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PR - Written + Vid/Pics Update - July 15th

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Pavitra Rishta - Written Update - July 15th
By: Navii D.
Full Episode:
Archana is massaging her mother's back. Sulochana says," I don't know what is written in you're fate". Archana says," The things that aren't in our hands should be left to god". [ On the Other Side ] Manav is massaging his uncle's back. His uncle says," You cannot stall marriage. Today, Tomorrow, 6 months, One Year? It's bound to happen and what would have been the problem with looking at the photo. Tell me is there another girl? [ Manav is stuttering ] Won't you tell you're uncle?". [ On the Other Side ] Sulochana says," Why would Manav have declined? He helped you so much and he knows all about how nice you are. When it came to marriage why did he decline? [ Sulochana is Confused ] [ On the Other Side ] Manav's uncle said," That's it? That's nothing. Tell me the name of that girl? I will take the proposal to them". Manav replies," No Uncle. It is not that easy". His uncle asks," Why". He replies," There household members have alot of expectations from there son-in-law. They will not accept me". [ On the Other Side ] Sulochana says,"Question after Question is coming in my mind and not one answer. You say it right Archana, ' Leave Everything to God' ". [ Archana Looks At God's Statue] [ On the Other Side ] Manav's Uncle says," Such a small thing. You didn't even try and accepted defeat?". Manav replies," No, I just wen't off what I saw". His Uncle replies," It doesn't matter what you think. It matter's what GOD thinks. You're wan't can become god's want!". [ Manav Looks At God's Statue ] { They Show A Temple With Alot People} Archana prays to god," Ganpati Bapa. What ever happened with me has not made me upset but, my mom please do not give her grief. I cannot see her in this state". [ Archana turns to the side and SEE'S MANAVVV!  She remembers all the things her mother said and WALKS AWAY] Manav see's Archana he thinks to himself,"  She left so fast. Maybe she does not wan't to talk to me". [ You See Archana And Manav Getting PUSHED ] { Manav is trying to catch up to Archana } Manav's get's to Archana. On his way he has to say some," Sorry's!". [ Archana turns around and see's Manav ] Manav says,"Go through here". Archana says," I'm Ok. I will go by myself". [You see alot of rain and Archana getting into a taxi but, someone takes it ] [ Everyone runs under cover] [ Archana ends up going under cover and hitting Manav's back ] [ They see each-other] Manav says," You come under here". Archana says," No, it's Ok. PLEASE leave me ALONE.. You don't have to feel guilty or act nice with me. You did what you thought was right. I am not mad at you. You and me have nothing in common. I can not even get up to you're level if I tried. It was my house members fault for sending you my proposal. I know you are a really good person. You've helped me before too. It's not right to expect to much from someone ". Manav says," What are you saying?". Archana says," I have accepted you're decline. Please do not try to be any more good with me because I feel like you are doing a favour to me". Manav says," I don't understand anything you are saying". Archana replies," Yesterday you're mother called saying that you decline the proposal. It's Ok. I am alright. I have no problem". { ARCHANA WALKS AWAY AND MANAV IS HEART-BROKEN AT WHAT HE DID} [ He remembers him not even looking at the photo of Archana]
Manav screams," LISTEN". [ Archana turns ]Manav says," You are mis-understanding me. I didn't even know the proposal came from you're place. I said NO without even looking at the photo". Archana says," Ji". Manav says," Ji, because I love someone else. I don't even know if she will marry me. I don't even consider myself worthy of her. But, Until today I have never thought of anyone else but,  her. That's why when my mother talked about a proposal I refused without even looking. You understand right?".  [ Archana calls an auto ] Archana then says," I will pray to god that you get the girl you love and she gives you ALOT of happiness". [ Archana leaves ] Manav thinks to himself about what his uncle sad and he remembers every time he has seen Archana. [ Varsha is leaving her office ] When she get's outside she is trying to call auto but it won't stop. Someone says," Varsha? You're still here?". Varsha says," Look YAAR. I can't catch one bus or a auto!". Another girl says," I am asking one more time are you coming with us?". Varsha says," No, You know I can't stay out that late". [ She calls a auto again ] Varsha says," See, When I have to get home urgent. I can never get a auto". Her other friend says,"  See it's about to rain again. Come with us til the disco. The station is near by too. OK!". Varsha Gives In. [ Varsha sits on the Motorcycle ] [ Manav Comes Home ] His mother welcomes him home. He starts to look everywhere for the photo of Archana. He asks his mother," Where is the photo?". She replies," Somewhere here or there". [ Manav finds the Photo and Big smile ]His mother asks," Why do you need the photo". Manav replies," Did you decline the proposal?". His mother replies," Yes, You were the one who told me too". Manav replies," I didn't know..... Who brought the proposal?". His mother replies," Her Sister-In-Law... You're hair is so wet let me go get a towel. What was the name of her Sister-In-Law...YES! Manjusha!She came here herself. Do you know her father knows you very well and he likes you  ALOT too. They saw the WHOLE house. They LIKE You So MUCH! I like the girl. If you said Yes then everything would have been perfect". Manav says," I accept the proposal". His mother replies," You had declined though". Manav replies," But, Now I aceept". [ You see Varsha's Friends Getting Off Their Motorcycles ]Her friends are saying that they got really late. Varsha is really wet.  One of there neighbours see's her with the guy. The lady is thinking what Varsha is doing with him. Varsha says," Sunny, I should have just gone from the office. Mom is probably so tensed. I am so late". Sunny says," Where will you go in such rain. When the rain is less. I will drop you off myself". Varsha agrees [Varsha goes in the disco with Sunny]
[The Neighbour follows her in] Varsha and The Boy sit at a table. Sunny aks Varsha what is wrong because she seems tensed. Varsha replies," Mom must be waiting. I really don't know what to do". They keep continuing this conversation. [ While the Lady Is watching ] [ You then see Manju washing clothes while she is on the phone with her mother] Manju says," Mom, Mom Speak! How long will you keep the phone in you're silently". Her mother replies," What can I say? [ She sighs ] There is nothing left to speak about. We had thought up so much. I used to dream everyday the day that, that Sulochana would come begging here. All my dreams are shattered". Manju says," Mom..." She replies," Now, Hang-up!". [ Her mother Hangs-Up ] She is left saying," Moommmmm". [ Manju looks up like she is praying to god] Manju says," Ganpati Bapa! Give some love tp that pujari Archana! Give her some present for all of her hard-work! How many sins has Archana done in her last life to deserve this? That poor boy even rejected her!". You then see Sulochana in the kitchen. Vinod then comes to gives her the phone since it is a phone call for her. Manav's mother introduces herself again. Sulochana says," Yes, Tell me.." Savita says," I have to talk to you about something. Our Manav has agreed to marry you're Archana because he likes her ALOT! ". Sulochana smiles and says," But, Yesterday you aid something totally different. The problem is there was a little mistake. Our Manav thought that it was some other girl's proposal that's why he didn't look at the photo thus he rejected. We didn't know what was in his heart. He saw Archana's photo and consider it a Yes from our side to the marriage". [ Sulochana is Big smile] Sulochana says," REALLY? You're saying the truth right?". Savita replies," Yes, Yes absoulutely the truth!"/ She continues,"If the one who is getting married likes the girl then we are only good enough to give blessings. Righhtt?". Sulochana says," Yes, Yes, Absoulutely. We also want to meet you as fast as possible and get this marriage done". Savita asks if she can hang up. Sulochana says," Yeah, Sure!". [ Sulochana Thanks God! ] Archana comes in the kitchen. Archana says," Mom, Mom, Mom...". Sulochana says," Yes..". Archana says," Today, I met Manav. [ [ Sulochana Acts Upset ] Archana says," Yes, Mom. He was saying that he likes some other girl. That's why he declined. Without looking at my photo. But, Mom don't be upset [ SULOCHANA IS TRYING NOT TO LOLLOLLOL ] It's just that kind of situation if it were some other girl he would have said no too. What he want's matter's too right. It's for the better so he can get married to the girl he likes ". Sulochana says," Yes, Manav will get married only to the girl he loves. Right now, he has send his reply to that girl's house too". Archana asks," How do you know this?". Sulochana says," Because that girl is YOU!". [ Sulochana and Archana Hug even Though Archana is Confused ] Sulochana continues," They said YES!". Varsha is walking around with sweets she gives Archana saying that she should eat the whole box. Manju comes in she is confued Confused Manju asks,"
What's wrong?". Sulochana replies," Manav agreed to the proposal!". [ MANJU IS VERRRYYY HAPPPYYY Big smile But, FOR A DIFFERENT REASON ] She thinks to herself," BAAT BANGAYI MOM! We will WIN!". [ Varsha FINAALLLY Get's Home at 8 o'clock ] Sulochana says,"Varsha! Listen". Varsha is begging for forgiveness. While Sulochana is Laughing and giving her sweets. She then tells her Manav's House Members said YESSS! Varsha get's VERYYY Big smile!  [ Varsha Runs Inside to Archana To Congratulate Her ] [ They Hug ] [ On The Other Side ] Manav is staring at Archana's photo! LOL His sister and Brother are making fun of him.  His sister steals the phot and runs! LOL She says," No, Until Vandu doesn't finish school and Sachin doesn't get a job I won't get married!". Manav runs after Vandu! Vandu says," Why? Yesterday, you were saying you don't want to get married. Then what happened in one day?". Sachin says," I think you know her from before Wink". [He play slaps his brother and then tries getting the photo back ] He grabs the photo and says," I will hit you!LOL". [ He continues looking at the photo of Archana ] [ On the Other Side ] Everyone is bugging Archana about how Manav is HEAD OVER HEELS for her.  THIS CONCLUDES THE EPISODE


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awww poor manav
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awww what a happy little ending. too bad archana's marriage will be stopped when they find out the truth.
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Cute episode, nice Archana and Manav scenes. Thanks for the update!

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that manju na she makes me want to hit her
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yay! im happy fo both of them! Big smile
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Awesome News!!!!!
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ABout time. Awesome

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