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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Part 3
~Next Morning in Delhi~
               Scene opens to a big Mansion looking house somewhere in Delhi. Standing at quite a height, the white palace looks ravishing as it is surrounded by lush green gardens with beautiful water fountains and flower beds all over the place. To the left of the house there is a garage and drivers are seen tidying up the lavish cars for departure. Following up to the front door steps one could clearly read the wooden name palte that proudly states "MALIK RESIDENCE" in bold black letters. Making our way inside the house we hear chatter coming from the living room where a young kid of about 8 years old is busy coloring something with an well aged man who sitting across from him while helping him with the crafts…lets see what's going on in there…
Amay: Dadaji..Hurry up…no time…jaldi karay…(he was coloring frantically)
Anurag Malik: Yes sir…I am… I am (he said following the cute kid's order while cutting the construction paper in a form of cloud so it could be pasted on to the project.)
Amay: Dadaji achay se cutting karay na… Appnay cloud theek nahi vut kiya…(he said gluing on the clouds and fixing his dadaji's mistake)
Anuraag Malik: Sorry baba…lets spilt up the work… Amay tum color karo aur main sari cutting karta hoon jaldi jaldi se…Yellow construction paper na?
Amay: jee Dadaji…(he said handing it to him)

~~As Amay and his Dadaji continue their race against time to get Amay's Project done, Omar Bahi's car pulls into the driveway and he makes his way inside the house while being greeted by the servants who were working in the garden. Once inside Omar Bahi asks the servant about everyone's whereabouts and the servant politely directs him towards the living room where the family is situatated for the morning breakfast. As he makes his way inside the living room he sees Anuraag and Amay working on the side table while Riddihima and Ananya Malik are preparing breakfast in the conjoined kitchen that overlooks in to the living room.~~

Omar Bahi: (he smiles and gows towards Anuraag Malik and Amay) Namaste Anuraag Malik je Kaisey hain app?
Anuraag Malik: (looks up and smiles widely) Arey Omar Bahi app… Namaste…app kub aaye?
Omar Bahi: (he takes a seat next to Anuraag who was still tyring to get Amay's project done) Bus jub app Amay kay liye suraj bana rahay thay tubhi main aaya… (he says noticing Anuraag cutting out the sun from the yellow construction paper.)
Anuraag Malik: (laughs) Haan bahi Amay ka project he itna bara hain…Submarine life kay baray mein hain…(he said handing Amay the sun he had made out of construction paper.)
Amay: Omar uncle app ko kaisa laga mera project? (amay asked showing Omar the proeject he was almost done coloring)
Omar Bahi: (smiles looking at his work) Arey Vah! Yeh toh world ka best Submarine Life project hain…Saach 100 out of 100 millay gay….
Anuraag Malik: Actually weekend per Cricket Match tha na issi liye project delay hoga ya…per kya farq parta hain..Amay coloring kar lay ga aur main pictures bana do ga… humara plan itna brilliant hain kay teacher ko pata he nahi chaly ga…kyun Amay?
Amay: (high fives his dadaji) Right on Dadaji…! App meri company mein reh reh kar smart hogaye hain…! (hearing his cute comment Omar and Anuraag both broke into a loud laughter making the ladies in the kitchen aware of Omar's presence as Ananya comes out to greet him.)
Ananya: Aray Omar Bahi app kub aaye…?
Omar: Namaste Bahbhi jee…(he gets up and greets Ananya) Kaise hain app?
Ananya: Hum toh bahut achay hain per app sunai app kahan gayab thay itnay dino tak?
Anuraag: Omar tu toh phasa…abb inn kay sawaloon kay jawab denay kay liye tayaar hoja…
Omar: (smiles) Aray nahi Bhabi je main toh bus kuch kaam mein busy hogaya tha..per jaise he kaam kahtam hua app sub se milnay agaya…
Ananya: Yeh toh app nay bahut acha kiya…chay abb aagaye hain toh Nashta bhi kar lay saath mein…main bus table set kar he rahi thi... (she invites him as she goes back inside the kitchen)
Omar: Haan ji chalay… Anuraag ji app bhi chlay na…
Anuraag: Haan bus Omar main bhi aaraha hoon yeh color karloon…
Amay: Aik minute Dadaji…app yeh kuan sa color kar rahay hain?
Omar: Kyun Amay babu kay hua?
Amay: Omar uncle app batai yeh sky ka color kuan sa hota hain?
Omar: Neela…
Amay: Dadaji app kuan sa kar rahay hain?
Anuraag: (he puts on his glasses and looks at the color he is holding) Haara (green)…Oops…! (he laughs a nervous laugh as Amay hands him the right color, while Omar makes his way to the dinning table as he sees the oldest daughter in law (Riddhima) setting up breakfast for everyone.)
Ridds: Paranaam Uncle…(she smiles and greets him)
Omar: Jeeti Raho bahu… Dekh rahi ho na kaisey 10,000 employees ka boss aik chotay bachay kay orders maan raha hain… 
Ridds: (laughs lightly) Uncle yeh toh hona he tha…akhir Dadaji jo tehray…
Omar: Hmm yeh bhi theek hain... (he says taking a seat at the table across from Ananya who was pouring everyone some fresh orange juice.)
Ridds: Uncle app breakfast shuru karay main Papa aur Amay ko bula kar aati hoon…
Ananya: Aray beta main abhi abhi keh kar aaye hoon bus thora sa project aur reh gaya hain kahtam kar kay arahy hain….waisey Riddhima yeh Armaan kahan hain uska breakfast thanda ho raha hain?
Ridds: Voh phone per baat kar rahay hain…neechay aatay aatay office se phone aaygaya tha…(as ridzi explains Amay and Anuraag finally join the rest of them for breakfast as Amy's project finally came to an end.)
Ananya: Chalo yeh app loog bhi agaye…abb Amy jaldi se naashta karo…
Armaan: (walks in) Hain Amay waisey bhi you are getting late. Tumhrai bus ka time ho raha hain… (He reminds him then looks around and greets everyone else.) Good morning Papa, Mama, and Pranaam Omar Uncle… sorry Papa voh lawyers se baat kar raha tha issi liye late hogaya (he takes a seat as Ridz hands him his fresh coffee and eggs.)
Anuraag, Omar, and Ananya: Good Morning beta…
Anurag: and it's okay per abb breakfast araam se karo…
Armaan: (smiles and instantly starts reading the newspaper that was sitting on the table)
Ridds: (rolls her eyes as she notices that her very professional hubby loves going over office files more than anything, even when he is at the breakfast table with everyone around him.) Papa, kahtay samay office ki files parhna allowed nahi hain…(she indirectly implies her concern towards Armaan by initiating the conversation with Anuraag who looks at her daughter in law and smiles.)
Anuraag: (looks up at Armaan)
Armaan: Papa…only five minutes bus aik bar business plan review ka raha hoon. (he pleads like a little kid)
Anuraag: Beta business kay liye pura din para hain…aur waisey bhi…voh kya rule banaya tha Ananya…?
Ananya: Breakfast time is…(she looks at Amay and in union they both chant aloud) Breakfast time is Family Time!
Anuraag: hmm yeh huyi na baat…(Armaan cloess his file and hands it to Anuraag while Ridz smiles and takes a seat next to him and they both share a loving eye contact as Ridz makes him a sandwhich.)
Omar: Aray vah yeh rule toh saach mein bahut acha…per Rahul nazar nahi araha?
Ananya: Haan yeh Rahul hain kahan?
Anuraag: Haan Rahul subah se nazar nahi aaya…Kidhar hain?
Ridz: Papa voh toh subah he apnay football match kay liye nikal gaya…app bhool gaye kya?
Anuraag: Arey haan…main toh saach mein bhool gaya tha….
Ananya: Omar Bahi Anuraag ka bus chalay toh bus inkay ird gird har waqt mela laga rahay…koi in ko chor kar kahein na jaye…
Ridz: Hmm mama app bilqual sahi kehrahi hain…Rahul kay games ka toh Papa ko yaad he nahi rehta per breakfast per uska hona zaroori hain…kyun papa?
Anuraag: Yes…of course…per aik minute yeh meri bahu ki baatoon se mujhay aisa kyun lag raha kay annay waali chutiyoon mein app Amay kay saath apnay maykaay jaanay ka program bana rahi hain…
Ridz: (exchanges looks with Armaan and Ananya while looking a little guilty) Papa voh actually… but promise karti hoon kay jaldi ajaogee…
Anuraag: (smiles) Hmmm..Bahi dekho Omar ghar kay dus gents ghar se chalay jaaye pata nahi chalta lakin baachay aur bahu chalay jaaye toh ghar aik dum soona hojata hain…
Ananya: Haan yeh baat toh app theek keh rahay hain…(she agrees with him while cutting an apple for Amay who was enjoying his chocolate milk.)
Anuraag: Haan toh bus phir theek hain na, if everyone is agreeing with me then I am sorry Riddihma per app inn chutiyoon mein Maykay nahi jaaye ge….
Ridz: Papa…per…
Omar Bahi: (cuts in) Aik second…aik second…world ki iss permanent problem ka solution hain meray pass… Bahu Maaykay bhi jaaye gee aur gahr soona bhi nahi hoga…
Ananya: Saach Bahi sahib voh kaisey….
Armaan: Uncle kya app kay paas saach mein iss problem ka solution hain?
Omar Bahi: Haan Armaan beta solution toh hain meray pass…
Ridz: toh phir jaldi se batai na…
Omar Bahi: Choti Bahu rani lay aaye yay…(everyone stops and looks up at Omar Bahi)
Ananya: Saach bahi sahib yeh toh bahut acha solution hain…. (she smiles)
Anuraag: Haan per…
Omar Bahi: Anuraag je aur kissi cheez ki fikhar mat karay maine Rahul kay liye Bahu dhoond li hain…
Ridz: Uncle saach mein apnay meray chotay dewar Rahul kay liye bahu dhoond li hain?
Omar Bahi: Jee haan 100% Bahu… bilqual ussi tarah jaisey maine appko dhoonda tha Armaan babu kay liye…yaad hain na Anuraag je…(Both Armaan and Ridz blush while looking at eachother.)
Anuraag: Haan bilqual lagta he nahi iss baat ko 8 saal hogaye…
Armaan: Yeh toh bahut acha kiya uncle app nay….
Armaan: Omar tum mujhay saari details office jaatey huye bata dena…
Ananya: Omar bahi per koi tasveer ya…
Omar Bahi: Bahbije app bilqual fikhar na karay main tasveer bhi saath laaya hoon…

Precap: Rahul's Entry…

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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 1:38pm | IP Logged as i told u part 4 needs editing but then i thought that it's not that bad and since part 3 has nothing to do with Rahul or Muski i thought i might as well post 4 just for the heck of it...i hope this one gives you a dose of our beloved Rahul Garewal unlike the show itself...

Part 4

~Scene opens to a football field inside Delhi's sports club. Audience in stands are watching and cheering on the teams that they are supporting. The match is in it's final round with only 3 minutes remaining. One can clearly feel the excitement coming from the leading team dressed in blue jersey while tension and suspense build up for those supporting the red team who are behind in two points. We see boys running towards the goal while tackling the ball carefully. Keeping in mind that victory is all that matters at this point. Amongst the group of blue jersey boys there is one face that represents the Malik family. He is the youngest son of Anuraag and Ananya Malik. We see him tackling the ball from his opponent and with super speed and determination he is heading towards the goal dodging his opposite team players who are trying their best to get the ball back. The blue team players have all their hopes tied to him as they are cheering him on while running alongside with him to prevent anyone from stealing the ball. He runs across the field with a smile on his face and soon he is running ahead of everyone who is trying to catch up to him and with only 10 seconds remaining. Tackling the ball with his feet he shoots it towards the goal with all the strength and without a doubt he scores! Cheering wildly for him, his teammates and friends pick him up on their shoulders and praise him for his outstanding performance. He had once again managed to steal the show just like that. It was truly a tremendous performance given by him as this was their final game. His face had a glowing smile of victory as everyone congratulated him on his performance. His strong arms held the trophy high up in the air as he shared it with his fellow teammates. As they stood in a group to capture the Kodak moment, it was no doubt that he was the most handsome and good looking one among the other guys or maybe it was his cute smile that made him stand out among the other tired faces.~

Locker Room      
Guy: Wow Rahul! That last goal was Amazing….!
Rahul: (drying off his hair as he had gotten out of a shower, he is shirtless and one can prominently see his build chest and muscles that a football player usually has.) Thanks Man…! Waisay sooraj good defense…
Sooraj: No not as brilliant as yours…(he smiles)
Rahul: (putting on his shirt) Guys this was our last game…and it was Awesome guys…!
Guy 2: Haan yaar…per last game hain iss baat ka dukh bhi bahut hain….
Rahul: (comes over and pats him on his back) Meray dost game last hain dosti nahi…hum phir millay gay meray emotional Sharukh…!
Sharukh: Kya yaar Rahul main tohdi na emotional ho raha hoon…bus main toh yahi keh raha tha kay I'll miss you guys…
Rahul and the rest of the team: WE'LL MISS YOU TOO SHARUKH…!
Sharukh: (Smiles) Haan haan dekhtay hain kuan kis ko yaad rakhta hain…sub apnay apnay raastey chaly jaao gay…aur yeh Rahul toh waisey bhi apni Internship kahtam karnay kay baad Delhi kay subse famous hospital Sanjeevani mein big shot surgeon banay waala hain…
Rahul: Per tujhse dosti nahi choro ga meray yaar…!
Sooraj: Waisey Rahul shaadi per bulana nahi bhool na…
Guy 3: Rahul ki Shaadi ho rahi hain?
Rahul: Abhi toh yeh kis ki baatoon mein yakeen kar raha hain…subse se pehlay toh Sooraj ki hoge…kyun Sooraj? Simran Theek hain na?
Sooraj: (throws a towel at his face while he was putting his things in the gym bag) Oye! Tu na mujhay Simran kay baaray mein tang kar kar kay kabhi thak tha nahi kya?
Rahul: Nahi…
Abhi: Anyways Rahul thanks for the great year…! (he comes and hugs Rahul before leaving)
Rahul: No Man thanks to you! Aggar tu humay itni achi coaching na deta toh hum jeetay nahi…
Abhi: Chal I have to go…Bye…(he leaves)
**Ring…Ring…Ring** (cell phone ringing)
Rahul: and that my phone…(he picks it up and looks at the Caller ID "Papa Callin") Hello?
Anuraag: Haan Rahul game kaisa tha?
Rahul: Papa it was great…we won!
Anuraag: That's great! Congratulations!
Rahul: Thanks Papa…bus main yahaan se ghar kay liye nikal he raha tha…
Anuraag: Nahi Rahul uski koi zaroorat nahi hain…agar tum busy nahi ho toh mujhay office mein aakay millo kuch kaam hain…
Rahul: Theek hain Papa main araha hoon…(he smiles and hangs up)
Sooraj: Kya hua?
Rahul: Kuch nahi yaar Papa nay office bulaya hain iss liye I have to go…But we'll meet up later guys…
Soraaj: Theek hain phir miltay hain…take care…
Rahul: (picks up his duffle bag and kar keys) Yeah See you…

Rahul enters the office with a sandwhich in his hand
Rahul: Hi Ms.Braganza! (he greets the secretary at the front desk)
Ms.Braganza: Hello my dear…! How do you do…
Rahul: I am good…wanna grab a bite..(he offers his sandwhich)
Ms.Braganza: Nahi son..ajj I am very happy for you…issi liye ajj fast kiya hain maine….
Rahul: For me? (confused)
Ms. Braganza: Yeah…for you…tumne boss se baat nahi kiya…?
Rahul: Papa se…nahi abhi toh nahi…per unhi se baat kar nay aaya hoon…
Ms. Braganza: Then what are you waiting for go…go hurry up…! (she excitedly said while Rahul was really confused as he had no clue why she looked so excited for him. Then as he enters the lobby all the workers stand and greet him with smiles and good afternoons. At first he thought that it's because he won his game but then he realized that they had never greeted him like this before on winning just a game. Something was definitely going on that he didn't know about but for now he just smiles and nods his head and quickly walks towards Anuraag's office.)
Anuraag: Come in…
Rahul: (opens the door and quietly come in) Good Afternoon Papa…!
Anuraag: (looks up from his files and work) Good Afternoon beta…aao ander aao…behto…
Rahul: (takes a seat) Papa kya ajj koi khass din hain?
Anuraag: Nahi toh…kyun?
Rahul: Voh office mein sub loog itnay excited hain…
Anuraag: voh sub tumharay liye excited hain… Kyunki tumhray liye ajj aik Rishta aaya hain…
Rahul: (instantly looks up at Anuraag kind of surprised) you mean Shaadi?
Anuraag: (nods his head) Iss saal tumharai Studies aur Sanjeevani mein internship bhi puri ho chuki hain…abb waqt aagaya hain kay tumhrai shaadi kay baarey mein soochay…(Rahul bows his head and listens to Anuraag politely while Anuraag walks over to him and takes a seat next to him.) Ajj Omar Bahi aaye thay ghar per…unhonay tumharay liye aik larki suggest ki hain… Muskaan naam hain uska…Muskaan apnay ghar ki bari beyti hain aur apnay Papa ki laadli bhi…Omar Bahi bata rahay thay kay voh loog Mussoorie mein rehtay hain, family bahut achi hain, simplistic loog hain… Aggar tumhari haan ho toh coming weekend per jaa kar larki se mill saktey hain….(at this point Rahul has no clue what to say, he looks up at Anuraag with a confused and expressionless face. This was too sudden for him. The both share a pause then Anuraag continues.) Aur aggar koi aur larki hoon, jo tumhay pasand hain toh tum khul kar keh saktay hoon beta…
Rahul: Nahi… nahi Papa aisey koi baat nahi hain…bus Shaadi itni jald hi…(he finally puts his thoughts in words and tells Anurag.)
Anuraag: Umar toh yahi sahi hain… tumharay bahiyaa ki shaadi bhi issi umar mein huye thi aur phir mera apna experience kehta hain kay iss umar mein aik doosray ka hojana, aik doosray ka ban jana bahut asaan hota hain…rishtoon ki jarein mazboot hojati hain…
Rahul: Per Papa abhi toh maine apna career shuru bhi nahi kiya…Internship bhi peechlay week he kahtam huye hain…(he thinks about this some more and puts forward his concern)
Anuraag: Hmm chalo iss baat ko gari mein continue kartey hain tumhari Mama kay phone calls ghar se arahay hain kay kyunki ghar per dinner kay liye sub wait kar rahay hain…

~ Anuraag closes his briefcase, takes the car keys, and Rahul and he both head out the office. Rahul was still trying to absorb the news as they sat in the car and Anuraag began to drive towards home.~

Anuraag: Haan toh tum kya keh rahay thay?
Rahul: Papa mein yeh keh raha tha kay abhi toh maine apna career shuru bhi nahi kiya… Internship bhi peechlay week he kahtam huye hain…
Anuraag: Dekho Rahul…zindagi mein kuch bhi haasil karnay kay liye determination aur strength ki zaroorat hoti hain…aur voh tumhari zindagi mein yahi dono cheezein ban kay aaye ge…tumharay zindagi ka har pal saath baatay gee…tumharay gham adhay aur kushiyaan dugni karde gee…(Rahul was beginning to understand him a little as he nodded his head.) abb tum shayad yahi sooch rahay hoon kay Masoorie jaisey chotay sehar ki larki kyun? Toh beta yeh bata deta hoon kay tumhari maa aur bahbhi dono chotay sehroon se he hain…Ananya Bhopal kay aik chotay sehar se aur Riddihima Kasauli se… aur unn se behtair Maa aur Bahbi koi ho sakti hain iss ka jawaab tum bhi jaantey hoon aur main bhi…(he said pulling the car up in the driveway, then they both got out the car and Anuraag took him towards the garden as he wasn't quite down yet, they both took a seat on the bench besides the water fountain. And Anuraag continued as Rahul listened.) Haan toh main kya keh raha tha….
Rahul: Maa aur Bahbhi se behtair aur koi nahi hoskata tha…
Anuraag: (smiles) Haan… Dekho Rahul maine aur Ananya ne zindagi ko bharpoor jiya, tum dono bahiyoon ko bara hota dekha hain, aur ajj bhi iss ghar mein uskay dum se khusiyaan hain…Ajj jub tumhari generation mein shaadi se yakeen utha dekhta hoon toh bahut dukh hota hain…Ananya hameesha yahi kehti hain kay shaadi mein subse zayaada zaroori trust, honetsy aur mutual understanding hoti hain… ajj kay baachay inn sub ka matlab bholtey jar rahey hain…Rahul I have always kept up with your generation...movies, fashion, language…bahut seekha hain tum se…per abb main chahta hoon kay tum apne Papa se kuch seekho…
Rahul: Jee Papa…      
Anuraag: toh phir yeh loo…(he takes the envelope that held Muskaan's photo out of his coat pocket and hands it to him.) Yeh Muskaan ki pohto hain…tum dekh lo main ander chalta hoon issi pehlay Ananya phir se call karay...(he leaves the smiling and patting Rahul's back)
Rahul: (sits there thinking for a while just looking at the wnvelope in his hand. He takes a deep breath and smiles, whatever Anuraag had said to him made perfect sense, and afterall he had his brother Armaan and sweet Bhabhi Riddhima as an example. He gently opens the envelope and pulls out the photo. He is completely awed by the beauty that is potrayed in the picture. Simplistic, Shy, Innocent, and Beautiful were just some of the words that came to his mind looking at it. He shyly runs his hand over it thinking something and smiling to himself, then puts in back in to the envelope and gets up to go inside. Tonight was a long night for him as one of the biggest decisions in his life was left to be made by him. And at the end of it he had happily agreed to comply in his Family's favor.)

The pic Rahul is looking at:

Precap: A-R and Rahul…More Apprehension…  

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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Awesome part!!!
Thanks for the PM and Two parts!!!!
anastasia21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
two parts back to back!!!!
u made my day !!
and rahul's entry .... double bonanza ...yayy!!
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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
awesome parts!!
just loved them!!
and i also like it how this story is somewhat similar to the movie, vivah, since i loved that movie.
anyways thanks for the pm!!
do continue soon!!
will be waiting!!Smile
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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
Awwwwwwww Imane Srsly u r Sucha swweeeetheart.....Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for sucha amazing parts....Embarrassed Embarrassed i don't know what to write I'm always speachless after reading ur AMAZING.BRLIANT FANTASTIC.MARVELLOUS. update..Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
Imane ur a WONDERFUL writer u really  deserve a Prize !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Star Star Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...Star  Star Star Star Star
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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 3:51pm | IP Logged
wohoooooooooooo enjoyed the double treat today Big smile....and lovely part...rahul seems to b sweet and calm person Embarrassedloving his character here   ...i just feel like reading n reading gr8 goingThumbs Up...thnx for the PM
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Posted: 13 July 2009 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
thank you soo much.. Thumbs Up
just what i needed after such a dissapointing episode

and that too.. two updates!! thank you!!!

both parts were lovely...


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