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July 1 (Wed):
Kasthuri back in jail.  Thinks about not being able to see Masil for the last time and cries.  Jothi sitting in her house looking at Masil's garlanded picture and cries.  Ram sees this, comes to her and asks her to live with him.  Jothi refuses saying she wants to stay there.  Ram says for her to at least stay with Jayanthi and again Jothi refuses.  She asks him to go and that she will be okay.  Ram leaves.
Thiru meets Kasthuri in jail and tells her his decision to marry Sophia so that Kasthuri will be released.  Kasthuri objects saying it will spoil his and Kavya's future.  Thiru says it is okay he can manager and he wants to marry Sophia for two reasons.  One to release Kasthuri from jail and another to make Ram pay for all his sins especially murdering Rekha.  Kasthuri tells him to think again but Thiru says his mind is made up and leaves Kasthuri who as usual looks at the camera with no expression what so ever.  THODARUM.

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Update for Thursday, July 2, 2009:

Kavya is reading something and Thiru comes in and tells her that Kasthuri is in jail.  He tells her that they have to help her come out of jail.  Kavya wants to know why Kasthuri is in jail.  He tells her that she has to be away from there so that he can take care of certain things, so he is going to send her to a school in Ooty.  She doesn't want to go, but he tells her that it will only be for a few days, and once he is done with his tasks, he will bring her back.  He spouts philosophy at her, saying that they must learn to adapt to their circumstances.  She seems to understand all this philosophy and agrees.

The rascal is reading a newspaper, and his son is sitting on the couch.  Radha comes down, so he hurriedly puts away the paper and wears a sad expression (don't come in front of me, or I will bash your face in!).  He regrets not having been by his father's side at the end.  He blames Kasthuri for Rekha's murder, and when Radha says she deserves this punishment and more, he smirks from behind.  He says that if it were not for Santhosh, he too would have died when Rekha died.  She advises him to be strong and says that ippo thaan neenga concentration pannanum (I guess there is some dish called concentration!).  Radha says she plans to go and meet Sandhya and make sure that Thiru does not get a chance to rescue Kasthuri, but Ram dissuades her and says he is meeting Sandhya regularly.  He will make sure that Kasthuri gets the fitting punishment.  He then goes to his room and gloats in front of Rekha's framed photo. He says that her father kicked him out, now he is gone, she tried to get rid of him, she is gone, and his father supported Kasthuri, now his father is dead and Kasthuri is in jail.  He also tells her that there is a new girl in their office now, and he is going to work on her now and this is disgusting, but he makes a kissy noise and .. Yuck!

Bharath and Thiru are talking about Kasthuri.  T tells B that he has decided to help Kasthuri, so he is going to marry Sophia. Then he will go away from Kasthuri's life altogether, so she can have a life of her own. Idiot, why didn't you read what I have been saying all along, connect Soma and Sandhya and Ram and Sophia. Bharath advises him against it, and tells him to think about it carefully.  He says that they will go to other police officers, the commissioner, or even the Home Minister.  Thiru says that he does not care about his life, so he is going to tell Sandhya tomorrow that he is ready to get married to Sophia.

Sandhya is playing billiards in a ghastly outfit that reminds me of traffic lights.  Thiru tells her that he has decided to marry Sophia, on the condition that Kasthuri is freed first and then he will marry her sister.  She says that she was awaiting this all along but Kasthuri can be released only after certain procedures are done. He insists that he will tie the thali only when Kasthuri is released.  She tells him not to renege on his word once Kasthuri is released, and he says that he doesn't go back on his word.  She says that she has all the evidence needed for Kasthuri's release, and he says that the sooner she gets Kasthuri out, the sooner he will tie the thali around Sophia's neck.  Maybe he did read my message and is pretending to play along with Sandhya, so that Ram can be identified as the murderer, and then Sandhya's role in the cover up will come to light.  The camera freezes on a thoughtful Sandhya.  THODARUM

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Update  - Friday, July 3rd 2009.
Thiru meets kasturi in the prison and tells her of his decision to admit  kavya in  a boarding school in Ooty.   Kasturi feels sad and reminds him that Kavya is an heart patient.  Thiru justifies his action so that the child does not get to see all that would be happening, he cant explain to the child if Sophia comes home after their marriage.  Kasturi makes a request -  if and when she comes out she would like to take care of Kavya.  Sophia can be Thiru's wife but only she can be Kavya's mom !
Somasundaram waiting for someone.  The kadukkann clad Ram meets him and says that if Sophia gets married to Thiru, then Kasturi would be out.  If all that happens he would have to go to the abacus school.  Somasundaram says that all this while Ram being out itself is a great thing.  Ram tries to group Soma into his wrong doings but the shrude Soma says Ram murdered Rekha for his personal gains, and Soma helped Ram murder Annamalai which again was for Ram's personal gain although Annamalai was his arch business rival.   His family is more important to him now... bades bye bye to  a scheming looking Ram.
Insp. Sandhya goes with a tiffin carrier to the mental hospital where Sophia is admitted.  meets the doctor and tells about Thiru marrying Sophia.  The doc says Thiru is a nice man, he had met him once, and he said to do all that  that can be done to cure Sophia.  Also mentions that this marriage cannot be registered because Sophia is mentally unstable.  Sandhya meets Thiru and tells him of the confidence that she has in him.  Thiru gives some agni satchi dialogue and says he will take care of Sophia.  Sandhya is happy.
Kasturi in prison pushing a wheel barrow.  Inspector sandhya comes there and feels bad.  She calls Kasturi and says that she is to be released soon.  As usual Kasturi has a blank look - Sandhya asks if she is not happy going out.  Philo Kasturi says, she did not do anything wrong, so does not make any difference to her.  Sandhya is happy that Thiru is marrying Sophia, she had to do it to cure her sister.  Her intention was not to hurt Kasturi and promises all help to Kasturi when she gets out of the prison.  kastuir asks for Kavya to be under her care because Sophia cant take care of her.  Sandhya wants kasturi to go back to the village, so that she can be out of Thiru;s sight and life.  Kasturi justifies that her look alike face of Simi would heal Kavya - Sandhya refuses to give kavya for the same reason...

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Monday 6/7/09 (for the archives)

Starts with Sandhya talking to Vaathu - "well, i cant let u have Kavya ( athu
kozhandai , not some aadu or maadu or vaathu !!!)
If Kavya is with you
Thiru will come to see her and I can not stop him from visiting his daughter.
I do not want Thiru to have any connection with" Vaathu looks lost
( Roja construes that Vaathu is upset - antha ponnu gives the usual look -
yaarukku enna emotion venumO eduthukkanga ppa...ennale ithaan mudiyum !!)
Sandhya goes on to say that vaathu being in touch with Kavya is not
good for her too -" you cant be alone like this always !! if u choose to find a life
for yourself, then Kavya is an unnecessary baggage !!! And, I can ask you to
keep off Thiru but he may visit you...padichava...purinji nadanthukkO" Vaathu
has the one expression (???!!!) which comes easy.

Mangai is kneading murukku maavu. Mommy goes to buy veggie. Mangai is
in a hurry as Bharath is expected soon for food. Looks for the murukku achu -
It is sitting at the most improbable place !!! To reach that, she uses a kudam
( veet le oru stool kooda irukkathaa??? In real life Roja has never seen any
one using a kudam as a ladder !!)
falls down.... abortion aa??? wait wait, we
will know soon.

Sandhya meets creep. Creep wants her to stop the wedding - " I know that
you will save vaathu. But dont get me to kambi counting. Only if u take me to
the court, I will have problems. What is your price? Leave me alone." Now
Sandhya the Satan quotes the Bible , Geetha and Quoran - " I have misused
my position  for my sister's life. But I  do not lust after money. Surrender yourself
and lessen your punishment..good for all of us.. You have cheated two women.
The only way you can escape the gallows is to bring back Rekha, can u do that??
can not, right? so get ready for abacus training" - leaves. Creep says that she
only investigates murders whereas he committs them ( uh huh... vara vara
ethukkellam people gloat???)

Creep meets Thiru - wants him to call off the wedding -"unga nallathukku
solren, that is my duty" Thiru says that creep is the most duty bound guy on
earth -" oh yes, i know that, but please , keep off my personal life... I can deal
with it" Creep is thoughtful.

Mangai and Bharath - fortunately no abortion. Both hubby and wife share some
nice moment. Mangai says that she waited long only to get a gem like Bharath.
In the courseof their talk, we come to know that she can have only one child.
Jeyanthi arrives to see akka......mommy notices the slight bulge of the tummy..
Jeyanthi , Bharath...thiru thiru ..not gander Thiru... muzhi thiru thiru....


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July 7 (Tues): Update By Patsy

Jayanthi comes for a visit and is welcomed by her family.  Sindha says Jayanthi's belly is bigger than Mangai's who is pregnant.  Mangai says maybe Jayanthi is very happy at the hostel and must like the food there and eats alot.  Everyone laughs except Bharath and Jayanthi.  Sindha then takes Jayanthi inside.  Soma, Sandya and Thiru meet.  Thiru asks Sandhya why she is not releasing Kasthuri from jail.  Sandhya says there are some formalities to be done and she will be out.  Soma tells Thiru about Sandya's friend at Ooty Convent and they have made all arrangements for Kavya to go to school there.  Soma tells Thiru he wants a grand wedding for his daughter but due to Sophia's condition he is unable to do so.  Thiru stops him and says even if Sophia was well, he would not want a grand wedding.  He wants a simple wedding ceremony  at Mother Theresa's orphanage.  Thiru tells Sandya to make arrangements for Kasthuri's release soon and bids farewell.  Soma asks Thiru to call him FIL instead of 'Sir' as he will be his SIL soon.  Thiru leaves without saying anything.  Soma tells Sandhya Thiru is more interested and concerned about Kasthuri's release then his own wedding.  Sandhya tells her father everything will be okay once Kavya is sent to Ooty.
Sindha and Mangai wants to go to the hospital for her check up because Bharath is late  from work.  Sindha tells Jayanthi to tell Bharath and if they are late, to serve food for him.  Soon after they leave, Bharath returns and Jayanthi tells him both Mangai and mother have gone to the hospital.  Jayanthi then tells Bharath, she may not be able to come home or even stay at the ladies'  hostel due to her condition.  She asks Bharath to get her some other place to stay.  Bharath tells her he will try to come to Chennai and arrange something for her.  Both Mangai and Sindha returns and asks if Bharath has come home.  Jayanthi says yes and that he would wait for them and then have dinner together.  Bharath comes out and asks if everything is ok.  Mangai shows him the prescription and Bharath takes it inside followed by Mangai.  Bharath tells Mangai he is afraid of all the love Mangai is showering him because his first wife, Kaveri love him very much but died because of that.  Mangai says Kaveri love him too much but did not trust him and she loves and trusts him.
Ram meets with a lawyer and tells him about his fear that he may be indicted in Rekha's murder.  Lawyer asks if he received any notice from the court or police station and if the police had taken him in for questions.  Ram says no and lawyer asks outright if he killed Rekha.  Ram hesistates for a moment and tells him he did not mean to shoot Rekha but did in self defence.  Ram pays the lawyer $1 lakh as initial fees and says he is willing to spend any amount of money to ensure his freedom.  Lawyer assures Ram that he will not be indicted and that he would apply for anticipated bail so that no one can touch him.  Ram leaves happy.
Ganesh visits Kasthuri and she tells him about Thiru's decision to marry Sophia in exchange for her release.  Ganesh is shocked to hear this. Kasthuri tells Ganesh if and when she is released she wants to go back to her village and live with her father and take care of him.  Ganesh says she cannot do that.  Kasthuri refutes saying Masil who was loved her and took care of her is no more and she does not want to live in the city as she has no one.  After visiting Kasthuri, Ganesh meets Thiru and asks him about his decision and tells him about Kasthuri's decision.  Thiru says there is no other way and it is not a sacrifice on his part.  He just wants Kasthuri to be released from all her troubles.  He tells Ganesh not to worry because everything will be alright soon and leaves.  THODARUM

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Wednesday 8/7/09

Soma is talking to a priest - to fix a good date for the wedding
between two kirukkus -  Sandhya says that Thiru wants a simple
wedding. Soma agrees to have the wedding done in Karunai Illam.
Vamanan, creep's advocate comes to meet Sandhya and introduces
himself. Sandhya expresses her deep sympathies -" learnt that
you win every case of yours. This will be your first defeat" Vamanan
says that he is a top class criminal lawyer ( sandhya name ai vaichu
judge pannathe, ok?)
and can save any one from the gallows. Now,
it is Perumaal koil sundal prasadam time - Sandhya hands over a
CD to the advocate - " I have solid proof to convict creep. Do not
waste your time" Lawyer has some questions but Sandhya refuses
to entertain any dialog - "see this CD and you may have no questions.
And, the original is safe with me . Just watch this ok?" Advocate leaves.
Father and daughter gloat at their ability to play villains and avoid kambi
counting. Bharth at work - the union leader picks a fight - unnecessary

Jeyanthi's room mate plays with a rubber lizzard - Jeyanthi faints.
Doctor is summoned. Jeyanthi's kuttu breaks. Kala suspects Bharath
but Jeyanthi says that  Bharath is a gem. Talks about her BF Thyagu
and how he never came back. Requests Kala to keep it to herself.
Kala wants her to leave her room.  Advocate refuses to plead for creep.
Gives the  money back and says that Sandhya has a rock solid case.
"dont bother getting another advocate, panathukku pidicha kedu.." Creep

Thiru meets Vaathu in abacus school. tells her that Kavya has been
sent to Ooty convent. Vaathu feels bad that Kavya suffers because of
her. "You want to save me and so you punish that little girl?" Thiru says
that once things go the way he plans, he will bring back Kavya
( so gander has a plan?? Playing along with sandhya???) Thiru says that
Sandhya is doing things fast - " you will be out soon. And, why do u want to
go back to the village?? I will give u all my property. You start some
business and do wonders.." Vaathu says that with Maasu boy kicking the
bucket, things have changed - " I have lost all those whom I cherished.
I am loser.." cries ( oh yes for sure - you probably graduated from Abhi
Aatha's Business School !!! Must be one of her top students !!!)


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Update for Thursday, July 9, 2009:

Kasthuri is sobbing away to Thiru saying that she has been defeated in life.  She has no one who cares for her, she is an orphan.  He says she has Kavya, but she denies that, saying that Kavya is now in Ooty, doesn't know if she will ever see her again.  Thiru tries to console her, but she asks him not to come and see her again.  She tells him that it is his duty to take care of Sophia and restore her to her former self (I am tired of this self-sacrifice!).

Sandhya and Soma consult with an astrologer, who gives them a date for the wedding.  Sandhya is wearing a sari, by the way.  He tells them to do some parikaram at Chidambaram temple, and then sees the picture of Jesus.  He apologizes, but Sandhya tells him they don't believe in this religion thing (I think that is what she is saying, I listened to it on Isaitamil too, but I am not sure if I got the meaning right.  Please correct me if needed.)

Bharath is working in the factory.  Jayanthi comes there to let him know that she cannot stay in the hostel any more as everyone knows about her being pregnant.  Bharath asks her to hang in for a few days while he tries to make some arrangements, but she says that she cannot go back there any more.  Two men are watching him, and they wonder who she is.  One guy says that he has seen Bharath's wife, but this is not his wife.  The other guy, who is called Thalaivar, asks him to find out and then says that he will use that against Bharath.  I guess this is the union leader, with whom Bharath had a fight.

EK and TK have been following these pages and decided to show us that they have created characters who are not bad, but who have hearts of gold (and I am the Maharani of Jaipur!), so they have this scene where the viewers are supposed to get all teary eyed, but I was so ticked off!  Sandhya and Soma go to the hospital, and the nurse talks a lot of junk about how people leave that place for treatment or pilgrimages, but this is the first time anyone has left to get married.  Then they go and take a look at Sophia, who is oblivious to their presence.  Soma is overcome by some kind of feelings.  Then he tells Sandhya that he now realizes the value of a family and children, and asks her if she will call him Appa once.  What a lot of emotion in this scene, and it was all wasted on me!  She holds his hands and calls him Appa, and all the sad music plays on in the background.  Roja, where are you, can you come up with the right songs for these so-called emotional but meaningless scenes?

Bharath goes with jayanthi to some friend's house, leaves her there, and offers his friend's wife money, he says it is for expenses, if J's father were alive, he would do it, sob, sob, sobCry, she says she will take care of her like a mother, blah, blah, blah, and he says he is giving money like he would give his mother.Cry  Jayanthi is listening to all this and feeling ... what? 

Sophia gets out of a window, jumps down, sees the milk van coming, gets into the milk van and seats herself comfortably in one corner, and presumably, the van leaves.

Thodarum ....

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 Friday 10th July 2009 Update

Continues from yesterday.. Sophia in the milk van... the milk van drives on and on and on and on goes to some adhvaana kaadu... and stops.  Sophia opens the door and slides out.  Keeps telling pOda and walks... there is a car coming in the opposite direction.  No prizes for guessing the driver.  Yes it is the kadukkaNN clad Ram.  He keeps pondering on what the lawyer told him and tries to avoid the loosu walking.  He brakes and calls her a loosu, she in turn calls him one and walks past. idhaan paambinkaal paambariyum  sudden bulb in Ram's head, he gets down from the car to have a better look at her.  Thinks aloud (loosu) saying this is Sandhya's sister Sophia, have seen her photograph in Sandhya's place. (when did he go to Sandhya's place) it is because of her & Thiru's wedding that he has to go to abacus school, what if he can do the thing he is best at... give a one way ticket to her... knocks her down with the car and drives away.  Sophia falls down hitting her head on a stone.  Another car with 3 ladies pass that way, and they carry her to the hospital.  There is a call to Sandhya saying her darling sis is admitted in RR hospital because of the accident.  Orey soga BG... en sOga kadhaya kElu thaaikkulamE...  She gives her piece of mind for not informing them about Sophia's escapade.  Daddy and daughter land up at the hospital.  A nurse stops them and enquires.  Sandhya says she got a call abt her sister who met with an accident being admitted there.  Oh andha caseaa...uLLa doctor treatment paNNikittu irukkaanga, konjam wait paNNunga goes the nurse.  En poNNukku eppadi irukku goes the darling dad... innum avangaLukku concious varala (ada... namba tamizh serial nursu !!) wait for the doc.  The doc comes out and again enquiries by Soma.  avangaLukku innum conscious varala goes the doctor (ada ivarum serial doctor)  nothing to worry though.  Did not know her details so had informed the police.  Takes Soma to his room to discuss while Sandhya prefers to have some sOga BG by her sister.  Sophia is lying unconscious.  Sandhya talks to her... un aasai ellaam niraiverapOgudhu.. your marriage with Thiru will take place... some more BG...
Mangai walking down a street and sees Kala.  Kala who sees Mangai walks the other way.  After initial enquiries Mangai asks why she did not call or see her and is avoiding her.  Kala gives her some saakku pOkku... after thoondi thuruvings asks how Jayanthi is.  Kala says Jayanthi is not in their hostel.  Mangai is shocked.  Kala says she is not working in that hospital too.  She has changed company and Bharath took her.  Kala asks if Bharath did not tell her, Mangai says she forgot... Kala takes leave.
Soma asks Sandhya why she called him and enquires about Sophia.  Sandhya says the doctors are treating her and she is yet to regain her -------- (shabash.. very good all guessed it right  - conscious )  If Kasturi is to be brought out, she needs Soma's help.  Tells him to surrender to the police and tell all that he knows about Annamalai and Rekha's murder.  He would definitely be punished but it would help to get Kasturi get out which in turn will result in Thiru & Sophia getting married.  Soma thinks and says it would be bad if he pOttukuduthufied Ram.  Sandhya gives him an ultimatum Ram is important or your daughter... you are with him or us... emotional blackmail la appadiye kouvundhu vizharaaru Soma.. accepts to act according to Sandhya's wish.  Sandhya says after this she is resigning her job. Soma shocked and asks the reason.  People get ready for an ROFL.  Sandhya says this kaakki dress commands a special respect (gaNNiyam) - dhOdaa... engaLukku ivvalavu naaL theriyaadhu illa... that she has misused it for her personal gains and walks away.  Soma in deep thought.
Vaathu is shown in the prison talking to someone, saying vidhi brought her there.  She hears her name and is shocked.. no no not someone calling her vaathu.. but calling her Kasturi.  Soma visits her. Says Kasturi is also like his daughters.  He has given her lot of troubles but is reformed now.  Tells about Sophia's accident.  Kasturi enquires about Sophia.  Soma says that she is in the ICU aana innum conscious varalamma.  Advices on Kasturi staying away from Kavya.  He would help her in all her future endeavours but stay away from her.  Sophia is an adamant girl... not even God knows what she would decide when... (my guess she wouldnt want to marry a 2nd hand Thiru)  Says he has plans for Kavya, will put her in the best of boarding schools.. namma Kasturi dialogue adichifies saying unga paNam padippu vaangum paasam vaangumaa?  Soma says he also knows paasam and he is going to surrender to the police.  He will undergo the punishment.  Not to worry about Kavya... wants to give her a share of his sothu.  Kasturi says kavya is her only sothu and Soma cant give her that.  Freeze on azhumoonji kasturi.. (ada kashtakaalame ivalukku azhakkooda theriyaliye)

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