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MJHT FF (SG_MN): Tere Liye- 18/05/10- pg81 PMs L (Page 81)

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Originally posted by Favouriteofall

minblowing update!
cont. soon
thnx 4 the pm Smile

awww im jst glad u liked itSmile seems like u also changed ur usernameLOL lol i need to find out all the ppl who changed there usersLOL


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Originally posted by AttractiveAdya

plz do cont soon it was FAB!

thnx updating NOWWink
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Originally posted by aanandi

nice update

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Originally posted by -afsha-

Ur FF is jus fab
Read all updates today
Really loved Mayu ka love at first sight toh Nups ki punjabi talks
Liked Sam irritating Natur n Gun Anger
Loved Mayu's passion for Nups n Nups Confusion for Mayu
Loved Sam's attraction for Gun n Gun's shyness for Sam
It was jus jus fab
Loved it
Add me to ur pm list

aww thats sooo sweet of u! loved how u described all of themSmile im jst glad u liked the storySmile feels great wen sumone comments here or a new readers is added, i feel so niceLOLBig smileEmbarrassed will add u Wink

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First of all guys, I just wanna say sorryEmbarrassed **kaan pakriinga nd doing ups and downsEmbarrassed* i know u all must be like abhi to famous bani nahi ke itna attitudeLOLLOL no updates and all, making u all waitCryCry i feel terribleCryCry i hate making u all wait for my FF's but wat to do?? sumtyms life gets soo hectic no choice but to avoid sumthins and do othersConfused i know i had time that i cud use for updating but seriously guys last month i wasnt myselfOuch i was jst not feeling like writingOuch or doin any thinkingOuchOuch well VMs and Trailers are fun so i was doin that but writing and making siggiesOuch i wud write and make a siggie once in a while but then not update it coz i wasnts ure myselfConfusedOuch i think now im backLOLBig smile so happyBig smile will try to be as active as i can and keep writing and updating ASAPSmile since im bunking my exams wich were supposed to be in JUNEConfused i've finally decided to skip it and write in OCTOBERSmile so now my aim is to get all my FFs updated each week and End them ASAPSmile sorry for the Delays and plz keep reading as now the journeys of all the couples are gonna be like a roller coasterWink

Luv u all

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Originally posted by nadz_J

Originally posted by AttractiveAdya

plz do cont soon it was FAB!

<font color="#ff0099" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">thnx updating NOWWink</font>

oh! thts nice.....plz   cont now!!!! Smile oh! well u jus said tht guess have got a pagalpan ka daura agn!!! LOL ROFL
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Recap: MayUr and SaJan Dates… Mayank tells nupur how much he loves her and wants her to say it too… Sammy gets close to gunjan and she thinks he wants to use her so she blasts him and leaves. Nupur says it and hugs him, then they run around and then play with sprinklers/water… Gunjan says sorry to sammy, he asks for a kiss in place of forgiveness, she quickly kisses him and runs away.

Ab aage…



Part 17


Mayank is sitting on the ground touching his head and thinking of nupur while Sammy is standing by his window touching his cheek and watching out for gunjan who was long gone.



Nupur enters her room smiling/blushing walking in style like a super model… she looks in the mirror and blushes at her reflection, she covers her face filmy ishtyle, then slowly opens it and looks at her face "tujhe pyar hogaya hai, YOU ARE IN LOVE" she says to herself.

Gunjan is thinking about what just happened and blushing all the while, she runs and comes to the room, she closes the door and leans on it breathing hard "yeh pyar hi hai, yes this has to be love" she says out loud and nupsi turns around.

"oye hoye, ki gal hai??" she raises her brows and gunjan blushes, gunjan goes and sits on her bed, nupur goes and sits on her own while they both chat.

"nupur wo, maine…"

"kya hua gunjan??" she asks in a teasing tone then her tone changes to a sweet dreamy tone "Pyar hogaya??" she says sweetly and gunjan looks at her a lil surprised at her blushy look.

"patanahi nupur, par kuch to hua hai… tumhaara kya hua?" she raises her eyebrows "confession" she asks in a confident voice and nupur gets all red.

"haan maine kehdiya mayu se… patanahi kyun par bas kehdiya 'I love you'" she tells gunjan and gunjan smiles.

"very gud, atleast ab tum dono ek hogaye"

"hatt pagli ek aise thori na hote hain" she says and gunjan looks at her embarrassed/shocked 'Haawww' kinda reaction, nupur realizes what gunjan is thinking so she hits her head "heyyy duffer mera wo bhi matlab nahi tha, I meant we hardly like, you know, know know eachother, abhi to pyar ka ehsaas hi hua hai na, kab tak last karta hai it depends na…" nupur says.

"Hmm you are right abhi to eternity ko bohot der hai na" she laughs.

"waise tera kya hua?? Uss idiot ne 'ilu' kahaa ya nahi"

"nupur, tu bhi na, first wo idiot nahi hai ok" she says sweetly and nupur teases.

"oho protective and all"

"and second hum dono ek dusre ko pasand karte hain, not love… mujhe to sahi se pata bhi nahi love kya hota hai, shayad pata hai par…"

"gunjan tu na life ko bohot complicated banaa deti hai, look wo rajkumar dude baccha tha usse to tu yaad bhi nahi hogi, life me move on hona chahiye, you shud learn to move on gunjan, and besides yeh tub hi jaanti hai aur main bhi ke tu aur samraat ek doosre ko bohot pasand karte ho" she tells her and gunjan just thinks about it.

"Gunjan just think about it okay and waise bhi I think soon wo IDIOT bhi confess karlega" she teases and gunjan gets a pillow and throws it on her, they soon get into a pillow fight…


Next Day:

It was the last day and all were returning abck to Mumbai, the bus was out and everyone was outside chatting, flirting, exchanging roses…

Sammy had his bag and guitar on his back and stood leaning on the bus waiting to see gunjan… Mayank finally got all his stuff and came out, he goes to Sammy and stands next to him but Sammy was so lost, he smirks cutely then clicks in front of him.

"dude aaj kal tu bohot khoya khoya rehta hai, pyar shyar to nahi hogaya" he winks.

"shut up mayank u knw I.."

"you shut up, jab dekho ek hi baat, we all know ke samrat pyar me believe nahi karta blah blah blah but you cant bluff me, I know all about you okay, jo larka bachpan se ek hi larki ko dil aur dimagh me rakhsakhta hai wo pyar me believe nahi karta wat a joke" he says and Sammy looks embarrassed.

"look Sammy wo tera past tha and you should get over it, that girl wont even remember you aur kya pata uski shaadi hogayi ho… and what if she has children who will call you mamu" he teases and Sammy looks annoyed but with a smile.

"very funny"

"hey look the girls are here" benji says interrupting them, they both turn to see there respective partners and jst keep staring...

"uski aankhein" mayu says.

"uske glasses, chashmish" Sammy says cutely.

"uski smile" mayu says watching the girls laugh and talk to eachother.

"uski halki si muskurahat" Sammy comments seeing gunjan smile lightly as usual.

"uske baal, soft soft, tied up in a pony, moving side by side" mayu says dreamily.

"uske gal, blushing red at every stare" Sammy says.

"uski chaal to kisiko bhi deewana banade" mayu says.

"uske haath, ek baar thamlo to bas chorne ka mann nahi karta" Sammy adds.

Then both hopelessly just stare at them while benji is annoyed.

After taking a long breath they both say "aur uske hoth…"

"Bas ruk jao, wo aa rahi hain" benji warns them but they are lost, the girls comes casually and say hi.

"inhe kya hua??" nupur asks.

"kuch nahi bas, wo tum dono ko dekh kar thore lala land me chalegaye hain, I'll get them" benji says and stamps both of there feet.


"nupur tum, uh wo main, kaisi ho??" he smiles and nupur jst smiles back then walks away waving at Sammy, mayank follows her.



"hi" gunjan says and Sammy smiles.

"hi…" he replies and turns away to talk to another girl she looks a little irritated.

"tumne mujhe ab tak maaf nahi kiya??" she asks cutely, he smirks and turns to her.

"tumne mujhe fine nahi bhari that's why" he winks and she gets red looking at the people around, she pulls him a little away from others.

"de to di thi"

"kya??" he teases.

"shut up okay and don't be smart, tumne cheating ki jaao mujhe tumse baat nahi karni" she says and goes away.

"But chashmish, pyar me cheating nahi hoti" he shouts out then smiles at his own word 'pyar?? Did I just say pyar??' he thinks and smiles confused.



"nupur, nupur, NUNU" he shouts after several times, she gets annoyed and comes back.

"shut up, jab dekho ye naam kehna zaroori hai?? Loud speaker dun kya?? Saare college ko hi batado na, nupur singh ka pet name nunu hai" she says annoyed.

"ab kya hua?? Kabse bulaa raha hoon but tum hoke jawab hi nahi deti"

"wo to main bas sharmaane ki practice kar rahi thi aur tumne poori chopat kardi" she says irritated and he smiles, he holds her hand and takes her behind the bus, she looks around embarrassed, he pins her to the bus.

"pyar jataane ke liye sharmaane ki ya koi aur cheez karne ki zaroorat nahi hoti, love is to just be yourself… and I want you to be the nupur I love, not anyone else okay" he says and she blushes.

"accha to yeh bataao jab main aayi to tum kya kar rahe the??"

"staring at you" he says casually and she smiles.

"gud aur kissi ko dekha bhi na to tumhaara bharta banaake khaajaongi" she teases and he smiles and holds her hand, he takes it and kisses it.

"I love you nupur"

She smiles "I love you too" she semi hugs him lol.


They all get in the bus and enjoy themselves, Sammy sings a song for gunjan, and mayank also tries to sing for nupur. Finally they get to Mumbai; there was a valentine ball at night so all head to get dressed. The theme is girls red and boys black.


At the ball:

Mayank and Sammy are waiting eagerly for GunUr…

"guys tum dono to hopeless ho" benji says watching them wait without looking at anyone else. "itni girls aakar tum dono ko dance pooch rahi hain and u two god" he teases.

"benji tu jaa na, why are you iriitating?" Sammy says annoyed.

"ya just go and see if they are coming" mayank says annoyed.

"wo aayegi na??" Sammy asks worried.

Just then they enter looking HOT… all the guys start gawking at them, they are all shocked to see them like that… SaYank turn to see what the guys were gawking at and see GunUr.

Nupur was dressed like this (the dress colour is red):

Mayank just stares at her from bottom to top, her dress, her hair, that rose, that scarf, everything was just complimenting eachother and she was complimenting them all… she looked gorgeous, after a while he realizes that everone else was also staring at her, which he didn't like, he rushes up to her…


And Gunjan is dressed like:

Sammy is left open mouthed; she looked ravishing, that wet hair look, no glasses, her dress, that smile… he was bowled, man truly there had been no other girl who could make him feel this way 'maybe mayank was right, maybe he was right that he SHOULD move on! Yes he should' he thought, he walks to her.


SaYank are looking hot as usual:



"hi mayank, kaisi lag rahi hoon main??" she asks excited, he jst pulls her to the side.

"kya pehena hai nupur, sab dekh rahe hain, aankhein phar phar kar" he tells her and she looks around.

"to??" she says carefree ly and he looks bewildered by her reaction.

"to kya nupur??  Aisi dress pehenne ki kya zaroorat thi??"

"mayank you are too much, maine socha tum meri taareef karoge but tum to mujhe lecture de rahe ho… hmphh… and look tum mere boyfriend ho not my husband" she says annoyed and walks away, he tries to call but she just goes away irritated.



"hi" sammy says dreamily and gunjan smiles, okay blushes lol, she lowers her gaze.

"hi" she says looking up then lowers her gaze again.

"tum bohot khubsurat lag rahi ho, you look reli… uh hot" he says embarssing her further.

"thanx" she says confused what to say "tum bhi iss white shirt me bohot ache lag rahe ho" she says and he smiles.

"hmm, sammy to hamesha hi accha lagta hai" he winks "lets go in" he says and takes her in holding her hand.



"nupur meri baat to suno" he calls after her but she had tears in her eyes.

"maine itni der behet kar yeh dress chunni, tayar huyi aur tumne to… mera mood hi kharab kar diya, jao mujhe tumse baat hi nahi karni" she sits on a table.

"nupur tum ro rahi ho??" he asks sitting beside her.

"nahi khaa rahi hoon" she says annoyed and takes a cashew nut and eats it.

"im sorry nupur, mera wo matlab nahi tha, main to bas… actually I was jealous" he says cutely and she turns to him "maine jab tumhe dekha to dekhta hi rehgaya, tum itni khoobsurat lag rahi ho ke main kya bataon, but phir maine dekha ke ye saare ladke tumhe kaise dekh rahe hain and I got reli annoyed" he confesses and she smiles.

"awww mera shweetu" she pulls his cheeks and he gets embarssed.


"Mayank main sachem itni acchi lag rahi hoon"

"bohot zyada" he tells her.

"waise tum bhi kaafi hot lag rahe ho, yeh black suit and all" she says and he smiles.

"Dance karna hai??" he offers and she takes his hand and they head to the dance floor.



They both sit on a table and chat for a bit, well less chatting more staring…

"wanna dance??" sammy offers, gunjan looks worried.

"actually samrat mujhe dance karma nahi aata, I… cant, sorry" she says and he looks a lil disappointed but then tries to be normal, after sum tym both are just sitting and gunjan realizes sammy wanted to dance and was bored, everyone was dancing.

"uh… samrat tum chahte ho to you can go and dance with someone else, I don't mind" she says sweetly and he turns to her, he rests his face on his hand and stares at her.

"mujhe dance to karma hai but with you" he tells her "and besides I know ke tumhe dance aata hai, rem that day" he winks and reminds her, she blushes.

"so come on, no ifs and buts, lets go and dance" he takes her hand and pulls her to the dance floor while she tries to deny, but sammy ke aage naa kabhi kissiki chali hai aur naa hi chalegi…


Benji is looking for someone to dance with well, he wasn't that bad that no girl would say yes but the girls he wanted to dance with were already booked, just then dia walks in, he stares at her, she was surprisingly dressed in a long red evening gown, well suprising cause he knew she loved to show skin and this one hid most of it… he kinda felt something for her, something different, he felt that for many girls didn't he, but this was more, he didn't know why but yeah, sheena his latest crush he thought 'WHO SHEENA' he smirked and headed to dia.

"hey babes, how are you??" he asks and dia just her usual self makes  face.

"im okay, sammy kahan hai??"

"well sammy to gunjan bhabhi…" he says to tease her, she looks irritated "ooh I mean gunjan ke saath dance kar raha hai" he tells her, she looks annoyed then holds his hand and pulls him to the dance floor.


Dance floor;

"OKAY everybody, get your partners and start following the steps, the best dancer who can do all the steps will win, so are you all ready???" the DJ shouts and all shout back.


nupur is damn excited.

"wow mayu mujhe yeh competition jeetna hai, kissi bhi tarhan" she says and mayank looks worried.

"nupur inka dance bohot hard hota hai, har saal maine dekha hai how people get embarssed and loose, main nahi karma chahta" he says trying to back out.

"har saal nupur singh yahan nahi hoti na isliye… ab aagayi hai to jeet to pakki hai" she smirks and takes him back.


"nahi samrat yeh steps follow karma, it looks so difficult main nahi kar paongi, hum baadme dance karte hai na" gunjan says.

"shhh, bas tum mera haath thamo and just follow me, and dekhna 'sabse beautiful couple' ka award hame hi milega" he tells her and gives her his hand, staring in her eyes, she stares back, well staring in his eyes meant forget everything and that's what she always done, she just held his hand and they both went back to the dance floor.


"nupur mujhse nahi…" "shhhh" she interrupts him, she takes his hand and places it on her waist, feeling embarssed herself now, whiole he had got the confidence now, he stares in her eyes and takes her hand and puts it on his shoulder, he tightens his grip on a waist a little sending shivers down her entire body…


SaJan were still staring in eachother's eyes, he was like controlling her now lol semi hypnotism, he's eyes were just so dreamy that she didn't mind being in that state as long as he was always there for her… he puts his hand around her waist and pulls he closer to him, he tightens his grip on her hand, puts her other hand on his shoulder and they all start to sway on the music…

They all dance and then finally there is only three couples left, MayUr-SaJan and surprisingly Benji with dia.


Finally samrat looks away from gunjan to notice benia.

"wow dia you and benji?? That's great, gud luck" he grins "mayank tub hi, gud gud, gud luck" he says and they all wish eachother and get back to dancing, dia is annoyed, she gives gunjan a angry look and shows her a thumbs down, gunjan smiles and shows her the same.


DJ: very gud, now we have three jodis, and now is the hardest part, SALSA…


G: mujhe salsa nahi aata.

S: chill babes, mujhe aata hai na

G: kaise?

S: thanks to my previous girlfriend, vacations me humne salsa join kiya tha, it was great

He tells her and gunjan looks a little annoyed.

G: oh usne sikhaya hai?? Mujhe nahi karna

She says annoyed and starts to walk away but he catches her hand and pulls her back.

"usne sikhaya tha par itna mazaa kabhi nahi aaya, im sure aaj we will rock it, just feel the love" he winks.


M: nupur ab to hum gaye, mujhe salsa bilkul bhi nahi aata, im nt doing this

N: mayu tub hi na, nupur singh ko har dance aata hai, main ludhiane ki best dancer hoon okay and salsa to mera favourite hai, maine har style sikha hai to yeh nahi sikhti kya??

M: sikha hai?? Kiske saath?? Salsa to bohot close dance hota hai na??

N: oh shut up, aura b chalo

She says and gets in position.


B: dia, halaal hone se pehle I wanna tell you something.

D: what??

B: dia mujhe tum bohot pehle se pasand thi but kabhi socha nahi, aaj jab soch raha hoon, tumhaare saath dance karke ehsaas hua you were always the one, I think I love you

He tells her and she looks annoyed.

D: just shut up okay and yeh dance mujhe jeetna hai so stand properly and don't you dare let me fall okay, just keep a tab on that samjhe, no lets go.


They all start to dance on pyar ki yeh kahaani suno…


pyaar ki yeh kahaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thihoti kya hai jawaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thiwoh bhi ek daur thawaqt hi aur thajab woh the ajnabidono tanaha se thepar woh kehte kisebaat jo dil mein thipyaar ki yeh kahaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thihoti kya hai jawaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thiThey all dance…Mayank pushes nupur far and pulls her back, which causes her face to touch his, he had his lips on her cheek, they both feel embarssed but continue to dance, lost in love. Sammy lifts gunjan and then while coming down, there eyes meet and they are lost in eachothers eyes… While benji accidently leaves dia and she falls down, she is extremely annoyed as they leave the competition. gumsum gumsum rehte the donophir bhi dil mein kehte the donokoyi sapana hum bhi to paayeinek din tute ghum ke woh gherejhilmil jhilmil aaye saveremausam badala jaagi fizaayeinwoh mil gaye, woh khil gayeaur pyaar ho hi gayajo maanga tha, woh paaya tohosh kho hi gayapyaar ki yeh kahaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thihoti kya hai jawaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thiMayur and SaJan are still dancing awesum, the judges are confused… they were so lost in eachother's eyes that mistakes wouldn't happen at all…  haule haule abb woh deewaanegun gun gaaye dil ke taraanesun sun jhumein saari hawaanyeindhadkan dhadkan hai behaki behakimann mann, mann mann, chaahat hai mehakisapane apane jaadu jagaayeinphir dekhoge, toh jaanogekya hai nasha pyaar kayahi sochoge, yahi chaahogesun rahi ye sadapyaar ki yeh kahaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thihoti kya hai jawaani sunoek ladka tha, ek ladki thiwoh bhi ek daur thawaqt hi aur thajab woh the ajnabidono tanaha se thepar woh kehte kisebaat jo dil mein thi


They all dance perfectly… they have loads of romantic moments in between… and finally the dance comes to an end, but both are still lost in eachother till someone nudges them. They get embarrassed.


Judge/announcer: wow what a dance, amazing, a huge round of applause for both couples

He says and all clap, SaJan and MayUr smile.

Judge: well what can I say, itna romantic dance, ankhein ek doosre se hatt hi nahi rahi thi, aaj kal asa pyar kahan milta hai?? Great, awesum… now the winner… aap sabne itna accha kiya ke decide karna impossible hai and that's why you both are the winners of 'sabse beautiful couples' he announces and all four smile at eachother then hold hand and walk to get the award, they get a trophy with a dancing couple on it, and each couple gets a pendant a heart one, actually it's a half heart with two chains, so each one keeps a half of it. And then photo time Wink


Okay guys that was part 17, quite long will update next one soon!|


Thanx for all your support and love, your comments mean so much to me, im reli sorry for the delays, life is sooo hectic… I'm gonna try my best to update weekly from now onwards so that I can finish my FFs ASAP lol not all, I need sumthing to do don't I lol, maybe will start an FF with all my fav couples in ONE so that I don't have so many lol anyways im jst happy that people are reading my work and liking it… I don't know how to thank you, and reli sorry for delays **kaan pakriing** hope u all will forgive me and continue reading ;)


Luv ya all





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Originally posted by AttractiveAdya

Originally posted by nadz_J

Originally posted by AttractiveAdya

plz do cont soon it was FAB!

<font color="#ff0099" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">thnx updating NOWWink</font>

oh! thts nice.....plz   cont now!!!! Smile oh! well u jus said tht guess have got a pagalpan ka daura agn!!! LOL ROFL

lol doneWinkLOLLOL love ur daura this time i was saying the truthLOLLOL

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