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MY FF~ ATUT BANDHAN~note on pg 11 (Page 6)

DamRyeong IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 3:40am | IP Logged
its rly fanastic dear.....superbbb update...

Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 3:49am | IP Logged
lovely updateClap.Continue soon dear.
pretty_angel5 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
really nice =]
deepthis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
wow its amazingTongueTongue
loved itEmbarrassed
great storyClapClap
update it soonWink
shruja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

Hey guys thank u so much for reading n commenting Big smile

shruja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 December 2009 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Part 7
In Rajat's Room

Sunaina who was controlling her tears for last 2 hours finally burst out crying. She sat on the ground near the bed. Still there was no sign of improvement in Rajat's condition. She gently lifted Rajat's  right hand ( as she was sitting on his right side) and placed it between her palms and then placed her head on it.


Sunaina in a choked voice "Rajat please get well soon ?..hum tumhe aise nahi dekh sakte?."


After some time she slept there with her hand still holding Rajat's hand.


At 3:00 am she woke up and saw that Rajat was shivering due to cold. She immediately stood up and within no time brought one more blanket and covered him. Then she sat beside him. And then she placed her hand on his head to check. She immediately withdrew her hand as Rajat was having a very high temperature.


"rajat ko to bahut tez fever hai ????..mujhe Vikrant ko bulana chahiye??." She murmured but then stopped "Vikrant to abhi so raha hoga vese bhi vo pehle hi bahut pareshan hai aur jyada ho jayega".


She stood up and ran towards the kitchen and brought a bowl filled with water having a piece of cloth. She placed it on the table near his bed and placed that wet cloth on his head. She repeated the procedure but as she didn't had a proper sleep that night so she finding it difficult to keep her eyes open so finally she slept this time her head was on Rajat's chest. Her one hand was on Rajat's forehead and the other one in the bowl.


Around 4:30 pm finally Rajat got conscious and slowly opened his eyes. He was still having headache and slight fever. As he opened his eyes he saw Sunaina sleeping with her head on him. He didn't wanted to disturb her as he knew that she didn't had proper sleep that night. So he waited for her to wake up. It was complete darkness in the room and the only light was of the moon coming from the window. It was directly falling on their faces. While sleeping Sunaina was looking very beautiful and due to that moon light her face was glowing. Rajat couldn't move his eyes from her face so continued looking her. But soon Sunaina woke up and then she saw that Rajat was continuously staring her. At first she blushed and lowered her eyes but then slowly raised her eyes and looked into his eyes. Both had an eye lock


After some time she realized where she was so she stood up with a jerk and moved 2 3 steps forward. But then she found that Rajat was holding her hand. She stopped there and blushed her cheeks got red. Rajat pulled her towards him she felled down on him she looked into his eyes and couldn't move her eyes away; she was lost in his eyes. She was so close to rajat that she could feel his warm breath. He raised his hand and placed her hair behind her ears gently. His eyes were still fixed on her but then someone knocked on the door. He looked at the door it and Sunaina immediately stood up and moved away from him.


"Vikrant you can come inside door is open" rajat said.


Vikrant opened the door and came inside


"tumhe kaise pata chala ki me aaya hu" Vikrant asked moving towards his bed and then sat beside him


"is time to tumhare alawa aur kaun aa sakta hai" he replied


"aur ab tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai"


"meri tabiyat to bilkul theek hai bas jarasa headache hai thodi der rest karunga to theek ho jayega"


"jhuth mat bolo??? Vikrant ise fever bhi hai" Sunaina said in an angry tone.


"acha to ab tum humse jhuth bhi bolne lage" Vikrant said


"nahi Vikrant aisa nahi hai are ye to pagal hai tumhe pata haina jara Sanaya fever hai jaldi hi theek ho jayega"


"haan haan hume pata hai kaun pagal hai" Vikrant said " acha to ab tum aaram karo hum jaate hai" he added


"haan theek hai aur tum meri chinta mat karna"


"vo to hum vese bhi nahi karte afterall Sunaina jo yahaan hai" Vikrant grinned and then left the room.


Then rajat turned his face towards Sunaina


"jao thodi der tum bhi aaram kar lo mujhe pata hai tum raat bhar soyi nahi" he said with a smile.


"nahi hum theek hai tum chup karke so jao" she said showing a fake anger and then she moved towards him and then with her hand she gently closed his eyes. And she was about to move then rajat opened his eyes and holds her hand.


"kahaan jaa rahi ho please yahaan bedho na" he said giving a very innocent look.


"bolo kya kaam hai" she said sitting there.


"kuch nahi" and then closed his eyes still holding her hand and then placed her hand near his heart and finally went off to sleep.


Sunaina was first shocked at his act but then smiled and moved her one hand on his face with care.




Next day (morning)


Sanaya and Vikrant were sitting on the sofa in living room after few minutes Sunaina also came downstairs


"Good morning guyz" she said with a sweet smile on her face


"Good morning" both replied.


"Rajat ki tabiyat ab kaisi hai" Sanaya asked


"ab theek hai" she answered


"aur uska fever theek hua yaa nahi" Vikrant enquired.


"haan ho gaya ab to vo kabhi udh sakta hai aur fir se ladai chalu kar sakta hai" she said.


Then a voice comes




all three turned their faces and saw Mr. Rajat standing there


"good morning" all three replied and started laughing.


"Why you guyz are laughing" he asked


"kuch nahi tum baitho me abhi aati hu" Sanaya said and stood up to leave


" par jaa kahaan rahi ho" Vikrant asked


"coffee banana"she replied




she left the room for kitchen


"Vikrant mom kahaan hai"


"mom temple gayi hai tere liye pooja karne"


"iske liye pooja karne ki kya jarurat hai ise bhala kya hoga" Sunaina said


"haan haan tabhi tum mere jaane ke baad jor jor se ro rahi thi haina" Vikrant said in teasing tone


"hum??. Hum kahaan ??.ro rahe the"she said hesitatingly


"Sunaina tum ro rahi thi" rajat asked with a surprise.


"nahi to hum nahi ro rahe the ye to pagal hai kuch bhi bolta hai"


Vikrant opened his mouth to say something but the Sanaya came there holding a tray with cups. She placed it on the table


"to kiski baat ho rahi thi"


"kisi ki nahi di aap coffee serve karo na"


Sanaya served coffee to them and then sat on the sofa


"kaisi lagi coffee" she asked in a excited tone.


"haan theek hai aur vese bhi ek yahi cheez hai jo tumhe banana aati hai nahi to tum sirf khane ka hi kaam karti ho"Vikrant  said.


"haan haan tumhe to humari banayi hui cheez kabhi pasand nahi aati" she said giving a angry look to her


"ab jo sach hai vahi to kahaa jaise ek sach ye bhi hai kit um kha kha kar moti ho rahi ho"


"acha to hum mote hai tum ruko tumhe to hum zinda nahi chodenge"


"ye dono fir shuru ho gaye" Rajat and Sunaina said together.


On the other hand Vikrant was running in whole house to save himself from Sanaya wahile Sanaya picked up a flower vas to hit him. When Vikrant didn't find any other place to run he turned towards door but then his mother entered the door so he hide himself behind her. When Sanaya saw Mrs Roy she placed the vas on the table.


"ye sab kya ho raha hai" she asked


"maa kuch nahi ye mujhe marna chahti hai"


"nahi aunty isne pehle mujhe moti kahaa"


"ab maa apnhi ne to sikhaya hai ki humesha sach bolo to meine sach hi to bola"


"aunty aap hi bataiye kya me moti hu" Sanaya asked making a innocent face


"nahi beta tum to bilkul fit ho"


"are maa aapne apna chasma nahi lagaya isiliye aisa keh rahi hai nahi to aap bhi mera saath deti"


"jaao hume tumse baat nahi karni" she got angry and then went and sat on the sofa again


"naraz kar diya na use ab jaa aur jaakar mana" Mrs Roy  said


Vikrant went there and sat down on his knees




she turned her face to other side. Vikrant also moved to that side




she again turned her face


Vikrant started doing push ups


Sanaya controlled her smile and showed fake anger.


" di maaf kar dona" Sunaina said


"haan Sanaya maaf kar dona"rajat also said.


Sanaya looked at Vikrant and then smiled


"maan gayi?.."said with joy


"uffo ye ladkiyaan bhi naa jane kya kya karwati hai" rajat murmured


"tumne kuch kaha" Sunaina asked


"nahi to"


"nahi tumne kuch kahaa ladkiyon se related"


"haan kahaa to"


"to kyat um humare bare me aise kaise bol sakte ho"


"are jo sach hai so bol diya usme kya galat hai"


Sanaya and Vikrant looked at each other


"inka kuch nahi ho sakta" both said together


"chalo chal kar breakfast kar lo baaki ladai uske baad" Vikrant said to stop their fight


Sunaina stood up in anger and then went to the dinning hall. Rajat also stood up and sat in front of her and gave a angry look same look was from her side.


Mrs Roy came out from the kitchen holding a plate of aloo paratha Sunaina's favorite. But as she looked at their faces she understood that something was wrong


"kya hua tum don one fir jhagda kiya"


"aunty meine nahi isne kiya" pointing towards rajat


"kyon Rajat kyon pareshan karta hai use tu kames kam ab to use pareshan karna band karde" she hits him on his head.


"maa meine kya kiya me to bas yahi keh raha tha ki ladkiyan kitne nakhre karti hai"


"vo job hi chal sorry bol"


"nahi me nahi bolunga"


"are kyon nahi bolega ab galti teri hai to tuhi to bolega"


"sorry" said flatly


"its ok" she also replied flatly


after having their breakfast Sanaya  and Sunaina leaves


"Vikrant chal jaldi se tayar ho ja nahi to aaj hum dono college ke liye late ho jayenge" rajat said




at their college canteen


all four were sitting there and talking then Miley cyrus also joined them


Miley is Sunaina and Sanaya neighbour and their good friend


"hi guyz"


all four replied




"he guyz tum logo ko pata hai kal kya hua"


"kya hua" Sanaya asked


"are yaar vo rajat hai na aur rockstar vo gaa raha tha aur tabhi wahaan aag lag gayi aur vo behosh ho gaya" she said


"kya baat kar rahi hai yaar" all four trying to control their smile


"haan yaar?.. I wish vo theek ho"


"yaa hum bhi yahi pray karte hai ki vo theek ho" all looked at rajat and rajat was trying hide his face to protect him from their gaze.


"ok guyz me chalti hu lecture ka time ho gaya" miley said and left


as she turned all four started laughing like mad then Sunaina controlled herself and stood up


"ok guyz me bhi chalti hu aur Sanaya tumhe lecture attend nahi karna kya"


"yaa guyz see you after this lecture"


"ok ?. We will be waiting for both of you here in the canteen only ok"




Sanaya & Sunaina made their way to their classroom. Sanaya was in different class so she went there and Sunaina moved towards her classroom but then in her way someone came and stood in front of Sunaina


Raghav (one more boy from India but is a bad guy)


"raghav mere raste se hato"


"raste se hatna hota to hum raste me aate hi nahi"


"me akhiri baar keh rahi hu mera rasta chodo"


"nahi choda to"


she raised her hand to slap him but he holds her hand


"mera haath chodo"


"me to kitni koshish kar raha hu par chut hi nahi raha"


on the other hand in the canteen


"yaar ye sab ho kya raha hai wahaan bahar itni bheed kyon hai"Vikrant asked


"are yaar koi nayi ladki aayi hogi" rajat replied in casual tone


"are yaar ladki aayi hoti to wahaan sirf ladke hote ladkiyaan nahi"


"to chal chal kar dekh lete hai"




Sanaya was going towards her classroom then she remembered that she forgot to take her notebook from Sunaina. So she also came back. When she was coming she saw the crowd


"ab ye sab kya hai"


she moves there and saw that raghav was holding Sunaina's hand and she was trying her level best to get free. Then a solid voice came from backside


"haath chodo uska"


everyone turned Rajat was standing there Vikrant found Sanaya standing there and made his way to that side


"hi babes"




"kya kar rahi ho"


"maze le rahi hu"


"can I also join you"


"yaa sure why not????. Vikrant I think you should stop him yaar vo nahi jaanta usne kis se panga liya hai"


"kise roku Rajat ko yaa Raghav ko"


"of course Raghav ko vo yahaan naya aaya hai???.. yaar use pata nahi hai usne kitni badi galti ki hai "


"sahi kahaa use is college me chedne ko mili bhi to kaun Sunaina ?????..Rajat ki FIANCEE"



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deepthis IF-Rockerz

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wow gr8 oneStarStar
too goodClapClap
loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
update soonTongue

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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superb update.very sweet part.

thanks for updating and for the pm.

continue soon dear.

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