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From Dorkdom to cool-ville Part 14 Page 9 (Page 9)

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Part 13:
I entered the english classroom, Dan was sitting in the usual place, i slump myself over and sat next to him, he grinned my way, i ignored him, i can't loose this bet, Whenever i chat with Oscar he calls me Miss. Robot, he'll start calling me Ms.Sentemantal if i lost.. the teacher entered and bagun to ask about all the prepration, Dan of course the one who told her about our practiced scenes and all.. we had to perform a small play of it.. well at the end of it most of the girls were in envy, and the teacher prized Dan all the time, me need some work, when the class bell rang i ran out..
I placed all my books in the locker, Emma Started to babble for the first time i actually listened..
"your damn lucky Dan is your classmate, and everyone's romeo.."
"too bad i am not juliet.."
"Oh c'mon he likes you.."
"he also likes mashed patatoes, that doesn't mean his mashed patatoes are his juliet right?"
"well ... wait how do you know he likes mashed patatoes?"
"i heard.." well i did hear it from him..
"oh i though you might of like went to dinner with him when you were practicing at his house" Emma mumbled, It's so wierd how Emma's guesses are always right when it comes to these kind of relations..
"you joking girl!!" Jessica said in her steet talk tone..
"but you actually have a bet with the most cutest boy in school!"
"wait i thought henry was the most cutest."
"cutely poetic boy in school" jess corrected..
"yup pretty much"
"what's it about?"
"he says that before this year end he'll get me in touch with my feelings.."
"you don't have any feelings girl your a robot" she said doing the robot dance..
"exactly man, and if he won he'll take me to the prom, if i won he'll right a hundred word apology poem to me.."
"dude is he suppose to be enjoying it.."
"that's exactly what he said.."
"C'mon you know he loves to right poems.."
"whatever i don't really want much out of him.. "
"you know if Emma knew she'll skin you alive.."
"I doubt it, i think she'll bone me dead too"
"LOL and she's your BFF"
"yeah she's mad, she's crazy, but she's My crazy and mad Emma"
"Aww whose getting sentimental.. " Jessica mocked me..
"Oh no it's starting.." i panicked..
"what's starting ladies?" john said as he stood next to me.. me and jess winced..
"Dude i thought this was the ladies room?" i rose my eyebrow..
"Aaa man" John said as he ran out, me and jess laughed, dear old john..
In the cafetria i was sitting next to Dan, across us were Michael and henry, and sitting by the sides were Jessica and Emma, and john somehow squesed between jessica and dan..
"so you three are rose's friend huh? i am henry but call me honey" Henry exclaimed poping in another bite of cake.. Michael scilently chewed on his sandwitch, i watched him, he was the only with no progress till yet, i guess he really doesn't like me, i don't get it why do i feel bad, but he seems quite attached to honey, he never left his side, i even once saw him in the princple's office, asking her to change his shedual to meet honey's.. he's really attached to him and he's the compelte oppisite, it's rather wierd, i really don't think he's gay.. honey's kind of like a lil bro to him right?, Michael's what you'd call, tall, dark, and handsome, i guess he understood my curiosity by the look on my face, that's why he winced, he closed his eyes and and took another bite, i wonder will we make any progress?..
"AWWW" Emma and jessica exclaimed when honey finished a story of his nap today, and rubbed his eyes and said : "i am still quite sleepy.." he turned to me for my reaction, i smirked.. Dan talked about if anyone's into someone:
"well there a lot of cute boys in school" Emma confussed..
"and it's hard to decide which one you've have a crush on" Jess continued, of course the meant the 5 school princes..
"and what about you Rose?" Dan turned to me..
"i am intrested in no one" okay big lie, i was practically into Dan, Michael, and Henry..
"really whose that ? i've yet to meet him" Dan laughed i rolled my eyes
"whose home?"
"no one"
"see you already met him.."
i turned around from my locker, finally the day is over, i guess i had to cancel the practice with Dan, the stupid bossy kid comes home for dinner.. oh well, i might as well get ready for it, the day passed through my eyes, wow it's been a rough day, with all the craziness one can get.. i still don't understand, why am i so intrested in michael, like i care about boys, michael was all on my mind, i guess someone has said it right: 'if you chase they'll run if you don't they won't' it was like michael never even talked to me, or even glanced at me twice a day, he's only here cause of henry, i stilll don't understand him, but something intrests me greatly in him, but i see how he really wouldn't like to talk to me about anything.. tall, dark, and handsome Eh?, well i do wish i can talk once to him.. *Bumps, oh god i bumped into michael again, i guess henry is with him i looked down, yup he's there, henry made a hop to me, grabbed my arm and started to spin me..
"Rose!!!" he exclaimed as he left me dizzy..
"hi honey.." i said dizzily..  i moved around like i was crazy, then henry caught me and bent me down, so easily..
"Rose!! Rose!! will you come with me and have some cake.."
"i told you i am not intrested.."
"you don't like me" Honey said with a sad tone..
"no it's not that i don't like cake.."
"oh don't worry we have a lot of other stuffn then cake"
"but honey.."
"pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Honey pleaded, i couldn't resist the puppy dog eyes..
"fine but i'll have to go back at 6.."
"Okay.. Michael" he turned to his tall companion.. michal lifted me with one hand, my feet flew over the ground, they started walking..
"hey i've got feet..." said struggling, but they ignored me..
yeah Nishi i completly changed the story, everything is different, i had an idea if i continued with only Addie my stroy might head a wrong direction, so i thought of completly changing the moral of the story, i might even have to change the title.. mind my spelling

Robsessed. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 8:21am | IP Logged
This is really good. What is up with Michael? OMG! Is he a VAMPIRE? Ooo, it's like Edward in the start with Bella always ignoring her. Hmm... I can't wait for the next update. How old is Henry? Honey sounds too cute, he sounds like a cute lil toddler. Aww, no Addie? Please, add him back. What does Rose look like now? I mean is she prettier? What about Jessica and Emma? What do they look like? I'm really curious... Please update soon, I wanna eat some cake too you know. Haha!
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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SeliinaBaybee12

This is really good. What is up with Michael? OMG! Is he a VAMPIRE? Ooo, it's like Edward in the start with Bella always ignoring her. Hmm... I can't wait for the next update. How old is Henry? Honey sounds too cute, he sounds like a cute lil toddler. Aww, no Addie? Please, add him back. What does Rose look like now? I mean is she prettier? What about Jessica and Emma? What do they look like? I'm really curious... Please update soon, I wanna eat some cake too you know. Haha!
no no Mike's not a vampire, i know it's sounds like that,  Henry's 17 so's michael, that's why they're seniors, yeah henry is such a cutieeee, okay i'll update they're looks in the next update, Addie will be back soon, but first you'll get to know about henry and michael, LOL Frankly i didn't say michael looks godlike, Yeah the next two updates will concentrate on mike and honey, i find it weird you thought michael was a vampire..
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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

Part 14:

Michael finally putted me down in the front meadow, after i struggled so much.. Honey was so happy that i was here..

"You know i do have legs" i mumbled to honey..
"until your with me your not allowed to get tired" honey grinned, then he hopped his way front of us, i remmebered when we were passing Jessica and Emma, Jessica's green eyes were playful, she was laughing at me, practically that's cause her dark skin wasn't gone pale, on the other hand Emma's already snow-white skin went paler paler paler, for a minuet i thought there wasn't any blood in her vein, her crystal blue eyes were widned and she was scolding at Jessica for laughing, john grinned my way, john was a bit tan he was similar to Mike, but he wasn't a mile tall.. coming back to the presant i gazed on the beautiful black and white gate front of me, it had the Yin Yang sign on it, Honey grabbed me by my arm and pulled me, for someone four feet tall, he had a good grip, he pushed the door open, and 'dragged' me upstairs, i don't how many stories did his manison had, seriously i think it was 12 stories or something, he dragged me up, up, upper, Michael wasn't making any effort to catch up with us, but when honey finally stopped michael came in front of us, for a minuet i though he had superpowers, but i heard the elevator close behind him, i was getting dizzy, i think i was dangling in mid-air, honey was laughing..

"Umm honey why didn't we took the elevator?" i said dizzily, it seems like whenever i am with him i get dizzy..
"cause that was more fun!!" honry exclaimed "Rose you don't look so good?" he said with a puppy dog face..
"that because i am not used to being carried around and then being gripped and dragged up many stories.." i said shaking my head to stop the dizziness "on what floor are we?"
"6th.. my cake room is here" he said as he walkied pass me, why didn't that surprise me?.. just as i was walking someone else passed us, he didn't look like a servant he was wearing a kerate-costume..
"have a guest?" he said mockingly..
"if you did anything to make rose feel uncomfortable marke,  i'll flate you llike a pancake and feed you to the birds!" Honey warned, he didn't look quite honey at that point..
"Honey?" i said with curiousity..
"i am tired of you bossing me around shrimp" Mark shouted..
"i am older then you by years.."
"but still i am much more taller then you aliean!"
"then why don't you go bump your head somewhere stretch"
"that's it" With that Mark shrply moved to Honey, he swinged his leg to hit honey in his calf but honey surprisingly reversed the whole action, and left Mark flying through the air and then crash into the wall..
"Aghh i can't even stand to look at you" Honey said with depression, i just froze there i had no idea honey could send him flying and crash into the wall
"Rose are you well?" Honey said turning to me..
"i am fine.. but i don;' now about him"
"he's bruised just like his ego.." Honey said unmercifuly, he then put on the cheerful smile and said "let's have some cake" Honey said, i nodded my head, that made him fly off dragging me along with him, in the whole fiasco i forgot to see Mike's expression. i turned around, mike's hands were in his uniform pockets, his eyes were closed and he was shaking his head.. as if what happened wasn't something new..
I sat on the comfy armchair in front of the fireplace, and took a fork full of cake, chocolate cake, i didn't like sweets much but i had to shake of the feeling of bitterness after watching honey like that, who knew honey could send a guy flying through the air and then crash into the wall, he's only four feet tall!,  i glanced at mike he was standing next to honey's armchair.. his face was pleasant, he was happy to see honey happy i guess, i sunk in the armchair, honey smirked, i just let a plesant smile touch my face..
"Rose! you know the other night i was eating cake and it was yummy......" Honey blabbed on.. i listened to what he was saying.. he was talking about cakes, honey was so cute, i can't believe it..
"and there was the chocolate one which was left from dinner and that's why it didn't feel so fresh but i still ate it.. " he excliamed. Honey was so innocnet i couldn't believe what i saw a few moments ago, Honey sent the man flying in air, but i thought i shouldn't bring it up.. he looked quite angry when he was talking to that person.. i glanced to the fire flames sizzling in the firplace, god this place is soo cozy i wish i could stay here forever but oh well.. it's 5:40.. i didn't notice the time pass by...

"Um honey i am sad intruppt but i have to go.."
"no don't leave i didn't even get to the good part!!"
"Honey i'll let you talk at lunchtime tomorrow.."
"honey i am really sorry but i've got to get home, i am having dinner with a guest.."
"yeah fine but there's no school tomorrow sily"
"Oh? then maybe we could talk on monday.."
"i promise.."
"YAY!!" Honey jumped into the air, and made me jump too.. then honey stopped and yawned..
"Henry get some sleep.. "
"but michael"
"Henry it's nap time, and i think you should let Ms. Martain go now.."
"Aaa Michael your so cold.. "
"no Honey it's.." I said butting in..
"I'll go but promise you'll drop rose"
"fine.." Michael sighed.. he held Honey up by the collar of his shirt. and went out the door.. after sometime he came back alone, but with a jacket..
"it's cold outside you should wear this.." he handed me the black leather jacket, i seriously didn't want to hesitate with a six foot senior.. so i slipped my arms in it, it was made of real leather, that i can tell..
he was walking in front of me, and i was following like a sheep, he silently took his steps and didn't bother to look behind, as we were walking we passed by some sort of room, i glanced at the yin and yan circle that was drawn on the doir, there were slippers outside, it was a Dojo, i gazed at the white walls, and the master that was in there.. i stood there for sometime, breaking my train of thought was mike.. he sighed heavily..
"michael why is there a Dojo in front of honey's house?" I asked him, i was seriously scared to ask him.. he was scaring the hel out of me with the silent treatment, unexpectedly mike took some steps to come near me, and held my hand he told me:
"i'll tell you in the car.." he sighed.. i waited, finally i'll be able to hear his deep beautiful voice...

 i know this is so a cliffhanger, but you know next part will be very interestng, finally you'll read about michael's magical voice... of course you won't hear it, but it's an edward cullen voice alright and i'll explain  Rose's looks in the next update.

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Oo, great update.
I'm wondering ... is he a vampire or werewolf or magician or wizard or something magical? He's always in his own world, and why does Honey have to have a nap at 5:30 PM ? Haha, I love your story Hala. Better then mine too. Record Michaels voice and email it to me. Lol, update soon.
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Posted: 08 September 2009 at 8:34am | IP Logged
well my story isn't all that better then you, frankly i am inspired by another thing that's why.. Anyway no michael is not a vampire, werewolf, magician, wizard.. or any of those things.. god stop reading supernatural books.. LOLLOL Mike's just.. well i can't tell you..
Part 15:
the thought of being alone with a guy like michael gave me shivers.. he opened the car door and told me to get in.. i was frozen but how could i tell him it's not that cold.. i silently walked i am not sure how i defrosed but oh well.. i sat down.. and he sat next to me in the back seat, the driver started driving and michael sighed..
"The Dojo? Well Henry's ancesters were one of the most powerful fighters of their Era.. the Dojo, the Yin and Yang, they're all Some of the Symbols the represent Sohma clan.." he started, i narrowed my eyes Sohma?
"Henry's Ansecters date back to the 16th century Japan Era, of course after moving to Englan they changed their last name" He finished, he didn't even look at me he just looked out the window watching each tree.. that makes ssense, i wouldn't be surprised if Henry started calling me Ro-chan LOLLOL
"you remember that boy earlier? Mark stevens Henry's younger brother" What? his brother? he looked like a rival to me..
"it's shocking yes.. those two never got along, espcieally since Mark always thought low of Henry, he always took his superiorty on henry because of his legnth, it kinda like the idea of men being Superior to women.. but henry was always better in interacting with other humans, he never had to hide himself to anybody, he's childlike everyone knows and accepts him like that, while Mark always struggled to be accepted into society but never was, people saw through the mask that he put on, no one wanted to be with him because he didn't want to be himself, because of the growing jelousy that aflamed his heart he hated his older brother for no practicle reason, for being more himself, and yes well he does think of him as an alien because the amount of cake he eats everyday is well.. let's face it impossible to be consumed by a human LOLLOLLOL" beside saying a funny comment he still didn't laugh, i tilted my head to see if he was smiling.. but no. ..
"you'll never see mark at public places, he's too scared to reveal himself to anyone.. he's a fool" he finished, wow his voice was beautiful all i can say.. seriously the depth of royality in his voice was just great, he was still looking out the window, So Honey's brother dispised him for sucha  stupid reason? i couldn't believe it..  wow still he was so cheerful no one will believe that at his home his brother treated him like that.. Michael really dos care about him, somebody who knows the history of your clan.. the dead silence was furious i guess, we just sat there doing nothing, he finally closed the window and turned around, i don't think he really did want to talk anymore.. but still i think i was shivering.. he just glanced to me, i wasn't used to being quiet like this, seriously if it was Addie he couldn't stop flirting with me, Dan will politly be talking about some novels, i mean this was soo new to me, i can't believe how much i missed Dan and Addie's company, well i guess you can say Addie, was the princy type for now i guess, Dan was the poet type, Honey was the Lolishota type, the cute and innocent.. and Mike i guess he was the strong silent type.. wow i couldn't believe how many boys i had in my life.. right now i just wished that michael will open up a little.. i want to know more about him.. i am sure he's not phsychic but i think he read my expression..
"I am not really much of a person, i am mostly secretive" he sighed, as if people expected so much of him. i glanced out the window i guess we were coming close i could recognize the street from now.. i felt a little cold.. i don't know.. he streched out his hand and touched my forehead..
"A fever..you should really take better care of yourself" he whispered, i felt like.. furious, i don't know, i saw my house get near.. i opened the door and got out..
"See you on saturday Ms.Martain" i heard him say, wow now that was an experience i couldn't believe what happened. Oh god. i felt like fainting, i guess i could run a fever, i am feeling a bit ill, but Wow i never knew I could encounter such an experience with michael, I didn't know how to feel about it, i just wanted to know a little more about michael, how's that possible?, but Mike he was just so secritive.. i couldn't believe what i just wittnessed, Michael was the only thing on my mind.. michael.. Michael.. I opened the front door and got in. i noticed there was a heavy aroma in the room, oh yeah the dinner.. i didn't notice but i was getting really hungary as if i was fasting.. i hurried in.
"Honey where were you?" mom asked popping her head from the kitchen..
"Well i think you forgot to return the jacket" I glanced at the brown Jacket on my shoulders..
"I'll return it tomorrow.."
"well get ready It's almost seven. i left you clothes on the bed " mom said finally going back in the kitchen.
I didn't notice the time go by it's almost seven.. i was just so lost in michael.. guess what i heard from the TV.. Michael Jackson!, i couldn't believe it, i slammed my hands on my ears and ran to my bedroom, i closed the door, finally i let my hands fall from the gravity, i looked on the bed.. Oh god mom left me a black dress,.. i opened the door and yelled:
"no argeuments Rose your wearing that"
Ugh I hate my life..
I brushed my hair.. i looked up the miror seeing my reflection.. the black dress was sleaveless, it was all shiny Dead, my hair was a little wavy and a lot straight, it was looking black cause of the dress, or usually it was brown, i didn't wear any make-up but mom forced me a red lipstick.. she said it was perfect with my white skin, red lipstick doesn't really look bad with dark skin, i've seen Jessica once wearing redlipstick, but it was only a costume party in which she was dressed up as your everyday girly.. Jessica is a tomboy, a real one it's hard to find rich people tomboys, but Jessica's the youngest one in the family, she doesn't really have much on her shoulders, i tried to distract myself with other thoughts but michael wasn't going out.. i wasnt falling in love.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ I mentally kicked myslef, a robot in love? there isn't even a novel about the dumb thing.. when i stepped out of my room, UD was watching the game, no intrest as if he was turned into Jasper, LOL twilight starting to effect my life.. he glanced at me when mom called me.. i am not sure exactly what was on his mind but he just grnned, i don't know the hell going on here.. News flash the Edwardlike UD grins after 3 years!. the door bell rang, finally the idiot's here... my dad hurried up to the door and opened it he blurted out a Welcome!, Dad moved from the honrable Guest. Oh no.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I love cliffhangers! oh god wait for tomorrow everyone!
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Posted: 08 September 2009 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Haha, funny. Is the bosses kid Addie? Haha, she's falling in love with Michael. Good update. All I can say is Im waiting for the next part so that I can comment on that. Keep up the good work Hala.
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2009 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
man you've updated so much without telling me ROFLAngry

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