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Maslow's hierarchy of needs #3 pt 40 page 56 (Page 3)

bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dazzling_armaan

Thank glad you liked it

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bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SuhanaSafar

That was an amazing part Sam!  I'm glad that Atul, Rahul and Muskaan know the whole truth about Armaan and Ridhima...It was so cute how Rahul and Muskaan teased them. Embarrassed  And Armaan trying to trick Ridhima by passing off take out as his own cooking....bad idea! LOL Even if he had gotten away with it once, she would inevitably find out at some point.  Ooooh...Rahul's confession finally!  I've been waiting for it for so long!!  Ugh, Muskaan really needs to say something quick.  I don't want Rahul to walk off without knowing that she feels the same way.  It's great that Armaan finally found the opportunity to talk to Anjali...Even though he didn't get to tell her the whole story, I'm sure Anjali has figured it out.  I feel bad for her, but sooner or later, she'll have to know.
Thanks for the PM and please continue soon!  Hope you're enjoying Alexandria! Big smile
Hi girl, am so glad that you liked the part....You are welcome for the PM and have already posted the next read it and let me know what you think of it...


I thoroughly enjoyed writing the teasing part..It happens all the times doesn't it when friends gang up on a new couple on love? It certainly took me back to my days when I got royally ribbed when everyone discovered I was going around with my now hubby!


Yup Armaan finally did manage a conversation but Anjali is just pushing away the inevitable! I guess we all do this all the time....


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bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SimplyNice


& i must confess i read this part loooong ago wen u wrote it bt dunno why wenever i started 2 write, sumthin or another turned up wich cud nt b ignored, hence the long delay :) even while i read this part,i wz constantly being distracted by my 2year old cousin(who at dat time wz staying at my place & had taken upon himself 2 reconstruct my room!)

Anyways , the part wz excellent ya,too good really.enjoyed the way Atul & others started 2 tease dem & dan even arman joined & 2gather they teamed on our poor ridzi here who sat resigned at her fate lolz!

Arman'z punishment wz da highlight! haha he ORDERED the food!! Gosh he's got some nerve really hehe.the cheek :)

Anjaly part...dat WAS a wee bit disturbing ...but dan yeah things do happen in a strange way thou.but for a wise, bold, confident, independent,strong girl( dats how i see her cz really lyk her in dmg) turning away from reality is sumthing dat is weird but not uncommon ofcourse.goes 2 show dat even the strongest,most invincible individuals hav weaknesses(history provez this)& arman iz perhaps just dat for anjaly.on the other hand Ankit,who is perhaps in a similar situation,posseses a far better self control.if he is hurt or jealous,he's nt showing it or letting it hinder his friendship with than he's a guy& guys do tend 2 move on faster dan girls.hope he remains this way & nt giv in 2 his weaakness,cz dat cud get dirty.

Muskan-Rahul's misunderstanding is again a major drawback in almost all relationships.u read the expression wrong & dats it, ur happens alot in real life.

hope eveything turns out ryt for everyone.

So ur currently in Alexandria? wow man! it must b great! but than, egypt is a fascinating place.never bin there thou bt yeah I hv always bin intrigued by everything related 2 the info dat u giv abt ur locationz really.its da way u tell us,dat makes it all even more hats off2 u!

& must add,hv bin kinda depressed by all dat MJ incident. most of my childhood hz bin spent listenin 2 his songs(my first ever fav singer :) & i wz really lukin 4ward 2 his wud hav bin a huge success..anyways...hope his soul rests in peace.

So my dear sam, when r u updating next?hope dat u surprise us with n update sooner dan soon:) would b great!

Tcrzzz dear!

Loadz& loadz of love!


PS: oh 4got 2 mention,dat day with my 2 year old cousin, I had a ball making him say maslow's hierarchy of needs agin & again!! IT WZ SO CUTE & FUNNY hehe!! Even he wz enjoying!! If he takes up engineering wen he grows up& comes across this theory,he'll definitelly remember me lolzzz!!


So your two year old cousin decided to try his designing skills on your room? How cute is that! I love lil brats especially when they are not mine, lol! Jokes apart, I do love kids and shall hopefully have some of my own sometime in the future! And you tried making him say "Maslow..."? Poor chap though I can imagine how cute he must have sounded! Poor babies...what all we make them do?


I enjoyed writing the teasing the part not in the least because it reminded me of my own time!


Yup, every strong person has his / her Achilles heel...something that is so important to them that they lose track of all else and tend to react very differently from you would normally expect them to do...but them you never ever know how who will react under what circumstances? Like I am fond of saying, everyone passed Sonia Gandhi off for a homely Italian babe and look what she's done – single handedly resurrected the fortunes of a dying Congress party! Egad, what a thing to bring up in a fic but the truth is you never know who deals with what adversity and how.....


I am glad you liked the little bits I put in after the part about places I have been to.....I like sharing it with all of you and I am so glad that it does not bore you guys to death!




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bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aishwarya..

thanx for the pm...
was down with bodyache and fever...
i just read it, it was beautiful......
atul's teasie with muskaan and rahul supporting him and the then armaan changing his side...
wow!! so cute......
then armaan charming her with his cooking skills finally to be busted was hilarious
then rahul confessing his love only to be misunderstanding muskaan's silence( i hope muskaan opens her mouth.......)
finally armaan and anjali are on their way to be good friends...

can u update the stats on ankit's life??

take care......

Hi Lovely to see my regulars back again on the thread! Hugs! Hope you are feeling a lot better now?
I am glad that you enjoyed the part esp the teasing of Ridhima...its close to my heart cos it reminded me of all the ribbing that i had to put up with, lol!
Ankit - wanted to write about him but he seemed a lil misplaced in the last part so you will see him soon....
take care and stay well!
bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanayq18

heyyyyyy:)...its amazing to be back on the forum after so long and i finally read all the parts i had missed....i relate soooooo well to whatever u have written...its simply fantastic how writers can express themselves so real life situations can be written so soo sorry for being late...i was just too busy with exams and everything else but im super glad that i came back and went through the entire update...loved it irrevocably in love with this fic u sam...u rock at this...keep up the great great work
HUGS! Wonderful to see you back my girl hope your exams went well! Missed you and my favourite name!
I am so glad that you enjoyed the parts and even more glad that you are back! I am expecting to see here more often now!
bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suvi_rox1

i know i m terribly late bt finally i managed ...though i was dying to was caught up in work...finally i m here with my short comment lolz on the prts till now..missed u lots..hugs.

prt 32..
so riddhima finally confessed her love..
i m glad armaan wants to let the whole world to know that he was in love with riddhima n just nt wanted to hide this wonderful feeling called love...n now comes the matter of anjali...i was just wondering sam...that armaan is giving importance to anjalis n his freindship the same way as he is valuing his love fr riddhima...obviously he shud...ufcourse both immotions r seperate n has its own place in ppls life..may be i m thinking too wonder how anjalis going to take it when she thinks she too is in love with that armaan is too sure abt his priority...n now she is finally releived to have shashank safe so can noticed armaans over freindly n sweet behaviour towards riddhima.ankits n anjalis coversation was too sensible n needed at the moment...

n so u got a brk only on the dinner cruise..i m sure u enjoyed the belly u r a GIRL...only i came to know abt it when u mentioned u were wearing a sarree n u must be really beautiful as ur mind is..since ppl were clicking ur snaps..i know its wierd n irritating bt i never thought of u while commenting earklier or when i sent u pms that u indeed a silly  n unknowledeble i m ...i am following ur ff...frm such a good amt of time...n still unaware of ur that it makes any difference i mean...ya it while commenting i always thought of u as a guy n was thinking what a superb way of peenning down such grt n deep thoughts this guy again i m ignore me fr that..n now that i have come to know that lately...plz forgive me i have ever commentted n u felt it unusual..i hoppe u got it

prt 33...

the conversation between muskaan n rahul...was inddeed representing muskaans internal fears which was but natural..or shud i say that she just fought wid the poor guy without giving him much chance to open back..nt much of remind u...when u know how much we want this...

prt 34...
hi here i come....
armaan is trrying hard to convince to talk to anjali n here she is fully avoiding him..knowing frm where hes coming...sure she has full in\stincts of why armaan demanded that conversation n time with anji...she is more than scared to confront....i think he is pretty he is sure of riddhimas fear to be come true when anji literally ignored his plea...atuls n armaans discussion wud have really releived armaan frm some of his present problems..will nt comment more on that to bore u..n here half work done fr armaan when rahul confessed that riddhima loves someone else to anji when asked her he too wanted to join her...n the best best prt was the talk betwween riddhima n muskaan..i just loved honestly muskaan said every single detail of her fear to riddhima...when riddhima in return understood the same..n didnt feel offended in the least cause she herself know where she coming frm doesnt she her self has the same damn fears...i think that was the main reason ridz understood muskaans mental state of mind cause she too is fighting the same i wonder what if anjali was  nt in the scene...does then also riddhima wud have been ale to understand muskaans fear n insecurities in the same positive masnner????was just thinking abt it...cause its easy to understand an immotion when u too had undergone the same situation some time in ur life..i guess that helps to know a persons threats more deeply....

prt 35...
so its dinner time fr the team...n atul was too much....was leaving no chance in embarassing the sweet couple...n when he asked abt the doc....i can just imagine ridz face how do atul knows?n muskaan did no good to them...taking full advantage of her condition of nt being so well n all.n  armaan who was her partner in crime also didnt spare the poor riddhima n was desperate to know as to what made ridz fall fr him was too much to handle on her part..she was now trapped between the whole then came the reply "US" n everything sorted with the kiss n their small chit chat abt riddhimas dos n donts were just was too nicely put up i must say.the pillow thing was quite romantic..i thought so...n armaaan saying this in reply"
"I think I can think of plenty more interesting and engaging reasons to stay awake late at night Muskaan and even more delightful ways of waking her up"
was too too too romantic n seductive at the same time...though muskaan thought it as cliched i found it interesting.
anjalis fears naturally came out when they were having their little talks....poor armaan cudnt convince her to talk then i think she will understand..she is preety immature when it coms to deal with the word"LOVE"
n ya now comes the much awaited dinner n with sexy romantic talks armaan has obviously fooled faking the dinner i guess his true feelings.... thats all what matters..n ya i must confess..i will be honest..i have to open my dictionary too find out the true meaning of their conversation...that is...i cudnt make out the meanings of ur hard the words celibacy,clandestine,polygamy....i had to go thru the dictionary to understand it obviously improves my grammitical knowledge....thnx to u fr that....

so that was fr the nxt prt..n ya with lot of more AR stuff

i hope u didnt got bored of my longest comment everrrr.

Hi girl! Thanks so much for a wonderfully long comment!  Was wondering when you would make a full fledged appearance instead of the short special appearances that you put in from time to time.....Just kidding, I know how busy things can get at work...but I hope things have settled down at work?


Interesting question that – is Armaan giving the same amount of importance to his friendship with Anjali as his relationship with Ridhima? Tough call for's not easy to prioritise relationships and I just think that the prioritisation happens naturally as one relationship takes up more and more of your emotions and's a natural progression and not one that can be still care for your friends but priorities change but this takes time and doesn't happen in this case, Armaan has just been sensitised to the fact that Anjali may well be in love with him and will be terribly hurt...that makes it so much more difficult to ignore the relationship or not give it enough attention.....



You thought I was a guy? LOL! That one is a first for me! But I am very intrigued...what made you think so? But let me let you into a secret if it makes you feel a lil better...till college I was a complete tomboy...I only wore shorts / jeans/ trousers, played football, drove a bike in temperament was quite boyish till college happened and then my mother was just plain relieved that I was finally behaving in a more feminine manner! But don't worry, no offense taken, I am just very amused!


I am so glad that you've liked the parts so far...have posted the next part ...hope you like it!

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bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by krati.mehra

Hey Sam
I read the last few parts and i have to say that am loving the way u are carrying the story ahead.
And all the scenes between AR...their cute arguments....the subtle enjoying it all. And Atul has to be my favorite in the fic... he is so clear headed and i finally like Anjali since you justified her emotions...her being possessive over Armaan and her envy of riddz... i kinda sympathise with her... and you have potrayed her emotions really really well.
My favorite scene was the one at the restaurent with all of them teasing Riddz...I really enjoyed reading it.

Fab job Sam
Love this fic.

Do update soon and am soooo sorry for the late reply but am kinda now trying to get back to the forum properly.

Hi Krati, wonderful to have you back after a long haitus!
I am so gla dthat you enjoyed the parts and teh way the story has developed......and I am SO glad that you like Anjali finally...I never intended her to be black just a grey born out of circumstances.....
Shall update super soon!
bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pebblez

Congrats SAM!! :D

*jiggle dances* yaayyy, um so happy...does that get us an update then??

HUGS! Thanks girl!
Absolutely! Just comming up!

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