Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF: Zindagi UPDATE pt. 27 pg. 65 (15 June 11)

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<div>Hey guys, I am starting a new ff on the very cute RaDev

This ff has no relations to whats going on in the show.

I was really bored so I decided to do something useful to me. Anyways summer has been a drag so far.

Now on to the actual story!

If you are confused then tell me

I've had this idea for a while but because of school I didn't want to start it, anyways I've heard that junior year is the hardest, and it definitely has been hard for me, but now its over, so I'm happy!!

Now seriously on with the story!

Part One

There is a lady shown doing the aarti, slowly others start to gather round. The lady doing the aarti is shown to have chocolate almond shaped eyes, silky dark hair, and a beautiful voice. Her wet locks hang down to her waist, and they are slit down the middle with a little bit of sindoor in her parting. Slowly as the aarti commences she turns around and allows everyone to take the aarti as she gets the blessings of the elders. Dadi, Ma, Papa, Bhaiya, and Bhabhi. They have become her support ever since she entered this house about four years ago.

"Chachi aap mujhe bul gaye"

"Of course not beta"

Radhika bent down to give sonu the aarti.

"Radhika aaj offica jaana zaroori hai?"

"Ji Dadi lekin jaldi aajoongi"

Radhika went to her room to go and change her clothes as well as do her hair. She changed out of the sari into her professional clothes. She sighed as her mangulsutra was hid underneath her shirt and her sindoor was hidden underneath her hair. This was an everyday routine for Radhika. Anyone who saw her in her professional world would never know that she was married. That is how dadi wanted it. Dadi didn't want people to judge Radhika after they found out the truth.

Radhika fought back the tears like every other day and made her way downstairs to have breakfast with the family.

Breakfast was a very funny affair with Sonu being the entertainment for the rest of the family. He was almost five years old and had become the life of the household after what had happened in Radhika's life. For the past four years that Radhika had come into the house Sonu was her best friend. Though he was only five he had been a reason that Radhika had stayed in the house. Since Radhika had stepped into this house she and Sonu had gotten attached to each other.

Mrinalini Bhabhi was like an elder sister to Radhika and Vivek bhayia was an elder brother. There was happiness in the household right now as mrinu bhabhi was expecting her second child. Sonu would have a little brother or sister and boy was he excited.

"Radhika chalein?" she heard vivek bhaiya asking her


They were ready to go to the office. Radhika was at the top of her game at the office. At 22 she was the youngest entrepreneur in India, with the help of vivek bhaiya she had expanded her father-in-law's business to make it the biggest in India and now they were working on their first international contract. It was funny the way her life had gotten so screwed up for her, but now it was again on track. She thought back to her childhood.


She was manhoos. That's what amma and mami always called her. What was her fault in everything. Born on the Second of February she was the most beautiful baby, but neither her father nor her mother were ever able to see her face. Her mother Radha had also had an awful life and it seemed that's what life had in store for her daughter. Her mother had been born to Pandit Mohan Shastri and his wife Anita. Anita passed away while giving birth to Radha, and punditji remarried with the pressure of his mother. Everything had been fine when Kiran had first come into the house. She loved radha like her own daughter. When kiran became pregnant slowly things went downhill for radha. She had gotten sidetracked by her parents as everyone was happy with the new baby coming into the house. Radha now only two didn't know what was going on, but she was happy that she would have a younger sibling. When Kiran gave birth to a baby boy everyone was overjoyed. Kiran now only paid attention to her son. Mohan's mother was the only one who cared for Radha. She immediately regretted getting her son remarried to Kiran, as she saw the treatment Kiran gave Radha, but there was nothing she could do. The baby boy was named Brij Mohan Shasti. He was the apple of everyone's eye including Radha. As Radha grew older was made to do all the chores. Kiran stopped Rahda's schooling and made her do all the housework. At this time Radha was only seven. Though Mohan's mother sneaked books to Radha and helped her learn secretly it wasn't the same. Brij Mohan was the only other person in the household who loved Radha. He would help her out with the household chores without letting his mother know. He dispised the way amma (note: amma is kiran) treated radhika and as he got older he decided her would have to protect his sister against his mother's wrath. When Radha turned 15 her grandmother passed away. She was deeply saddened by her loss. Then another ragedy hit her when she turned twenty as her father died. At this time brij mohan was eighteen.

One day Radha met Aryan. Aryan was a rich boy from the city who had come to the village on vacation. As soon as he set his eyes on radha it was love at first sight for him. The two had coincidental meetings and slowly even radha was starting to fall in love with Aryan. Brij Mohan know about this and he would help radha sneak out of the house. When Kiran found out about this affair she decided to put an end to it. She locked up Radha in the house and didn't allow her to go anywhere. After about a month Aryan went to Radha's house and with the help of Brij Mohan Aryan and Radha got married. They went to Aryan's house in Delhi. Amma had been very mad at Brij Mohan but wasn't able to do anything. As soon as she found out how rich Aryan was she immediately pretended to be sorry for her behavior.

One year later Brij Mohan also was married to Devki. A year after their marriage Devki became pregnant and gave birth to a son named Shabd.

One year after that Radha became pregnant, and she and Aryan were overjoyed. Amma saw this as a chance to reconcile with Radha for her own selfish reasons and she called Radha to the village. Aryan had been reluctant to let Radha go to the village, but Radha had insisted. On the way to the village they met with an accident. They were rushed to the hospital where radha was operated upon. Radha passed away after giving birth to her daughter Radhika. Aryan was badly injured and he also passed away two days later. Before dying Aryan made Brij Mohan the caretaker of Radhika and left all his property in her name. Brij Mohan opted to stay in the village rather than move to the city.

As Radhika grew older she received the same treatment from Amma and Devki as her mother had. Brij Mohan fought for her rights the best he could, but alas she was still treated very badly. Brij Mohan didn't allow Amma and Devki to take away her schooling. Apart from her Baba the only other person whom Radhika could count on was her brother Shabd. He made sure that when Baba wasn't home Amma and Devki didn't say anything to Radhika. When Radhika turned seventeen Brij Mohan was diagnosed with cancer. He only had about a year to live. He knew he couldn't leave Radhika in the house with Amma and Devki after his death. All the property was in Radhika's name but she wouldn't have claim to it until she was twenty-one and if he left her with Amma and Devki they would surely do something.

So what do you think?

I honestly want to know if i should even continue!

Any ideas will also be appreciated!!

Honest opinions!!


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gauranitai Goldie

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Yes please continue i love the modern scenario of it and I'm eager to hear about dev. Update fast you'll have we in a state of Xtreme anxiety till then. I Ioved how you did the whole family tree, it was puzzling at first but ot was great.

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radheradhe Senior Member

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nice story...
happy to see a more self confident Radhika here...
KavitaKumari Senior Member

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Nice beginning please continue ….Big smile

pretty.woman Senior Member

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Nice work you have got there rkath!!! Thumbs Up
Aish-mahi Senior Member

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Nice story, but please continue with it and write fast....!!!
I loved it and I wish to read more"
rkath Goldie

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Part Two

Still in flashback………….

Around ten months later his friend, Raj Purohit, came to visit him.  Brij Mohan told Raj what was going on.  Raj came up with a decision.  He decided that he would get his son married to Radhika.

"Lekin Radhika is only seventeen." Brij Mohan protested to his friend's decision

"Sirf do mahein, and she will be eighteen," Raj said

"Dekho Brij, this is the only way, and I have been thinking of getting my son married off right away.  I am sure that after marriage he will change and learn how to take on his responsibilities."

"Lekin Raj……." Brij Mohan didn't know what to say

"Brij two weeks after Radhika turns eighteen we will get them married.  I am sure ke Radhika wont say no to you, and I know that my son will listen to me.

"Teek hai Raj, just promise me you will take care of Radhika, mujhe uske ma aur papa ko javaab dena paarega."

"Don't worry, I am sure the whole family will love Radhika, she will stay in my house as my beti not my bahu."

And that was it.                                                        

Radhika turned eighteen on November 21st and was married two weeks later on December 5th. (Dates are completely made up. No significance.) That night her husband left India to never come back again.

Flashback over.

Radhika realized that pondering over the past didn't do anything, so she had decided to forget it.  Here she was almost four years later, standing at the height of her career.  Taking papaji's business to the next level.  After she had gotten married she had never heard from Devki or Amma again.  Shabd had gotten into a business school and was excelling.  She hadn't seen him ever since her marriage, but they had kept in touch.  Baba had passed away two weeks after her marriage, but she had not been able to see him, she was forbidden to go near his arthi by Amma and Devki. 

She didn't even want to think about her "husband" he was a closed chapter in her life, and opening it up would being back the tears she had shed over these past years.  There hadn't been a day that she didn't think about him.  But what could she do, all the pictures put around in the house haunted her of his memory.  She realized she had never even seen his face in real life, just in the pictures that were in the house, and she could deny it all she wanted but the truth was that her husband was quite good looking. 

Radhika came out of her thoughts as the car reached the office.  It was one of the biggest skyscrapers in all of India.  Purohit Industries.  She and bhaiya were co-CEOs of the company.  Together they had grown the company out of its depression and were at the top of their game now.  No worker in the company knew about the relation Radhika had to the Purohit family, everyone believed she was the daughter of the family, instead of the daughter-in-law, and she wanted to keep it that way.  It was easier for her and for her family, if the workers didn't talk about how the son of the Purohits had left his family. 

As she entered the building she and Vivek discussed the new business plan and headed straight to the conference room, to set up for their meeting.  Today was a very important day for them, and Radhika hoped they would get this international contract.  The whole day was spent in the meeting and finally the deal was finalized.  Purohit Industries was now going international.

R: "We will discuss the rest of the matters for this meeting at the sight."

V: Thank you so much for coming here.  We look forward to seeing the new sight

With that they wound up the meeting and headed home.

V: we're late Radhika.  I think dadi is going to be mad

R: haan bhaiya……….

They reached home, and were greeted by darkness. 

R: where is everyone

Vivek switched on the lights and there was a big banner that said "Happy Birthday"

Everyone popped up and screamed Happy Birthday.

Radhika had tears in her eyes.  She couldn't believe that she was blessed with such a great family.  There had not been one year since she had entered this household that anyone ever forgot her birthday. 

Mrinu: Hey no crying, today is a happy day sweetie.  Your turning 22 today

R: these are tears of happiness bhabhi

Mrinu: ok no more, come let's cut the cake

There came a voice from behind: Without me

Everyone looked back to see a girl

Girl: looks like everyone has forgotten me and here I came thinking that I would give my family happiness when they saw me, aw forget it, I guess I will just go back, I don't think anyone in this family cares for me.  (this was said in a dramatic tone)

Everyone laughed

Radhika: chup, come here and give me a hug

Girl runs to Radhika and gives her a bug hug

Girl: I missed you so much bhabhi

R: haan I missed you too Mahi. How is college going?

Mahi: don't even ask bhabhi.  I have this stupid professor, pata nahi kaha se aaya hai bhudha, he's so mean.  Jaise din baar woh sochta hai how he will toture his students. Idiot.

Everyone had heard this story before.

R: come on Mahi he can't be that bad

Mahi: Wanna bet

Dadi: acha yeh sab choro mahi baki sab se bhi to milo

Mahi: right dadi, I can talk to bhabhi all day

Mahi goes and meets everyone and together they cut the cake.

Mahi: oh yeah bhabhi when are you going to London

R: I don't know yet mahi, aaj he tho deal finalize hua hai, issilye we will have to wait for a little while.  Kyu?

Mahi: because I have to give you a list of things to get.

Radhika laughs: of course.

Everyone is sitting and talking, and before they know it it's midnight. 

Dadi- acha abb sab jakar soo jao, kal subha yahaan pooja hai, aur sab ko anna hai, no one will be late, so get up and go to sleep (when dadi said this she was looking at mahi)

Mahi- what I wont be late

Birju- dadi hundred percent guarantee ki mahi late aaygi

Dadi- jaanti hoon

Mahi (now mad, was glaring at birju)- nahi birju bhaiya I wont be late, just wait and watch

And with that she went upstairs to her room

Birju- dekhna dadi who late aaygi, and then she will make up some excuse

Dadi- chup ka, hamesha usse naraaz karta hai

Birju- woh choti hai isiliye

Dadi- acha abb tum sab bhi chalo soone

Radhika goes up to her room and lies down in her bed, but she knows as always she won't fall asleep today.  After about an hour she gets up and goes outside into the garden and sits on the bench just staring out at nothing.

That day she sat on that very same bed waiting.  She didn't know what to do, today she had been married, but she didn't know what it meant to be married.  She was surrounded with a bunch of strangers that she didn't know.  She would now have to share her room with a man.  She wasn't ready for all this after all she was only eighteen.  She had her own dreams that she wanted to fulfill.  She looked around the room.  There were rose petals all over the bed.  The only light in the room was from the moon and a few candles that were dimly lit.  The size of the room itself amazed her.  There was enough room to fit about three more beds in there.  There was a sofa placed on one side.  Pictures filled the walls along with paintings.  She realized that she didn't know anything about her husband.  Wow that would be hard to get used to.  She was now a married woman.  She got up and explored her new room for a little while.  It had the most amazing balcony that looked over the biggest garden.  She wondered how beautiful the garden would look during the spring.  If it looked this nice in December it would be like heaven in March.  About an hour later she went back to the bed and slowly fell asleep. 


Luv Raji

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rkath Goldie

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Originally posted by gauranitai

Yes please continue i love the modern scenario of it and I'm eager to hear about dev. Update fast you'll have we in a state of Xtreme anxiety till then. I Ioved how you did the whole family tree, it was puzzling at first but ot was great.
thanks for the comment
hope u like the next part
i wanted something a little more modern and not so old fashioned

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