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Thursday - 23rd July 2009 
Thiru holds onto DG's hand and asks for his permission to get married to vaathu.  He says he wanted to get married to Vaathu but so many things happened in between.  He consented to wed Sophia also for kasturi's sake.  DG says he understands Thiru's position.  He was angry at first but when vaathu explained to him his regard for gander became more.  DG continues he would be the happiest person if vaathu consents for the wedding and lives happily ever after ( DG engaLa vidavaa... ungalukku theriyaadhu Jagduva evvalavu pEru thoratharOmnu )  vaathu comes home and DG asks her to decide quickly, so that their wedding can take place ASAP.  This lady looks on - supposed to be thinking and refuses.  She thought one wedding in her life was itself too much.  All of them brainwashed her and made her do another trip to the altar and it failed.  It looks like a drama.  Gander tries blaming fate and tries convincing her.  Vaathu says Sandhya and her dad would be mad at him, Thiru  says that Kavya will not get a mommy through Sophia although she might be a good wife to him.  DG also convinces her.    Emotional blackmail works again ! ( emotionless face - wonder how this female can do it. grrr...)   accepts to go by DG' s wishes.  DG and Thiru elated, decide to have the wedding in VMPatti temple itself.  Thiru leaves to do the arrangements - wedding fixed for tomorrow.
Sandhya and Soma make a trip to Thiru's house in Chennai.  The house is locked, both of them proceed to VMPatti because Soma says he knows where Thiru would be.  Gander and vaathu sitting in front of the agni, ready to get into the wedlock.    Bharath, Mangai, DG are all very happy.  The thaali is sent around for aasirwadhams.  Gander and vaathu finally get married.  ( I thought the thaali will be snatched by Soma and Sandhya..thank god for small mercies)  Both of them get blessings from DG who blesses her to live happily ever after, requests maapillai to take care of her.  Bharath also wishes and Kavya calls her mommy. 
DG comes home with the newly weds, and requests the neighbour to bring the aarathi.  Sandhya and Soma arrive... both of them shocked and give a villainous look.. thiru glares on... Soma asks if he thinks that they are ilichavaayans (yow... hello...appo naanga ellaam enna ?)  Sandhya blames Thiru for spoiling her sister's life.  What will happen to her sister's life when her wedding is stopped at the altar.  DG says why she didnt think about it when she stopped his daughter's wedding.  Soma is sent out by the villagers.. Ei paarthukkaren unna he savaal vittufies...  aarathi taken and DG says inimel ellaam nalladha nadakkum...
Sandhya and Soma return home to the darling daughter Sophia who asks for Thiru.  Both S & S ask her to forget him, to erase him out of her mind ( manasu enna blackboardaa ? -- enna kanraaviyO)..
hopefully i write subham tomorrow...  : pray: ende bhagavaney !

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Update - Friday  24th July 2009 - all our headwriting ! sigh ! 
Continues from  yesterday, Sophia asks for Thiru, Sandhya asks her to erase Thiru's thoughts from her mind because he has got married to Kasthuri, they just saw them wed.  Soma says she should be brave now that Thiru  is kuppai will get  a better maappillai.  Sophia thinks that  Gander  is the chosen one for her, no other choice, she must get what she wants - runs to her room.. The stupid loving sister sandhya follows her to the room and tells Sophia that she should be brave now, she is just out of a big pOraattam...  dont take any stupid decisions.  Sophia tells her not to worry, that she will not die for that stupid Gander.    Sandhya consoles Sophia - it is not always we get what we want in life - there might be better things to come ! (aamaam enga kitta sollu - romba thEvai - naangalum the end pOduveenganu evvalavu vEndikittu irukkOm ) Think of Christ she says, Sophia sobs that she got cheated.
Vaathu, Gander, DG, the neighbours all come and stand infront of Vaathu's mom's photo.. vaathu asks for the photo's aasirwadhams..  The neighbour lady asks her to take the maapillai to the chair there, that she will bring paal and pazham.  Gander says they will leave in a few hours... DG persuades them to stay overnight and leave in the morning.  Gander says that Kavya has gone with Bharath, Vaathu says Mangai will take good care of Kavya, Gander laments about staying away from Kavya, Vaathu assures that   kavya will be back that evening, mangai has been directed so.
Sandhya and  Soma  with all villainy written on their face.  Soma promises to bring a better groom for his daughter darling and get her married in the next muhurtam itself.  Vaathu is all decked up and pushed into a room by her athai where gander is waiting .  Gander talks about his love for Simi and kavya, suddenly feels it is the wrong time to talk about his  1st wife.  Vaathu being vaathu says it is ok and she can understand his love for his wife and child.  It will take a long time for her to reach that height.  (dei.. appo avvalavu naaL javvu... thaangaathungada... vaaNaam engaLa vittru.. illa azhudhuduvEn.)   Thiru says appadi illa Simi...sorry kasturi... kavya calls mummy and comes into the room, athai stops her, but kavya refuses and kasthuri says kavya  will stay with her.. kavya sleeps on kasturi's lap.  DG asks his sister to bring Kavya for she must be asleep now.  Athai does as per her brother's wish.  Thiru and Kasturi are left alone, Vaathu feels for kavya says that she will search for her when she wakes up.  Gander says that there is a way out, if she has a sibling she will leave them along, Vaathu refuses wants to pour all her love only on Kavya.  Gander says kasturi will share her love equally that there would be no problem.
Sandhya walking around the house and finds Sophia hanging.  Soma rushes to find Sophia hanging.  Sandhya starts crying and Soma is villain personified.  Sophia kadhai finished... (thankyou aandavaa for no oppaaris - we cant stand oppari :pray: )
Gander feels kasturi will share all her love amongst 100 children equally ( adhu seri... India's population problem begins and ends with you ...) Vaathu laughs and I dont know how to explain that expression if you would call it... ( ada... adhu shy lookaam pa ) Thiru's handphone rings and he is wondering who is this karadi now.  Picks up the call and finds it to be Soma who tells him the good news of Sophia's suicide.  Goes on with how can you have santhimuhurtham when we are mourning for my daughter... (idhu enngangada...avan veetila kalyanam... un veetula karumadhi.. how can you switch places..grr...) Gander is shocked... as usual Soma says that he will see him one hand, Sophia orEdiya pOitta... nee thudichi thudichi saaga pOradaa... naan yaarunu unakku kaattaren da... Sandhya's face also turns red... vaathu enquires as to who it was, first Thiru refuses to share the news after persuasion by vaathu  says that Sophia committed suicide.    Vaathu's face is supposed to wear a shocked look, we are to understand.  Thiru says it is not their fault, she took a wrong decision... naan ellaathayum paarthukaren, nee pO.... Soma's words ring in his ears !
Roja your turn next....thodarum...

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Monday 27/7/09 archives copy

Soma is pacing the floor - "Thiru kku savaal vittachu..enna
pannalaam??" Sandhya wants to know if they can make a
police complaint. Soma says that Sophia did not leave a
suicidal note - " if only she had written a note saying that
Thiru is the reason behind herdeath ..." Sandhya says that they still
can do it but Soma has other plans -" I was a villain, changed
colors because of u both..but now i am back to being a villain -
will kill that Thiru, he can go to Sophia and live with her there.."

Vaathu - DG is happy that his vaathu at last found a nice hubby.
Thiru has gone out. Vaathu does not tell any thing to DG - but tells
athai that Sophia died -"avar poi visarichu ttu vara poi irukkar."
Athai says that Thiru need not have gone now - vaathu says that
even she did not want him to go..but... Athai says that Soma and Co
will be very angry with Thiru - "avarukku yethanum aagitta.."
Vaathu cries and says that she is praying -'that is all that I can do..'
Athai pacifies.

Thiru, the gander kula thilakan comes to see Soma - uh huh, are
u mad?? -
Soma angrily tries to kill Thiru but Sandhya stops
him -" i know how to punish this guy.." Thiru explains that he
is not responsible for Sophia's death -"came to offer condolences "
(athu sari ... Rojaaaaa enna ma nick kuduthe dee nee -
 gander kula thilakn thaan !!!)
Soma jumps some more - Sandhya
says that they wont let him live in peace... Thiru does thiru thiru..

Vaathu in the temple - appealing to God - asking God to give the
mental stamina for Thiru - "to improve his business.. and a good life.."
prays for Thiru's peace of mind... priest brings the deepa aarathani
thattu, bingo... the light dies....Vaathu cries soem more ( yeey, camphor
theernthu poi irukkum..)
Priest again does a deeparathani.  Vaathu is
crying..a lady comes and says that there is a saamiyaar amma who
gives arul vaakku - ' go and ask her, all your kashtam will be gone.."
(paazha pochu, ithu enge ippo mudiya porathu?? saamiyaar amma...JAGDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
Saamiyaar amma asks her to go to some temple - for 12 weeks -
"your thaali is getti,nothing will happen to your hubby, but kashtam
innum konja naa irukkum.." Vaathu turns... sees some thing....


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Tuesday - July 28 Update By our Porumai Bhooshanam Patsy -
 Eswaraaaa, eppo da Vidimoksham???
Samiyar Amma blesses Kasthuri and tells her everything will be alright.  Kasthuri gets out and is shocked to see Jothi praying outside.  Kasthuri goes to her and calls out 'attai'.  Jothi turns around and looks at Kasthuri with anger and gets more angry and shocked (I think!) seeing the 'Thaali".  Kasthuri tells her she and Thiru got married just as Masil wanted and wants Jothi to bless her.  Kasthuri falls at her feet to seek blessing but Jothi moves away and when Kasthuri gets up, she tells her that if she got married with everyone's blessing then it would be a happy onebut she has sent her beloved son to jail and got married.  Kasthuri tells Jothi, Ram went to jail because he murdered Rekha but Jothi doesnot believe and says Kasthuri put him in jail so that she could marry Thiru.  She tells Kasthuri her son would never be a killer.  She tells it is because of Kasthuri, she is now an orphan and  tells Kasthuri God is watching everything and Kasthuri will pay for her sins and walks away.
Sandhya prays at her sister, Sophia's photo.  Some comes there, looks ather daughter and takes his cella and calls a guy named Mohan.  He asks Mohan to hurry and come see him ashe has something for him.  Mohan assures he is on the way and will be there shortly.  A priest comes and tells Sandhya that a memorial serive for the deceased Sophia will be arranged for Sunday morning mass.  Sandhya tells the priest to go ahead but Soma stops him saying he has somethings to be taken care of before a memorial service can take place.  Soma tells priest to wait until he gives the go ahead.  Mohan comes in and Soma gives him Thiru's photo and tells him to finish him off.  Mohan says he knows Thiru as he was the one who kidnapped Kavya earlier.  Sandhya just listens to the conversation between the two men.  Soma wants Mohan to complete his job soon and call him back.  After Mohan leaves, Sandhya asks Soma why he had postponed the memorial service.  Soma says for Sophia's soul to be in peace, Thiru has to go to her andheis arranging for Thiru's departure.  Sandhya looks at him for a few minutes and leaves.  Soma thinks hard.
Mangai in the back yard reading.  Sindha comes there and gives her some mild.  Mangai refuses but mother tells her to drink so Mangai accepts.  Sindha tells Mangai she wants to arrange for "Vallaikappu" for Mangai as it will soon be 7 months.  Mangai tells her mother it is not necessary as it would be an extra expense and a burden to her husband.  SIndha insists that they do a simple ceremony and wants Mangai to talk to Bharath.  Mangai finally agrees.  Sindha then asks why Jayanthi has not come home the last two months.  Mangai says Jayanthi could be busy as she has just joined a new company and it would be dificult to take off.  Sindha is not convinced and says Jayanthi could come back during the weekends and says when hte "Vallaikappu" is arranged, Jayanthi will have to come back and leaves.  Mangai calls Jayanthi's cell.  Jayanthi sees the number and hesitates to answer but does so after a new rings.  Mangai tells about her mother's wish for the "Vallaikappu" and wants Jayanthi to come back.  Jayanthi says she is vry busy at work and will try to come back for the function and hangs up.  The landlord's daughter sees Jayanthi upset and asks her what is wrong.  Jayanthi says something about 'love' and its repercussions and tells her to be careful and leaves.  The girl is confused.
Kasthuri in bed with Kavya.  Kasthuri thinks about the incident at the temple.  Outside, Vishu is waiting and his sister asks him why he has not gone to bed.  Vishu angrily says that he is waiting for maapillai.  He asks where has be gone and why is he late returning.  He knocks on Kasthuri's door and asks her where Thiru has gone.  Kasthuri tries to tell him but he stops her saying he is going to wait until he returns and ask him where he went.  Thiru returns and Vasu approaches him.  THODARUM.

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Wednesday 30/7/09 - Patsy
Continues from yesterday.  Vishu goes to Thiru and when Thiru asks if anything is wrong, Vishu makes a 360% turn and calls Kasthuri and her aunt and tells them that Maapillai has returned and to take him in and serve him dinner.  Attai tells Thiru that is is not good for him to go out and return late as he just got married.  Vishu says no one said that and Thiru can go out and return late as he has business to take care of.  Both Kasthuri and her aunt smile and Kasthuri asks Thiru to come inside.  Attai gives a cup of coffee for Thiru to Kasthuri and asks if there is any problem as Thiru looked worried and did not eat properly.  Kasthuri tells her no problems and everything is okay.   Kasthuri gives coffee to Thiru and tells him no to worry  as everything will be find.  Thiru tells Kasthuri he did not expect Soma and Sandhya to behave harshly towards him as he only went there to convey his condolenses.  Kasthuri tells him, both Soma and Sandya are very sad over Sandhya's death and hence behaved so.
Kasthuri tells Thiru about meeting Jothi at the temple and how Jothi accused her of planning her son's arrest.  Thiru says no mother will believe her son is a murderer.  Kasthuri wants to return all of Masil's property back to Jothi (I thought Kasthuri had given everything she had to some orphanage!).  Thir tells Kasthuri to do as she wishes and tells her he is planning to go to Hydrabad about a new project and wants Kasthurito help him with running the business.  Kasthuri declines saying she only wants to take care of Kavya and the family. 
Bharath getting ready to go to work and Mangai tells him to eat first.  Bharath says he has to be early at work as they are launching some new machinery.  Just as he is leaving, Mangai tells him about her mother's plan to have her "valaikappu" and that she had said no.  Bharath asks why and Mangai tells him that is would be expensive and they don't need that kind of espense.  Bharath tells her it is okay and that it should be done grandly at the community hall.  Mangai disagrees and says to do the function in their house as it would be cheaper.  She also tells Bharath to bring Jayanthi back for the function.  Bharath tells her it may not be possible because she has just started a new job.  Mangai insists that Jayanthi come or else she would not agree for the function to he held.  Bharath tells her they will talk when he returns and leave for work.
Thiru, Kasthuri and Kavya tell Vishu they are returning to Madras.  Vishu wants them to stay longer but Thiru tells him, they have to enroll Kavya back in school and he has to go to Hydrabad about his business.  They take leave and get into the car.  A jeep waits in a corner and follow hte car when it leaves.  On the way, the car stops and driver gets out to check the engine. Thiru too gets out to see what is wrong.  The jeep following them stops and Mohan, Soma's henchman and another guy (looks like caveman to me!) get out and take out a kitchen knive each and walk toward Thiru.  Mohan says this is the best opportunity to kill Thiru and the walk towards the car.  Suddenly a police jeep cut accross and two policemanget down and talk to Thiru and the driver.  Mohan and his friend stop and get back to their jeep.  Thiru's car is repaired and they get on their way followed by Mohan's jeep.  Thiru's car enters the city limits and Mohan tells him friend they should not do anything to Thiru in the city as they might get caught and says that Thiru will die in his hands soon enough.  THODARUM.

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Thursday  30th July 2009 Updates
Kasturi sitting on the bed and thinking of what Jothi told her...  Thiru tells Kasturi to ask her father to shift in with them, but Vishu refused says kasturi.  Thiru  should leave for Hyderabad shortly on business.  All of them can go, is gander's idea but Kasturi does not want Kavya to miss school.  She asks Thiru to go and that she will get Kavya admitted.  Thiru goes out to see a client, tells Kasturi to give Masu maama's property papers to Jothi  after he returns. 
Jayanthi and Bharath in conversation.  Jayanthi talks high about her sister, feels that this is the first function without her presence.  Bharath passes the message that Mangai does not want the vaLaikaappu without her sis, Jayanthi wants Bharath to convince Mangai.  She cries thinking about her love who died and the fate...
Jothi sitting in front of Maasu mama's photo and crying.  In comes Kasturi, calling her athai and joins in the oppari.  Jothi blames Kasturi for sending her darling son to prison.. Kasturi says she is not responsible but his own doing.  Jothi cries some more thinking of her son... promises to die before her son is hung.  kasturi is driven out of the house by Jothi.     Vaathu being vaathu says she would come back like a  mad woman back to her because of her love.  Jothi tells if her love was true then she would not have sent Ram to the prison.  ( ada aandavaa... ivalukku brain vekka marandhuttiyaa?)  Vaathu asks back, you are blinded by pillai paasam - Ram panna thappukku naan prisonkku pOnEnE, why you didnt say the same thing then?  Jothi is speechless, vaathu says you dont have any anuthaabam on  me because i was a vaazhaavetti d-i-l in ur house but Ram is your son.  Gives the property papers saying the sothu she had being MM died.  Now Jothi  can have all these material sothu.  Jothi gives back the papers to kasturi saying she would need them for she is newly wed. kasturi continues saying she never cheated anyone but was cheated instead, doesnt want the property, leaves the papers in front of masu maama's photo and leaves sobbing.  Jothi continues the sobbing sitting in from of MM's photo...
Mangai tying flowers sitting on the thiNNai..her mom comes with the calendar to fix a date for the vaLaikaappu.  Mangai wants it to be done in a simple way but her mom wants it to be grand.  Says Friday is auspicious and tell maapillai about it.  Mangai wants Bharat who had come early to take her to the temple for she wants to talk something important.
Outside a temple Thiru on the phone asking for details from someone regarding a tender.   Kasturi comes and asks for Kavya.  Kavya is seen playing happily with some kids.  Thiru wants to take Kasturi and Kavya to Singapore after his return from Hyderabad.  The work would start after three months only.  Kasturi wants to know why Singapore?  Thiru feels like visiting singapore and show Kasturi to see all those places he spent with kavya and simi.  also feels that kavya would feel like being with her mother - simi.. vaathu grins... ( and i am grrr....)
indha kashtam naaLaiyum thodarum....

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Friday - update 31st July 2009
Scene continues from yesterday.  kavya playing outside the temple and gander keeps on ranting to vaathu  about his life with Simi.   (unakku budhdhiyE kedayaadhaa... why talk about your 1st wife to your 2nd...grr..) 30 years la vaazhavENdiya vaazhkkai 3 years la vaazhndhOm (kaNakku idikkala- wasnt the kid schooling when her mom died!!)   and continues saying he is reminded so much of Simi these days (unakkum one way ticketaa??)  vaathu intervenes and says she would feel sad only if he doesnt think about Simi ( unakku vaadhaadinen paaru... enna sollaNum)  Thiru wants to go to Singapore and visit Simi's grave before begining his life with Kasthuri.   Vaathu says husbands like him are God  given gift and she cannot be like Simi.  Kasthuri wants God to add her lifetime to his.  Thiru stops her blabber and goes on that he has as muh love he had for Simi when she adopted Kavya to be hers.  This lady as usual stands emotionless with glycerine induced tears in her eyes- ( ungaLukku enna thOnudhO adha pOttukunga nu solra maadhri irukku !)   Both of them decide they have given us enough gyaan and leave with kavya. 
Soma in conference with Mohan.  Mohan says he wanted to finish him off  but he wasnt able to.  Asks Soma if he can do the task in Hyderabad.  Soma says the police will decipher that it was someone from here, wants to give an idea to Mohan.  People must think he has gone to Hyderabad but he must go missing and die.. muted dialogues between Soma and Mohan.  Sandhya watches all this pondering. Soma  concludes avan thudithudichu saagaNum.
Thiru plans to leave Kasthuri and Kavya at DG's place when he is away in Hyderabad for safety reasons.  Kasthuri accepts and says her dad would be happy to see Kavya, Thiru says Kasthuri is definitely happy to spend time with her dad immaterial of what kavya feels.  DG is very happy to see the gander family... calls vasuki - his sister.  athai wants to get arathi because it is the first time after marriage that they are visiting.  Kasthuri stops her and says Thiru doesnt like it.  DG asks about the school admission and Kasthuri says it is already 5 months since the school reopened so they would admit Kavya only next year, she would be the teacher until then.  Thiru mouths a senti dialogue " mothers are the first teachers for any child"  (Vaathu and Kavya  could have piled on with Thiru to hyderabad then - right?)    Athai says tiffin is ready, they can have.  Kasthuri says they have had breakfast already.  Bharat visits them.  After initial kusalams, Kasturi enquires about Mangai.  Says she would stay here for sometime and Bharat can bring her.  Vichu says Bharat can stay overnight but he refuses saying he will leave after lunch because Mangai would be waiting for him.
Thiru wants Bharat to join as partner in business.  Bharat says he would do anything for Kasthuri but he cannot leave the village now.  Mangai is pregnant and her uterus is weak so he would like to take care of his wife.  Thiru and Kasthuri are overjoyed.  Bharat says it is kasthuri's turn next - kasthuri again confirms that Kavya would be their only kid.  The ganders are happy to hear this.
Ram in the prison.  Background sounds the Judgement where the police is praised for finding out the real culprit in Rekha murder case and Ram is granted "thookku dhandanai" by the court.  He  is taken to the gallows by the policeman.   A judge, doctor and an inspector witness his getting ready for the noose.   The scene freezes on the guy pulling the trap door.
thodarum....  dream on until Monday people  -  RP would come and tell who dreamt it....

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