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Part 6

~Excitement in Gupta's household could clearly be felt as Padma and Ramu Kaka joined hands in preparing the best Indian food variety for the coming guests while Shashank and Muskaan made sure that everything in the house looked perfect and comfortable for them. Muskaan had joined Padma in the kitchen for her special kheer while Shashank went out and made arrangements with the pandit in the nearby mandir. He needed to have him just so the rituals of engagement ceremony and marriage fixing would go smoothly. His happiness was reflecting in his broad smile that only got wider throughout the day as he observed his own house lit up with the upcoming happiness. After finishing their work in the Kitchen Muskaan and Padma both came out to finally catch a break from all the work and chaos.~

Padma: Muskaan tuney voh sari dekh li jo maine teray liye nikal kay rakhi thi?

Muskaan: (shakes her head) Nahi Maa abhi tak toh nahi dekhi…

Padma: Chal meray saath mein tujhay dikha deyti hoon…pata nahi tujhay pasand aaye ge bhi ya nahi…

Muskaan: (leans her head on her mom's shoulder and says softly) Meri Maa ki pasand mujhay na pasand aaye aisa kabhi ho he nahi sakta…

Padma: (smiles and caresses her daughter's hair lovingly) Tuney toh ajj tak meri kissi pasand ko na pasand nahi kiya…Hameesha vahi kiya jo maine ya teray Bauji ne teray liye soocha…(she kisses her daughter's forehead with love and care in her tender and motherly nature)

Muskaan: Maa app nay aur Bauji ne bhi toh hameesha mera acha he soocha hain na…toh phir app dono ki kissi bhi baat ko main kasiey na pasand karti…(She smiles)

Padma: Meri chuti si gudiya itni bari hojaye ge itni jaldi yeh maine kabhi soocha he nahi tha…

Muskaan: Per appki gudiya toh hameehsa app ki chuti se gudiya he ban kar rehna chahti hain… 

Padma: (Smiles) chal mein apni gudiya ko uski sari dekha do…chal meray saath…(she took her hand  and led muki towards her bedroom)

~As Muskaan and Padma enter the bedroom Muskaan sees the traditional sari that Padma had already placed on the bed neatly after irnoning it. It was simply one of its kinds, as the entire fabric was fillied with intricate hand work and pure silk thread. Muskaan stood next to her mother, simply admiring the sari, she found no words to praise it or even say thank you to her mother for it.~

Padma: Kaise Lagi…?

Muskaan: (running her delicate hand over the sari) Maa yeh toh bahut achi hain…aur yeh main ajj kaise…? Mera matlan hain kay itni bhaari aur khoobsoorat sari mein main…

Padma: Iss sari mein meri Muskaan aur bhi sunder lagay ge…aur beta yeh toh shayad her maa apni beyti kay liye karti hain…kyunki iss tarah kay din baar baar nahi atey… Meri iss khushi ki zimedaar sirf tu hain issi liye iss khushi mein sub se acha lagnay ka haq bhi tera banta hain…

Muskaan: (Shyly smiles) Maa…app bhi na..aik pal mein iss puray ghar ki khushi ki zimedaari mujhay day de…(she lays her head in Padma's lap as they both sit on the bed putting the sari aside for now) Maa yeh sari yeh tayariyaan yeh sub kuch jo iss ghar mein ajj ho raha na jaaney kyun mujhay aik darr sa lag raha hain…kyun aisa lag raha kay maine abhi se iss ghar se juda ho rahi hoon…

Padma: (runs her gentle hand through Muskaan's curls, sooting her lovingly) Nahi meri gudiya…aisa kyun sooch rahi hoon…Yeh ghar toh hameesha se he tera hain aur tera he rahay ga…Iss ghar ka har aik karma teri Muskaan se saja hain…har aik cheez per sirf tera he toh haq hain…bus yeh darr apnay dil aur demag se nikal de…kyunki Muskaan abb voh waqt kareeb hain jub tu apni yahi Muskaan kissi aur kay ghar mein lay kay jaye…aur vahaan per bhi issi Muskaan se toh uss ghar ko saja de…lakin yeh baat hameesha yaad rakhna kay tera yeh ghar hameesha tera rahay ga…teri Maa, Bauji, Chutki…hum sub teray he toh hain…(she was trying to pacify Muski while holding back her own tears, Muskaan had closed her eyes while listening to her, she was remembering everything from her childhood days till now. This was her home she knew there could be no other replacement but somehow Padma's talk had managed to incite some strange confidence in her.)

Nikki: (from outside) Maa, Jeji…Main ghar agaye…!

Padma: Lo Chutki bhi agaye iss ka matlab teray bauji bhi ghar agaye hain…abb puray ghar mein bhaghambag hogi…(she smiled as she herad nikki from outside. Muskaan too got up and moved away from Padma's lap.)

Muskaan: Main dekhti hoon Chutki ko maa app yahi per araam karlo…

Padma: Nahi Muskaan…dekh sham bhi hogaye hain aur mehmaan bhi abb bus aatey he hogay…Nikki ko main dekhlo gee…tum yeh Sari aur iss kay saath jo maine halki ki jewelry nikal li hain voh lay jao…Naha kar tayaar hojao… tumhay time lagay ga….Theek hain…(she smiled and handed her all the assesories.)

Muskaan: Theek hain maa main tayaar hojati hoon per Nikki ko bhi toh tayaar hona hain…uska shalwar suit maine iron kardiya hain…

Padma: Theek hain main usko kuch kahnay kay liye dey do phir bheejti hoon teray pass…    

~ Few minutes later Muskaan comes out the bathroom in her room while drying her hair lightly with the towel. She seats herself in front of her dresser and looks at herself in the mirror. Her reflection seemed a lot different than before, she saw herself shyly smiling with a lowered gaze. She puts aside her towel and applies light kajal to her soft brown eyes, she takes some lotion and rubs it on her soft hands, then applies  some chapstick on her rosy lips. She knew a lot is going to be changed in her life after tonight; it was as if she was entering another phase in her life. She was scared and nervous just by the thought of it but her fears never got to her head as she had complete trust in her parents and God. She was a firm believer of fate and its doing; she knew God has already chosen someone for her and her parents were only guiding her towards him. In the midst of her deep thoughts she never realized when Nikki had entered her room and was in full mood of her usual mischive.~

Nikki: Arey vah Jiji….app toh abhi si delhi waaloon kay kahyaaloon mein ghum ho?

Muski: (looks up in the mirror to see standing right b9sehind her smiling) Nikki tu agaye…

Nikki: Haan agaye aur tayaar bhi hogaye…dekho na… (She shows her pink shalwar suit while spinning a little and modeling for muskaan)

Muskaan: (smiles) Nikki tu kabhi nahi sudhar nay waali… (she gets up from the chair looking at Nikki) Vaisey ajj meri chooti se behn bahut pyaari lag rahi hain…

Nikki: Hmmm main toh pyaari hameesha he lagti hoon per ajj meri jiji ko sub se pyaara lag na hain…yaad hain na Bauji ne kya kaha tha?

Muskaan: Haan yaad hain…per Nikki mujhay shamajh mein nahi araha hain mein kaise tayaar hoon…

Nikki:Hmmm… Koi gal nahi…jub Nikita hain toh phir kis baat ka darr…akhir rani aur preity ki movies dekhnay ka ajj kuch fayda toh hoga…

Muskaan: Nikki…yeh tu kya keh rahi hain mujhay kuch shamajh nahi araha…

Nikki: Bus abb app kuch nahi bologee sirf meri baat suno gee…pehlay jaakay yeh sari mein change karlo baaqi sub main yahan per set kar deyti hoon…(she hands her the hander which held the sari)

Muskaan: Theek hain main abhi aaye…(she goes to change while Nikki quickly brings her makeup kit from her room, she selects her bangles for her and places the jewelry on the table that muskaan had to wear.)

Nikki: Jiji jaldi karo na…

Muskaan: yeh loon agaye…(she enters the room wrapped in the beautiful sari that Padma had gifted her with love and care. She was looking stunning in it without the makeup or the jewelry.) Dekho theek se bandhi hain na sari…? (she was fixing it a bit not sure of herself)

Nikki: (Smiles) Jiji bahut achi lag rahi hain…it's just perfect…! (she walka over to her and takes her hand in her then brings her towards the dresser. She makes her sit in front of it while she looks about the table for the needed makeup accessories.)

Muskaan: Nikki yeh sub kya?

Nikki: Bus meri beautiful Jiji ko thoda sa touch up de rahi hoon…(she applies light blush on her rosy cheeks and some mascara on her lashes.) Vaisey Jiji saach mein app ko na iss sub ki koi zaroraat nahi hain…voh toh yeh delhi waley hain na inn ki adat hoti hain makeup se bhari hui larkiyoon ko dekhni ki…per you don't worry Moussorie ki Muskaan bhi koi delhi ko top model se kam nahi…

Muskaan: (laughs and shakes her head at her compliment) Nikki mujhay lagta hain bauji se keh karbtera yeh fashion magazine or T.V band karwana paray ga…

Nikki: (applying very light shade of pink to her lips) Nahi Jiji uski zaroorat nahi parey gee…vaisey bhi ajj kay baad app toh humaray honay waalay jeeju kay khayaaloon mein ghum rahay gee toh main issi sub se ghuzaara karloo gee… (she puts on Musku's earrings and a small maang tikkia for her while muskaan puts on her bangles by herself)

Muskaan: Nikki main…main theek lag rahi ho na…(She looked up at her dressed up reflection in the mirror and asked nervously)

Nikki: Jiji app bahut…bahut…bahut sunder lag rahi hoon… aur mein yeh yakeen se keh sakti hoon kay delhi waaloon kay to hajj chakay choot jaaye gay…(She hugged Muski looking at her through the mirror)


Nikki: (breaking from the sisterly trance upon the honk) Jiji voh agaye…!

Muskaan: (stood up and took a deep breath she was excited but also very nervous as her heart beat grew faster and heavier) Nikki tu please abhi kahein na ja….(She held her sister's hand back who was leaving after fixing Muskaan's sari's pallu)

Nikki: Jiji mein kahein nahi jarahi…Maa ne kaha hain kay app kay saath bahir aao jub voh bulaye gee…

Muskaan: (she just looked at Nikki who fixed the sari's pallu completely covering her shoulders by it, and then as she found herself unusually shy she immediately turned and hugged Nikki.)

~Meanwhile At the door~

Anuraag Malik: Namaste gupta je….! Namaste Bhabi je…(Anuraag smiled warmly at shasahnk as he entered Gupta's house)

Shashank: Namaste Anuraag Malik je…! Aaye na ander aaye… (Shashank led them in)

Padma: Namaste bahi sahib…Namste Bhabhi… (Padma said standing behind Shashank at the door)

Ananya: Namaste Padma je… (she hugged Padma and greeted Shahsnk with a  polite smile.) Namaste bahi sahib..!

Armaan and Riddhima: Parnaam Uncle ji… Anuty Ji (they both take Shashank and Padma's Blessing who politely smiled at the loving couple while welcoming them inside)

Riddhima: Amay uncleji ko paripona karo…(she instructed Amay who was overwhelmed with greetings and strangers he had never seen before but upon Ridzi's instruction he did what she told him. Shashank and Padma both kissed the cute boy and blessed him for a bright future)

Rahul: (enters at last, he is dressed in white suit looking professional but casual at the sametime. He has been looking around the place in apprehension as if searching for the face that had him mesmerized for days now. As he comes face to face with Shashank and Padma he puts on his charming smile and instantly bends down to take their blessings in respect) Namaste Uncleji…

Shashank & Padma: Namaste Beta… (they both smile at him then look at one another as they both found him perfect for Muskaan just like Omar bahi had told them he was a well mannered, soft-spoken, and a very handsome guy.)

Omar Bahi: Chalein abb sub aik dusrey se mill liye hain toh ander chaley…(he said closing the front door and lightening up the mood and nervousness in the atmosphere.)

Shashank: Haan haan zaroor…chalay na please…(he directs everyone towards the living room which was simplistically decorated by Muskaan's choice. It looked well kept and neat to the guest just like the entire house which had a very comfortable and homy feeling to it.)

Ananya: Bhabi jee app ka ghar bahut he sunder hain…issi dekh kar mujhay meray ghar ki yaad agaye…

Padma: Iss tareed ka bahut bahut shukriya…aur yeh ghar app ka apna he toh hain…

Anuraag: Shashank je app meray parivaar se toh mill he chukay hain per main aik baar phir sub ko app se introduce kara deta hoon…(he smiles talking to Shashank who was sitting next to him on the same couch)

Shasahnk: Zaroor kyun nahi…

Anuraag: Yeh jo app ki patni se abhi se dher saari batoon kay liye tayaar behti hain, voh meri patni hain Ananya…(he looks over to Padma and Ananya who were seated next to one another on the opposing couch)…Aur yeh Humara bara beta Armaan aur uski patni Riddihma…(he said turning to A-R who were seated infront of them on the couch chairs)..Aur yeh hain mera choota beta Rahul, jis kay baarey mein Omar bahi ne appko zaroor bataya hoga…(he turned to Rahul who was seated to the left of them on the other couch smiling politely as Anuraag introduced him.)

Amay: Dadaji app mujhay toh bhool he gaye…! (He said as he jumped up on his lap)

Anuraag: Nahi beta app ko kaisa bhool sakta hoon…(he said laughing while Shashank looked at Amay and smiled at his cuteness.) Aur Shashank Je yeh hain humaray parivaar ki chooti jaan aur sub se bari khushi Amay…mera bara puta… Armaan aur Riddhima ka beta…

Amay:  Yes that's more like it dadaji..! app nay meri introduction sub se achi de hain…

Shashank: Bilqual theek keh rahay hain app Amay babu…sub se achi introduction sub se pyaaray baytay ki honi chiyay…(he lightly piched his cheek as everyone smiled at Amay's cuteness)

~~Everyone indulges themselves in conversations about random stuff about traditions and memories of olden days. Armaan and Riddhima both participate when their input is needed but other than that they were both noticing Rahul who was constantly looking around in cute apprehension about the main reason why they had come to Mosoorie. Just as Adults get completely indulged in their conversation with Omar Bahi A-R make their way next to Rahul to see how he is doing. Amay was next to Rahul playing on his cell phone not caring about what's going around him.~

Armaan: Oye…kya hua?

Rahul: Nahi..nahi kuch nahi….

Ridzi: It's okay devar je…thoda intezaar toh karna he padega…(She whispered teasing him)

Rahul: Babhi app bhi…

Ridzi: Kya matlab main bhi…puray raatey toh uski tasveer dekhtay aaya hain…main toh sirf itna he keh rahi thi kay abb intezaar ki ghariyaan kahtam honay he waali hain…

Armaan: Yeh tum dono kya khusar phusar kar rahey hoon zoor se bolo na mujhay sunai nahi de raha…(he asked confused as Ridzi and Rahul were whispering to one another)

Rahul: Bahiyaa yeh bhabi aur meri private conversation hain aur app hain kay…

Armaan: Private kay baachay bewi kiss ki hain voh…

Ridzi: Sunay ji yeh devar ji aur meri secret baatoon mein app na hi boley toh theek hain…

Armaan: Riddhima tum bhi…(he looked at her surprised while Rahul and Ridzi smiled looking at eachother and teasing Armaan)

Ridzi: Kyun abb app ko apni office ki koi file nahi yaad arahi…

Armaan: Ridzi tumhay toh main baad mein dekh loo ga per Mr.Rahul app…app bhi apnay bahiyaa kay saath dhoka karay gay…

Rahul: Nahi bahiyaa main kyun aisa karo ga… per voh kya hain na app itnay busy rehtay hain kaam mein kay Bhabi aur meri setting zayaada set hogaye hain…issi liye saaray secrets unhi se share kar leta hoon…

Armaan: (grinds his teeth and fakely smiles knowing that both Rahul and Ridzi are making fun of him) Theek hain… toh phir jao…jaakey secrets share karo Muskaan ko hum sub dekh lay gay…

Shashank: Arey Padma Muskaan…Muskaan aur Nikita kahaan hain…uko dono ko bahir toh bulao…

Padma: Jee…voh bus tayaar ho rahay thay…main abhi bulati hoon...(She goes to get them as both A-R look at Rahul with "here she comes look" Rahul looks around the room trying not to make eye contact with A-R. He was feeling butterflies in his stomach as if he was going to take an exam or something. It was a feeling he had not experienced since college days. He started to look over at Amay who had his cell in his hand while palying the game. He had no clue if he should look towards the door form which Padma had exited or simply look around not caring even though he was the most anxious out of all of the people in the room. He wanted to see the girl who had already made a place in his dreams and heart to show up infront of him.)

~After a short while Padma Return as Nikki and Muskaan follow behind. Nikki is walking next to Muskaan who has a shy smile playing on her rosy lips and lowered gaze representing her delicate and soft nature. She enters and slowly Rahul stand up just like everyone else to greet her. He had no words to describe or praise her. Everyone gave her their blessing as she paid them the formal respects and greetings. Rahul simply just adored her from the distance. She looked absolutely breathtaking in the traditional sari, everything about her looked perfect. Nothing was overdone or underdone as it was just right for Rahul to be completely swept off his feet. He glanced back and forth in her direction as she was seated next to Riddhima while talking to the family members about her studies and hobbies. He was just too lost in her simplistic beauty to concentrate on anything or anyone around him. It was as if the captivating beauty that he had found in her photograph had come to life and it was a thousand times better than the photograph itself. He was brought back to reality as Ridzi called out to Amay.~

Riddhima: Amay….Yahaan aao beta…

Amay: Je mama…(he handed the Cell phone to Rahul and walked up to Ridzi)

Riddhima: Hi bolo aunty ko…(she instructs Amay but he just looks at Muskaan trying to see if it was the same person he had seen in the photograph that his chahu kept in that envelope.)

Armaan: (notices Amay's hesitance as he has not yet said Hi to Muskaan who was waiting for him) Come on Amay say hello…beta kaho na…

Amay: Hello aunty,,,(he puts forward his hand as Rahul is silently observing all this from where he is seated)

Muskaan: (smiles and speaks up in the most softest voice that anyone had ever heard) Hello…(she shakes Amay's hand lightly knowing that someone's eyes are looking right at her for the past couple of moments) Kuansay school jaatey hoo app…

Amay: Cambridge Primary School…(he says sweetly) Mujhay mera school bahut pasand hain…

Muskaan: (Smiles and nods her head at him as he continues to go one about how mush he loves his school and friends. She looks at Rahul for the first time while listening to Amay. She notices his deep hazel eyes that are reflecting his soul and heart. He was sitting far from her but somehow his eyes were most promienet and closest to her. Or maybe she just felt that way because his deep eyes were the first thing she noticed about him. On the other hand Rahul was awed hearing her speak as he found her voice soothing and calm. He had hardly known anyone who spoke so softly and with so much care even when selecting simple words to communicate. He just lowered his intense gaze and waited to hear her voice which was no less than a sweet melody for his ears.)

Armaan: (notices Rahul sweet smile as he is observing Muskaan from distance. He decides to help out his lil brother out for a change. LOL) Umm Papa…abb hum sub toh Muskaan se mill he gaye hain…kyun na Rahul aur Muskaan bhi aik doosre se mill le…

Anuraag: Haan kyun nahi beta…Agar shashank je aur bhabije ko koi aitraaz na ho toh…(he looks over to them who smile back giving them their consent.)

Shashank: Nahi bahi sahib humay kyun aitraaz hoga…

Padma: Nikki aik kaam karo tum chai aur upper terrace per he la jaao…Muskaan aur Rahul vahaan araam se baat kar lay gay…

Nikki: Theek hain Maa… (She starts to handle the tray that held the tea and snacks)

Ridzi: Main Nikki ki help kar dei hoon…devar je app chalay Muskaan bhi arahi hain…(she whispered to Rahul before leaving to help Nikki)

~ Rahul Stood up and slowly walked up the stairs as Muskaan too shyly excused herself from the guests and followed with Nikki. Ridzi and Rahul were ahead on the stairs as Rahul was basically being teased by her bhabhi while Muskaan was given mischievous looks from Nikki, who by the way by now had approved Rahul for her as he was no less than her favorite movie star.~

Ridzi: Oay jee…yeh tray toh humnay yahi set kardi hain…abb in dono ko akela chor detay hain… aao Nikki neechay chaltey hain. (she said looking over to Rahul who was looking a bit scared and Muskaan who was standing at distance with lowered gaze)

Nikki: Je hum neechay chaltay hain…(she looked over to Muskaan and smiled)

Ridzi: Vaisey Muskaan agar kissi bhi cheez ki zaroorat ho toh hum neechay he hai…awaz de dena…aur devar je app bhi…(she smiles looking at the two thwn leaves with Nikki)

~ Rahul and Muskaan both stand in silence for a moment then Rahul politely breaks the silence.~

Rahul: please behtay na…

Muskaan: (she takes a seat next to him)

Rahul: (he looks around a bit as if searching for words then looks up at Muskaan) Main nahi jaanta kay iss waqt humay kya baat karni chiyay…Hum ajj iss liye mill rahey hain kay hum apni annay waali zindagi kay baaray mein faisla kar sakay… Lakin jab tak hum dono aik doosray kay beetay huye kal kay baaray mein baat nahi kar letay hum apnay aanay waalay kal kay baarey mein kaisay baat kar saktay hain…(he didn't know why but he just wanted her to know everything about him rightaway. Muskaan was just listening to him with a lowered gaze as a light smile played on her lips. Seeing her Rahul carried on after pausing.)… Maine apni college or school education Delhi main complete ki lakin Medicine mein specialize karnay kay liye U.S chala gaya. Cardio-Thoracic surgery mera khaawb tha jo maine U.S se specialize kiya…Vaapis annay kay baad meri internship Sanjeevani Delhi ki branch mein start huye… vahaan per meray saath ki aik aur doctor mujhay pasand thi…humaray group ki thi… kahi baar koshish ki ussay baat karnay ki lakin kabhi himmat nahi kar paaya…per acha he hua kyunki baad mein pata chala voh pehlay se 3 boyfriends kay saath thi…(he laughs lightly as muskaan's shy smile widened while listening to his honesty intently.) Doostoon kay saath masti mein smoking bhi ki…per jis din bhabhi nay rangay haathoon pakar liya uss din kay baad se unn se promise kiya kay kabhi smoking aur drinking nahi karoonga…Ghar mein  Amay baad sub se zayyada laadla main he hoon…Mama, Papa, Bahiya, Bahbi sub ko khush rakhnay ki kohshish hameesha karta hoon…aur Amay aur main apnay iss mission mein hameesha kamiyaab rehtay hain…(he pauses and looks up at Muskaan and gets lost in her once again but couldn't stop himself from saying one last thing) Yeh baatein maine kabhi Papa se bhi nahi ki per pata nahi kyun aisa laga kay app se toh kehni he thi…(at his last sentence she looks up at him and clearly spots the honesty in the depth oh his eyes.)

Rahul: Bahbi bata rahi thi kay app nay journalism mein bhi major kiya hain…toh kitaboon se toh khass dosti hogi…

Muskaan: (she nods her head and smiles with a lowered gaze) Jee…

Rahul: Any favorites…?

Muskaan: List toh nahi hain per har voh kitaab jis mein zindagi se juri koi khass baat chupi hoon…

Rahul: (There is a pause between the two) App meray baarey mein kuch aur jaana chahti hain…? Ya phir uss larki kay baaray mein…

Muskaan: (looks up at him once again) Mujhay meray saaray jawaab mill gaye…(She shyly smiles lowering her gaze as Rahul is left speechless by her shy but obvious consent, he smiles to himself.) Appki chai thandi…(she looks at the tea cup that was meant for Rahul)

Rahul:'s okay…thank you... (He sits there in silence feeling the most amazing satisfaction inside him. Trying hard not to get lost in Muskaan's beauty he once again smiled to himself as if capturing her flawless and simplistic face in the depth of his mind. Then decides to break the sweet trance as he notices Muskaan looking around umcomfortably.) Umm toh hum neechay chalay…(he starts to get up)

Muskaan Jee…

~They both walk towards the stairs next to eachother wondering if the other person approved of him or her. Muskaan was fidgeting with her sari's pallu while Rahul had his hands in his pant's pockets. As they started to take steps down the stair case Muskaan lost her balance and was about to trip over when Rahul's hand caught her and pulled her back. They were close to each other face to face, for the first time Muskaan gazed in his eyes and that was the moment she felt her heart skipped its first beat. Rahul on the other hand was completely swept off his feet as this was his moment with the person whom his heart had fallen to at the very first sight. He smiled letting go of her hand and pulling himself back as Muskaan completely flushed by his near proximity lowered her eyes and took steps down the stairs quickly as if trying not to meet his gaze again after the sweet embarrassment. She had only taken a couple of steps down the stairs when Nikki and Ridzi came up and smiled at the two as the ywere just coming to get them. Nikki Ran up to Muskaan and Ridzi to Rahul, Muskaan took Nikki's hand in hers and quickly made her way down the stairs while Rahul just smiled at her timidness as Ridzi tried to read his face that hat the sweetest smile ever.~

Precap: Baat paki and rings are exchanged…

P.S: Sorry no PM in a hurry...GTG...

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do continue soon!! can't wait!!

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it was beautiful!! Clap

thank you!!

please continue soon!!
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it was AWESOME!!
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Continue soon!!

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it was soo beautiful part..can't wait to read more
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uh... Imane... just read the whole thing... Your ff... it's Vivah with different characters. Even almost all of the lines, situations, gestures, intros, scenes, everything are taken from the movie. Don't get me wrong yaar. You know I love your writing... Vivah is one of my most favorite movies and I've seen it 59 times. No joke.
I'm just worried cuz I don't want your ff to get closed down yaar. One of the rules on the forum is that whatever you write is strictly your work and you have not copied it. Lekin yeh poori ki poori ff is Vivah. I hope you are understanding what I am saying. No hard feelings naa? Sorry agar tumhe bura laga toh.
VM_lover Senior Member

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Posted: 19 July 2009 at 8:06am | IP Logged
pm me
accountband Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2009 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Sorry guys I am discontinuing this Fiction...Just don't think the story line is following like I had intended...Currently I am only focused on my other fiction called "Fear Within" AND Please don't take this the wrong way I do want to write a story on RM with  Arranged Marriage as the main them. I only have enough time with the ongoing Medical School studies to focus on just one thing at a time. So once again my hearty apologies for the discontinuation but i promise I'll come back with the idea later sometime... Sorry once again. No matter what the Love for RM chemistry will still be closest to my heart and I hope that it is seen through my writing in "Fear Within" as well. You guys are incredible supporters and I know for sure that you can understand my situation here. Thank You.

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