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i-love-dr.rahul Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
awesome parts's soo simple but amazing...loved all parts...loved muksnaa's and rahul's simplicity..GREATClap

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awwwwwseeeeeemmmmmmmmm yaaaaaaaaaar
watng 4 rm meetng
pm me
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i just read your fanfic from the starting.. it was amazing imane!!!!!.. literally it was amazing!!!! its simple yet innovative.. i just loved it!!! u r a brilliant writer imane.. u have got awesome talent.. :)
accountband Goldie

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Part 5

~Later that night after dinner at Malik's House…Lets see what are they up to!~

Armaan-Ridzi Bedroom

~Armaan is working on his laptop while we see Ridzi come out the restroom after taking a shower in her night gown. She is looking at her beloved husband who is entirely focused in office work through the mirror in front of which she is brushing her long hair. After a while she looks away and just as she is about to get up she finds herself in the grip of the strongest arms. ~

Ridzi: (blushing as Armi is only inches away from her) Armaan choday mujhay?
Armaan: Kyun? Abb kyun choro… (he whispered leaning in closer to her neckline)
Ridzi: Armaan Amay ajaye ga…abhi abhi Rahul ko lanay gaya hai…
Armaan: Toh kya hua? Akhir uksay mom aur dad ko romance karnay ka license milawa hain…
Ridzi: (looks up in his deep eyes) Armaan app bhi na…har baar kuch aisa keh daytay hain kay main agay kuch bol he nahi sakti hoon…har baar jeet jaatey hain…(she throws her arms around his neck and smiles)
Armaan: Oye Huye…! Iss smile per main marr jawaan…(He lifts up her chin as she looks down shyly)
Ridzi: Armaan…(she places her head on his shoulder as Armaan takes her in his embrace)
Armaan: Hmmm…
Ridzi: Bauji aur Omar Uncle nay jo solution Rahul kay liye suggest kiya hain kay voh uss baat ko maan jaye ga? I mean shaadi ki baat…
Armaan: Issiliye toh ussay yahaan bulaya hain…yahaan beht kar uski sweet si bahbi ussay iss sub kay baarey mein achay say brainwash karday bilqual waisey he jaisey meray saath kiya tha…
Ridzi: (looks up at him and hits him playfully on his strong chest) Armaaan! Maine brainwash kiya tha? Maine…? App yeh sooch bhi kaisey saktey hain?
Armaan: Arey baba mazaaq karaha tha… only joking….
Ridzi: Promise karey…
Armaan: Promise baba…(he cupps her face in his hands and smiles) Acha abb tum bhi mujhay kuch do…
Ridzi: Main….Main kya do app ko?
Armaan: Bata do…(he leans in closer to her face making her blush harder than before, she had her eyes closed as Armaan is only inches away from her lips, he is holding her chin lightly. Armaan is grazing his nose with hers and both are smiling cutely.)
Amay: (walks in as the door was open) Mama…Papa…Chachu Agaye…(he is holding Rahul's hand who is smiling but just when he looks up at his bahiyya and bhabhi he turns himself and Amay the other way so that they both can't see A-R) Chachu kya hua?! (he asks a little loudly bringing A-R back to reality)
Rahul: Amay hum baad mein aatey hain…abhi Mama aur Papa busy hain…(they begin to walk out when Armaan calls from behind)
Armaan: Nahi Rahul ruku…(he is a little embarrassed but doesn't let it show unlike Ridzi who instantly turns the other way facing the wall.)
Rahul: Bahiyaa baad mein aata hoon na…
Armaan: Nahi Rahul ander ajao…right Riddihima?
Riddihima: (turns around on Armaan's question) Jee…umm…Aao na Rahul…ander ajao…
Amay: uff oh! Hum sub itnay confused kyun hain…Rahul Chachu toh kub kay ander agaye hain aur Mama and Papa app dono hum dono ko kyun confuse kar rahay hain…? (everyone smiles at his cuteness as his comment completely took away the awkwardness that was present a moment a go)
Rahul: (Picks up Amay and tickles him while playfully throwing him on the bed) Chalo phir Amay ki saari confusions kahtam kar deytay hain…come on Bahiyaa...(both Armaan and Rahul tickled Amay as he laughed out loud forgetting his confusion instantly)
Amay: (giggling) Papa…Chachu…pa..heh …hehhehhe…Stop it…na…hehhe…
Armaan: Kya kehtay hoon Rahul chor de iss badmaash ko? (still tickling him a little)
Rahul: Ummm… well…chalay chor detay hain…akhir Champ mera dost bhi toh hain…(he lets go of Amay as Armaan too backs away leaving Amay on the bed who is trying to catch his breath. Ridzi comes smiling towards them and sits at one corner of the bed.)
Amay: Good choice Chachu…. (he sits up in the middle of the bed smiling) Vaisey bhi aggar app mujhay tickle karna band nahi kartey toh app ko yeh nahi milta…(he michiviously takes the same envelope that held Muskaan's photo out of this pocket.)
Rahul: Amay…! Yeh kahan milla tumhay…(he quickly takes it from him turning red.)
Amay: Dinner table pe…jub app kahna kahrahay thay appki pocket se gir gaya tha…(he jumps on to Ridzi's lap who holds him and kisses his cheeks)
Armaan: Hmmm beta Chachu ki special cheezon ko bina permission liye nahi laytay…(he knew why Rahul had quickly grabbed the envelope out of Amay's hand.)
Amay: Mama app ko pata iss envelope main jin ki photo hain na voh baut pyaari hain…kya voh Rahul Chachu ki dulhan hain? (At Amay's innocent question all three adults in the room look at him surprised then A-R look at Rahul questionably.)
Armaan: Iss baat ka pata humey jald he lag jaaye ga… (he says looking at Rahul who is already somewhat blushing as he now know why A-R had called him in their room late at night.)
Amay: Papa kya yeh bhi chachu ko waisey he goodnight kiss daygee jaisey Mama app ko dayti hain…
Ridzi: hawwww….! (she covers her mouth completely flushed and embarrassed)
Armaan: (just looks at Ridzi smiling but he was surprised as well) Amay! Beta app bhi na…
Rahul: Amaaayyyyyyyy…! (he looks at him surprised hiding his smile) Bahut badmaash hogaya hain yeh larka…(he looks at Ridzi and Armaan who are nodding their heads at him) App dono ko bahut careful rehna hoga when he is around…Badmaash! (he playfully messes his hair and pinches his cheeks)
Ridzi: Hmmm abb vaisey bhi bahut latae hogaya hain..aur kal school bhi hain..iss liye Amay ko abb bed mein hona chiyaya…right Amay?
Amay: Mama thodi der aur…please…
Armaan: Uh..uh..uh…Nope…Mama ne aik dafa kehdiya na toh phir no arguments…and it's already past your bedtime….
Amay: Okay Papa…per meri bedtime story jo chachu sunanay waalay thay voh…? (he looks at ridzi)
Ridzi: Ajj chachu thodi der mama aur papa kay pass kaam ki baatein karay gay iss liye ajj nahi kal sunaday gaye…alright baby…(she caresses his hair and once again kisses him on his cheek)
Amay: (he goes to Rahul) Per chachu you promised? (Rahul did promised Amay over dinner but he didn't know that A-R wanted to talk to him so he looks up at them confused.)
Armaan: acha aik kaam kartey hain kal papa aur chachu dono bedtime stories sunai gay…alright…it will make up for tonight and you'll have 2 stories instead of just one…(he smiles looking at Amay)
Amay; (lights up at the idea) Theek hain…per pakka promise chiyay…(he puts his hand forward to seal the agreement. Armaan and Rahul both look at eachother and smile giving in to his promise gladly.)
Armaan: Okay now…off you go little guy… but before going give your Papa a big hug…(Amay hugs him like a  teddy bare and Armaan to squeezes him tightly in his embrace. He then goes to Rahul and hugs him the same way and kisses his cheek. Ridzi too does the same while checking to see if he brushed his teeth properly)
Amay: Okay.,..Good Night! (he jumps down the bed and goes across the hall to his room that was right outside A-R's bedroom. They all wish him sweet dreams as he leaves closing the door behind him.)
Rahul: (turns back to A-R smiling) Kitna bara hogaya hain na Amay? Lagta he nahi he is 8….
Ridzi: Hmmm…time bahut jaldi ghuzar jata hain….
Armaan: Time kay saath saath naye rishtey bhi toh ban jaatey hain…(he looks over to Ridzi then at Rahul, indirectly referring to the issue Ridzi and Him had called him to talk about.)
Ridzi: Rahul Papa nay toh tumhay sub kuch bata he diya hoga…?
Rahul: (nods his head) Jee bahbhi…
Armaan: Omar bahi jo proposal tumharay liye laaye hain Rahul voh hum subko bahut pasand hain…
Rahul: Bahiyaa jub pasand app sub ki hain toh mujhay bhi koi aitraaz nahi hain… (he pauses a little collecting his thoughts then continues.)…bus itni jaldi sub kuch hojaye ga kabhi soocha nahi tha….
Ridzi: Rahul hum tumhari shaadi kal thodi na kar rahay hain…bus sirf itna charahay hain kay tum Muskaan se millo, usko jaano, samjho kay kya tum dono aik doosray kay liye banay ho ya nahi… aur jub iss baat ka yakeen hojaye tabhi shaadi ki baat agay bharay gee….
Armaan: Rahul experience se bata raha hoon…yeh jo behti hain teray samnay teri bahbhi yeh bhi Omar uncle ka laya hua proposal thi…aur saach kaho iss ko dekhti he yahi laga kay issay achi choice as Mrs. Armaan Malik koi aur hui nahi sakti… (he looks right at ridzi while saying this as she blushes a little at his sweet compliment.)
Rahul: Arey vah bahiyaa…! Bahbhi aur app dono pehli nazar mein pyaar hojaye types hain per shayad yeh baat kissi ko nahi pata…aur pata bhi kaisa chalta mein jo gaya hua tha abroad apna MD complete karnay…I wish I was there…
Ridzi: Rehnay do rahul…(she smiles and looks at Armaan who is just lost in her beauty as he is constantly staring at her remembering their first meeting.) Jaantey hoon jub yeh pehli baar mille toh puray sawaaloon ki list saath mein lay kay aaye thay?
Rahul: Saach bahiyya? Pehla sawaal kya kiya tha? (he asks excitedly)
Armaan: pehla sawaal…voh…umm…(he seems to be struggling with his memory)
Ridzi: Hmm…abb inhay yaad thodi rahay ga…actually pehla aur akhri sawaal aik he tha rahul…"Aik glass pani millay ga?" (Ridzi and Rahul both brust out laughing and hi-fiving eachother as Armaan turns red with embrassement.)
Armaan: Er… umm… voh main…main kuch pooch he nahi paaya sub kay saamnay…
Ridzi: Haan hum meray room mein sub kay saamnay he toh thay….
Armaan: Uff oh yahaan humari nahi Rahul aur Muskaan ki baat ho rahi hain… (he takes the envelope that was sitting next to Rahul and takes Muskaan's photo out showing it to Ridzi)
Ridzi: (smiles and takes the photo from Armaan by this time Rahul is laying next to Ridzi as she is just caresses her one and only favorite devar's hair lightly while Armaan is lying on the otherside just enjoying their conversation and giving in his own input every now and then.) Rahul jaantey hoon Muskaan ne double major kiya hain…Journalism aur Masters in Finance….you know the admistrative types in offices and hospitals…(she is looking at her photo the entire time she is detailing Muskaan's personality to Rahul who has his eyes closed while listening to Riddhima) Omar uncle yeh bhi bata rahay thay kay ussay kitabbein pharnay aur likhnay ka bahut shawq hain…shayad issi liye Journalism kiya hain… jahaan per voh rehti hain vahaan larkiyaan bahut simplistic hoti hain…bahir restaurants per bhi nahi jaati aur modern culture se bahut alag hoti hain… Rahul mujhay Muskaan pasand hain…(she smiled as Rahul opens his eyes and finds Muskaan's photo in Ridzi's hands smiling at him. He is once again lost in the Photo. Ridzi and Armaan both notice the sudden pause by Rahul and as they look down at him see him completely lost in Muskaan's picture.)
Armaan: (Smiles) toh phir Riddihma jub Rahul kuch keh he nahi raha hain toh phir Papa se keh kar hum Musoorie ka trip jo iss weekend plan hua hain voh postpone karwa daytay hain…
Ridzi: Theek hain rahul…postpone karwade…? (She shakes him a little breaking his trance)
Rahul: Postpone? Kya bhabhi… (A-R both laughed at his confusion and together they tell him)
Armaan and Ridzi: Musoorie ka trip aur kya!
Rahul: (sits up shocked) Nahi…kyun?
Armaan:  oh khudaya…toh yeh bechani innhay abhi se lag gaye hain… (he laughs)
Ridzi: Devar jee….it's okay main ho na app kay saath… Trip na he postpone hua hain aur na he cancelled… (She said placing a gentle hand on his shoulder calming him a little.) Hum humari Muskaan se…aik minute humari nahi appki honay waali Muskaan se millnay Kal Dohpair he ko nikal rahay hain…
Rahul: (blushes a little and looks down smiling sweetly) Bahbi app bhi na…
Ridzi: (Smiles) Rahul… kuch aur jaana chaho gaye Muskaan kay baarey mein?
Rahul: Nahi…Babhi main toh bus yahi sooch raha hoon kay jub main ussay pehli baar millo ga toh kya kaho ga…? (he lays back down and ridzi gently begins to caress his hair)
Ridzi:  Iss barey mein soochnay kay liye ajj ki raat aur kal ka pura din hain tumharay pass….per main aik baat puray yakeen se keh sakti hoon kay yahi baat voh bhi sooch kar ghabra rahi ho ge… (she smiles as Rahul seems to be lost in deep thoughts once again.)
Friday Morning in Musoorie:

Muskaan: Nikki utho late hojao gee college kay liye…(she draws out Nikki's curtains as she is seen sleeping like a baby in her bed)
Nikki: (mumbles) Kya jiji…sonay do na…please…(she turns the other way avoiding the bright sunrays from hitting her face)
Muskaan: Nikki sirf aik class he toh hain voh bhi char ghatay ki…jaldi vaapis aajao gee tum…utho na…(she tires to wake her up once again)
Nikki: Jiji mujhay ajj college nahi jana…please…
Muskaan: Kyun ajj college kyun nahi jana..?
Nikki: (opens her eyes michiviously still in bed while Muskaan comes and sits next to her) Nahi Pata?
Muskaan: Nahi…
Nikki: Ajj koi araha hain na sham mein issi liye…
Muskaan: Kuan?
Nikki: (gestures her to come closer as she wants to whisper something but as always as Muskaan leans closer she yells on top of her lungs loudly and jumps out the bed.) Delhi Waaley…!!!
Muskaan: Nikki rukho…rukho toh sahi…(She tries to run after her as Nikki is going towards the bathroom dodging her.)
Nikki: Jiji mujhay late hojaye ga college kay liye…main shower lay nay jarahi hoon app Bauji se pooch lay na…ya phir maa se…theek hain…(She said smiling and closing the bathroom door while Muskaan just shakes her head and smiles at her little sister's naughty nature.)

~Muskaan stand there for a while thinking about the much anticipated "Dehli Waaley" then she smiles to herself shyly and goes over to the kitchen where Padma was already busy ordering Ramu Kaka's for tonight's special food arrangements.~

Padma: Ramu Kaka meehtay main kya banay ga….?
Muskaan: (enters the kitchen as Padma and Ramu Kaka both are brainstorming ideas for desert) Kya baat hai maa ajj itni tayaariyaan kis baat ki horahi hain?
Padma: (Smiles) Haan tayaariyaan toh hongi…akhir ajj din he itna khass hain…
Ramu Kaka: Begam je Muskaan betiya kay haat ki kheer kaisi rahey gee..? (both Padma and Ramu Kaka look over to Muskaan)
Muskaan: Meray haath ki Kheer Kaka…per kyun?
Shashank: (over hears Muski and Padma and walks in the kitchen as well) Arey Padma humari betiya ko bataya nahi…
Padma: Lo gee maine soocha app bata chuke hoon….kal raat he toh kaha tha mujhse main khud batao ga…kyun nahi bataya kya?
Shashank: Arey haan…voh jub mein Muski kay kamrey mein gaya tub voh so chuki thi…issi liye bata nahi paya…per koi gal nahi abhi bata detay hain…
Muskaan: (hands Shashank his cup of tea and they both walk out the kitchen towards the dinning room) Bauji kya ajj koi araha hain?
Shashank: (gently places his hand over her head) Beyti ajj voh loog arahay hain jin kar ghar se tumhara bahut gehra rishta banay waala hain…
Muskaan: (shyly lowers her eyelids in respect)
Shashank: (notices her timd nature and smiles while taking a seat at the table for breakfast) Jaanti hain Muski jub se Omar Bahi nay Malik parivaar kay baarey mein bataya hain…Na jaanay kyun yakeen sa hogaya hain kay tera rishta issi ghar kay agan se jurna hain…
Muskaan: (smiles and sets up the table listening to her Bauji but not saying a word back to Shashank, her shy and timid eyes clearly show him her consent in his wishes.)
Padma: Chalo je ajj ka menu toh Ramu Kaka aur maine finalized kardiya hain…(she comes out the kitchen with warm pharatas for breakfast as Shashank and Muskaan both look up to her smiling)
Shashank: Yeh toh bahut acha kaam kiya app nay…abb bus yeh batai kay mujhay kya kya kaam karna hain? Kyunki ajj ka din meri Muskaan betiya se zayaada kaam nahi karwana…
Muskaan: Bauji aggar main Maa kay saath kaam nahi karogi toh mera din bahut lamba hojaye ga…issi liye thoda kaam toh mujhay karna he paray ga chahay app kuch bhi kahey…
Padma: Sunay je…Muskaan ajj sirf apnay haathoon se Kheer banana waali hain aur kuch nahi…per app ko aik lambi list main abhi thodi der main deyti hoon jis mein market ki cheezein likh he hain…bus voh lay aaye phir app bhi farig… Ramu Kaka aur Main mill kar sub sambhal lay gay…
Muskaan: Per Maa itna saara kaam app akelay…
Padma: Nahi beyti itna saara kahaan hain… bus kahna he toh dekhna hain…aur yeh pura ghar toh tunay pehlay he saaja rakha hain…
Shashank: Yeh baat toh app ne sahi kahi Padma…saach meri beyti nay iss ghar ko chaar chand laga rakhay hain…Jannat se kam nahi hain…vaisey humari Chutki nazar nahi arahi…kya college chali gaye?
Nikki: Bauji! (Nikki comes from behind ready for college in her jeans and kurti with a scarf in the front) Kya kabhi aisa hua hain kay Nikkita Gupta apni maa Padma Gupta kay zabardast Parahtoon kay bagir college jaye…(She says taking a bite of the garam pahrahta that was on Muski's plate)
Padma: Oye…yeh kya haal banaya hua hain Nikkita tuney…(she gets up and comes over to Nikki)
Nikki: Kya hua Maa?
Padma: Dekh rahay hain jee iska yeh naya fashion…(she looks at Shashank who simply smiles and shakes his head as the daily mother-daughter bickering begins) Haayo Rabba…kya hua un shalwar suits ka jo teray liye maine banwaye thay…jub se yeh jeans ka fashion aaya hain…iss larki ne toh aur kuch pehna he chor diya hain…
Muskaan: Arey Maa jaaney de na app…aur phir dekhay na iss nay kurti bhi toh appki pasand waali pehni hain…vahi jo humnay pasand ki thi iss kay liye bazaar mein…(She tries saving her kid sister lovingly)
Padma: Hmm…sub jaanti hoon main…tub hi apni Bauji ki tarah issi bigarnay mein kuch kam nahi hain…
Shashank: Padma tum bhi kya subah subah meri chutki kay peechay par jaati hoon…(he said giving Nikki blessings by placing his hand on her head as she hugged him) Itni soni lag rahi hain meri beyti…
Nikki: Thank you Bauji…!
Padma: Haan haan vadi soni lagdi hain app ko appki beyti…per ajj isko samjha lay…sham mein Dehli se ghar mein mehmaan arahay hain iss liye kuch tameez se rahay toh behtair ho ga… college kahtam hotay he sheeday ghar vaapis ana aur sham kay liye acha sa shalwaar suit nikal lay na…sham ko aggar sahi tarah tayaar nahi hui na toh tujhay mujhse koi nahi bacha paaye ga...
Nikki: Per mujhay toh laga loog Jiji ko dekhnay arahay hain…kya meri bhi baat pakki kardi?
Pada: Hawwwwww…Haye…! (She holds her head as Shashank and Muskaan brust out laughing while Nikki winks at them and smiles mischiviously) Uff meray khudaya iss kudi ka toh kuch nahi hosakta…
Nikki: Haan kyunki pehlay toh iss kudi ki jiji ka hoga na…(She comes to Muski and hugs her from behind) Acha Bauji ajj Jiji ko na main apnay haatoon se tayaar karogee…akhir practice bhi toh karni hain inn ko dulhan banay ki…kyun Jiji…? (she teases Muskaan who turns red at her comments instantly while looking down at the table the entire time)
Bauji: (smiles looking at his beloves daughters, especially Muskaan) Dekh Chutki ajj tu apni Jiji ko khoob achay se tayaar karna…vaisey toh koi kami nahi hain meri Muskaan mein per iss khass din pe kuch khass tayaariyaan ho toh aur bhi acha lagay ga…
Padma: Arey app uss sub ki fikhar na karey…Muskaan kay liye meray pass bahut achi sari hain jo maine khass ajj kay din kay liye sambhal kay rahkhi thi…
Shahsank: Toh phir theek hain yeh zimedaari bhi appki hui Padma ji…abb mujhay voh list de kyunki main toh chala market…Chutki tum bhi chalo saath…raastey mein college chor donga..
Nikki: Jee Bauji chalay… (she got up and picked up her bag from the counter)
Padma: Yeh lo ji appki list iss mein sub kuch likh diya hain maine…(She hands him the list as he is getting up to leave with Nikki who is already at the door)
Muskaan: Bauji…aik second…(Muskaan softly stops him from behind and gets up to go get hios wallet and shawl) App yeh bhool rahay thay…(she says handing him the wallet and throwing his shawl around his shoulders while Shashank looks at him with love and care)
Shashank: Khush raho beyti…(he blesses her once again as he feels his eyes water up with over whelming emotions and fatherly love towards his loving and caring daughter) Tumharay liye bazaar se kuch lay aao?
Muskaan: (Shakes her head) Nahi Bauji… bus app jaldi se vaapis aajaye…
Shashank: Theek hain bus yun gaya aur yun vaapis aaya…(he says heading towards the door once again as Nikki called out to him. Muskaan went and closed the door behind him while waving them boh good byes.)

Precap: R-M meet For the first time…

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OMG... i Loved it!!!

what awesome writing yaar!!

thanks you sooo much for the pm!!

please continue soon!!!
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its tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooddddd yaaaaaaaar
waitng eagerly 4 RM MEET
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Awesome part!!
Thanks for the PM..
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wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow...........
its so simple but still too good.. im on abt the whole story so far.. luv the way u potrait each character.. great concept hope to read more soon

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