bhai ne bata ya nahin?" she asked. And Rahul comes in. "Good Morning my sweet sister" he hugged her from side.
 "Rahul, tum dono ne chutti kyun li?" Muskaan asked. "Woh isliye ki kal tumne mujhe meri zindagi ki sab se badi good news di, aur mein uske badle mein aaj tumhe shopping ke liye le jaon ga. You can buy what ever you want…I won't stop you" He said while hugging her. "Aww, I love you Rahul" Muskaan said coming out of the hug. "I love you too" he replied. Riddhima just looked at the lovely couple.
 "Ridzi, you are coming too right?" Muskaan asked. "Nope…mein wahaan kya karongi" Riddhima wanted to leave them alone to celebrate their happiness together today. "That's not fair Riddhima" Rahul said. "Bhai…you both can go and have fun and I'll stay home, I'm still tired, didn't sleep last night" Riddhima said reassuring them that she can stay home. "You didn't sleep last night…why?" Muskaan asked worriedly. "I was talking with Ar…I mean I was talking with a friend till 2 am, that's why" Riddhima kicked herself mentally coz she was about to say Armaan's name. "Hmm…konsi friend?" Muskaan asked suspiciously. "woh..errm…mein tumhe baad mein bataon gi, abhi tum dono jao ready ho jao…" Riddhima said. Yeh konsi friend ya konsa friend hai…mujhe pata karna hoga. Kyun ki jahan tak mein Riddhima ko jaanti hoon, woh din mein 3-4 ghante baat kar sakti hai lekin raat mein nahi. I will have to find out. Muskaan thought. "Haan chalo Muskaan, hum chalet hai…" Rahul and Muskaan then walked out of Riddhima's room. And Riddhima sighed and went to take a shower.
After Rahul and Muskaan left, Riddhima came down wearing a blue tank top and jeans. She then made coffee for herself and settled in the couch of the living room. She was watching T.V. then she hears some noises coming from her back door. She went to check, but didn't see anything or anyone. "Kon hai?" she asked worryingly. Then she saw a cat running in her back yard and thought it must be the cat that made noises. And the she went back in to her living room, there she saw Armaan sitting on the same couch as she was and was drinking her coffee too. "Wow, so now I started daydreaming…Great going Riddhima!" she muttered and went to the couch. Armaan was smiling at her, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Tum real ho?" She asked nervously. Armaan didn't reply, Riddhima then touched him to check if he was actually real and yes he was real…he didn't disappear. "Armaan" she whispered.
Armaan stood up and pulled Riddhima in to a tight hug. "Haan Riddhima mein real hoon" He said giggling a little. Riddhima hugged him back. And they stayed like that for five minutes. "Armaan tum yahan…tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi?" she asked coming out of the hug. "Agar mein bata deta, toh surprise kaise deta?" he had his hands on her waist. "Mujhse aur tumse dur nahin raha gaya…toh mein aa gaya…" He said while kissing her forehead. "You won't leave me again na?" She asked in an innocent tone. "I will never leave you again…I love you Riddhima" he took her hands in his. "I love you too Armaan" she said looking in to his blue eyes.
They were completely lost in each others eyes. It was extremely hard for them to live without each other. Armaan then pulled her closer and placed a kiss on her neck, and then he made his way down her shoulder placing kisses "Armaan" Riddhima whispered breathing heavily and closing her eyes. She then wrapped her arms around his neck. Armaan kissed her neck bone and then her chin. He was making his way up to her lips; he was almost there when Riddhima's cell beeped and disturbed their lovely moment. Riddhima was blushing badly, she couldn't meet his gaze, and she was shy. "Oye Hoyye…aaj toh tum meri jaan lekar hi rahogi" he said looking at her red face. She kept her fingers on his lips and said "Aise nahin bolte…" and then she went and checked her phone.
It was Muskaan's text message, she was asking her if she wants anything and she informed her that they'll be back in an hour. Riddhima then told Armaan to stay for little longer so he can meet Rahul and Muskaan.
Till they come back Armaan and Riddhima talks about when are they going to tell everyone about their relationship and how. "So when are we telling them about us?" Riddhima asked. "In few days" Armaan replied. "Armaan agar bhai gussa hogaye toh?" She asked worriedly. Toh hum dono kaise bhi karke unhe mana lenge…" Armaan said cupping her facing.
After a while Rahul and Muskaan comes back with loads of shopping bags in their hands. And they are shocked to see Armaan there. "Hey guys…" Armaan said. "Armaan!!" Muskaan' s mouth hung open, she was surprised as well as happy to see him. "Tum Delhi kab aaye?" Rahul asked. "Aaj subha" Armaan answered. Rahul and Muskaan kept the bags aside, and went and gave hugs to Armaan. He is their best friend, but Rahul and Muskaan treat him like little brother.
Later on they had lunch together and after that they had loads of fun. They will have fun of course, after all their best buddy was back. Armaan also congratulated Rahul and Muskaan for expecting a baby soon. In this time of celebration Muskaan told Armaan and Riddhima to have a little party tomorrow with all their friends. Not really a party but a friend's get-together thing.
Next day in Sanjivani
Everybody was happy to see Armaan back and a new friend (Abhimanyu) with him. Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhanker were also happy to see their intern, who was now a great Cardiologist. Dr. Keerti then showed Armaan his cabin, which was pretty far from Riddhima's cabin. Armaan was kind of disappointed. And Dr. Keerti also told him that, he will also be briefing the same interns as Riddhima and he got happy right there. So now Armaan and Riddhima will be doing almost all the work together. They go for briefing.
"Hey interns…you all know me right?" Armaan asked.
"Yes…" they replied.
"Sir, you both look really cute together…" one of the interns complimented.
"Aditi!!" Riddhima warned.
"Thanks Aditi" Armaan said.
"Armaan! Kabhi toh serious act karo" Riddhima said insufficiently.
"Yo Ishan I like your tattoo dude" he said ignoring Riddhima's comment.
"Thanks sir" Ishan replied. Riddhima just nodded unsatisfying and continued her work.
Afterwards, when the gang was free they went to the canteen. Armaan introduced Abhimanyu to everyone and soon he was also part of their big gang.
 "Jab hum interns the tab kitna maza aata tha na?" Anjali said.
"I know, hum kitni sharartein karte the…" Nikki said agreeing with Anjali.
"Don't worry, hum phir se same masti karein ge…" Armaan said.
"Armaan if you are not forgetting, hum ab senior doctors' hain aur hamare paas bohot responsibility hain…we can't do all that masti again" Riddhima stated.
"Of course hum masti kar sakte hai baby…" Armaan disagreed.
"Baby?" Anjali asked confusingly.
"I…I..mean may be hum masti kar sakte hai…" Armaan said looking at Riddhima's nervous face.
"Armaan, hum aaj nahin toh kal zarror pakre jayein ge…" Riddhima whispered in his ears.
"Don't worry, itne saalo se chupa ya hai…kisi ko koi shak nahi howa" Armaan whispered back.
"Hey guys mein tum sab ko batana bhul gayi ki Muskaan bhabhi aur Rahul bhai ne ek choti si party rakhi hai…aaj raat ko". Riddhima had forgotten to tell them earlier so she told them now.
"Kis khushi mein?" Atul asked.
"Rahul bhai and Muskaan bhabhi are expecting a child soon…" Riddhima said joyfully.
"Wow…that's great news! Aur tum hume ab bata rahi ho?" Anjali complained.
"Sorry, mein bhul gayi thi…" Riddhima said holding her ears.
"Dr. Riddhima Gupta and Dr. Nikita Malhotra please report to the emergency room immediately" They made an announcement and Riddhima and Nikita left.
"Ok guys then see you later, mujhe bhi jana hoga…" Anjali said getting up.
After the girls left, the boys sat there and chatted for few minutes and then left for their duties.
Riddhima's house
Everyone was sitting in the living room chatting except for Armaan and Riddhima. They both were in the kitchen.
"Yeh Armaan aur Riddhima cold drinks lene gaye hai ya bana ne?" Muskaan asked as it has been 10 minutes since they're in kitchen.
"Mein check kar ke aati hoon…" Nikita said while getting up and walking to the kitchen. "Oye mein bhi chalti hoon" Muskaan said.
As they stepped in to the kitchen their mouths hung open, they were shocked to see…
Hey guys…here is the 2nd part…hope its nice I'm kinda nervous for this part, I don't know how it came out. So please comment good/bad they mean a lot to me. Suggestions and Criticisms are welcome. Silent readers please comment even a word. And please tell me your views. 
*PMz Laterz*
Love Reema

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i am shristi........
ur ff is gr88
cont. soon................
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hey a very sweet continue soon.............
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how sweet he surprised her
let me gess the saw them kissing or something like that
thanks for the pm
PLS continue soon
Love Sanam
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hai dearSmile

                such a sweet partSmile loved itSmilecontinue soooooooonSmile                                        

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thanks for pm. great part. now i have to read your other fanfic. Smile
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superb.. thanks for the pm..
continue soon..

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