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From Dorkdom to cool-ville Part 14 Page 9 (Page 8)

MrMonster Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 6:22am | IP Logged

Part 12:

I got up, i eyed the clock on the my nightstand, 3 am, i hope Oscar isn't playing the violin i wonder, i got up to get some water, i always got thirsty in the middle of the night, as i was walking out of my room, i saw that the light of my dad's office was on, believe it or not my dad's a doctor, i thought that dad must've fallen asleep while studying some illness, or watching tom and jerry.. i went in to close the lights but i shivered at the sight that welcomed me.. dad was working in 3 am?

"Dad is everything fine?" i asked..

"yes puss, it's just that i have a lot of work tod...night" Dad answered as he flipped another page of the file nin his hands, i was just too much in shock to complain about the puss thing..

"but dad is 3 am?"

"well my boss's son signed me up for all this"

"your boss's son?"

"he's a real bright young man, and i am pretty sure my boss will hand him the hospital.."

"but dad what's all this about?"

"well i am supposed to search about various illnesses"

"dad i should help you.."

"no no puss i am fine"

"yes and i want to make sure that your researchs are fine too.. "

I stayed up the whole time helping dad, dad can't do anything without me, ugh i can't belive someone can do that, it was evil, seriously, didn't dad take all this in medical school, now that the boss's kid wants a research on it, it was funny if you ask me, and it didn't make any sense, well anyway..
 I slammed my head on the table, i was still sleepy i slept at ten to three, god where's the boss's kid, i want to kill him.. anyway the day couldn't get any worse..

"Hey Emma" i said in the phone heavily.

"Hiiiiiiiiii, did you saw those four new boys at school?"

"why is everybody thinking i've gone blind.." i remembered Addie, but she ignored my sercasam.

"oh quiet down princess of evil secasam.. i wonder what type of people they are?"

"Phsychic" i muttured..

"what?!" Emma gasped.

"nothing nothing.."

"okay see ya at school.."

"yeah whatever."

School was not normal..

science class: i eventually ended up sitting next to ken, i sighed heavily...

"how was last night?" Ken asked..

"mind your own beeswax.." i snapped

"i wish i had some, will you mind if you lend me?"

"oh shut up" i rolled my eyes, i still don't get it why does he wants me to be his lackey!, okay okay why does he think i'll be his lackey?

"it's quiet easy, i need someone to help me get around this school' ken answered, Phsyco..

"I can hear you" Ken said mockingly, that's it..

"no you can read me now you can hear me, PHSYCO!!" i yelled, oh no i hate the limelight, as i scanned the class every eye was on me, thank god mrs.Hill was not here,or it was detantion for sure, one speaking loudly in class, and two mocking my crush..

Lunch time..

I was sitting with Jess Emma, and John, now John was a best friend, he could cheer you up anytime, you can never get angry on him (yes seliina he's your Jacob..), i eyed the table across mine, Ken was sitting there, every girl who passed the table couldn't resist a glance, including the teachers!, Annie, went straight and asked if the place was availble, they automatically clicked, becuase there favorite hobbie was annoying me!!, i eyed the table next to it, the athlete, the cake lover, and the poet, were sitting there, the cake lover was eating .. cakes, the poet was just reading a book and politily chewing on an apple, the athlete glanced up from his barely touched tray and met my gaze, it was a mere glance that confirmed he wasn't really intrested in people, at least i am saved from being annoyed by him!!.. i eyed the close-fitted uniform of his, he was practically built up more then the undertaker.. seriously..

English class..

I sat down on a chair in the front, yes pretty rare for me, but i guess i needed to work my brain to death because i wasn't really good at medival english, we were having Romeo and Juliet, i am seriously gonna puke, the poet guy entered the classroom, he smiled a dimpeled smile, Aww now that was cute, i heard heavy sighs from the back, yeah i know he looked awesome.. his brown hair was gelled, which made him irrsisteble, i glanced back to my book, not going to fall for the pretty-boy, no no, oh damn it couldn't he sit somewhere else then next to me!!, he grinned to me and said:

"hey Special student" he said, special student is like a scholar, it's almost impossible to get into this school, i always had to give a test before each year, it's stressing..

"Hi.." i muttered..

"I am very plesed to meet you, your rosy right?"


"i am dan alfred, and i hope we could be friends.." he ended the topic, i smirked at him, he was straight-forward, i liked people like that.. we could become friends..

after the whole lecture and explaining the story, she told us that there will be a play of romeo and juliet, and we were to be cast, she announced the names playing the part, please not juliet please not juliet..

"Dan will play Romeo and Rose will play Juliet" she announced giving us a copy of the script, Dan grinned my way, and i was too busy asking god, why do i always get what i don't want!!.. Dan told me we'd be practicing in  his house at 4, he gave me the adress.. i hope i can convine the teacher out of the kissing scene, EWWWWWWWW...

I slammed my locker door, Agh!!!, i am so gonna need a punchbag, it turned around to be shocked, the athlete guy was standing in front of me, i just froze, the way he was looking at me, glaring at me, like i killed his father, i thought i had to run away, he closed his eyes, and turned around, i took a step forward and bumped into, the cake lover..

"S..sorry i didn't see you there" i said to him..

"that's okay, your the special studnent right, the hero.." he exclaimed, i was called the hero of the poor, that's until people know that rosy is acutally a girl's name!

"I'm a scholar not a hero.." i cleared out.. he started to puch me around in circles, dizzy dizzy

"will you eat cake with me?"

"i am not into cakes.." i said while i dangled.. i though i was in mid-air

"so do want me to lend my bunny!?!!"

"i am not into bunnies either.."

"you don't think BunnyBoo is cute?" he held out a pink stuffed rabbit for me...

"I guess" i said as i eyed the little button eyes of it.. Aww..

"Henry.." the athlete said i never knew but he had a very deep voice "we're getting late.."

"AAAAAAAA C'mon Michael, can't i stay a bit longer.." he whined

"no your father will scold you.."

"but i wanted to talk to rosy some more.."

"don't worry she'll be here tomorrow.."

"Okay, Bye Rose promise you'll be here tomorrow" he exlaicme to me..

"yeah sure" i smirked, the next thing i knew that michael picked up Henry, and made him sit on his shoulders, are they really seniors?..

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Robsessed. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Good update, but I don't get it ... :S
What is a lackey? HA! Nice touch on the bunnyboo bit. Cute.
I didn't get it when you said 'yay selina heres your jacob'. ? You added John? I'm confused ....
Anyways, I like the name Dan *Blushes*
The athlete guy, Cake lover, poet guy? HA! You make me laugh, I think ... the cake lover like Rosey? Don't get me in the wrong way ...
Good update, I need to read it again. My sister keeps interrupting me, and I didn't get it.
P.S: My name is spelt Selina not Seliina. HA!
Robsessed. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 August 2006
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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 12:35pm | IP Logged

The english lesson kind of relates to Haunted Love when Prem and Vanessa have to do a romantic scene and he tells her to meet up at his house after school.

Also, the bunnyboo bit from I entered through your eyes. Aha! John too.

I found this chapter really cute and hilarious



MrMonster Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
yeah duh selina! i hope Horia doesn't mind, By the way a lackey is like a servant, or you can call the person who follows the businessman around handling his work, bunnyboo was a name i knew from before,but Horia did reminded me of it, and what i meant by here's your jacob, was that john was just like jacob, the romeo and juliet thing was just to get Dan and Rosy have some time togther, even if rosy doesn't like it, henry doesn't really like her like love, he's just delighted to find some one so smart, yeah he's really cute i know..
MrMonster Senior Member

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Posted: 04 September 2009 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Part 13:
I slumped in my room, and sank on my bed, AGH!! i don't even know how to act!!, and i am getting the lead role, i mean girls will kill to work with Dan, seriously i want to know why me?.. it's not only now but from forever, i get what everyone wants but i don't want!, it doesn't make any sense, i mean a lot of people don't  get what they want but this is rideculis, i didn't relize the time passing by, i just glance up to the clock monted in front of me.. 3:30? and i still didn't change, i quickly lossened upo myself in a shirt and some trousers, i wasn't applying for a business loan, but oh well..  I stepped in the hall, mom started to shower me with her stupid questions..
"how was your day rose?"
"fine" i grumbled, yeah if you call someone was thinking that you were to be his lackey, meeting a senior one foot shorter then you who loves cake and bunnies, meeting another one whose taller then you by a mile, and can't stop glaring at you, fine then yeah i am perfectly fine..
"any plans for tonight.."
"plans which i didn't plan..' i mumbled..
"emma's gonna shop till we drop" now that wasn't a lie..
"well good luck" mom said as she entered the kitchen..
"thanks i'll need it.. " i said as i slammed the door behind me..
I glanced to the slip of paper in my hand, then at the green board in front of me, yup this is the place, no no this is the palace. what the hell?, rich kids have it smooth.. i walked through the big yard, i was awe-struck by the cute fountain of cupid, aww, then at the beauiful roses which were enlightning it's green soil, wow i never talked like that.. okay okay thought like that..
"madame may i help you?" said a tall butler that i bumped in when i wasn't paying attention..
"yes may i meet Dan?" i tried to sound as officiante as possible, and dreadfully failing at it..
"the young master is in the back yard..i don't recall him wanting a loan?' he said eyeing the white shirt, i knew i should of wore the T-shirt.. no wait then he'll think i am the pizza girl..
"i am one of his classmates.."
"oh.." he gasped, yeah i didn't look rich.. "which classmate?'
"will you just get him already" i snapped, UGH!!
"i am sorry madame but i have to know who you .."
"Wait woodchifer.." Dan called as he ran to us.. "she's my classmate.."
"i am sorry" woodster grumbled , as he ws compelled too.. he left us in peace, or i wouldn't left a piece of him untorn
"i thought you would know better then to argueing with my butler like that?"
"oh shut up" i moaned..
"i guess we do understand each other.."
I spend two hours practicing the play, the first scene that is, he taught me a world of stuff, how to act for instince, i think the teacher picked me because she knew i wouldn'tnbe enjoying the physical contact, but he always kept his distince, and whenever there was anything mere to even a touch, he would say it's romeo touching juliet not dan touching rose, a lot of people called me rose, well except dad he still dreams of a cat.. LOLLOLLOL
"would you like to dine with me today?" dan asked, as he putted the scripts away..
"well.." of course i wanted to, but before i could answer my phone viberated..
"hello!' i snapped ..
"puss why are you angry?" of course dad..
"nothing what is it dad?"
"well puss i wanted to inform you we'll be having dinner tomorrow with my boss's kid?"
"dad the boss's kid bosses you around more then the boss bosses.."
"What? just be here tomorrow night.. teenagers.." my dad grumbled..
"Adults!" i grumbled back at him, and then shut the phone., dad now we'll again be grumbling about how teens have no respect for elders and whatnot..
"yes?" Dan asked..
"yeah sure why not.." i acce[ted..
wow i couldn't believe the varioty of the food the presented me, i just looked at everything in front of me, roasted chicken, chicken corn soup, the various salad were just delicious, and the gentleman in front of me was... poliet, i couldn't believe it, i never thought that there could be a guy like him, sensitive, poetic, amazing, Edward cullen like, even though i didn't enjoy twilight, i am not a fiction fan, but oh god I never knew Edward could've been alive..well deadly alive.. alive in the undead, aaa you know what i mean..
"so what are we practicing tomorrow?" i asked, trying to sound grumpy, since i really didn't like people knowing what's on my mind..
"i am not sure.. anything on your mind" he answered as he sipped another spoonful of soup
"no i didn't read Romeo and Juliet."
"what? you should an immortal love story.."
"An immortal fiction, i am not really a fan of fictions.."
"your not that imaginitive are you?"
"everyone i come across says that.."
"they're all right you know.."
"i don't really care i am good at math, i don't really have to worry to loose fame anf fortune just cause i am not creative.."
"only fortne, mathmathions are not famous.."
"good i hate the limelight.."
"i don't think imagination is only in the people who enjoy the limelight.."
"i never said that, i just thing it's quite dumb that your life's work is only a novel which could be read in two days"
"it sentmental value, it's importent to the author"
"you know you should get in touch with people's feelings"
"phsycology isn't my strong point"
"but still don't act like a robot.."
"but who'd help me you?"
"if you don't mind..."
"fine let's make it a dare.. if i win which is if i don't get in touch with feelings, then you will right a hundred verse poem as in apology to me.."
"am i supposed to enjoy it? " he laughed "but if i win then you'll go to the prom with me.."
"what?! i can't dance!!" i yelled..
"oh so then your sure that i will win!" he chuckled..
"no way..your on mister"
Sorry guys mind my spelling Embarrassed
Girl_2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2009 at 9:58am | IP Logged
oh my god, this girls toooo lucky... uhm..
ImPerfection Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2009 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

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*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2009 at 12:39am | IP Logged
so badically you changed the entire story almost. rose got out of her nerdy phase and got a lot more mature and there are new kids. its looking a lot better now Big smile i like her attitude.. its actually a lot how i think too... except that i think for me the most stupid things in life tend to stick out more LOLLOL awww.. dan Embarrassed update soon

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