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Monday 13/7/09

Creep's office - the new girl comes to her seat and finds a
letter with a rose stuck to it . Reads the note " Do not think that
the rose has thorns. Be happy that amidst the thorns there is
a rose" - wonders who could have done that ( aamaa ithukku
Sherlock Holmes varanumaa?? Creep  velai thaan )
calls her and talks rubbish - finally quotes what is written in
the "love letter " uh huh - Now Vidya "catch my point a la Kamal
of MMKR "
Creep goes on to ask if she has an athai or maaman
magan tucked away some where. Vidys says that she does not
and even if she had , she is against marrying a relative. Creep
smiles - u lecher uh huh - makes sure that she has a " To Let"
board hanging. Creep asks her to meet him in the evening -
"Office time le personal vishayam vendam..evening..what say?"
Vidya agrees.

Mangai is pacing - restless - mommy confronts but Mangai
shuts her up. Bharath gander comes and gets to know that
Mangai is upset. Well, she tells Bharath that she knows the whole
thing and demands to know why Bharath lied to her. Bharath says
that he wanted to tie all the ends and inform her. Mangai says that
she thinks of him as "Uthama Purushan" and any breach of trust
is unacceptable.

Kavya has a dream - that some police people take Vaathu away from
her. Vaathu promises that she would never leave Kavya ( athu sari,
intha scene ippo ethukku??? Mottai thatthan kuttai le vizhunthann nnu??
Rojaaaaaaaa unakku intha serial le bakki ellam puriyarathaa?/
Up date pannittu pOindeee iru, ok??? Un thollai sagikka mudiyalai -
unnai kondu pOi muthalle EK  kitte vidanum uh huh )
Well,  Loosu
Sophia has become normal. Soma and Sandhya are overjoyed. Finally
daddy gets introduced to daughter no 2 - paasa scene , uh huh - and
Sandhya categorically announces "Unakkum Thiru kkum Friday Kalyaanam"
Sophia is elated. Sandhya meets the Commissioner - all muted talks.
The CD s are handed over.....


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July 14 (Tues):  Up date By Patsy

Ram in his office all tensed and seems to be waiting for someone.  The new girl Divya comes in and says she cold not concentrate on her work as she was thinking about what Ram wants to talk with her.  Ram tells her, he likes her very much and if she feels the same.  Divya says she likes him alot as he is fun to be with.  Ram is very happy and asks if she is serious.  Divya says she also likes her pet dog very much.  Ram is taken aback and Divya apologizes she just said it as a statement and did not mean to inslt him.  Ram tells her he wants to marry her.  Divya says how can she marry him as he is her boss and she is from a simple family.  Ram says that is not a problem at all.  Ram says his wife Rekha did not treat him like a husband nor a human being and now she is no more.  Divya quickly asks about his wife before Rekha.  Ram says there is not much difference between Rekha and Kasthuri.  He says Kasthuri is an uneducated idiot whereas Rekha is an educated one.  Divya wants sometime to think over and Ram says ok and she leaves.  After she leaves, Ram is very pleased with himself because he is a very lucky person and everything he wants he gets.
Ram still in his office and he gets a call from Sandhya who asks for his whereabouts.  He tells her he is in the office and Sandhya wants him to stay there and she will come in 10 minutes.  Ram says he is leaving for home so Sandya tells him she will meet him at his house.  Ram thinks Sandhya wants to see him to make a deal now that her sister is dead and that Thiru-Sophia wedding is off.  Ram is in the house looking at some files.  Radha comes there and Ram tells her he is leaving for the office but Radha tells him to wait as she had asked their lawyer to come there.  Radha tells Ram she wants to transfer all property to Ram's name so that everything can go smoothly and he does not have to wait for her signature on everything and this is delaying their running of the office.  Ram pretends to be sad and refuses saying all she needs is to give him signing authority but Radha says he is her 'Son' now and she has made up her mind to transfer everything to him.  She tells him to wait while she sends Santosh to the maid.  Ram is even more happy that he willnow be in control of all property and asks the lawyer to hurry before Radha changes her mind.
Ram is waiting and the police jeep arives at his house.  Sandhya and four constables get down and enter.  Ram sees this and is surprised.  Radha too comes there and asks the reason for her arrival.  Sandhya tells her she is there to arrest the actal person who murdered Rekha.  Radha is shocked and asks they have arrested Kasthuri for the same crime and doesn't understand why she is there.  Sandhya tells her that Kasthuri was arrested on suspicion and now they have enough witnesses and evidence to arrest the real murderer.  Sandhya tells Radha that Ram murdered Rekha and she has all evidence.  Ram tells Radha not to believe Sandhya as she is trying to frame him.  Sandhya tells Radha, Ram had even hired and paid a lawyer $1 lakh to defend him because he knows he is giuilty and that lawyer had turned him down after watching the CD.  Sandhya gives the CD to Radha and tells her to watch it and see for her self.  Ram tells her not to believe anything as it is all a set up.  Ram asks Sandya why she is doing this.  Sandhya tells him it was all a police tactic to catch the real culprit.  Radha comes down with a solem face.  Ram goes to her and tells her not to believe anything as he is innocent.  Radha takes out a gun and points at a shocked Ram.  THODARUM.

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Wednesday - 15/7/09

Patsy ......CryCry

Radha raises the gun at creep -Sandhya tries to stop but Radha
mommy is all keyed up -" have to kill him with my own hands,do
not stop me..apram i will kill myself.."  Looks like Sandhya wants
to see creep begging for life - like all of us - creep begs for his life
and Radha advances... well in the  last minute Sandhya stops the
tamasha .. creep tries to flee but the police stop him... he manhandles
them.. Sandhya slaps him.... drama is over folks...

Court - for all the suffering we underwent, the verdict is lukewarm.
Judge chides Sandhya for mishandling (whatttttttttt) - orders
departmental inquiry..Vaathu is released .....Creep is not shown ( uh huh ..)
Vaathu walks out and gets received by daddy gander - Vaathu says
that it is time to go back to VM Patti ( VM Patti folks, get ready for
a celebration..your quack quack queen returns)
Thiru and Ganesh try
to stop her but no.... " I want to swim in my pond..let me go.."
Sandhya comes and apologizes for her act..." To atone, I have resigned
my job ( oh yeah??? sure.... no departmental inquiry?? u are creep
no 2 - all creeps escape?? uh huh..)
Vaathu shakes hands as Sandhya
wishes "may your future be bright, all the best and may all your
dreams come true " - ( yeah sure.... now that both the creeps are out
of the picture...vaathu might live in peace)
Voteof thanks to Thiru and
Ganesh by vaathu - asks Ganesh anna to inform her when he gets
married " naathanaar mucichukku aal ready anna.." "enakku maru
vazhuvu thantha Thiru gander....unga manasu yaarukku varum? blah
blah......." Vaathu leaves with daddy gander.

Time to tie up Mangai - Bharath track - ( hopes Roja hopes - tie up panna
koodiya track aa athu??)
Bharath is sitting at his workshop and recalls
ALL of what Mangai said - about her trust... her knowing everything through
Kala..blah blah... guess it is time for the confession

Vaathu is dropped at her VM Patti pond - she looks around as if it is Switzerland
and Australia rolled in to one - daddy gander expresses surprise... vaathu relives her
old days...( enna da kodumai ithu? Pillaiyaar, thengai, creep coming to girl see
uh huh uh huh )
Vaathu says that she lost her peace of mind - intha oor, manushanga ellarum nimmathiya irukkaanga ..naa thaan inge vittu poi ellathaiyum izanthutten.. - Some village women stop daddy gander and ask about the new vaathu. Before daddy gander replies, Vaathu says that she is a relative.. "Oor suthi pakka vanthen.." Those ladies talk high about Vaathu and her hifi life  at madras. Well Vaathu tells DG that she does not want to be known as the old vaathu.. DG opens the house..vaathu enters ..that same old disgusting BG .. uh huh .. amma photo....some crying....DG lends crying support ..... "mommyyyy, I am back.... well folks Vaathu is back to where she belongs....
inimel DG will ride the bullock cart and vaathu will do drio drio.....

freeze on old vaathu's face

( Roja runs to her Pooja cupboard - does a shashtaanga namaskaaram.. Amma Madurai Meenakshi, Kanchi Kamakshi.. let this be the last time that we see vaathu's face.. thukkiniyoondu irakkam kaatti engalai intha kodumai le irunthu release pannungaaa )

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EK - I will be relieved of your thollai for three weeks after this!

Update for Thursday, July 16, 2009:

Kasthuri is sitting in front of her house, looking sad as usual.  DG comes up and asks her what's up?  She says she would love to meet her sisters and her brother, but does not know if they will accept her with her new face. 
Talks about how she would love to have her old life back, where she romped freely with her sisters and bro in the village, and DG says that the clock cannot be turned back.  He asks if she has decided what to do, and she says No, but she has given away all the money she earned, plus whatever Masil gave her, to an orphanage.

Bharath and Jayanthi are walking down the road, and B tells J that Mangai knows about her quitting her job and leaving the hostel, thanks to Kala, but she does not know about the pregnancy.  J heaves a sigh of relief.

DG's sister comes to Kasthuri's house, they talk for some time, then K says that she is going to cook for her dad and her athai, and goes to get the vegetables.  Athai asks DG what K is going to do, and he says that he does not know.  He knows it is his duty but he wants to give her some time to recover from the past.

Ram, the creep,  is being bothered by mosquitoes.  Apparently, they are able to bite through his denim jeans (this is new to me, I didn't know mosquitoes could bite through denim!), and he calls the warden and complains about the mosquitoes, so the guy tells him sarcastically that they are going to order a new AC, and when it comes in, he will instal it in Ram's cell.  Ram asks for a mosquito coil, and the warden says that since he killed the woman who came to light the kuthuvilakku in his house, he doesn't deserve the kosuvathi either.  Ram continues to pace in his cell and his cellmate tells him that he will get used to it in time. 

Thiru comes to see Kasthuri and says he really does not want to marry Sophia, but she tells him not to let her down, now that she is recovered from her mental illness.  K says she knows the pain of having the wedding stopped at the last minute, and she doesn't want Sophia to experience it.  DG is listening with a sad expression on his face.

Kasthuri at the temple.  She goes around from deity to deity and a car is shown drawing up at the entrance.  Radha gets down and calls out to Kasthuri.  Kasthuri says, Amma?


eclat, at least you have been spared an oppari scene for tomorrow.

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Continues from yesterday... Radha meets Kasturi at the temple.  Kasturi asks the inevitable.. amma, neenga eppadi inga... Radha says she went home and DG had directed her to the temple. She has come to ask sorry, continues saying Annamalai is a dheergadarisi, that is why he threw Ram out of the house.  (ellaam neram kadandhu puriyudhu..hmmm...)   Kasturi says she is also like her daughter... both Radha and Kasturi give a recap of whatever happened, what a scoundrel Ram has been, how Sandhya misused her power.. Radha asks kasturi why she did not tell the truth to her if she knew all along ( appadi pOdu aruvaaLa)... offeres to speak to Thiru now so that both can get married.  kasthuri tells Radha what a sacrificial goat she has been and is still one... that Sophia would get married to Thiru, that was the condition to get Ram to the abacus school.   Kasturi sports philo dialogue quoting Buddha, Gita and what not !  Radha calls her to take over Rekha's business, Kasturi refuses, saying she does not want to enter the rat race again, that when she was standing like an anaadhai they gave adaikkalam, Radha says true, now the roles are reversed, naan unakkaaga kaathu iruppen... and leaves.
DG goes to meet Sophia..Sophia rightly asks who he is.. DG introduces himself and  extends the begging bowl ... en poNNukku vaazhkkai pichchai.  Explains how this situation came into existence - in short the whole kadhai... how one's vaazhkkai becomes sorgam or naragam... orey touching touching BG ... how kasturi wanted to marry Thiru for Kavya's sake and how she was blamed and put into the prison.  DG is ready to fall on Sophia's feet... Sophia retaliates saying she will not forego her love for anyone, she will not become another vaaththu... that she will not become another Kasturi.  All must become old and die, so she cannot be emotionally blackmailed.  DG accepts defeat and leaves broken hearted.  Sophia glares at him.
A police jeep shown with Ram and another accused on the way to the court.  The other accused wants to attend nature's call and asks the constable to stop somewhere.  Ram tries to escape.  The police shoot him, he makes his escape.    He knocks on Vidya's door... she is surprised to see him... Ram suggests that they get married.   Vidya asks him to surrender to the police... She refuses Ram's suggestion... she says she is not Rekha to get emandhufied and that she is not mad to get married to a killer.  Ram says he is used to all luxuries in life and cannot go back to the prison.  Vidya asks him to reform and already he is married twice.  Ram as usual says  it is the fault of the other two women.  Vidya tells him off.... it cant be two women at mistake but is his fault.  This is the punishment that he got for not taking care of his wife.  That she would never ever get married to him... he killed Rekha... he might do that to her too one day...tells him to get out , for it has been too long that he is here...  Ram gets desparate and holds her by the neck... evvaLavu kolai paNNinaalum thookku oNNu thaan.....  there is a knock on the door...

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Monday 20/7/09 - archives Copy

Starts with creep cootchi cooing with that new girl - who is also a
vaathu but used to swimming in the ocean - tells creep that he
cheated both his wives and killed one -"unnai kalyanam pannikka,
I am not another vaathu !!! I swim in the sea..odi du.." Creep tries to
strangle her ...she has the iron in her hand, probably hot, decides
to press creep's shirt while he is wearing it (wow , some service )
and creep gets heated - literally . His grip loosens and the girl asks
him to scoot "satham pottu oorai kootiduven.... If only Rekha or vaathu
dealt with you like this!!! " creep eases out. VM Patti vaathu is dreaming
of Kavya - how Kavya gave her a tablet for fever - and cries , so what is
new??? Daddy gander comes  - crest fallen after his stint with Sophia -
vaathu probes ,DG lies but vaathu calls his bluff. DG spills - "went and
met Sophia.. I do not have I begged.." Vaathu educates hiim -
" Thiru agreed to marry Sophia only to release me !!! Why this begging?? "
Vaathanadhi talks about life and where happiness lies !!!

DG says that all this philosophy is fine for listening but is not
practical. DG says that he wanted to give a try - "Keeping quiet
is not right and so I tried. But before I met Sophia, I was concerned
about your life but after meeting her, i am worried about Thiru !! Ponna
ava?? arakki mathiri irukka !!" Vaathu cries - sathiyamaa this girl can not
emote - it is kodumai to watch her doing any thing uh huh...

Creep walks in to his house (his ??? Radha mommy's) Radha mommy
is pensive - sees creep and asks casually - " jail le irunthuu thappichi
vanthuttiyaa?? (ennamO office le irunthu varriyaa nnu kekkara mathiri !!)
Creep says that he is on sabatical - "came to tell u some facts about
Rekha's murder " Radha says that he should have sung in the court
but creep is sacrifice personified -"even if the court hangs me, i am not
worried ... I want u to know the truth.." Radha mommy is all ears and
creep goes on " I love Rekha so can i kill her?? Vaathu
killed Rekha..Sandhya wanted Thiru to marry her sister Sophia and so
vaathu sold Thiru to her. In return got herself released !!!" Radha
mommy is moved by creep's confession - "hmm yarai nambarathu nne
theriyalai... I know that you doted on Rekha !" Now creep is happy
that his trick worked - goes on to say that men normally look for a
wife as soon as the wives die -"but I live like a saint after Rekha died !!"
Radha mommy sends him to his room -"rest for some time, u must
be tired.... we will talk about this and  decide the next course of action,
ok??" Creep happily adjourns to his room..

Radha mommy is smart - calls the cops and hands over creep - creep
tries to impress that he is innocent . Radha mommy calls "Vidyaa"
well well , creep's no 3 target walks in. Radha mommy says that she
had a doubt on creep from the beginning -" So i planted Vidya in our
office. You gave her Rekha's chain and wanted to marry a third time !!!
You forced her !!! Now go with your machaans - your MIL's house is
waiting for u with aarathi" Creep is taken by the police. Thiru is reading
a magazine. Sandhya walks in to inform that the wedding will take place
in Mother Thersa Charity home - " we have enough money, so ask what
u want. We will give Sophia every thing ". Thiru says that life is not
business ( apdiyaa??? intha marriage kooda business proposition thaane??)
and he is against dowry. Sandhya apologizes for her act . Kavya comes
calling "daddy" Sandhya is surprised to see her -"we left her at the convent
in OOty? how and when did she come here?" Thiru says that kavya could
not live without him " the convent called me and said that Kavya was crying
through the night...once I heard that, I wanted to get her back. drove for
16 hours and got my daughter back" Sandhya is not happy with this - stares..


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July 21 (Tues):  Update By Patsy

continues from yesterday.  Thiru tells Sandhya he brought his daughter back because she missed him.  Sandhya tells Thiru to be ready for the wedding and leaves.  A policeman and a thug come to see Radha.  Radha tells the policeman that Ram should not come out of jail and should not be in peace even when jailed.  She hires the thug to torture Ram in jail and pays him some money.  She tells him anytime they want more  money they should torture Ram and theywill be paid.  The policeman tells her not to worry and leave.  Radha talks to Rekha's photo saying she cannot bring her back but she can torture the person who killed her.
Soma tells his travel agent to get 2 tickets for Switzerland and wants the best arrangements made for his daughter's honeymoon.  Sophia is very happy to hear this.  Sandhya comes in and tells her father to book 3 tickets.  She tells them Thiru had brought his daughter back from Ooty because she had missed him.  Sophia says she does not want anyone come between her and Thiru.  She tells her father to give Kavya to Kasthuri but Soma says that cannot be done because he does not want any relationship between Thiru and Kasthuri.  Sophia tells them to take care of Kavya because she does not want to be burdened with her.  Soma calms her and tells her he has a plan and everything will be alright.
Thiru tells Kavya he will enroll her into her old school in town.  While talking to her, two men and a lady come there and wnt to talk about Kavya's school.  They introduce themselves as representative of the Lincoln Residency school in Canada - a full boarding school and that Kavya has been accepted.  Thiru tells them he did not apply and they must be mistaken.  They tell him that Sophia had applied and strongly recommend Kavya for that school.  Thiru refuses and tells them he will take care of his daughter's school needs and asks them to leave.
A new inmate is taken to Ram's cell (this guy comes a Archana's brother in TMS).  He enters and sits quietly.  Ram tries to talk to him but in vain.  Ram talks to himself saying maybe the guys is a mute or just wants to be quiet and that he will talk to him later and sleeps.
Sophia on the phone with someone.  Thiru goes to her and tells her the wedding is off.  He tells her off for trying to send Kavya to a boarding school far away.  He says he will not allow anyone to separate him and his daughter.  Sophia says it is for Kavya's own good but Thiru is not ready to listen.  He tells Sophia he agreed to marry her because he thought she would be a good mother for his daughter.  Sophia says it is natural for him to love his daughter but is wrong to expect the same from her.  Thiru tells Sophia if that is the case the wedding is off and leaves.
Sandya tells Sophia she was hasty in telling Thiru about Kavya's school before the wedding.  Sophia says she does not want Kavya to come between her and Thiru.  Sandhya says now Thiru is angry.  Soma says he told Sophia to keep Kavya's school plan a secret until after the wedding but she had been hasty.  Sophia is afraid the wedding will not take place but Sandhya and Soma tell her not to worry as  Thiru can never run away from them.  THODARUM.

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Wednesday (7/22/09)  Update By Patsy
Sandhya meets Thiru and tells him Sophia is a little immature and did not mean what she said about Kavya.  Sandhya says she will make sure Kavya stays with Thiru after the wedding.  Thiru tells her wedding is off for good and he will not marry a woman who wants to make his daughter an orphan.  Sandhya tries to threaten Thiru but he is relentless and tells her to do what she wants and he too is aware of what she can and cannot do. Sandya says the wedding must take place as her sister's life and future depends on it.  Thiru says how come she did not think that when it was Kashturi's wedding.  Sandhya says she does not care about Kasthuri but this is her sister. Thiru says no way but  Sandhya says she will see to it that the wedding takes place and leaves.  Thiru thinks for a minute.
Sandhya is praying to her mothers' photos asking them to bless Sophia.  Soma comes to her and says that this wedding is happening because of her efforts and says everything will be fine and leaves.  A lady comes calling for Vishu.  Kasthuri comes out and the lady gives her house keys and says she is leaving for a wedding and for Kasthuri to give the keys to her daughter.  Kasthuri says ok and takes the keys and hangs it on the wall.  Kasthuri sees a calender dated 7/7/09 and stares at it sadly.  Vishu comes and asks what she is thinking.  Kasthuri says it is Thiru-Sophia wedding day and she wants to go and seethem get married but doesn't know how to.  Vishu tells her no need and Kasthuri says she wants to go to the temple to pray for them  and leaves.
Kasthuri goes to the temple and prays.  She sees a bride and groom coming to the temple with relatives to pray and she looks at them sadly.  After they leave, she prays and turns around and is surprised to see Thiru and Kavya.  She asks Thiru want happened.  Thiru tells her he stopped the wedding and tells her all about Sophia trying to separate him and Kavya.  Kasthuri tells Thiru to leave Kavya with her and she will take care of the little girl so that Thiru can lead a happy life with Sophia but Thiru refuses.  The then tells KAsthuri they need to get married immediately and Kasthuri is stunned.  Thiru asks her to decide and leaves with Kavya.
Ram is asleep, his cell mate cries.  Ram wakes up and asks what is wrong but the man keeps quiet.  Ram asks again but the man just turns around and goes to sleep.  Ram gets fed-up because now he is awake and cannot go to sleep.  THODARUM.

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