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Posted: 16 July 2009 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
^ Gollum, yeah that's what me friend kept saying.

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Posted: 16 July 2009 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Navi

^ Haha, I'm so amused at how you are the only one who didn't use proper punctuation and such.

I saw on mugglenet, that HBP made 58.4 million in just 1 day, Bruno made 30 million over a weekend, woot go HBP!
jakbndfakl welllll im soo ehkkkkkk abput not getting the ticketss! me and my friends are gonna try for tomorrow and if that aint gonna work we'll try the day after and keep on tryingggggggggggggg
ahah im not the one to ignore punctuatin and all that jazz b.c it annoys the hell out of me :D
but i did anywayss .. LOL
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Posted: 16 July 2009 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Navi

^ Gollum, yeah that's what me friend kept saying. <br>

I know!! i was thinking the same thing!!!
i was wondering whether other ppl thought so too.. only the precious ring was missing..
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My views -
I just came back from watching the 6th installment of the Harry Potter films. And trust me, after the film ended, everyone in the hall kept sitting for a few moments for the actual feeling to set in. It was only after a few silent moments that people started to walk out. This gesture is significant enough to show what a magnificent film it was. I was not only awed by the smooth flow of the film, I was also amazed by the perfect visual effects.

The opening scene itself sets the tone of the film - The Millennium Bridge being destroyed by the Death Eaters. It hooks you to the film immediately. This is exactly the way I had imagined the Death Eater attack to be when I was reading the book, in fact, it surpassed my imagination in a lot of ways. Everyone, including the muggle world, is beginning to realize that everything is not as it seems. Evil forces from the Wizarding world have now begun to descend upon the muggles and danger lurks behind every tree, every bush, every door. The thick line separating the muggle and the wizarding world has started to blur. I think this is one of the most important messages that Half blood prince as a book had to get across it's readers, and undeniably the movie gets this message across brilliantly.

I was going through some of the user comments on IMDB. Few people had included a long list in their comments comprising of the parts that were left out. Yes, Stuff was left out. Let's sit down and count the things that were not included and scrutinize the film. The important part is that the film had all the important elements to keep the story progressing smoothly. All the significant parts, that the film actually needed to maintain a familiarity with the book, were present. And this is exactly what I look for in the HP films. A sense of watching my favorite book of all time come alive on screen. Only a 12 hour long documentary type film can capture every minuscule element of the book and fit it in.

There are a lot of scenes that are applause-worthy:

1) The opening scene - Terrific. Visually stunning, it sets the pace and tone of the entire film. Excitement begins to bubble inside you right from the moment the death eaters come into the picture.

2) All trio scenes - It is breath-taking to see how the three kids ( now adults ) have grown as actors which is reflected onscreen aswell. 'The golden trio' lives up to their name. They're indeed, the golden trio. Their scenes capture the essence of their friendship, how it has strengthened and developed over the years. All the three actors have become so comfortable in their characters that numerous people refer to them as 'Harry, Hermione and Ron'.

3) The attack on the burrow - Even though this part was not in the book, it seemed to fit into the storyline like a missing piece in a puzzle. It was perfect. Harry running breathlessly amidst the huge bushes and Bellatrix running around yelling, "I killed Sirius Black"

4) On screen romance + Comedy - This film was hilarious. Period. I was laughing throughout the first half. We're exposed to Daniel Radcliffe's comic side for the first time and it rocks. He has perfect comic timing. Eg - The scene with Slughorn after he drinks Felix Felicis. The entire scene was extremely funny. Although I'm not a fan of Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione, I must say I quite enjoyed watching the developing tension between the couples. It captures the essence of growing up better than any other Potter film. I loved it when Harry and Hermione see Ron cuddling with Lavender and Hermione says, "Excuse me I need to go vomit"

5) The scene in the cave - It was awesome. Micheal Gambon fully transformed himself into Dumbledore in this one. I doubt he will be criticized this time. Dumbledore's strength, determination and intellect were brilliantly displayed by Gambon. The scene, as I had envisioned, required an uncanny thrill and a sombre aura at the sametime. I think the film had both. I was excited, yet gloomy because of Dumbledore's deteriorating health while he drank that potion. Besides, The entire scene was done wonderfully. The inferi looked real and dangerous, and Dumbledore swirling the fire around them to keep the Inferi away left my mouth agape.

Coming to the cast - They all were brilliant. Special mention - Jim Broadbent ( Horace Slughorn ), he was exceptionally brilliant as the funny, attention-seeking and bizarre Professor Slughorn. He was perfect for this role. Alan Rickman was as usual, outstanding. His 'Avada Kedavra' gave me the chills. Helena Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange is like 'Bull's eye'. The eerie yet audacious and brutal personality is grasped so well by Helena that I feel as if the two distinct personalities are one. Tom Felton was surprisingly brilliant in the film. Perhaps because we have not been exposed to much of Draco's character except the scenes where he constantly tries to irk Harry in the past, we had begun to underestimate the character aswell as the actor. There is so much more to his character in this film. He doesn't run around Hogwarts saying 'Potter Stinks' or 'You filthy mudblood'. He is much more solemn and calm in this film. Tom Felton shines through as an exceptional actor. He makes Draco cool in a mysterious way ;)

As for the main cast, They have grown and developed beautifully. Emma Watson was absolutely stunning in the film. All her scenes were top-notch. Specially the one where she cries on Harry's shoulder. Daniel Radcliffe, with his film, has outdone himself. He has improved in every way possible, plus we get to see a funny and sarcastic Harry in this one. His acting skills have developed since Equus and it shows. Harry=Daniel. Rupert Grint is awesome as usual. I love him in the 'Love Potion' scene, the quidditch scenes, and his scenes with Lavender. He has always proved himself to be a great actor, and he only raises the bar with every film.

P.S - I loved the moments between Harry and Hermione. They displayed a perfect platonic relationship, and although Harry/Hermione are not a romantic couple, I must say that Daniel and Emma look terrific together. I had never really mused over the fact before I saw the film.

I think every HP fan ( And non-fan ) should go and watch this film. It's the movie of the summer and the best HP film yet. It's a visual treat, and extremely entertaining and exciting at the same time.
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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
I was slightly worried cos I'd only heard bad reviews Confused but it was honestly absolutely amazing and though it was a bit slow, it was very entertaining Clap Big smile Tongue
My views:
The opening scene was great, very dramatic and realistic Big smile
The fire at the Burrow annoyed me at first as it differed from the book but I thought the acting was terrific Approve, I felt awful especially for Molly Cry, loved how Tonks called Remus sweetheart Tongue
Comedy was great, probably featured most out of all the films Big smile
Specially loved all the one-liners, Ron's love potion sceneROFL, hospital scene LOL, Felix Felicis scene, LOLSlughorn's party ROFL
There were so many new faces it was great Approve
Thought Lavender was good, she annoyed me as she should Wink
Didn't like Narcissa though, she was just nothing like I imagined and I don't think she put across her desperation so well Confused
I liked Cormac, he fitted the character well, very arrogant and lovestruck LOL
Big surprise for me was Tom Felton/Draco Shocked
Wow he looked so attractive lol LOL and I thought his acting was superb, brooding, crazed, terrified, desperate, snide etc - Clap Approve
Loved Rupert, he was hilarious as usualROFL, would have liked to see a little more of him but his acting was spot on Tongue 
Emma was terrific, she looked absolutely beautiful Smile and was great Tongue , especially when angry/upset
Daniel was also great, he was quite comic e.g. Felix LOL but I also liked him comforting Hermoine Smile
Helena Bonham Carter/Bellatrix was of course amazing, totally crazy but also very chilling Clap Shocked
I did feel a little let down by the big Harry-Ginny, Ron-Hermione relationships Confused
Harry-Ginny seemed to be missing passion, whilst Ron-Hermione just seemed a little undeveloped -  in the book they are definitely together, but it never really seemed like they got together in the movie
The tension build-up was great Approve, the sideways looks and subtle hints etc, but overall just a little half-baked
I thought Daniel and Emma had lovely chemistry together, as friends, scene where she cries on his shoulder was so sweet Tongue Smile
Alan Rickman/Snape was also very good, did justice to the character Clap
I thought Dumbledore was definitely very powerful and majestic in this film Big smile
Evanna Lynch/Luna was hilarious, perfectly vague and peculiar, loved her dress LOL
McGonagall/Hagrid/Remus/Tonks/Neville Big smile were all fantastic, would have liked to have seen a little more Confused
But overall really enjoyed it =D Clap Big smile Tongue
-Krupa- IF-Rockerz

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so Navi, i know you told me not be be picky..but I couldn't not be..
yes, the visual effects were awesome and all, especially are the beginning with the death eaters flying around & the bridge was awesomee.
BUT they left left out the trio and Draco at the robe fitting, which I thought was the reason Harry suspected Draco..because at the feast, Harry's like "draco's a death eater"..for people who haven't read the books..they would just think Harry's accusing..
I LOVED the comedy in the movie thoughh..like when Hermione's like "can't you ever stop eating, your best friends missing"..I died laughing at that..
and you know the Harry-Ginny hug when they met, it was SOOO awkward..and even the shoe-lace..I don't know that the point of that was..
Cormac was HOT!
I loved Hermione and the confudling charm..it was soo funny..she made it soo obvious too!
Ron on the love potion had me in tears..even in the promos..I died laughing at that.
I loved how Hermione just left when Ron & Lavender kissed..and Harry following her & them talking about Ron & Ginny..that was sweet.
I was sad they changed the kiss though..it was more intense in the book, with all the excitement from the game and everything..
and Ron was hilarious at the Hogsmeade, when he saw Ginny & Dean making out. and I swear Hermione looked wasted when they were walking back. The Katie & locket scene was perfect.
Draco, he was amazing..when Katie came back..him running off and crying, it was touching. and the sectumsepra was great..exactly how I had pictured it.
but one thing, Tonks..okay..I get her metamorphisis isn't perfect..because of Remus..but they could atleast shown her pink hair..atleast oncee..
Bellatrix has convinced me that she is loony is this one..I didn't like the burrow attack in the trailers..but it was great in the movie.
and OMG, Harry and the pincers when he was on felix..it was hilar.
I was upset they left out the Gaunt house & all that stuff about his parents from the memories..
Slughorn..I think I expected him to be a bit more..well, bigger. I laughed so hard when Harry stood up when Ginny came to the Slug Club.
I thought the Harry/Hermione bonding was great..and when Ron & Lav came, the birds..ahaha..
and Ron after being poisened..err-my-onyyy..
the cave scene & all was awesomee..but I wish they had stopped at hogsmeade and Madam Rosmerta being cursed was shown..
I also wish they had more Lupin-Tonks & had Bill-Fleur..

Edited by -Krupa- - 18 July 2009 at 6:16pm
ElusiveDevotion IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
It was good but I still like the fifth movie better.
I am in love with Draco and Slughorn after watching the movie and they were the two characters I hated the most.LOL
This is my opinion (in terms of acting):
Best acting:
Dan, Michael Gambon, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint (his comedic timing is great but my only gripe is that they ALWAYS high light Ron's comedic side but fail to give justice to his sensitive and emotional side), Alan Rickman, Slughorn dude, Luna (although would've liked more of her).
Acting not-so-best:
Emma Watson is a good actress but she can do the powerful Hermione acting better, when it comes to Hermione's vulnerable side, I think she has the tendency to over-act a bit (but liked the canary scene). Lavender- I really don't think Lavender was ditzy and hyper in the books like she was shown in the movie. Bonnie Wright was a tad expressionless in some of scenes.
Another gripe- I WANTED me some Tonks-Lupin lurrveee.
Oh yeah, the way Dan acted AFTER he had Felix was just ROFL.

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eshaaax3. IF-Sizzlerz

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My take of the mvoie: Contains Spoilers!

The whole thing in the muggle world was the scene that captures u the most. It gets u hooked immediatley. The whole bridege collapsing was shown very nicely, not that a bridge falling is gud. Excitement just begins to explode inside of you.
I luved the flashaback to Tom's orphanage. i just luv how the "young" tom [actor] spoke and emphasized what he said. especially...Prove it... and .... i can speak to snakes. They find me. They whisper to me.
I have no words for the trio. They are just amazing!! But its so weird to see them again, as adults, though they luk even more atteractive nowLOLWink. They were an adorable trio, especially very cute. Now their, i dont noe, amzing, smart, intelligent, and....mature wizards. Think thats the right way to put it.
3I simply luved the burrow scne. though it was suspenseful, as we dont noe wat'll happen, as it wasnt in the book. But i think it fit into to the story. And bellatrix is something, so weird, hated how she scereamed Sirius was dead...Cry
Felix Felicis. Omg, Dan's comic side is revealed. Omg i was laghing during the whole thing. Especially the scene with Slughorn......."HArrrry?" Sirrrrr?. and when HArry left the room, and some students came through, thin it was neville, not sure, but luved how the students said hi, and he just went all HI, jumpy person.LOL
Comedy. I was laghing for the most part, atleast the beginning, well first half. As i saID,  the felix felicis part was awesome. luved the scne when hermione hits ron with her book. the potions scne was nice too. Jealous hermione, and Seamus, dioes his spells and potions allways go wrong?LOL Luved how Slughorn kept leaving out ron, and how ron got jeoulous. LOlz, slughorn ekept forgetting his last name....welenbee?
As much as im not a big Ron-Hermione fan, though i dont mind them together, i liked them in the mvoie. I just wanted to jump into the scnreen and give that Ms. Brown a piece of my mind.! I felt so bad for hermione after Lavendar kissed Ron, and she stepped out of the room. L:uved how harry came to comfort her. He really is the sweetest brother Herm,ione never had. The whole luv potion scene, when harry comes and ron's all affected was a sight. Romilda Vane has lost her mind. BUt still, Ron was amzing. Though i like the fact ron and lav broke apart.....  The part when hermione excuses herself....... "Excuse. me i need to go vomit."
The greatest wizard. He really is brilliant. The scne in the cave with the fire gave me chills. HE was azming. Though when the nad sneaked out, i literally jumped. I was so into the movie by then, maybe blinking only twice.
Tom Riddle.
A little child, or a mature student, he was amazing. though he is the dark lord. Tom Riddle is omething! Luved the little one playing Tom's character, especially  his way  of emphasizing some of what he said.... Prove it.... I can speak to snakes. They find me. They whisper to me.....*Chills*
this professor is brialliant! Jim[ i think thats who played slughorn rite?] was perfect for this role.!!!

All in all this was amzing!!
Emma Watson-amazingly beautiful! Really amzing!
Bonnie Wright- like how she showed "caring" for HArry, and how she got annoyed with ron.
Professor McGonagall- again, i would be running for my life then stand infront of this professor. she is nice, but just to think of her getting mad. She did perfect.
Bellatrix- omg, she scares the guts outta me! i think ill die if i just see a real BellatrixConfused
Lavender-She has really  played this role well. The actress did well with the chirpy, bubbly thing.
Tonks- also very amzing. Really pulled it off well

Daniel Radcliffe- amzing as usual! he has gotten better and better with every movie! His comic-ness and sarcasm was really a sightLOL
Rupert Grint- Omg, the star!! really amzing, especially his love potion scne and the quidditch game scne!!!
Tom Felton- Draco Malfoy!! Draco was just a bully in school. walking around, making fun of neville, making hermoione feel bad.... always after potter and  weasly. Bu i think tom did justice to draco's character. MAde him cool.... in a strge way.
Alan Rickman- amazingly amzing as usual!! the avada kedavra thing scares me*shivers*....
Michael  Gambon- really outstanding. pleyed Albus's role really well.
Remus Lupin-one of my favorite professors!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!! Did really gud job with it..Always has!!

hmm. thats my take.!
Was a very good movie.
Luved the fact thier was no funeral,  HArry beside Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and the lit wands behind him just filled for it. Amzing!
Luved the end with the trio and Fawxes!
All in all!
Amzing movie. Think ill go back again to watch it in three-d!

-Love Esha

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