Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

13th July 09 - Written Update [45 min SpL full]

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Written Update

Written Update for Monday, July 13th, 2009

VIDEO UPDATE : CLICK HERE (by -nipun97-)

Hey guys! Not much in Todays episode. Naitik and Dadaji patch up and Akshara thinks that everything is alright between Naitik and her but it isn't. Nani gets upset and Shaurya and Akshara apologize in the end.
Sorry the update is so late, I was having net problems.


Akshara and Varsha are in Akshara's room. Akshara says that its been so long. Bhola comes through the door. Akshara asks Bhola if he gave the letter. Bhola says yes.. Akshara is relieved. Bhola says but.. Akshara asks what? Bhola says But it will reach. Varsha and Akshara are confused. Varsha asks Bhola to tell them properly if he delivered the letter into Naitik's hand. Bhola says yes he is positive that the letter will get to Naitik. Akshara asks who he gave the letter to. Bhola says that there were a lot of people outside, he sneaked inside and was about to give the letter to Naitik but Dadaji came. Akshara is shocked she asks if he gave the letter to Dadaji. Varsha asks why. Bhola says no, he gave the letter to 'Dakia' or something. Akshara is scared. Bhola says not to worry, Dakia will give the letter to Naitik. Shaurya calls Bhola and Bhola leaves. Akshara is worried, she asks Varsha how they will know if Naitik got the letter or not. Varsha says that he will call you, don't worry. Akshara frowns.

Shaurya downstairs is calling Bhola. Bhola comes. Shaurya tells Bhola that he brought the wrong sweets. Bhola says that it isn't his fault, he brought what was given to him. Shaurya scolds Bhola. Bhola says that it was the sweet shop's fault. Shaurya says fine he will call the sweet shop. Shaurya calls the sweet shop. Shaurya scolds the sweet shop person on the phone. Shaurya argues on the phone. He puts down the phone and Nani is there. Nani scolds Shaurya about the sweets and yells about reeti rivaj. Shaurya says that he told the sweet shop people but they said that he didn't and who he did tell went on holidays. Nani tells Shaurya to stop telling stories to her. Nani scolds Shaurya. Shaurya says that it isn't his fault. Nani yells at Shaurya again. Shaurya is angry he yells "so what do you want me to do Nanima?! Break my head, hang myself?!" Everyone looks at him shocked, Shaurya walks away. Nani frowns sadly. Nani smiles and says that Shaurya is really stressed thats why. She walks away.

Badi ma, Varsha, Akshara and the blouse person are in Akshara's room. Badi ma gives the blouse person the blouses and he says that the blouses will be ready in a half an hour. Badi ma and the blouse person leave. Varsha smiles and tells Akshara that her blouses will be done in a half and hour and Naitik will get the letter too. Akshara smiles. Shaurya comes through the door muttering about Nani angrily. He sits on Akshara's bed. Varsha and Akshara ask what happened. Shaurya says that he isn't in his senses.

Badi ma is explaining things to the blouse person. Nani comes upstairs sadly. Badi ma asks what happened. Nani asks where Shaurya is. Badi ma says that Shaurya just went to Akshara's room. Nani turns and starts going. The blouse man asks about anything else. Badi ma says no. They both leave.

Shaurya angrily says he knows he shouldn't have said anything to Nanima but sometimes shes the that limit. Varsha says that he's the one who told her that nobody in this house takes Nani's words to their hearts. Shaurya says that he knows and thats what made him mad. He says that he has so much work what can he do?! And Nani ma doesn't want to listen. Varsha tells Shaurya to apologize to Nani. Shaurya says he can't even talk to her at the moment. Varsha tells Shaurya that Nani probably felt hurt. Shaurya says does she ever think about us? Whatever comes to her mouth she says, did you see how she behaved with Ratan Mama? And our mom listens to only her. We tolerate everything but she doesnt care about us! And your telling me?! [to Varsha] Your always her target! Varsha tells Shaurya she's like that. Varsha looks over her shoulder and sees Nani. Shaurya leaves. Nani comes into the room. She goes to Varsha and tells her that ever since she came into the house Shaurya has been like this. Nani asks why Varsha's saying these things about her to the family. Nani asks Varsha what she wants. Akshara tearfuly tells Nani to stop it. She asks Nani why she is making a big deal out of something so small. Why is she ruining the atmosphere? Akshara says "today is my wedding and you.. " Akshara starts crying. Nani leaves. Varsha and Akshara hug. Akshara asks Varsha if her wedding will be like this. Naitik won't get her letter and she won't get to speak to him.

Naitik is looking at Akshara's picture on his laptop. He is about to delete the picture, the kids come in argueing. Naitik goes to the kids and asks what their doing and to leave. Bhabhi ma comes. The kids say that Bablu won't let them play outside and Naitik inside. Naitik tells bhabhi ma that they will get his room dirty. Bhabhi ma tells The kids not to get Naitik's room dirty. The kids are happy. Naitik tries to say something but Bhabhi ma teases Naitik. Bhabhi ma tells Naitik that Dadaji is calling him. Naitik says okay. He closes his laptop. His laptop and phone are on the bed. Naitik and Bhabhi ma leaves.

Gayatri is getting her this ready for the wedding. Naitik's dad comes in looking angry. Gayatri asks whats the matter. Naitik's dad says that its about Naitik. Gayatri tells Naitik's dad that Naitik's mood is fine today. Naitik's dad says no he's talking about Naitik's job. Gayatri is confused. Naitik's dad says that Naitik wasn't selected. Gayatri is upset. Naitik's dad says that it was his first interview, he smiles and says that Naitik just finished his studies. Gayatri says that the news had to come today, his mood was fixed too. Naitik's dad says that they didn't tell him and won't let him know. Gayatri asks who else knows about this. Naitik's dad says Dadaji, he was the one who got the letter. Naitik's dad says that Dadaji called Naitik to talk, but he doesn't know about what. Naitik's dad says that Naitik is the star of Dadaji's eye. Gayatri smiles.

Naitik and Bhabhi ma go to Dadaji. Naitik asks if Dadaji called him. Dadaji comes to naitik and speads his arms for a hug and smiles. Naitik smiles and Dadaji and him hug. Bhabhi ma smiles happily. Dadaji says to Naitik "you will get married today, I want you to know that we all love you. For you our love will never lessen. Do not worry, I will take care of everything. You are giving us so much happiness by getting married. We have gotten old, all we want now is to hear our grandchildren" Dadaji tells Naitik he can go, he just wanted to speak to him privatly. Naitik smiles and goes. Dadaji wipes a tear from his eye. Bhabhi ma prays for Naitik to have all the happiness in the world. Dadaji smiles.

The kids are playing in Naitik's room. One of the kids says he's bored. They go on Naitik's bed. They see Naitik's phone. One girl tells the boy to put it away. The kids grab it from each other and press buttons. A SMS is sent. The one kid that has the phone is scared.

In Akshara's room badi ma asks about the blouses. Akshara says that they are fine. Badi ma tells Varsha to put the blouses with the saris. She goes to leave but comes back. Badi ma tells Akshara to get some rest as she will have to stay up late for the rasams. Akshara tells Varsha that she should rest too.


Akshara and Varsha lie down. Varsha looks down at Akshara's phone and sees a message. Akshara takes the phone from Varsha and sees that its a blank message from Naitik. Varsha asks why Akshara got a blank message. Akshara blushes happily and says that she won't understand. She gets up and sends another blank message. She smiles. Varsha looks confused.

The kid asks what will happen. Another kid (a girl) says that he will be in trouble. A message comes and its a blank message. The kids send another blank message. They keep sending black messages after each message. They are getting happy. Naitik comes and scolds them. The kids give back the phone. Naitik tells the kids to leave.

Akshara calls Naitik. Naitik looks at the caller ID and cuts the phone. Varsha asks Akshara why she's smiling. AKshara explains to Varsha about the blank calls. Varsha asks Akshara if naitik understands the SMSs. Akshara says yes. They smile happily. Varsha teases Akshara. Akshara is really happy. Daadi comes. Akshara kisses Daadi on the cheek happily. Daadi asks what happened today, Nani isn't talking to anyone. Vish is worried too. Varsha and Akshara look sad.


Nani is sitting in her room. Vish and Badi ma are also there. Badi ma asks Nani what happened. She asks Nani who she is upset with. Vish asks if some Reet or Rasam was missed by them. Nani is silent. Vish tells Nani that today is Akshara's wedding and they don't want a sad atmosphere. Vish says that he will apologize. Shaurya says no. Shaurya, Akshara, Varsha and Dadi come in. Shaurya says that it was him who made the mistake, he should apologize. Shaurya apologizes to Nani. Badi ma asks Shaurya what happened and what they did. Nani says that after Akshara's bidaai she will leave immediatly. Daadi asks why. Nani says that nobody likes her staying here so whats the point of staying. Vish angrily looks at Shaurya. Akshara tells Nani that Shaurya was really stressed and busy with work thats why he talking to you loudly. Shaurya says yes but it was no reason to talk loudly to her sweet Nani. Vish angrily asks Shaurya about what? Daadi tells Vish about the sweets. Daadi tells Nani that they will get all the sweets moved. Shaurya apologized. Nani says that she should be the one who apologize, shes the one that always stops. Shaurya says that she has the full right. Shaurya holds his ears and says sorry. Nani says no, I won't say anything. Shaurya sits at Nanis feet as does Akshara. Shaurya says that they will sit by her feet until she forgives them. Akshara and Shaurya tell Nani how special she is to them and recalls moments in their life. Nani is tearful. Shaurya apologizes. Nani has tears in her eyes and looks like she is about to cry.



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thnks alot for the update!

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Man the Nani sounds like my MIL, everything about her, her feelings etc., , during my wedding it was all about her, everyone forgot about the bride & groom, we were glad though, we could sit in one corner and chat with each other, while our whole family was trying to appease her... aparently it was so even during her own daughter's wedding.... It was so during my daughter's naming cermony (which was veerrrryyyy annoying).... for my son's cermony, I did it without her... blissss...
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thanks . when will they ever get married they r dragging so much
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thanks payal for the lovely update
the show is going at a very slow pace. tick-tick tick
when is the marriage going to happen?
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Thx A LOT for the update! :D
But why no precap!!!! why arent they showing the precapp??! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whats gna happen next episodeee?!?!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =P
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Thanks for the update.....
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THanks for the update..They are the dragging this a lot..I think marriage will happen in a while...Usually there will be a promo where they will invite everybody for the wedding ,since that has not come,so there is still some time..

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