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Maslow's hierarchy of needs #3 pt 40 page 56

bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:11pm | IP Logged

Oh Gosh! Never ever thought I would get to a third thread...Thansk so much guys for continuing to read the ff! Love your comments so please, please keep them comming!

These are the links to the first  two threads!
Love you guys!
Part 36                            Page 4
Part 37                            Page 20
Part 38                            Page 32
Part 39                            Page 40
Part 40                            Page 56

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sea_nyx

Sam Hug,

How've you been and how's majestic Egypt? Has the familiarity started to breed contempt or is the city still capable of inspiring awe? I'd take a fairly informed guess and say it's the latter. But looking forward to your views on the matter.

For a change the beginning of the part was pretty light-hearted, though of course the undercurrents of Rahul-Muskaan's relationship were clearly visible for those in the know. But Riddhima was amazing, putting up with that horrendous teasing from all sides. Armaan though was more Sir Yellow than Sir Percy tonight'leaving his ladylove to face the firing squad alone. Well, I guess I can't really blame him too much; anyone with an iota of self-preservation would do the same. And he did try to deflect the attention to the other couple, but still'And to add insult to injury there was this bit:

"Umm... ya...he ...was ok..." Armaan had to admit that he was hard pressed too; to stop himself from laughing out loud as Muskaan giggled a little at Riddhima's response...

 And again'

"No, not at all, this sounds very interesting..." Armaan leaned forward, dropping all pretence of examining the menu, "do carry on Muskaan...this I would certainly like to hear...."

Really! Whatever happened to the days of the chaps who considered tin-cans the fashion-statement of the millennium?

But you know Atul surprised me today, I never thought he'd be the one to start the teasing. Nice to see this side of Mr. Owl.  But poor Riddhima! Really they truly put her through the wringer didn't they? Loved the way she kicked him under the table though LOL

Muskaan and her runaway tongue! Really that girl is irrepressible LOL  and suffering from chronic foot-in-mouth-ititis  Wacko But I admit my insides went all mushy when I read that bit where he hugs her and pulls her close Day Dreaming'and again when he gives her that quick peck. I love those little gestures of his. Reminded me of my own knight though, who's away on work. And soon I'll have to go away on my research. We must be the only pair whose time apart exceeds their time together Unhappy.

Ah, Remington Steele! That certainly brought back memories; Riddhima always did strike me as a girl with impeccable taste (same as her creator Wink). You could have turned the Sahara into a verdant oasis with the amount of drool I've spent on that guy LOL. I used to watch every single episode plus repeats religiously Embarrassed. But the way Rahul and Muski (and Armaan!) listed her idiosyncrasies was just soo adorable. I feel all weepy. Must be the hormones Confused. Especially liked that bit about the pillow, probably because I can totally identify (to the total exasperation of someone Wink)

But my favourite bit has to be the time alone they spent in the flat, with the Armaan's teasing and Riddhima's adorable childishness (and confusion, though of course soon followed by a spirited comeback). Particularly when he's *ahem* cooking (or should I say warming up Wink) dinner and she hugs him from behind. But really, the poor chap is so adorable trying to hide that fact that he might have well shall we say taken a rather loose interpretation of her command' LOL.

This bit especially'

"Will you take that Riddhima?" Armaan yelled out from the kitchen, "need to just put away the stuff. Don't know who it is. Have not ordered anything'. so it may be a wrong delivery' happens all the time'."

Dare I say a dirty conscience at work'? Wink LOL

But I'm happy to see that the RM relationship remained true to form'

"No you fool, you are the woman I am in love with!" Rahul uttered fiercely, "except that you are too dumb, opinionated and self absorbed to see that!"

Could be considered rather unusual, but certainly ermm'honest ROFL ROFL ROFL

The bit with Anjali in the end was well as expected, I can understand her very natural reluctance to address the issue, but unfortunately it's rather like lancing a wound. Unpleasant, and hurts the person involved'but like I said, unfortunately very necessary.

Now congratulate me and give me a nice hug because I have fulfilled a vow.  I was determined that come hell or high water I'll write a looong detailed comment for this part  and end this streak of silence I've been on. And see, I've done it! Aren't you proud of me?

"Now you see me now you don't!" Hug


Lovely to have you come online and comment....I can imagine what a wrench it would be to tear yourself away  (Wink   LOL  Smile) and to yet come and post a nice long comment! Hug  Hug Hug

By the way remembered you when I was posting the BBC List...Am sure you would have cracked you are very fond of reading and second I just think these are the kind of books that you would have read amongst many others...My score was 44, not that it matters cos finally reading is a pleasure which is to be defined by your own yardstick, likes and dislikes and not by a narrow vision of what the Brits think is good reading!


Egypt continues to fascinate me as I discover facets to the city that I did not know exist...for e.g. I am discovering that there is a significant Christian or Coptic heritage to Cairo and Egypt that I was unaware of...went and visited the crypt where the Holy family hid when on the run from King Herod.......planning a trip to St Catherine ' the first recorded monastery in the history of Christianity... Alexandria is the seat of the Pope for the Coptic Orthodox to answer your question, far from bored.. the more I get to know the more it whets my appetite....


Poor Ridhima yes, but there is a sense of charm and excitement (for the lack of a better word) in being teased by your friends. That's part of the charm of a new relationship, na?


As for Atul, it's the quiet and serious ones who surprise you!


I am SO glad you liked the AR wretched at writing romantic ones; no wonder hubby complains that he carries the burden of romance in this relationship, lol! Though I suspect the mush had a lot to do with someone missing someone than my writing, lol! And love that last bit about "apart and together".....that was so you and so cute! Hug By the way, does your hubby know that his wife is an out and out romantic, not even a closet one?


Have a new task at hand...have to stop using "lol". As per hubby, it displays a singular lack of vocabulary and an inexplicable inability to express myself, lol! Egad, there I go again!


A big hug for the looooong comment but an even bigger one for coming online...have missed you girl...loads!  HugHug

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bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SaziArmaan

res! edit**

Loved the chitchat between the group'.

Atul sure knows how to pull some ones legs'

Poor Rihdz'. She was the one being teased mainly'.

Nd den the dinner between AR was so cute'

Nd den it turned funny when da person came with the desert claiming Armaan ordered dinner from outside.. lolzzz to good'

Why wont Anjie give armaan a chance to tell her about AR'

Seriously' if she keepz doing this problemz will happen'

I'm glad to see armaan still caring for Anjie.. nd all'

Dooo cont. super soon SAM!...

Nd thnxxx for da pm'


Luv SAZ!

HI Saz! I am so glad that you liked the part girl!  Poor Ridhima, even Armaan joined in for a bit but clearly Ridhima was marked for the evening, lol!


As for Anjali I guess a lot of us try and put off the inevitable specially when it's not palatable...much like you do all the stuff that's easy and that you like first leaving the worst for the last.


You are welcome for the PM and I have updated the next part, read and let me know what you think of it!

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bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by spln

heya sam!!

did you just hire me as the physics prof on the forum here :D hugs for that, and i think you did a fair job with explaining the concept, for further doubts, PM me fellas :D

alright, to the part... when i read about ridhima hearing nothing engrossed with a book, i thought you might just have spelled naseem wrong :D (alright lame joke i know, but seriously... thats me... my incoming/outgoing reception is barred)

AR in general, even with how liberally you spared them to us, in significant ways i thought were a lack of themselves here and there... maybe, in the creation the scenes you set for them, i lost the essence of the strength of the chars you've made out of them otherwise... perhaps, if ill make more sense this way, for where they were, i thought, i could keep any names other than AR and still see the scene... so i guess... i missed the very deliberately them thing...

RM i liked a ton.. it annoyed me, rahul's reaction, and then i reckon it wa sth thing that did for me too... the RM in your fic have been epitomes of imperfection despite both the heads and hearts for either of them in just the right place and intentions only for the best... and i like how that tradition continues... if rahul, despite his urgency to clear this out had been a second more patient and heard her to have it fixed, i would have been... i reckon not quite as satisfied... yeh! kudos for that...

and AA... armaan atul, think it was my cute little fav bit... i like the bond they share a ton, and everytime it surfaces, its one of its own!...

anji... how human to postpone what cant be avoided... postpone till god knows how late it will be... in a strange strange way... despite how righteous i beileve i am in facing things upfront no matter how harsh, i could empathize with that trait... although i must admit, i wasnt a patient reader when i was reading her... it happens... chars like her, get me into that state where i do and dont want to read their bits with equal intent...

oh well...
waiting for the next sam, and soon :)

Hi sweetheart, I guess I just did! Who better to explain the concept than one who could so eloquently describe Newton's laws of attraction?


And I completely empathise with the incoming and outgoing barred..I am like that with most things that I enjoy doing....and believe it or not when I was penning those two lines down I thought of two people ' NJ and Aarti! Two other people I thought would instantly empathise with the act!


Armaan and Ridhima ' hmmm... I dunno didn't realise it.... that their characterisation were so widely at variance with what I had projected so far...lil was deliberate but not intended to be to such an extent....guess has to do with my inability to write romantic stuff, lol!


Seriously though, they were intended to be a little less of who they have always been...I guess where I was writing from was that when people fall in love, especially in the really initial stages, they're very different from who they really fall in love with the person each is, which is what attracts you in the first place...then you spend your time trying to be what you think the other person would want you to be or what you think the ideal person should be or your assessment of what you should be...and then you begin to get a lil more comfortable with each other and get back to being who you really are and what made the other person fall in love with you in the first wonder they say you put your best foot forward during your courtship, lol - 

Oops I think I got carried away in trying to explain why i wrote them the way I did, but to cut a long story short while this had been at the back of my mind while writing, I didn't realise I ended up writing them so different so as to be completely untrue to their characterisations...honestly didn't realise, must keep that in mind.....  

 Rahul and  Muskaan have always suffered from that, haven't they? An inability to hear each other out, despite the best of intentions..I like the way you encapsulated it - perfectly!

Yup, we all have that one buddy (or a couple if we are lucky) with whom we have that special bond...and neither time nor distance makes a difference to it!


 Anji- yup very human to postpone the inevitable or run away hoping it would not follow you...not sure if I would do that if I were in her place but one never knows how which way the wind will blow till it actually does......but I guess many tend to defer the unpleasant, hoping by denying its existence the problem may go away, but unfortunately,  it does not...

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bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Originally posted by ..kashish..

hey sam thanks alot for the PM!...wowso muhc
! hehehe that was a crack up! the teasing and also armaan ordering the food! hehehe!
 wonder what wilhapen next! cant wait for the next part! hope u continue soon
Hi girl how are you?  You are welcome for the PM! I am glad you liked the update esp the restaurant scene where poor Ridhima bore the brunt of everyone's teasing! Shall update soon!

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Pebblez Goldie

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Congrats SAM!! :D

*jiggle dances* yaayyy, um so happy...does that get us an update then??

bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 05 July 2009 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarora

wow honey luvd the update..amazing as always..n what can i say about AR scene..luvd it..its awesome..i can actually imagine amaan's face when riddhima showed him desserts..poor guy..n about armaan-anji conversation, i seriously dont understand y she wants to delay it??may be she knows about AR n dont want 2 listen it from armaan..but y??
continue soon..cant wait 2 read more..
thanx fr PM..
luv ya..
Hi! You are welcome for the PM and I am glad that you enjoyed the update!


As for Anjali, I guess all of us at some time or the other we are cowards not willing to face reality ...and this could be any aspect / tiny little things.. it happens all the time so I guess Anjali is postponing the inevitable....


Shall update soon

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