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2# AR*Love??..whatever..* epilouge 25-08

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Did i just open this??? Silly Silly

what so i say!!!!
*Thinks* ...... D'oh *rushes to find her 2 metre long speech scroll* ROFL 
thankyou thankyou times one million..... for the encouragement.... this wouldn't have happened without each and everysingle one of you..... 21 parts and i am writing the 22nd.... Shocked... tell me one thing honestly.... do you actually like this fic...????? Stern Smile Stern Smile Stern Smile.....ROFL....
hehe.... i though i would be banned in like 2-3 parts.... but then again with readers like you its sort of hard not to write.....Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing......and guess what??? you lot actually made me write....LOLLOLLOL me!!!! ME???.... SillySilly...
whos still awake???? Hug....Big smile
*throws away 'scroll'* hehe....yh so this one goes to every single person who ever commented.... and those who didn't but still read it anyways..... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I love these people beyond words..... ladoo.... taj.... mini di.... sanu...swatz....rukz....hima di.....and oh god..... loads more....see i forgot to say kaav....LOL.. lov ya kaav.. and for everyone else...
THANKYOU is the smallest word ever!!!! you lot are just.....
love you alll...........
who else but me......
P:S: part'll be up 2moro at the latest..... LOL erm.... i promise.... *runs away*
link to thread one....Embarrassed
Parts below.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Part 22

The moon light enhanced her milky skin as he set his gaze on her. His mind told him to blink, to breathe, to move but the impulses were lost amongst him. Riddhima looked at him. His mouth open slightly... the dreamy look in his eyes... his front hair swaying in the slight breeze, god this man was to die for.

She looked down and into the tarmac and after the few initial moments, he still didn't respond so she clicked his fingers infornt of him. Controlling her giggles she nodded her head and turned to walk into the hall. A gasp soon left her mouth as she felt her plait being pulled gently. Turning her head a little she saw him. Composed than before, the dreamy eyes now accomodated the glistening naughtiness.

"Armaan..." She pleaded gently.

"Riddhima..." He repeated huskily.

"Armaan!!" She spoke with the certain sterness reflecting now. He still seemed unaffected.

"Riddhima.." He replied soflty again.

Rolling her eyes up, she saw the wink coming her way and she dragged him inside the venue. Doubling with laughter, he let her push him into the venue as they both enjoyed their intial jokes.


Riddhima overlooked atul and anjali as they took there last round around the sacred fire. Anjali looked divine in her baby blue embroided lengha as atul matched her in his babay blue sherwani. Riddhima grabbed some more rose petals from her plam as she smiled upon the cute couple infornt of her. With all the other people present in the hall, the petals flew and fell on the gorgous couple in the mandap. She felt the familiar fingers brush against her wrist and stop in her plam amognst the rose petals. Looking to her side she saw the pair of blue and greyish eyes gaze at her. Arching her eyebrow she questioned him as he replied bending down to her ears.

"My petals run out.." He spoke in a mere whisper.

His fingers brushed against her wrist, sending sparks down her arm. Only she knew how she stood their resisting the urge to jus grab his face and samck her lips onto his, The gentle moving of his fingers clinged her red bangles as he took a handful of the petals. In an impulse she saw his face move as it appeared to come closer towards her. All senses abandoned her as she closed her eyes lightly. His breath caressed her face and she melted in the sensations. "Thankyou..." The hoarse whisper dissloved into her ear as she opened her eyes to experience his breath moving away form her face.


"What time is your flight then?" Riddhima took a spoonful of her food as she questioned atul. Rahul, muskaan, atul, anjali, armaan and she sat around a round table. The wedding ahd been great. It was around 4pm and the wedding hall was nearly empty. The hall was being cleared. The chaires and tables being stripped of their table clothes and the cultery was being taken into the kitchen. The newly weded couple and the 4 freinds stayed around thr table eating their food.

"Its at 1 am tonight ridz. We are so not going to get any sleep." Atul sighed as Anjali recorpirated his emotions.

Muskaan exprassedly looked around clearly bored. Only Ridhdima was eating and Rahul and armaan sat with their flutes half full. Armaan rocked the emty champagne bottle on the table. Suddenly she grabbed the bottle and spun it round. It stopped on rahul and she clasped her hands tightly.

"Time for some fun... muski style" She twisted her curl woth her finger and arched her brows at the people infornt of her.

"You never stop do you?" Rahul moaned as he loosened his tie a bit...

"You think?" Riddhima interupted. "Torturing people with her bizzare games is my sherni's favourite timepass." Everyone giggled as muskaan whacked Riddhima playfully.

"Oki rahul... it stopped on you... truth or dare?" Muskaan's eyes twinkled. She was obviously enjoying this.

"Dare." Everyone's eyes fixed on them. Riddhima had moemntarily stopped chewing her rajma and rice. Her mouth hung slightly open in anticipation, it didn't go unoticed by armaan and he couldn't miss an oppurtunity like this could he?.... with the tip of his fingers he pushed her lower jaw up. Pretty hard and riddhiam cried in pain the next moment. Turned out he had pushed her jaw up too high and she had bit her tongue. She winced as everyone turned to look at her.

Curling her fist into a ball she whacked his thigh hard.

"Ouch..... i said sorry!!!" He whined.

"thhuuu thal thellly thad!!!" Riddhima closed her eyes in the after effcets of the pain.

"I am sorry!" He couldn't control his giggle and everyone burst out giggling with him.

"Thussskkkkaaannn!!!" Riddhima winced, giving muskaan evils. She chose it was best to stop talking and she signalled muskaan to exaplain what she meant.

"Ok ok fine... i kno this one! Me and ridz always used to do this in kindergarten!" She squealed in delight as she begin to explain what riddhima had , unaware of the one unique pair of eyes on her.

"Ridhdima said you are really bad!" She finished off with another whack on armaan's other thigh to which Riddhima high fived her.

She signalled a thumbs up to her as armaan whinged. "You didn't have to exaplain the physical aspect of it.... i understood that bit!!"

"Hello.... anyone concered about rahul's dare??" Riddhima spoke normally after a while as armaan and muskaan were smacking each other like kids.

"And the princess is back to normal!!" Muskaan tossed her brown curls in a tone none other than pure sarcasm. Riddhima mouthed whatever to her as rahul smiled at them.

Muskaan continued. "Yh so oki... you can ask anyone in this room anything!" She finished off.

"Heyyyy.... thats not fair... he's the one whos supposed to be grilled!" atul interrupted.

"Yh but this is truth or dare... muskaan style!" Muskaan finished with her trademark smile. "Come on rahul!!"

His eyes rose to look her staright in the eye and something quivered in the pit of her stomach... she could sense something coming... but what?

Rahul inhaled a big gulp of air.

"Will you go on a date with me muskaan chadda??" Rahul asked as simply as that...

Everyone looked at muskaan wondering what she as going to say. Atul, armaan and anjie were overwheled that he had actually gone forward and done this.... He had opened up to atul and armaan... and well anjie... she was going to play cupid if it didn't happen now! Riddhima sat shock struck!!!

"Muskkkkkaaaaaannnnn!!!!!!!" She screamed.

Muskaan was all lost in the gray curtians of his eyes. Disturbed by the shrill voice in her ear drums, she came bac to reality....

she came back to one of her angry moods...."oye riddhima.... teri kya problem hai?? mere kaan mein bomb phodne ka irada hai kya?" Her tossed curls engrossed rahul all the more.

"Arre yaar... tu aise hi gussa ho rahi hain.... i screamed beacuse i am going to kill you if you don't take it!" Riddhima placed her hands on her hips.

"Toh main kya nah bolne waali thi!" Muskaan spoke hastily but turned crimson as soon as she realized the 5 pairs of eyes on her.

Riddhima ran over to her side and hugged her tightly.

"Thankyou muskaan..." Rahul lowered his eyes as muskaan looked at him. Smiling warmly... she was content.... everything was falling into place.


"Have fun!" Riddhima hugged anjali tight and then side hugged atul.

"Oh we will... long holiday... 6 months... heaven!" Anjali's face was radiant.

"Ok then guys take care!" Muskaan and rahul waved them off as the announcement for boarding sounded.

"Don't over do yourself with the work champ... have fun ok!" Armaan warned as he hugged him bye.

"I will try not to!" He grabbed his hand luggage and with one hand on anjali's waist, they bid good bye to their friends.

They waved them until they were out of sight and the made their way towards the carpark.

Rahul and muskaan walked ahead, leaving armaan and riddhima to trail behind. They liked it that way.

Rahula nd muskaan crossd the road and as ridhdima wa sbout to cross lost in her thoughts, she felt something clasp to her. Realizing it was his hand, she turned crimson.

"There's a car coming!" He pointed at the black mercedes that sped past. Looking both sides he held her hand as they crossed the road.

Getting across and the road and onto the pavement, he still held her hand. She couldn't muster the courage oto tell him anythigg or rather didn't want to tell him. She didn't object and nor did he.


Part 23

His hand still enveloped hers in a warm blanket. Riddhima could feel the her warm skin underneath his hands. She was still in her red lengha and her plait bounced lightly on her shoulder as she walked. She was getting concious as she was grabbing eyeballs from the people nearby.

"Kya hua?" armaan sensed her nervousness and asked her.

"Nothing... its not everyday that people see a weirdo dressed in red at heathrow airport 1 am in the night!" Riddhima replied clearly frustrated.

Armaan laughed his heart out, not letting go of her hand still. Rahul and muskaan turned to look at them and couldn't understand the joke. She shrugged her shouldrs and was begging to accept the happenings around her.

"So guys... where to?" Rahul spoke as he leaned against his car door. Muskaan stood next to him.

"How about home rahul!" Riddhima replied sarcastically.

"Come on don't be spoilt sport!" Rahul retorted.

"Its 1 am in the morning... i would have had half of my sleep by now!" Ridhdima shrieked.

"You sad old person!" Rahul spoke hastily only to recieve a whack on both of his arms by ridz and muskaan.

"Fine... god!!" He rubbed his arms. "No really... i am famished!" He rubbed his stomach in emphasis.

"we ate like what 9 hours ago!" Riddhima replied getting clearly frustrated.

"Well excuse me for having the stomach of a normal person... unlike you who has the stomach the size of a PEANUT!" He couldn't help but annoy her.

"You are soo dead rahul garewal..." She gave him evils before turning and speaking to muskaan, "And by the way... if you were planning on marrying him or something... well don't, because i am gonna kill him!" And in a reflex Riddhima held her lengha up with her right hand and ran after rahul in the car park.

"You khankhajuray!!" Riddhima rose her hand to hit him but he ducked and giggled as he manuvered around the parked cars. Ducking behind an ford feista he saw muskaan and armaan holding on to each other as they laughed their hearts out.

He stopped in his tracks and held up his hands, Ridhdima who came near to hit him halted in her tracks as well as she saw him pointing to something! She turned to see a laugh riot happening between armaan and muskaan.

"See they're getitng a good laugh out of us!" Rahul sighed.

"Oh well rahul... might as well teach them what it is like to mess with the gupta and garewal!" Riddhiam winked at him lightly as they made their way to the laughing pair.

Before armaan and muskaan knew what hit them... they were being tickled to death.

"Rahul.... you khankajuray... let me go now!!!" Muskaan battled with rahul to get his fingers away form her. Soon his fingers had entwined into hers and she was lost in his eyes. Riddhima continued tickling armaan but she stopped as she noticed that he just stood still there.

"Hello.... you are supposed to be squirming!" Riddhima sighed as she stopped to look at him. His mouth said nothing but his eyes spoke millions. Something in the pit of her stoimach somersaulted as she broke her gaze away form his. Looking back into his blues, she couldn't help but just stare back. Something in his eyes kept her heart where it was. Until, urgent shaking on her shoulder made her bounce back into reality.

"Chalna hai ke nahi??" Muskaan arched her eyebrow as she knew she had caught them off guard. She was getting ideas about these two now.

"So guys where to?" Riddhima quickly put forwrad the question.

"I don't knoe.. jus anywhere where i can get good food." Rahul whined.

"Well then garewal, I think i know jus the place." Ridhdima smirked as she looked at armaan.

"Great!! you guys head on.... we'll meet you there in 15!" Muskaan tugged on Riddhima's arm as she pulled her towards the car. Grabbing the keys form rahul's hand, she pushed ridz towrads the door.

"Why you nicking my car for?" Rahul arched a brow.

"Well... i don't want to attract any more attention and i don't think ridz does as well." muskaan pointed towrads her clothes.

"You guys share!" She ordered and sat in the car and drove away swiftly.

"You sure you'll be able to handle that missy over there." Armaan asked rahul as she unlocked his own car.

"I know she's feistly n all... but thats how i like em man!" Rahul added as armaan showed him a thumbs up.


"What is this place?" Muskaan questioned as she took her sat next to rahul.

"Well muskaan... this place serves the best pasta you are ever going to taste." Ridhdima cupped her face in her hands as she eyed armaan.

"You bettcha..." Armaan agreed.

"Well then bring it on!" Rahul polished his cutlery with the napkin as she licked his lips.

"Oyye... khankhajuray.. control!" Muskaan taunted him as she saw his face change into a shade of red.

"Riddhima!!" An old honeywrapped voice cut their banter. "Antonio!" Ridhdima shreiked and got up to give the old man a hug.

"Wow.... she comes.. you forget me!!" Armaan pouted!

"How can i forget my old boy armaano!" The old man ruffled his hair form across the table as the rest giggled.

"And who are your friends then?" He questioned as he opened and placed 4 bottles of water on the table.

"Well.. this is my best friend cum sister cum advisor cum everything muskaan and this is rahul." Riddhima smilingly introduced rahul and muskaan as the old man greeted them.

"So what will it be?" He asked.

"Bring your best antonio!" Rahul nearly screamed as the other gave him a glare.

"What?? i am starving!!" Rahul shrugged his shoulder as the old man nodded and went away smiling.

Rahul placed the bottle adjacent to his plate and muskaan elbowed it unknowingly and toppled it over! Pools of water formed on the floor as muskaan glared at it and then rahul. Ridhdima and armaan hid their faces in their hands knowing what was coming.

"You khankhajuray!! Dikhta nahi hai kya?"

"Oyyee.... ulta chor kotwal ko daante... tune to girayye thi... mujhe kya ghoor rahi hai?" Rahul defended himself.

"Aur tujhe paani yahan rakhne ke liye kisne kaha tha?" Muskaan smacked his arm.

"You know what muskaan... if i am ever stuck on a deserted island with you... i am trading you to the natives for coconuts!!" Rahul galred and before muskaan could retort and say something back armaana and ridhdima were in splits laughing.

"Muskaan... i think you finally met your match!" Armaan laughed as Riddhima high fived him.

Ridhdima and armaan made rahul and muskaan wipe away the water from the floor and finally they reluctanty agreed to it.

Their meal had finally arrived and rahul was relishing it while praising it every so often. They were jus having desert when....

"Armaaan baby!!!!!" Neha came and hugged armaan from the back. Dressed in a light blue skirt with balck boots and a black skimpy top she was dressed to kill.

"Oh my goshh... what a coincidence!" She pretended to be totally surprised at the 'coincidental' meeting!"

"Wow you guys here??" An arm snuck around neha's waist as the face came infront of the 4 people seated.

A sweet smile plastered on his face, raj smirked lightly as he tightened his hold on neha's waist, bringing her petite body towards his.

Armaan sighed as he saw neha and went back to his dessert.

"Sorry armaan... you know about me and raj... i mean... you must be.." Neha looked at him intently as she tried to instigate the issue.

"No probs darling... i thought i wasn't giving you enough time as it is.. so no hard feelings!" His face was void of anything as he caught riddhima's eyes who beamed at him.

"Soo... umm..." Neha stuttered as she barely managed to get out the words. She eyed raj whose expressions were unreadable.

"Riddhima..." Raj spoke her name and riddhima immediatly looked up to stare into his eyes. The unknown fear of something came back... the embaressment of some sort. Armaan looked at her and somehow could read her mind. Grabbing her hand from underneath the table he gently stroked it with his thumb. Immedialty the hesistation form her face vanished as she looked into raj's eyes.

"Yes?" She spoke confidently...

"You dont' mind or anyhting?" He spoke trying to keep a normal face.

"Why would i?" She licked her spoon clean as she took a sip form her drink. Answering his staright and clean she saw him lost for words.

"Well... thats fine then." He hesistated and his hold on neha's wiast loosened slightly.

"So yh we'll be off then!" Neha waved bye to then as they made their way out.


Pushing the door open, neha stomped her foot on the floor as she trurned to look at raj.

"I can't believe the nerve of the guy! He's not affected at all!" She sighed as she took out her car keys.

"Face it babes... he jus wasn't for you..!" He sniggered.

"Yh.. you're right.... Neha has got millions like him... so Good bye mr malhotra. She flung her hand out for him and he shook it gently. And with that she turned and disappeared around the corner.

"Well you gave up easy babes... not me!" He smirked and disappeared into the darkness.


Muskaan pulled rahul by his sleeve and whispered into his ear, "Are you thinking what i am thinking?" Rahul made a questioning face as muskaan continued. "That was so not a co incidental meeting!"

"I totally agree muskaan... I mean my guess would be that they were here to get a shot at ridhdima nd armaan" Rahul pointed gently at ridz and armaan who were quietly sipping their drinks and unknown to them, there hands were still entwined underneath the table.

"I swear to god... i am going to kill that man!" Muskaan whispered tightly to rahul.

"Well we didn't have to do much... armaan and ridz gave them their answers as it is." Rahul pointed towrads the couple.

"Yeah but look at these two... at this rate.. by the time they come to say something... it'll be the 22nd century. These two are jus stuck here... i think i'll have to use some of my muskaan magic!" Muskaan grinned widely at rahul.

He arched his eyebrows in questions only to get the trademark muskaan mystery smug.

"Just wait and watch rahul...Just wait and watch.." Muskaan answered as she and rahul set their eyes on the 'so in love' couple.


okiess.... part 23.... hmm not sure about this one.... don't know how it turned out to be.... anyways leave me honest comments... don't complain about the lenght... lol... i kno... this was all i could put together on my boring friday morning...well afternoon now... :D....

@deba... sorry hunny.... here it is now!!TongueEmbarrassed

cheers all...
xxxxxxxx EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Part 24

The night went to plan... well apart from the occasional twiches and glares rahul and muskaan kept on delievering to ecah other... Riddhima could conlude that overall it was an okay night. When they bid their byes to antonio, she had decided something in her mind. Standing the queue of people to pay the bill, she decided that apart from thinking about the sales at The house of fraser, she had a lot on her mind that she had to sort out. Taking in a deep sigh, she greeted the young boy behind the till... quickly paying the bill... she joined the other 3 outside...

"Well?" Muskaan placed a hand over her mouth as she stiffled a yawn.

"I dunno about you guys... i am heading home... its 3:30 am!!" Riddhima replied.

"Well then i'll see you tommorow... hope the weather's all good!" Riddhima spoke to muskaan as she winked to her on the sly which in their girl code meant 'ur date'll go great... i want full details!!' Muskaan stiffled a laugh as she hugged her good night.

"oyyyyeee khankhajure.... bdw ridz wonderful word... sorry m nicking it.... yh so dropping me off home?" Muskaan twirled a curl on her finger as she amirled at him.

"Does it look like i have a choice?" Rahul did his trademark sigh and turned around as he waved goodbye to armaan and ridz.

Riddhima sighed as she heard the words out tof rahul's mouth. She saw their retreating backs as they sat in the car and drove past. She inahled a big gulp of air and turned to see him....a part of her wanted to go ahead and be bold... to see him and another partwas dispising it.

He smiled at her and instantly the part that didn't wnat to see him vanished into air. Just one smile mader heart wobble like jelly.


"Well... see you later armaan." Riddhima sighed as she opened the door. Barely managed to contorl herself form yawning into his face, she got out quickly. Armaan saw her step out and somewhere in him, he was dreading it... Its had nearly been a month since they met and over the few weeks, he always had mansged to find excuses to see her... either by incident or planning. Now he couldn't think of anything coming up next.... no one's birthday... no parties... no nothings... He sighed again batteling himself weather to stop her and say something.

"Armaan??" Her voice braught him back into reality.

"Huh??" He stammered.

"I said goodnight!" She cocked a brow and merely stopped giggling at the sight of him.

"Yh night." He spoke... his voice distant.

He saw her wave to him as proceeded the steps towards her building. Something inside him wanted to stop her... to talk.. to reseolve... and maybe to even confess....


"Muskaaaannnn!!!!!" Riddhima opened the door as she let muskaan. Since it was the weekend she had slept till late... also courtesy fo going to sleep at 3 am last night. It was nearly 5 pm and riddhima was still in her night suit, courtesy again of wakinf up at 1 pm that afternoon.

Muskaan gave her a rib crashing hug as Riddhima gawped for air. She knew what it was....

"So how was the date?" She asked.

"Muskaan smiled and spoke "Fine."

Riddhima was left appalled, "One syllable? Thats all i get? After that rib breaking hug."

"Okay... it was really fine... Two syllables... happy now!" Muskaan dumped herslef on the sofs as she smiled profousely.

"Riddhima.." Muskaan spoke... Ridz arched her brow as she knew muskaan used her full name in 2 circumstances only... one is she was extremly angry or if she was really happy.... and by luck she was over flooding with happiness.

"It jus feels soo riught Riddhima... all this time... i dated guys and it felt fake... like i always put on a face... but with rahul -she stopped as she looked up to the ceiling- its jus plain old me.... i do nothing and i still feel the most envied woman on earth...." She finished and sat up with her eyes open with shock!!

"Riddhima...." She screamed... "I think i'm in love!!" muskaan glared at riddhima and the pin drop silence only lasted a minute before the girls burst out in squeals.


About half an hour later the girls were sitting on the sofa and Riddhima had opened up to muskaan about her developing feelings about armaan. Muskaan listened patiently as riddhima opened up her heart.

"I don't know muski... its just that battle between my mind and heart.... my heart sayd to trust him and my mind thinks rationally and you knwo form where we started off... it seems to good to be true.!" Ridhdima sighed as she rubbed her temple.

Muskaan placed her coffe mug on the table as she smiled and reffered to riddhima.

"Dekh ridz... do you love him?" Ridhdima was completely taken offguard.

"Do you think i know!!! if i knew i would have gone and freaking told him!" Ridhdima yelled as muskaan laughed at her.

"Okay okay answer this... do you feel comfortabe around him?" Muskaan asked as she saw riddhima fiddle with her hair.

"Yh... do you really think i would invite him home so easy!" Riddhima answered clearly yawning.

"Do you think he's caring?"

"Hello... he like helps me everyday!"

"Okay... does he tick all the boxes with you?"


"Do you love him?"

"Well duh...i do!" Riddhima spoke and then realized what she said. Her face bursts into several expressions... From shock.. to realization.. and then to embaressment...and then finally to a ert deep crimson.

"I doo love him!" Ridhdima spoke in a audible whisper... not for muskaan but merely as a realization for herself. Her face went sober again and she spoke to muskaan.

"But how do i know he's not doing it to win the bet?" riddhima spoke as muskaan looked at her questiongly.

"What bet?" Muskaan looked deep in thought.

"You kno about a month back... we were in the club and i heard raj making him a bet about if Armaan can get me into bed in a month!" Riddhima spoke as the memory came flooding back...

"OH SHIT!! Riddhima i am soooo sorry sweetheart.!" Muskaan moved closer to riddhima as she realized the sitution.

"Ridz.. i can't apologise enough for this hunny.... But Atul and Rahul talked to ammy about you and raj and he felt extremely guilty and therefore he decilined everything from raj...!" Muskaan finished in one breath expecting riddhima to go bollacks at her but instead she caught her into a rib crashing hug!

"He might love meee!!!" Riddhima squealed like a kid....But suddenly something hit her... One month... bet... raj... she immediately spun her neck towards the calender on her wall... exactly one month today.... immediately her head went into think mode... and instantly she knew her decision... and she only had a couple of hours to put it into action. Muskaan knew that look... and boy did she love it!!

"Riddhima??" Muskaan knew what was coming but she wanted confirmation.

"Armaan Malik is not loosing from Raj malhotra ever again!" She spoke with determination.

"you sure you know what that bet was about?" Muskaan couldn't believe it.. but then agian thats what love does to people...

"Oh yess i do Muskaan...." The look on her face was still intact.

"But Riddhima you don't even know if he loves you yet hunny...?" Muskaan wanted to get her to think logically.

"all my life muskaan... all my life... but not anymore.. its about time i took the risk... its all or nothing now... and i sure hope its all...!" Riddhima spoke with the slight tears in his eyes as muskaan looked at her in awe.

"So Miss ridhdima gupta... are you thinking what i think you're thinking?" Muskaan knew it...

Riddhima arched a brow as she gave a one sided seductive smile "Yes muskaan..... Mr armaan malik... you are getting seduced.."



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"Are you sure ridz..." Muskaan looked Riddhima as she lost her face in her closet even more....

"Muskaan i hve never been surer about anything in my whole life..." She spoke and then held her head between her palms..."No wonder love is blind, it makes people do the craziest of things.... and in my case it's messed with my head!!!" Muskaan smiled at her love struck friend as she ramaged through her closet to find something suitable.

"Ah ha!... I knew this nighty would come useful one day..." Riddhima picked up the full length royal blue nighty as she put it against her...

"Muskaan gave her a thumbs up as she looked at the radiance on riddhima's face..

"Well any thing for me??" Muskaan asked as she jumped from the bedside table she was sitting on.

"Actually... i need to get armaan here asap!" Riddhima bit her lip as the nerves kicked in.

"Well... leave that to me." Muskaan winked as she got out of the door. Just before she hugged riddhima tight and Riddhima looked at her warmly.

"Take it slow tiger." Muskaan joked as Riddhima smacked her slightly.

As muskaan left Riddhima picked up the bits and bobs lying around her house. Giving her apartment a final check she walked to her her room.... She stepped in the shower and turned the knob on.... the idle water in the tap hit her fit.. giving her a cold burst.. she shivered and slowly the water changed inot warm bursts... moving her head under the water she felt the warm gushes through her hair.. melting into her scalp... putting her hands agianst the wall she finally had some time to think... to think her actionz through... "What if it is all a sham ridz.. what are you going to do... he can't do this can he?? he's still a man ridz... men have ego the size of mount everest... what if all this was to win a bet.. the kisses... the invitation to niki's birthday... the coincidental meetings... what if they wern't coincidental at all... Ridhdima shook her head as the water droplets ran rapidly down her neck and down her back. "He can't... i am just going to have to take this chance... other wise i know for a fact that i'll regret it for the rest of my life. He might not love me but i do.. and for now thats all that matters... and i am not letting the love of my life lose from a scumbag... She clenched her fist she made a grab for the sampoo bottle...

Getting out of the shower, she wrapped the towel around her chest... opening her hair she blow dried them about half way.. leaving them a bit damp as she always did... Her face always crooked in her best dreamy smile. She stood infront of the mirror and loosed the towel around her chest.. it spiralled to the floor and landed on her ankle. She grabbed the blue nighty and slid into it effortlessely. She carresed the dress byu the her waist as she imagined th elook on armaan's face. Her day dreaming was broken by the shrill noise of her cell ohone beeping in the living room. She answered and out the phone to her ear.

"Riddhima?? get ready... he's just coming up the steps to your apartment... i told him you wanted to discuss some important matter... and by the way he's carrying a little plastic bag with him.. any idea why?" Muskaan got staright to the point... no hello... no are you ready... Ridhdima chuckled slightly.

"calm down muskaan... so where are you?" Riddhima asked as the thought of armaan coming close sank in.

"Where do ya think?? m going home... don't wnat to be the kebab me hadi... do i?" Muskaan amirked and riddhima could so see the wink that must have accompnied the answer.

"Thanks a ton muskaan... by the way did you leave the door open?" Riddhima questioned.

"Yh.. i did... so yh hang up now.. Mr Romeo.. or hoping to be romeo should be at the door about now!" Muskaan blew her a kiss and hung up. Riddhima sighed as the front door shut. He must have entered himself. She inhaled a big gulp of air and everything in those romantic novels of hers came to life. Her breathing got shallower. The ambience of the room changed. She could see his blurred image through the stanied glass door. The figure coming near and closer. The door knob twisted and her mind raced. The warm figure turned from behind the door frame and riddhima composed herself.

"Riddhima?" Armaan asked as he opned the door and came fully into vision. She saw his expressions change.

"Riddhima?" He merely choked the wordss out as he saw her attire.

"Yes armaan.." Riddhima's eyes lowered as her forefinger trached the arm of the sofa she stood by.

"Well... ahem.. i brought doughnuts.." Armaan said as he placed teh packet on the side table. Folding his arms across his chest he looked around the apartment.

"Take a seat armaan." Riddhima pointed towards the sofa and armaans at down.

"Armaan... actually i wnated to talk to you..." Riddhima inhaled and spoke without any hesistation what so ever. She looked at armaan and his expression edges her to go on...

"I need to know some truths Armaan.." She closed her eyes and looked at her knees. Feeling her heart punding against her chest... she looked him in the eye as his face turned into an unreadable expression.

"What might that be riddhima?" Armaan relaxed againstthe sofa... he had a good hunch as in to what all this was about... and he knew it.. it was time.. to come clean to her... the woman he loved..

"Armaan... i don't know how to put this actually... i just need to know... a month back... what happened with you and raj?" Riddhima asked in one breath and crossed her fingers hoping the answer would be what she was hoping for.

"Listen riddhima...-he paused slightly- That night... i won't deny it... raj made me a bet ' he paused again to rephrase the next words in the best way possible ' He first proposed a teener to me if i could get you out to dinner and then when i thought he couldn't stoop any lower... bam.. he kicks it up a notch." He paused briefly as Riddhima looked up to see his face flusged with anger and frustration. She edged closer to him and placed her hand on his. He gave her a quick smile and then continued. "i won't cover up riddhima... my ego got better of me and i did accept his offer but then rahul and atul explained about him being your ex and then the bas***d leaving you jus beacause you refused to have sex with the asshole." Riddhima looked at him as her pupils exploded. His jaw line was gritted and face hardened. "But i swear Riddhima that was the end of it... i never really thought about it until now." He sighed as he took her hand between his plams.

"I know armaan... i know." Riddhima smiled widely at him.

"hand on heart Riddhima everthign that happened between us after than... it was never intended... i guess i was just following my heart where my mind stopped." He squeezed her hand lightly.

"Thats all i needed to know armaan... and thankyou... for not breaking my trust." She looked into his eyes and he genuinly seemed.. well just right.

"So you knew about all this?" Armaan raised an eyebrow.

"Yes i did armaan... i actually heard over your conversation with raj that night." She confessed. "But i got angry after hearing the first part of it so i walked off... rahul must have told muskaan and therefore i only got to know the full truth today evening." Her eyes were lowered, she raised them and looked into his. "And i am happy i did..." Her lips curved into a smile.

Armaan matched her smile and turned to face her. This was it.. he inhaled...

"Riddhima... all that's happened to us within the last month... i just don't know how to put this... you make me feel specail riddhima... after the little thing all niki's b'day... i just knew it... everything just went on and i couldn't do anything riddhima... - he paused to looked at riddhima whose eyes were just brimming with tears on the edges -... it was like my heart took over where my mind gave up... and you know what... over the time... i was just falling for you... - he smiled wide at her as she edged him on gently ' look... all m trying to say riddhima is that..."

"I love you" Riddhima answered before he could finish.

He was stuck there as the muscles in his face froze... his heart forgot to pump blood for a mere moment. As his mind replayed the words in his mind, riddhima was getting anxious, she didn't know what made her say that, she understood what was going on... he was probably just talking to her as a friend and wat had she gone and done... it does take that long to reply to a 'i love you'... She stood up and was just walking towards her bedroom when the tight pull on her wrist caused her to thrust down with force.

She stumbled against his leg as she landed on him with force... sitting in his lap, his arms had already slid across her waist and she stared into his blues.

"Thankyou for saying what i've always wanted to say..." His voice mingled between her ear drums and the her heart fluttered again.

"I love you Riddhima gupta." She closed her eyes as soon as she heard the words out of his mouth.

Feeling his knuckles brush across her jaw bone, hs opened her eyes and looked at him.

"I love you too armaan..." She spoke huskily... her voice barely in a audible whisper. And thats when he did it... no asking permission... no hesitation... he jus swept and engulfed her lips in a sweet kiss... sealing their love forever. As his lips moved gainst hers, he could feel her responding back now... her hand already lost in his hair... whilst the other cupped the side of his neck. Armaan's hands wandered form her waist to her back as she traced the straps of her dress.

His lips prodded eargerly against her lips... as soon as she felt his tongue tracing her lips... she let him. He parted her lips and slid inside... tasting her... never wnating this moment to end. As she parted form him, he seemed annoyed. The frown on his face clearly visible. He seemed more dazed from the kiss than her.

"So... does raj know that you refused the deal?" Riddhima asked fiddling with his shirt button.

"I guess not... but who cares about the bas***d anyways sweetheart... as long as i have you." He carressed her face as she got lost in them again.

"So he still thinks you re going ahead with the bet.." Riddhima enquired...

"I guess so... but i don't care.." Armaan answered... he was clearly getting flustered by her interoggation.. for god's sake he's just confessed his love to her and she was asking him if he made a bet with a guy to get her into bed!!! god this woman was unpredictable...

"Well i do!!" Ridhdima answered.

"Huh?" He asked...

"Listen... what i ma saying is that there is no way i am having my man lose a bet from some scumbag that i hate for the rest of my remaining life!" Ridhdima answered standing up!

"So you're saying??" His lips crooked into the seductive of smiles... he totally understood what she said but hell... it was soo much fun watching her blush.

"You know what m saying..." Ridhdima replied... her face flushed...

"NO i don't sweetheart... explain please..." He relaxed aginst the sofa.. anticipating her reply in a big wide smile...

"Armaan malik!!!" She roared... her face flushed but she stood bold.

"Yes hunny..." He said again.. a cheeky grin across his face.

"I have said it once and thats it.... its one month exactly today and you're bet finshes in 2 and a half hours and there is no way i am having you lose... especially from him..." Ridhdima answered.. her face crooked into the sexist of smiles... "so... make love to me.." She said and looked him in the eye.

He stood up... clearly shocked out of his wits to have heard this... especially coming form her.

"As much as i want to hunny... - she blushed as she smiled quickly ' "but i won't!" He let go of her hands and crossed his arms across his chest.

"What??? why??" She frowned.

"Riddhima... i love you and you know what... i love you so much but i jus don't want to have made love to you for the first time for some slimy bet." His face hardened.

"But armaan!!!" I wnat you to win that bet!!!" Ridhdima whined.

"NO Ridhdima.... i want to start this relationship leaving behind everything and we jus hav wait 2 and half hours until the bet gets over.. and i swear baby... after that you're all mine." He finshed with a wink as riddhima giggled slightly. She hugged him tight as his arms wrapped aournd her. She broke from the hug and claimed his lips in a kiss. Her hands wandered over his back. She knew he was into the kiss and that was her chnace. Her hands moved form his back to his front... as her hands trailed over the thing material of his thins shirt. She traled his abs with her hands and before she knew it.. they landed on the sofa with a thud. His lips left hers swollen but he didnt' stop. Exploring her body... his lips trailed ot her neck and the base of her throat... gently kissing it, his wadering hand grabbed her hair as she gasped. her neck arched back aloowing his acsees. His hands caught her wrists and pulle dthem ove her head. She lost all sensed time and reality as his kisses drovee her to her edges. The skin on her hand felt grasped but she was too lost to notice. He left her.

"What the?" She stood up. Her hands had been tied together to the arm of the sofa, with what seemed like a leather belt... obviously his.

"Armaan??" She looked daggers at him.

"Well sweetheart... judging from the situation we had moments backs.. i figured it would be best to get you to keep your hands off me..." he winked and continued. "As long as your nads are out of order... hopefully mine will be too." He finshed iwth his trademark smile and wink.

"Urrrggg... i hate men!" She answered.

"Hmmm doughnut.... the men seem to love you..." He smiled. Getting up form the sofa he switched on the telly. Just 2 hours Riddhima.." Sitting next to her, he engrossed himself in the show. Grabbing the doughnut bag from the side, he looked at her face. Clearly annoyed.

"Here... have some chocolate glazed doughnut. I brought some mini ones... see..."He smiled at her. Her face curved into a smile. She opened wide and he gave her the dougnut. He looked at the telly and the doughnut missed her mouth and covered her mouth with metled chocolate... rolling down her neck the ringed doughnut landed just above her chest.

"Armaan.." she winged.

"Whoops... my bad... lets clean that up for you." He looked at her. Moving to get the tisue he stopped. His eyes glitened with something riddhima recognized. "Why waste a tissue paper when you ahve moi." Before riddhima could respond... his lips were already casting havoc on her skin. As he licked the chocolate off her skin.. she surrundered to him.


"Armaan... you really love me?" Riddhima asked as she struggled to sit up with her hands tied.

"Yes i do sweetheart... i do..." He wrapped his arms around her form behind the sofa.

The clock chimed 10 and riddhima looked at him.

"There we go... you lost!" he smiled looking at her dejected face.

"Hey... i am happy..." He nudged her and she snuggled closer to him.

"Riddhima... are you sure about this... i mean theres no going back now!" He asked her honestly and she smiled and pecked his lips.

"I havn't been more surer about anything in my life." She answered earnestly as he beamed down on her. Scooping her up in his arms he took her to her bedroom. Placing her on the bed, he unwrapped the leather belt from her wrists... As he kissed her hard on the lips, she moved under him. Armaan kissed her gently all over her face and just when she was breathless enough he let go off her lips. Only to slide further down to her throat, she grasped him tighter. Clinging on to his shirt she didn't know herself the force with which she was pulling him. His shirt buttons snapped and she openned her eyes to see his him bare chested on top of her. Armaan kissed her neck and nibbled on her shoulder as she grasped for air....

....the more she gasped.. the more breathless she got.... His lips proved havoc on her as she looked at him. All she could see was his hair. She closed her eyes as her mind flooded with pleasure. His hands caressed her thights gently as she slid her dress higher and higher. Her dress was soon on the floor with his clothes. As their bare bodies touched riddhima spirraled towards ecstasy. He kissed her in places undiscovered. His hands cupping her lushness. Never had she imgined a man to be this close to her... He came up for one final kiss... as his lips crashed into hers, she opened her eyes to see his open right abover him. His blues soo close to hers... His hand parted her and he gave her the final push and entered her... She gasped with the emotions that hit her... the shrill pain... it was unbearble... it ended soon enough..and her body filled with unknown pleasures....gosh.. she nearly made it... her eyes refused to open as the trembles hit her again... this time unknown senstaions of pleasure shot through her... she moved with himt o reach the heights of their passion... and soon they calmed down... shuddering... satisfied...


Riddhima sat on the couch as she flicked the channels.. she was sore everywhere... she blushed remembering his passionate kisses...

"Up already??" He hear the voice and tunred to find him standing in the door...wearing nothing but his trousers.

"Yh.. couldn't sleep.." He kissed her on her bare shoulder... she was jus clad in the sheet....

"It s half one in ther morning sweetheart.." He kissed her agian this time on her lips.... Their moment was interuupted by the door bell... armaan walked over to the door clearly annoyed.

He opened the door to be shocked out of his wits....

"Raj??" He barely got the words out...

"Who is it armaan?" Riddima peeked out form behind him. Hiding behind his shoulder as she was barely wearing anything...

Raj looked at both of them and sniggered...

"Looks like you won then?" He looked at them practically naked... "Well here's ur cash!" He smirked handing armaan a bundle of cash.

"What you talking about? And what are you doing her at this time??" Ridhdima snapped.

"Well i figured some bits from seeing you too together that night at antonio and well the rest.. your freind muskaan sort of figured it out for me... she told me precisely with various other abusive words that i won't like to get into now." He stopped as armaan and ridhdima stopped giggling.

"Well jus to say... i keep my share of the bet... here you go.. you won fair n square..." He flashed the cash at him again.

"The bet was over at 10 pm though?" Armaan asked a bit puzzled.

"Who said? Only beacause i made you the bet at 10... i gave you a full month and that ended an hour and a hour ago... at sharp 12 am... so here you go... and bye riddhima... nice knowing ya babe.." He winked at her and walked off.

"Jerk..." Ridhdima muttered.... "Oh well... he gave up easy..." She sniggered as armaan laughed at her cute expressions...

"ooohh.." Ridhdima whislted as she saw the big wad of cash in armaan's palm... "if you had told me before about the amount of cash involved.. i would have slept with you there n then?" She winked.

"Really??" He asked at he closed the door pulling her closer to him again...

"You think?? no way.... i finally did though... you know fall in love with you.." She kissed him again as he scooped her in his arms.

"I m not sure..." He teased her a bit as she bit his neck gently...

"about what??" She got the words out merely as he sucked at her neck again...

"hmmm you know about me... meee and Love?? oh Whatever..." He spoke only to get a smack form riddhima again... He placed her on the bed and kissed her over again...

"I'll have to admit though..." He spoke between his kisses...

"And whas that...?" She gently caressed his hair to look intohis blues over again as he lay on top of her...

"I am completeley and utterly obsessed with you..." He smiled at her.

"That'll do for now!" with that she took his lips between her own and they surrendered to the burning passion within them...



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6 months later

Life couldn't have been a better bliss for the lovebirds. After their passionate reunion that night, they could barely spent a day without each other. Anjali and atul came back from their honeymoon cum business trip to a wonderful surprise. A month later he popped onto her door step at 2 in the morning with a fat diamond solitairre... Riddhima opened the door grogily ready to bash the person with the packet of pasta she grabbed from the counter. Turned out he sat on her door step flashing the ring at her in his pyjamas.... and his explanation for the act.. well... he said he had a dream she was running away with him-whose-name-should-not-be-called so he woke up half of london to get the ring and then bring it to her doorstep at 2 am.... Ridhdima accepted ofcourse... after a whole lot of uncooked pasta fight... Rahul muskaan were going steady and had took quite a liking to each other. So within 6 months of making that life changing bet with raj.. armaan had found the love of his life.. proposed to her and was now intending on getting married in the next few weeks. Ananya and nikki wer dleighted ofcourse... number 20 had worked wonders for nikki who was finally happy for her bro... Ananya couldn't help but thank her lucky stars for her son.. he was finally happy...


Riddhima had planned it all... she looked at the the gleaming stone in her finger... sighing at the turn of events as she looked out of her apartment. The flute of champange in her hand was now empty... she turned around to see her bridal dress in the corner of her room. Her parents couldn't come from india... but they were going to go their in a week.... shashank gupta was a known businessman in the U:K but he decided to retire to his homeland and controlled his comapny form their... ever since riddhima had expressed the wish to do medicine.. he hadn't opposed her once... he liked her to be independant and when they moved to india to sepnd ther old age riddhima took the oppurtunity and moved to a smaller apartment... her parents were happy to see their angel grow up... Armaan being armaan wanted a western wedding but after a seducing move from riddhima, he agreed to go to india for their second traditional wedding cum homeymoon...


She walked down the aisle in a week's time... her dress flowing from her shoulders....

he couldn't help but stare at her... dressed in black he looked dressed to kill...

Everything happened in a blur... she recalled walking down the aisle and the next thing his lips had sealed hers.... his hand on the back of her neck pulling her close... the hall flooded with cheers and applauses... they broke the kiss and riddhima looked at him flushed... scooping her in his arrms amidst whistles form atul, angie. Rahul, muskaan and nikki... he walked out of the church... Riddhima stopped to throw her bouquet and it landed on muskaan's lap... ridhdiam blew her a kiss as she saw rahul and her blush...


Ridhdima looked at the room... all white and red and decorated with red curtains... She sighed as she sat on the bed.... the dress was killing her.... the past week had flown by... they came to india that night after their wedding in london.. and the past week.. with all the traditional rasms and everything.. they hadn't even spent any time together.. although.. he took full advantage of the situation at her mehndi rasm.. courtesy of her not able to move... he snuck up into her room and got up to what he did best....

she came out of her thoughts as the door clicked and locked... knowing it was him..she turned around and stood level his face.. her lips pouted into a cute expression...

"Kya hua baby?" he asked

"This lengha is too heavy...and all the aunties didn't stop nagging me... i hvn't even seen you properly since the last know what.. for once you were right.... i liked our wedding in london.... atleat all i wore was some earrings and the ring... here i am laden with jewleery..." Armaan listened to her ramble about things.... Finally when she wouldn't shut up he looked at her and then pulled her towards him with force... his lips smacked against hers hard and within seconds she gave her... this was what she wanted.. since their wedding and when she was getting it.. she wasn't going to stop him. His hands trailed the lining of her heavy choli... he looked at her breifly as she pulled her neck pieces.. the beads and stones scattered over the floor... clinking as they rolled around...Armaan paused to look at her again... her eyes closed... her bosom moving rhtyimatically as she inahled harder... her maang tika went joined the scattered pieces on the floor.... his hands crawled inside her blouse.... trailing her spine....

"Oh god riddhima..." he gasped as he felt her react to him immediatly...

She replied in an audible whisper... "Make love to me armaan..." she whispered as she tore open his sherwani.... she pulled his vest over his head with such force that his hair messed up flowing freely in the light breeze form the window... His hands waved magic over her body before he settled her on the bed.... she lay open infornt of him... her body stiff. As his fingers wandered over her.... she lay helpless in the pleasure. As their naked bodies collided armaan wasted no time. His lips crashed onto her body leaving damp imprints everywhere.... he moved down to her stomach... licking it... Ridhdima pulled him up as she took control of his mouth... her tongue dived inside his mouth... he loved her to take control.. she rolled over and sat on his stomach... he loved to see her like this... her face flustered with arousal... she kissed his chest making him moan... pulling her down again he held her wrist against the pillow. Her legs parted and she wrapped them around his... her breathing picked up pace and within moments she climbed towards heaven.... eternity later he placed gentle kisses on her shoulder...

"I love you baby.." He spoke... she gave him a deep kiss in reply and they both went to sleep..


One year later

"Armaannn!!!" Riddhima screamed. She stood infront of the mirror trying to tie her blouse straps...

"At your service mam!" He popped his head form the bathroom door. She looked to see him dressed just in towel... his chest covered in water droplets.... his hair wet.

"wow!!" He whispered as he took her by the waist. She stood dressed in a white anarkali... her stomach bulge pretty visible.... she was well into her 8th month.

"Just tie this thing for me!!" She struggled with her dori as he tied it for her. They were leaving to join rahul and muskaan at their pre wedding party.. finally after a year and half they had finally decided to tie the knot. Atul and anjali had been blessed with boy twins.... they were only a couple of months old... Ridhdima was next.. armaan as overjoyed when he found out.... basically beacsue he wanted to give his kid everything he had wanted from his father but never got.

"Thanks armaan.." He looked at her... thsi woman even looked sexy with the big bulge hanging form her waist... He gave her a kiss on her lips and then they got ready and made their way twards the venue.


At the party

"You are soooo mean!!!" Ridhdima smacked him on his chaest as she hogged the toffee fudge icecream.

"Riddhima!!" you're pregnant and yu want to dance..." Armaan ran his fingers in his way.. he knew her mood swings but hey she was pregnant... Quickly he thought of something and held her by her hand...

"Come on then" He led her too the floor. There were loads of ladies their dancing. And poor rahul was forced to dance amidst the old aunties beacuse he was gettng married. The songs were those cheerful bangra tunes.... He held her... he made her turn so her back was towards him... her back rested agianst his rock hard chest... Riddhima turned to look at him confused... as in 'what you up to again' looks... He smiled at her... his arms crakled slong her waist and he entwined his fingers together at the base of her bulge... so he was like supporting her stomach for her... his placed his chin on her shoulder...

"Now you can dance!" He pecked her cheek... The dance floor filled with awwsss from the old ladies and other ladies as they blessed the couple...


5 weeks later

armaan paced outside the OT.... biting his nails he looked up to see the doctor coming out...

"Congratulation Mr Mallik.. Its a boy!" The doc removed his surgery clothes and shook his hand.

"Can i see her now?" Armaan asked eagerly... The doctor allowed him and he was in the room in a blink. He saw riddhima holding a little bundle. Her face tired and spent but the utter radiance was glowing below. Armaan waked towards her... placing a kiss on her head he sat at her bedside... engulfing her a hug he looked at his little bundle of joy... Placing a litle kiss on his face...

"thought of a name?" He whispered...

"Rishabh... my little rishi.." Ridhdiam kissed her little boy as she looked into armaan's eyes...

"couldn't agree more..." Armaan watched his picture perfect family.

"You know... i am feeling a ping jealous of the little one." Armaan pouted. Ridhdima laughed and took his lips into hers...

"Thankyou armaan.. for everything.." He opnend his eyes to see her looking at him....

"I love you baby.." Armaan said as he hugged her tight again....



okay... there done... lol.... sorry this is late but i was really caught up with things lately.. i was gonna leave doint the epilouge but then agian i promised... lol.... sorry if its crappy....!! hehe.... i am taking an official break now... 2 years to be exact... lolz... need to get my head down n study now... so yh i kno my other fic which i only have done 1 or 2 parts off... that will be on a hold.... i 'll try n update in the holidays... this is the last bit of writing m doing for now... lolzz

another thing: sorry if my replied to people's pm's are late... i won't be online too often... i will rpely though.... sorry for this guys... please leave your commenst on the part.. love each n evryone of you for your support!!! mwwaahhhzzz.... oh yh thats reminds me.. i will reply to commenst asap...

so thankyou guys!!!

this is for my randomerz.... love you all... himz di.. saz.. taj... ladoo... sanu..somu..archu... shardzz...and everyone else... (sorry if i forgot to mention you... love you still!!)





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Hearthai RavHeart Congrats For The New ThreadHeart 






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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I totally love this FF! Number 2 up..hopefully many more to come lol ;]...awesome FF!! Keep it up!!

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*Runs to hug angel* muaaaah bbe
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hey... congrats 4 the  2nd one.

Hope this continues on n on.








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Originally posted by zhasan2

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I totally love this FF! Number 2 up..hopefully many more to come lol ;]...awesome FF!! Keep it up!!

heyya sweety..... wow... first time i am hearing from you.... talk about silent....LOLLOL hehe... oki no worries.... glad to ahve heard form you now.... hope to see u here more often...Embarrassed.... and thankyou!!!!!

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