Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF: Zindagi UPDATE pt. 27 pg. 65 (15 June 11) (Page 5)

stunninstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2009 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
kewl... grt part..

gauranitai Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2009 at 5:20am | IP Logged
It was great!!!!!!!!!!! I excited for the next part.
AsYa_KaBhi Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2009 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Wow nice story radhika is an influent,hardworking and barilikihowiladki hay bohot acha henna hope u add me into ur pm list thank you for entertaining us hope u also see choti bahu as its on going through a bad phase u  can keep entertaining us thanks very much yaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sanafsha Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2009 at 10:30am | IP Logged

nice.. add me in ur pm list... =)

Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2009 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
hmmm.... a short update.... great part... cleared on how she reacted to the news.... I love Radhika's character, strong and dependent.... shares a strong bond with all the family members.... now waiting for her london trip, and meeting with her husband.... I am not going to judge Dev right now.... will wait till you introduce his characeter and give his point of view towards his marraige....


rkath Goldie

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Part 4

The next morning was the same as usual.  Radhika got up in the morning, did the prayers and then got ready to go to the office.

Viv: "Ready Radhika"

Rad:  ji bhaiya let's go.  Ma, aaj thori der ho jayegi.  Please don't wait up.

Vai:  try to come home as soon as possible, ok beta

Rad: ji ma

Vivek and Radhika head off to the office.

Rad: bhaiya don't forget the meeting with the delegates this afternoon

Radhika reminded Vivek before they headed off the their separate offices

Viv: even if I do forget im sure u'll remind me

Vivek said with a smile.

Rad: see u later bhaiya

Radhika makes her way to her office to look over some important papers regarding the meeting they were going to have today.  If this meeting went as planned then they would be ready to open their first business venture outside of India.  This could open up all kinds of doors for the company in the future.

Radhika hoped that this meeting went well. 

Time passed quickly and soon the meeting was over.

Radhika and vivek came out of the room with smiles on their faces. 

Rad: im so glad that the meeting went well.  ghar chalein? I want to tell everyone the good news.

Viv: yeah sure.  Radhika I hate to say this, but do you think that you can handle the trip alone.  With Mrinalini pregnant I don't want to leave her

Rad: don't worry bhaiya.  Im sure ill do fine.  You should stay and be with bhabhi

Viv: thanks

They went home and told everyone the good news.

Mahi: wow bhabhi that's so exciting. Im so happy for you.  So when do u leave on your trip

Rad: Mahi how about u give me your list right now.  Im leaving tomorrow morning early.

Vais: lekin beta akele?  Vaishali didn't like the idea of Radhika being in a foreign country alone. 

Rad: don't worry ma, ill take care of myself.  I'll be sure to give you a call every single night.  I promise to eat all my meals on time.  Ma ill be fine.

Raj: beta we're sure that you'll be ok.  Promise to call every single night, im sure that your ma wont go to sleep without hearing from you first.

Rad: promise papa. I think im going to go pack my bags.

Right as Radhika was about to get up the bell rang.

Rad: mein dekthi hoon.

Radhika went to open the door and saw a great surprise.

Rad: Shabd bhaiya!!

Radhika couldn't believe that he was there.  She gave him a hug as tears pooled her eyes. 

Shabd: Radhika.  Kaise hai tu?

Shabd couldn't believe that the little girl that had left him four years ago looked all grown up.

Rad: im great.  Aap andar aayie.

Shabd and Radhika made their way into the living room where the rest of the family was.

Raj immediately recognized him.

Raj: Shabd beta.

Shabd: Namaste uncle.  Shabd took the blessing of Raj, Vaishali and Dadi.

Raj: Vaishali yeh Brij Mohan ka beta hai.

Vais: oh, kaise ho beta

Shabd: im great aunty.  Woh im going to shift here, so I thought I would come and visit my sister.

Dadi: tho accha hi hain na beta.  We're glad that you came.

No we're not Dadi.  Mahi had a sour face on ever since she had seen Shabd enter the house.  She had only met Shabd once at Radhika's wedding and she had hated him ever since. Why did he have to come here?

Rad: Bhaiya yeh Vivek bhaiya aur Mrinalini bhahbi hai, and this is Sonu the life of the whole house.  And this is Mahi.  Mahi I think you met bhaiya before right?

Mahi: haan bhabhi I met him. Hello.  Mahi put on a fake smile because she didn't want to hurt her bhabhi's feelings.

Shabd: hey.  He didn't remember meeting her.

Dadi: beta tho tum kahan rohe ge

Mahi felt like she knew where this was going. Dadi please don't. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

Shabd: hotel mein.

Dadi: arre tumara yahan ghar hai aur tum hotel mein rahoge. Hargez nahin.  Tum yahan rahoge, humare saath.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Mahi looked around relieved that she hadn't screamed out loud.  Why me??

Shabd: dadi how can I, I mean at my sister's house.

Raj: no buts, tum yahan hi rahoge.  Radhika tum Shabd ko karma dekadho

Radhika: ji papa, lets go bhaiya

Shabd: thanks but first ill have to go get my stuff from the hotel

Radhika: ok ill see you when u get back, till then I can pack my stuff

Shabd: pack? R u going somewhere

Radhika: haan bhaiya im going to London for a week and a half

Shabd: maybe I should wait until you get back then

Yes please. I am in no hurry to see you in this house.  Mahi was hoping that maybe after one and a half weeks somebody would change their mind.

Raj: nahi beta.  Tum aaj hi yahan shift ho jao, aur yeh akhri faisla hai

Shabd smiled: ji uncle

Somebody kill me now!!! How will I live with this man in the house? Mahi felt that she would explode if she stayed here any longer. 

Mahi: um ma I have some work to do so im going to be up in my room.  With that she excused herself from the room.

Once she got into her room she shut the door, walked to her bed and screamed into the pillow.

Shabd left to get his stuff while Radhika went upto her room to pack.

Radhika knocked on Mahi's door.  When Mahi answered Radhika asked: D o you want to help me pack?

Mahi: I'd love to

As they were packing Radhika asked: so tell me what's going on?

Mahi: what do u mean?

Radhika: you're behaving very strangely.  What's going on?

Mahi: nothing is going on bhabhi.  Im perfectly fine

Radhika: Mahi u know I'm going to keep bugging you.  Might as well just tell me

Mahi: well actually bhabhi im thinking of switching universities.  I don't want to stay away from the family anymore.  The semester's over so I thnk im going to switch so I can live at home.  Do u think pap will agree?

Rad: is that all?  Mahi I cant believe you were worried over something so small. I'm sure papa wont mind.

Mahi: thanks bhabhi. Im so relieved.

Rad: are you sure that's all that was buggin you?

Mahi thinking: no, but how do I tell you that I have a problem with your brother.

Mahi: of course that's all

By the time Shabd arrived back at the house Mahi and Radhika were done packing.

Rad: bhaiya you're back.  Come ill show you to your room

They went upstairs.  Mahi was coming out of her room when she met Radhika and Shabd

Mahi: which room r u going to bhabhi?

Rad: the empty one next to yours.  That's the room that bhaiya is going to be staying in

Mahi tried not to show her disappointment

Mahi: oh ok. 

Ugh bad enough he is going to be living in this house, but did he have to be in the room right next to hers. That meant she would have to share the bathroom that adjoined the two rooms. [note: basically Mahi's room has a bathroom in it and that bathroom connects to the other room that Shabd will be staying in.]

She would have to pretend to be okay with this arrangement.  She could tell that Radhika was really happy her brother was here.

Only for you bhabhi, only for you am I going to put up with that man in our house.

With that she left needing some fresh air and made her way to the park.

Rad:so bhaiya hows everything

S: I know who you're asking about and im sure they're fine

Rad: bhaiya woh aapki ma aur dadi hain

S: Radhika please. I don't want to have this discussion with you

Rad: ok bhaiya as you wish.  We will eat dinner in about half an hour till then you can unpack and get settled in you room

S: see you at dinner

Dinner was a really noisy affair.  Sonu was really starting to like Shabd, much to the dismay of Mahi.  Sonu was busy asking Shabd question after question

Everyone was amused.  Everyone but Mahi though she tried to smile

Radhika looked over at Mahi and noticed her quiet.  She figured it had something to do with her university problem.

Rad: umm papa I think Mahi has something to tell you

Mahi looked at Radhika

Radhika gestured her to tell everyone her decision

Mahi: umm papa I was thinking………the thing is that I want to switch universities and go to the one here.

Raj: WHAT!!! NO!!!

Everyone was quiet.  Raj's voice was raised, that almost never happened

Mahi: but papa……..

Mahi was starting to tear up

Rad: aww papa, stop joking around.  Look at Mahi, she's starting to cry

Raj and Radhika started to laugh.  The rest of the family looked on confused

Rad: im sorry but that was too easy

Raj: Mahi beta I have no problem with you wanting to switch

Mahi: but you were so mad

Raj: we were just having a little fun. Radhika had already told me you wanted to switch

Mahi: bhabhi how could you do this to me.  You know how scared I was

Mahi was half laughing half angry

Rad: sorry Mahi

They finished eating and went to bed


Rad: ma im about to leave

Vai: wait wait wait.  Vaishali brought the pooja thali and put a tikka on Radhika

Rad: bas ma aab mai jaoon

Vaish: haan. Take care of yourself, eat on time, call me everyday, and don't overstress about work

Shabd looked on. His sister was so lucky to be a part of such a loving and caring family

Rad: ma I promise.  Bye.  Bye everyone

With that Radhika left

Radhika arrived in London England after a long flight.  Fortunately there hadn't been any turbulence, the one thing she was afraid of the most.

She checked in and was about to go up to her room when she saw someone that shocked her.

Rad: Arjun!

Guys im finishing this part here

Tell me what you think!

if you want to be added to the pm list please let me know?

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rkath Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2009 at 9:50pm | IP Logged

stunninstar: thank you. Ill be sure to pm you. please read the next part

blokes: I haven't seen that movie. I hope that you continue to read my ff and keep leaving comments

Sigrid: thank you please read the next part

Innocent02: yeah I don't like the whole family member being negative thing.  maybe there will be a negative member, but im not sure yet.  yeah I like Shabd and Mahi Jodi, so I have them in my ff. please be sure to read the next part.  ill be sure to pm you

pop77: I haven't seen that movie.  thanks for the comment, please be sure to read the next part

gauranitai: thank you please read the next part

HawaBashir:  barilikihowiladki(huh) yeah I hope the real story starts getting more interesting.  I like seeing Radhika as a stronger character.  please read the next part

sanafsha: thanks, ill be sure to pm you.

Angelskiss:  let's see how you feel about dev.  the London trip will be in the next part.  I like the bond between Radhika and the family members.  please read the next part

stunninstar IF-Rockerz

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nice one...i like mahi very much...;)

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